tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Naked Paralegal Ch. 01

The Naked Paralegal Ch. 01


Your boss has been flirting more today than usual. As he walked by your desk on the way back to his office after lunch, he gently laid his hand on your shoulder and said quietly "Maybe we can find some time later for you to show me those legal briefs."

"Yes, sir," was all you had replied, trying to look shy as you found a wetness begin to spread between your legs. You were the paralegal and he a junior partner at the medium-sized law firm... and over the past few weeks you had noticed him begin to look down your blouse more often while he asked you to look for a file, which had led to your going bra-less yesterday. When a pup-tent immediately formed in his suit pants once he realized it was only you underneath your silky button-down, you knew that you would have to have him, and soon.

As afternoon turned to evening, and as everyone else poured out of work for their drives home, it was only you and he left in the entire office. It had been several hours since the "legal briefs" comment, and although you were staying "to work on an important case" (as you told some colleagues) what kept you there was not the document open on the computer in front of you. No, what had been on your mind all afternoon was how disappointed your boss had looked when his down-blouse scan today had found a bra, which confirmed for you how badly he wanted to see your tits. And you know now that it wasn't in an all-guys-want-to-see-tits sort of way, it's more a bend-you-over-his-desk-and-fuck-you-royally sort of way. To say that your "legal briefs" were completely soaked (dried, and then soaked again) would be a horrible understatement.

Suddenly the intercom on your desk beeped. "Ms. Babson, would you come in here, please?" Normally he would have just opened his office door, which was right behind you, and called out for what he needed. Clearly, his mind was elsewhere, too.

His voice had broken your reverie, but it spurred you to action. You stood up and grabbed some file from your desk; it didn't matter which file, just something in your hands to throw away as you stormed across his office and threw yourself on top of him. But then you stopped for a moment--you knew exactly what you should have in your hands. After all, he had asked exactly for that item earlier in the day.

You looked down at your business suit. A sensible-but-fitted black skirt and matching jacket, dark stockings, and a dark blue blouse, complimented by a pair of three-inch black heels. You looked hot and you knew it. He had definitely appreciated the outfit earlier (except for the bra--which was also black).

You shrugged out of the jacket and let it fall to the floor behind your chair. You quickly unzipped the skirt, letting fall to your feet before stepping out of it. Stepping out of your shoes, you pulled the stockings down and off (you think you ripped them but you didn't really care then). You pulled off your blouse and it quickly joined the pile at your feet. For a second you froze--standing in the middle of the office in just your bra and panties you felt foolish... what if he spurned your advance? But you were pretty sure he wouldn't--he was not married and clearly into you. An instant later you unhooked your bra, dropped it from the end of your arms, and suddenly you were topless in the office you shared with all these people during the day.

The feeling was wonderful--you could almost imagine the looks on your coworkers' faces as they saw your tits hanging out--your puffy pink nipples now hard as rocks--and your little black thong the only thing between you and total nudity. You quickly rectified that situation as well: You put your thumbs in the waistband of your panties and shoved them to the floor. As you stepped out of them you stepped back into your heels. 'Gotta look professional,' you lustily thought, 'and when a girl goes to see her boss wearing heels is a sign of a good professional.' Now completely and totally nude (except for the heels), you bent over to retrieve your panties from the floor, keeping your legs locked; in your mind, you loved the fact that if there was someone behind you they'd be able to see not just your bare-ass but now your pussy lips as well as all the drippings running down your legs. At that moment you were so turned-on that you were wishing the whole office was there (rather than only you and your boss), so the men could all develop pup-tents and so the women could be incredibly jealous of your hot nude body.

While bent over you pushed the pile of clothes under your desk and next to your bag. Now, with only your thong in your right-hand, you took a step towards his closed door. Your strip-tease had taken less than thirty seconds. Your pussy was throbbing and your heart was in your chest. You knocked on his door, first softly and then aggressively.

"Come in," came the response through the door.

You threw back your shoulders to accentuate your C-cups. You quickly looked down to your flat stomach and the small landing strip you had trimmed only this morning. With your left-hand you reached down, turned the knob, and began to swing the door open.

Although you were preparing for some big reaction, he was sitting with his back to the door (looking out the window), so you quickly stepped through the threshold and closed the door behind you. You leaned back against it (the oak feeling cold against your bare-ass), and purred, in the sexiest voice you had "I brought you those legal briefs we had discussed earlier, sir." You dangled your thong from the end of your arm.

He turned from the window and froze in place. His jaw literally dropped. He took you in with a look, and then kept looking, moving from your face to your tits to your pussy and then back. He barely moved. The silence was killing you but you refused to say anything else; you just positioned yourself so he could most appreciate the view you were offering him.

Finally, he spoke. "You are the single sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life."

That was what you'd been waiting for. You dropped the thong by the door and walked over to him, trying to sashay a little. You made your way around his desk as he pushed his chair back; however, you jumped on to his lap before he had a chance to begin to stand-up. In an instant your mouth was on his and his hands were roaming all over your bare back; not happy there they dropped down and began to cup your ass-cheeks. You were now straddling him--at first his suit pants had felt weird against your bare snatch but now you noticed the seam near his zipper was perfectly positioned and rubbing against your clit obscenely. His mouth tasted wonderful as you gently nibbled on his tongue.

Your tits were mashed against his white suit shirt; again, the material felt strange against your bare nipples, but you loved the contrast. He leaned back and attempted to undo his tie, but you stopped his hands with one of your own.

"No, sir," you said, breathing hard, "you're staying dressed. I'll take him out when I want to play with him, but for now I'm your nude assistant. I want to get dressed so badly but my horrible boss is making me work naked." You looked him in the eyes, your arms wrapped around his neck and your pussy dripping on his suit pants. "Don't you agree?" you asked gently.

"Yes, Ms. Babson," he sighed, trying to think clearly, "a good assistant spends her day exposed for her boss's viewing pleasure. Though, I seem to remember a time earlier when you had covered yourself up. That's a no-no." He reached around you and pushed his keyboard back; swinging his left arm he knocked several folders on to the floor. He grabbed your hips and lifted you on until you were sitting on the edge of the desk, the glass surface immediately feeling sticky under your dripping wet snatch.

He looked at your face sternly. "That kind of behavior will result in forty lashes," he exclaimed. With that he reached forward and grabbed your hips, pulling you forward so that your pussy hung off the edge of his desk. He reached his face down until he was in between your legs, his nose buried in your crotch. When he had said 'lashes' you had expected a spanking but now you realized what he wanted.

His tongue went to work over your clit and labia; every once in a while his teeth would make contact with something sensitive and your body jumped. You arched backwards and had to grab the back edge of his desk for support--you were squirming so much and gushing so badly you nearly slipped off the front of his desk and into his lap again. Your feet were resting against the arms of his executive chair.

The forty lashes must have been up because he pulled his face away from your sweet snatch, although as you went to lean forward and open your eyes you realized he had replaced his tongue with his hand; two fingers were now inside you while he gently squeezed your clit between his thumb and another finger. Although you had loved his tongue there, this was pretty great, too, and you felt a long-awaited orgasm begin to build.

"I'm sorry to hear you like being dressed when you work," he said, his breath coming in choppy as his right hand vigorously attached your clit while his left hand began to work on your tits, "since we'll be requiring you to work in the nude from now on. Don't worry, this will only be while you're in the office. At court you can dress, but here in the office... " (he leaned forward for this, so that his voice was at your ear) "nothing. Stark naked and exposed, and not just for me. Your cunt and tits will be out for all the partners and associates to appreciate. Maybe we'll use you to show around potential new clients," he added, squeezing your clit a little harder than before.

The image of you walking around the office leading a group of strange men--the men in conservative suits while you were nude and mortified and trying to hide behind your hands--flashed through your mind; at that second, your orgasm overtook you and you started bucking wildly. He held your right hip with his left hand as you rode his right hand for all you were worth. You were screaming wildly and had used your hands to pull him in close. As your orgasm faded you let go and fell back. Once he knew you were okay he moved his right hand from inside you and quietly licked his finger; you didn't see this with your eyes closed.

"Are you okay, Lisa?" he asked tenderly.

You opened your eyes. For a second you had forgotten where you were, though as you sat up you felt your bare tits fall away from your chest. You remembered that you were still sitting totally nude on your boss's desk, all (or nearly all) of your clothes outside at your cubicle. And you realized you didn't care--you still had one more thing to take care of this evening.

"No," you said, beginning to work your way off his desk. He looked terrified for a moment, afraid he had hurt you somehow, until you continued, "I'm not okay because I still have this horrible itch inside me." You climbed off the desk and pushed his chair back to the window. This gave you enough room to drop onto your knees between his legs.

You reached your hands up the outside of his pants legs; working your fingers up the slick material, you eventually came to his belt and the button at the top. Quickly undoing both, you found the top of his zipper and worked it all the way down. He began to lift himself up but you stopped him again.

"No," you said, "you're the boss. You stay dressed. I'm the nude assistant here to provide you any service you desire."

You reached inside his pants and found the top of his boxer-briefs; you could see his hardness outlined through the dark cloth. You reached inside and immediately connected with the swollen head of his cock. You let your fingers linger on that as he squirmed under your ministrations. Using both hands you fished his shaft and balls out; the elastic of the boxer-briefs was now caught underneath the bottom of his package, his scrotum holding it in place. You tucked the sides of his zipper away so they would not scratch him. You gently ran your nails along his hardness, admiring your new toy.

He breathed out loudly. "What have I done to deserve you?" he asked.

"Well," you said, looking only at his cock," I really wanted to kiss you. So that's what I'm gonna do now." And with that you leaned forward and began to kiss his cockhead, first chastely and then using your tongue. Slowly you began to open your mouth and take him in. He was warm and already dripping precum as you raced your tongue around him. Your hands were on his thighs and his hands were in your hair and on the top of your head. You had often imagined what his cock would look and taste and feel like, and you knew now that you would be spending a lot of time finding that out. You knew how much you had wanted to make him cum with your lips and tongue and then swallow his seed.

But right now it wasn't enough for you. You pulled away and used your hands to push yourself to your feet. He had been fervently enjoying your blowjob and was caught off-guard. "What... what are you doing?" he asked, clearly aching and nearly ready to burst.

You put one knee on the side of him and swung your other leg over, now straddling him several inches above his swollen cock. "I was just hoping to get some more valuable input from my boss," you cooed, lowering yourself down slowly. He was thicker than you had expected and as he entered your love hole you felt him fill you up.

"Oh, SIR," you screamed as you let your weight go--you feel onto his lap and his hardness was pushed deep inside you. You arched back and he leaned forward, one hand around your back to keep you from falling and the other working one tit again. He began to lick and kiss your other nipple, and as you rode him you knew another orgasm was coming for you soon.

"I guess you'd better get used to this," he breathed, "since you'll be working naked I'll have to fuck you all the time now."

You were only coherent enough to get the general gist, so you replied "Do I have to work naked? Please don't make me." The begging was nearly getting you off, the fantasy of your boss forcing you to be nude for him.

He worked your tits as he responded: "Keep talking back and I'll make you go home naked tonight. Can you see yourself walking the office and the lobby and then the garage in nothing but your heels?"

You didn't know what that image was doing for him but you knew that it did it for you; the next instant you were screaming again and riding him like a fucking bronco. And, at the height of your orgasm, you felt him explode inside of you. He was breathing heavy and moaning and then he shuddered a little. You both came down together.

A moment later you found yourself leaning forward, with him holding you tight against him. You were so comfortable you never wanted to move. "Thank you," you finally said.

"Thank me? For what?" he wondered, softly stroking your long brown hair.

"For a second I thought you'd turn me down," you explained, an abnormal shyness overtaking you.

"Um, incredibly sexy and hot naked woman who I have fantasized about on more than one occasion is standing in my office offering me her panties... let me think about that for a second," he joked, looking you in the eyes for the first time.

You chuckled lightly and then reached up and kissed him quickly. You put your arms down and gently moved your knees off the chair one at a time, eventually extending your legs until your heels were on the floor and you were standing again for the first time since climbing on top of him. You now stood very nude and supple in front of your boss. You could feel his and your juices running down your thighs as you stretched, arching your back to entice him again with your tits.

"Lisa, do you want to do something now?" he asked. He had just fucked you silly and was now shyly asking you out on a date; you found the gesture incredibly cute. You knew you would start falling in love with him soon (if you weren't already) but you wanted to keep him at bay a little for now.

"Actually," you said, "I really do have some more work to do this evening, boss." You said the last word leeringly.

"Yeah," he said, confused and dazzled and in post-coital bliss, "I should probably get going, too." He looked down at himself: his tie was completely askew and his package was still hanging out through his zipper, although he had begun to deflate a little. He rushed to put himself away, but you got there first.

"Allow me," you said, gently putting him back inside his boxer-briefs and beginning to do up his zipper. He pulled himself to his feet and you finished buttoning him and fixing his belt. He straightened his tie and then the two of you just stood there, him back to being fully dressed while you were still fully nude and dripping from your time together. He awkwardly opened his arms; you played hard-to-get for a second but then ran into them. He kissed you deeply, finally letting go to grab his suit coat from his chair and then his briefcase.

He grabbed your hand as you walked back to his door. As you get to the spot where your thong was laying, he reached down and picked it up. He looked at you and then put the small scrap of cloth in his pocket. "I think I'll take these legal briefs home with me," he said, looking for a reaction from you.

You had been planning to slide them back on then, but instead you shrug and said "You're the boss." You can feel your pussy throb a little at the idea of heading home with no panties.

You reached the door, which he opens for you very gentlemanly. You flicked the lights off in his office and the only light in the entire area was the one on at your desk. Suddenly you started laughing, he stepped back to watch as your bare tits shook.

"I just realized that anyone could have come back to the office while we were in there," you said. "And here I am walking out in my birthday suit."

"You better get used to it," he said quietly, leaning in to nibble your ear. "You'll be spending a lot of time here in this outfit. And by the way, it really is a gorgeous outfit."

You turned to him for a quick kiss, reaching down to cup his groin. You could feel him hardening under your hand but you decided to keep him wanting a little more. "I think we'll have to work late again tomorrow night," you suggest, breaking away from him and walking over to your desk.

You pulled back your chair and sat down, enjoying the feel of the leather on your bare-ass. "Except," you add, "I think this time I'll be the boss. And I guess we know who the naked assistant will be." You turned to face him and put one leg on the desk, spreading yourself to give him a parting view of your bare pussy.

He was caught off-guard but recovered. With a slight bow he said "Yes, ma'am. Have a good night, Ms. Babson." And with that he turned away and walked through the office, turning once more to enjoy your nakedness before entering the hallway that led to the lobby.

The instant he is gone you felt a final orgasm begin to build, some leftover tension from all the evening's events: Flirting during the day, deciding to strip and surprise him naked in his office, fantasizing about being kept naked during work hours, and finally sucking and fucking him in his chair. You began to reconsider tomorrow's plan--maybe you should always remain the naked assistant with him the dominant and fully clothed boss--and you started to climax, making a large mess on the leather below your bare body.

As you began to recover you remember him threatening you with having to go home completely nude. The idea still gets you hot but you file it away as a fantasy for another evening. You reached down to your bag to get a tissue to wipe the seat with when you notice that your bag is the only thing under your desk.

For a second it doesn't register, and then suddenly you are hit with a serious realization: Your bag is the ONLY thing under your desk. The space where you left all your clothes--ALL your clothes (jacket, shirt, skirt, stockings, and bra)--is completely empty. You throw yourself under your desk, desperately searching for any scrap of covering. You go far under your desk, lying flat so that your bare tits and bare pussy are rubbing against the carpet.

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