tagLoving WivesThe Naked Walk

The Naked Walk


My husband is a pervert. Why do I say this? Because he is constantly thinking about sex, reading erotica, loves experimentation with me, and enjoys trying to get me to be as much of a pervert as he is. We are not swingers nor do we have an open relationship. We have been married for three years and have a very active sex life. I hate to use the word slut so I will just say that I had a healthy sex life before I met Aaron. I know from his reputation that he had a pretty active sex life too. I am 25yrs old, 5'5" 140lbs dyed blonde hair, blue eyes, and have natural 38d breasts which account for most of my extra weight. Aaron is 6'0", 200lbs, dark hair, and brown eyes and has an 8" cock that I love to suck.

Last Friday night we had gone out to a local club with some friends of ours. Everybody had a good time and then we said goodbye and went home. When we got home Aaron had his usual devilish grin on his face.

"Did you notice Kim's hair tonight?" He asked.

"Yes, it looked the same as it always does" I replied.

"Yes it did, but did you notice anything different about her hair after midnight?" He continued.

"No. Why? What was different about it?" I asked.

"When she and Jason came back from the restrooms she had cum in her hair." He said.

"Are you sure? They were only gone for a couple of minutes."

"Yes." He answered. "Jason told me that they ducked into a stall in the men's room and she gave him a blowjob. He said she had him cumming in under a minute."

"Oh my gosh! I didn't even notice." I laughed. "She must have been afraid to make him cum that fast."

"What do you mean make him cum that fast? He must have been ready to cum before she even started sucking him." Aaron insisted.

"A woman who is skilled at giving blowjobs can control when she wants her man to cum." I said.

"No damned way!" Aaron laughed.

"I have done it to you before Mr. Know It All." I said with an attitude.

"Ok, then prove it. I bet you cannot make me cum before five minutes when sucking this." He laughed as he dropped his pants and held out his big flaccid cock.

"I will do you one better, I will make you cum within three minutes. What do you want to bet?" I asked.

"If it takes you longer than three minutes then I get to fuck your ass tonight and cum on your face." He said

This was nothing new he had fucked my ass before and came on my face before but it had been about a month since he did both in the same night.

"Alright, I agree, but if I win then you have to shoot your load deep in my pussy and then eat creampie." I smirked.

Aaron had lost another bet a few months ago and had to swallow his own cum after I sucked him off and forced it down his throat with my tongue.

"Can't you be more creative than that? Okay I will agree to that." He said

Aaron then got this very evil look in his eyes and a grin that made me uncomfortable. He said "I have another proposition, if I can go over five minutes with out cumming I still get your ass and facial, but before that you have to walk around outside around the block naked, and if anybody asks you for sex you have to give it to them and I get to watch."

"You're crazy!" I shouted.

"Oooo do I detect doubt in the blowjob experts' mind? Is she afraid I am right" He teased.

The fucking jerk always knew how to get me to agree to anything. I rarely backed down from a dare besides, I was sure I could win and if by some chance I didn't, well it was 3a.m. in the morning and we live in a small town. Car traffic was virtually non existent this time of morning and who in their right mind would be out walking.

"You're on! But if I win then you better get out the KY because someone is getting a dildo in the ass tonight and it won't be me." I said.

He gulped and nervously agreed. To my knowledge his ass was still virgin.

Aaron took a seat in the recliner and I grabbed a timer from the kitchen, set if for 5 minutes, kneeled in front of him, grabbed his soft cock and lowered my mouth over the entire length.

I licked up the shaft and gently massaged his balls with my hands. I took all of him in my mouth and I could feel him growing inside of me. I licked and sucked and stroked his cock. I removed my mouth and began to lick his balls while I stroked him. I looked up at him and noticed his eyes fixed on the timer which was now at two minutes. The asshole was trying to outlast me. I began to stroke faster and then stopped stroking to deep throat his now rock hard cock. I gagged a little but began to bob up and down on his cock as steady as I could. I looked at the timer. I had only fifteen seconds to make him cum before 3 minutes. I tried to use my hand to stroke him while licking his cock with my lips still around it.

"Three minutes!" He said as he looked down at me sucking his cock.

I lost the first battle but not the war. I began to stroke and lick him. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed, a good sign for me. I took him deep in my throat and grabbed his ass to force him all the way into my mouth. My nose was buried in the skin of his pubic area. My own pussy was wet and starting to tingle. My nipples were hard and I wanted fucked bad. I had to keep sucking. I rubbed his balls and bobbed nice and steady on his delicious cock.

"Four minutes!" He proudly said.

I noticed his breathing became heavier. I licked his cock, balls, and even his anus. My mouth was beginning to tire from the forceful sucking I had been doing, but I was not about to quit. I stroked him and again deep throated him. I looked at the timer there was twenty seconds left. I deep throated him with long strokes in and out of my mouth. I moved my hand below his balls and found is wet asshole. I entered uncharted territory and out of desperation I shoved my finger into his ass.

His breathing became more intense, his back arched out and then it happened....BUZZZZZZZ

The fucking timer went off five seconds before Aaron did.

He came deep in my mouth and although I was defeated and pissed, I swallowed his load. Who am I kidding, I love cum and I worked hard to get it.

"I guess I am the winner in more ways than one tonight." Aaron said.

"Well let's get this over with." I said as I began to undress.

Aaron just stared at me basking in his victory and yet still lusting after me. I was now completely nude. My nipples were hard, my pussy was wet. Aaron opened the door and I felt the cool night air on my body. I wished I had more pubic hair than the narrow strip that I now had to keep me warm.

"What if the police drive by?" I asked.

"I will be right behind you and I will bring your bathrobe in case we see them." He assured.

I turned off our outside light and stepped out onto the door mat. I had never ventured outside the house naked before. I was scared but strangely excited and turned on too. Luckily our block is relatively short and the sidewalk goes around it all. I turned left toward the darker part of the neighborhood and began walking. I looked back and Aaron was about 10 steps behind me. I finally made it to the first corner and nobody was in sight I turned the corner and headed down the shorter side of the block. I saw a light on in one house but nobody was moving inside. I quickly advanced through the area lit up by the street light. I heard a car approaching behind me and quickly made my way to the next corner and turned. As I looked behind me I noticed the car had passed on the street in front of my house and never saw me.

"Slow down. I need to keep up with you." Aaron said in hushed tones.

I heard music coming from a house across the street and saw a couple of teen-age girls pass in front of the window, but they were not looking out toward me. It must have been a slumber party. I just hoped I didn't run into teen-age boys camping out in their back yard. I couldn't fuck anybody underage no matter what Aaron said. I continued to the next corner and then I caught a break. The next block was dark; the street light was burnt out. I walked a little more carefully as I had trouble seeing where I was stepping and didn't want to step in dog shit although laughed at the thought of Aaron stepping in some.

Finally I reached the last corner and I could see my house at the other end of the block. I quickly walked down the sidewalk believing that I had gotten away with my little nude stroll when a man appeared in front of me. Mr. Carpenter was a 50 something year old man, about 5'8", 220 lbs, and lived by himself. Some of my female neighbors said they thought he would try to peep through their windows from his porch late at night.

There he stood holding a leash for his little mutt of a dog.

"Well what have we got here! It looks like my neighbor Mrs. Berry came to visit me." He laughed.

"I...I need to get home." I said as I started to walk again but the damn dog leash was blocking my way.

"And Mr. Berry is here too. Mrs. Berry why are in such a hurry? I thought you wanted to visit." He teased.

"I really don't want to visit." I said trying as I was trying to cover my body.

"Well then maybe you would like to fuck me if it is alright with your hubby." The asshole said.

I looked back at Aaron and he had and nasty little smirk on his face as he nodded his approval.

"Yes honey, maybe you should nice Mr. Carpenter." Aaron said

I could not believe it. I was going to have to fuck the most undesirable man in the neighborhood.

"Well, well, what a night this has turned out to be. It sounds as if your hubby wants us to screw. Would you like to come inside with Me.? Mr. Carpenter asked.

"No, we want to do this outside." My husband said.

Mr. Carpenter's yard was surrounded by a 3 foot hedge on all sides except where the driveway enters. Aaron went to the darkest corner of the front yard and lay down my bathrobe on the ground. I walked over and sat on the robe. Mr. Carpenter let the dog inside and came over to wear we were.

"Let's get on with this." I said as I began to lie back.

"Oh no you don't. You are going to get me in the mood first by sucking my dick." Mr. Carpenter insisted.

Have you ever heard or read stories where the ugly unpopular guy ends up having an amazing huge cock? Well this is not one of those stories. Mr. Carpenter dropped his boxers to reveal one of the shortest stubbiest cocks I had ever seen. I looked at Aaron and I thought he was going to start laughing out loud but he controlled himself.

"Go ahead and suck on this bad boy." Mr. Carpenter ordered.

I reluctantly leaned forward toward his cock. The smell was pungent but I went ahead and placed my mouth over his cock. He immediately forced my head toward him until my face was buried in his thick smelly pubic hair. Still his cock was not even close to my throat. I doubt he was even 2 ½ inches long. I tried to bob my head but his cock kept coming out of my mouth. He then withdrew from me.

"Go ahead and lie back and spread them legs." He said.

I lay back and looked at Aaron. He had a smile on his face and a bulge in his pants. He was really getting off on this.

Mr. Carpenter reached out and roughly squeezed my tits and began to sloppily suck on my nipples. I hate to say it but I began to get wet with this horrid man fondling me. He then rose up and then moved his fat body down so that his face was positioned at my pussy. He began licking my pussy and shoved his finger roughly into my pussy. I have to admit his tongue felt good on my pussy. Hell at this point the dog's tongue would have felt good. He licked my pussy like a thirsty animal drinking out of a bowl. I was almost ready to cum when he stopped.

"I am going to fuck you good little girl." He said as he moved his fat ugly body up onto me and positioned his short stubby cock and my pussy.

He began pumping. I looked up and noticed Aaron had his own cock out, which was huge compared to the stub inside me, and he was stroking himself.

Mr. Carpenter was unable to get very deep inside me but his motion was rubbing my clit like crazy. I began to actually enjoy this sex. I sort of wished he would have down me doggy style so I would not have to look at him, but in this position he was sending my clit to heaven. I felt the first intense wave form and wash over me as his steady motion on my clit was causing me to orgasm. I was not prepared for the second wave that quickly followed.

"Oh, Oh, I am cumming. I don't believe it I am cumming again!" I exclaimed.

I am surprised I didn't wake the neighbors up.

"You bet your cumming and I am going to cum too." Mr. Carpenter said.

He thrust against me hard and then pulled himself off of me and moved up toward my face.

"Open your mouth!" He ordered.

I did just in time for his short stub to shoot it's surprisingly big load into my mouth and onto my face. I swallowed all I could.

"I think she like this. I think we will have to do this again sometime." Mr. Carpenter said.

"Maybe we will." Aaron agreed.

I was not so sure but Aaron has a way of talking me into things.

I got up and Mr. Carpenter thanked us. I continued my nude walk down the street without any further interruption.

Aaron closed the door behind us.

"That was so hot!" He said.

"Shut up you fucking pervert and let me have some real cock!"

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