tagGroup SexThe Naked Zone Ch. 02

The Naked Zone Ch. 02

byDr. Bull©

We had spent the better part of 4 years planning, planting, building and growing the buffer zone around our house. Once upon a time we had lived far enough out not to have to worry about being naked in the backyard, but town was slowly encroaching and they were building a house near enough to ours, that the time had come. A row of trees then a grape arbor 10 feet high and 100 feet long, big leaves on the grapes, plus bushing out the Aus trees provided for a nice sized area that know one could see into from outside the property lines.

The story continues from where we left off in the Naked Zone.

It was a bit awkward for most of us having just had sex in the open with our friend's spouses as we gathered back near the patio and I checked the meat. Looked done must be time to eat. The second test for the Naked Zone, can you sit next to your wife or husband after having just had sex with someone else at the table. You know, there is something about sitting naked when all those around you are naked also just makes you forget all about jealousy or so it seemed. Soon we were laughing at stories, chow-ing down on some great grub and consuming adult beverages. At one point Karen was passing the platter of ribs and dripped a touch of BBQ sauce on her left breast dribbling towards her nipple, "Can someone hand me a napkin?" she asked.

"I got it!" Dan, who was on her left reached down with his tongue, curled it around her pink nipple and licked the offending sauce from her breast. "Save a tree," he chuckled, "eat a Barbequed beaver." The whole table laughed and his wife Dotti elbowed him in the side.

After eating we all settled back for a bit letting it digest, the sun rolled around and some were starting to pink up again "Debra, I think it is lotion time again," Karen called from her chair, "got a new method for this round?"

"Yes I do and you are going to like it!" Debra giggled as she passed the bottles around once again. "Girls choice! Guys sit on the towels with you backs to us." She worked like a mother hen setting us on towels scattered across the lawn. "Now ladies two rules, not your guy and not the guy you had before and guys you can't look till we touch you."

So we sat listening to the giggling going on behind us as the girls chose their next sun screen partner, then it went quiet as we heard them walking up behind us in the grass, then a pair of tits slammed into my back and hands clamped over my eyes accompanied by a giggle, Debra, her breasts were significantly larger than Dottie's but not nearly as large as the other girls. Karen and I had become very good friends with her since she cuts both of our hair, we had been out to dinner and even on a couple of adventures, but she and I were about to get closer than we had ever before. I grabbed her hands and pulled her around in front of me. "Mister Mitchy big and strong!" she half baby talked to me, "going to get the ride of his life." She giggled again.

"Honey," I smiled at her, "you better let me put this on you soon because it looks like that's going to hurt." Red headed and fair skinned Debra was turning bright pink in the afternoon sun. She sat cross legged in front of me as I took a small amount and started on her face, working my way down her neck and across her shoulders. To my right Karen had Dan face down and was using her D cups to massage the lotion on to his back, just beyond them Curt and Dotti seemed to be applying their own lotion while watching Dan and Karen. Looking left I saw Ed with Karlee in a sixty nine position more ore less applying sunscreen to the others legs and genitalia. Nita had Mike standing working the sun block over his body her huge breasts tickling his cock to attention.

I turned my attention back to Debra as I coated her arms and legs from where I sat. "Turn around." I half growled.

"But, you're not done with my front?"

"Just Turn around and trust me!" She turned her beet red back and cute little butt to me and I kept lying on the lotion thick, the burn here had to have started to hurt. So I laid it on thick hoping it would cool it for her. As I coated her butt cheeks she leaned forward allowing me to cover the bottom of them. I lifted her up and sat her in my lap between my legs. She leaned back as I worked her front and down covering her shaved pussy, my fingers gently pressing against the bud, her fluids started to flow as she pressed back harder into my chest while she kneaded her own breasts she started to quiver her cute ass banging into my cock and balls brining them to life. First I slipped one finger, then a second into her pussy her juices flowing over my hand, she bucked harder against it. Then suddenly she grabbed my hand holding in place while the walls of her pussy crushed my fingers she came with little squeals.

Karen was locked in a 69 position with Dan his face buried in her pussy; she was pumping his dick with her right hand as she sucked on his balls, occasionally running her tongue up his shaft and would suck the head of his penis into her mouth for a stroke or two then back to his balls for the next two strokes. She had driven me wild with this move for years, but this was the first time I could watch what she was doing. I wasn't the only one watching, Curt and Dottie were still facing – watching Dan and Karen. Curt was now behind her slowly pumping in the doggy position. Dottie's eyes never leaving the other couple, even as she slammed her ass into her current lover, it was her husband and my wife that was really turning her on.

"Birthday Boy," Debra was coming out of her orgasm and releasing my hand; she moved forward and rolled around to face me, "it's your turn." Her hand cupped my balls and she drifted her long fingernails across them and tickled the under part of my shaft with them, commanding my full attention. "Come on Cowboy, its time for me to ride!" She pushed me down and squatted over my erect member. Once she got past the initial resistance and the head entered her she slammed her hips down hard, rising back up slowly almost letting me slip out when she slammed downward again. "YEE HAW!" she grabbed a fistful of chest hair and proceeded to ride the pony's sausage, all I could do was enjoy the ride and hope she didn't slip and crush one of my nuts. The pressure built up fairly quickly, might have had something to do with my nuts tickling the ground with every stroke, she came down hard and rocked her hips as my semen shot deep into her.

The afternoon had settled into evening and many of our friends felt it was time to go. Would we be able to look each other in the eye when we met the next day? Only time would tell.

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