tagGroup SexThe Naked Zone

The Naked Zone

byDr. Bull©

We had spent the better part of 4 years planning, planting, building and growing the buffer zone around our house. Once upon a time we had lived far enough out not to have to worry about being naked in the backyard, but town was slowly encroaching and they were building a house near enough to ours, that the time had come. A row of trees then a grape arbor 10 feet high and 100 feet long, big leaves on the grapes, plus bushing out the Aus trees provided for a nice sized area that know one could see into from outside the property lines.

So Karen felt more comfortable sunbathing, in fact with the new additions she mostly wandered naked through the backyard when ever she wanted. She has the full figure she has always had and looks close to 10 years younger than her 47 years. Her 38D bust narrows to a 34 inch waist then flairs back out to 40 inch hips, may not be what some call a goddess, but she is all woman. Me well I'm pushing the heck out of 50, in fact the story I'm about to tell happened on my 49th birthday.

Now birthdays come and birthdays go and I don't pay a lot of attention to them anymore, if I want something I buy it and don't worry about material presents. Our friends Karlee and Mike had called from Montana and let us know they would be in town for the weekend, so Karen had decided it would be a great weekend for a BBQ. So I got up early and fired up the smoker she had told me to expect about 10 for lunch at 2. so the big pork roast went on at 6 in the morning, followed by the ribs at around 9 and topped off with a couple of chickens went on the heat at 10:30. For those who merely grill this may seem early, but if you have ever had slow cooked competition style BBQ, you will never order BBQ at a restaurant again, in fact you will want to kick the cooks ass for feeding you crap. Light the charcoal and add a little apple wood for smoke then kick back and relax.

The meat was on so I went inside to grab a beer; Karen was in the kitchen starting on some of the side dishes, wearing a pair of shorts and only an apron as a top, looking sexy as hell. "Well Hello," I snuggled up to her from behind slipping my hands in the apron and fondled her tits, "how is my favorite girl?"

Knife in one hand, lettuce head in the other, she leaned back into me, "Best watch yourself birthday boy," she purred, "we have guests to feed and if you stop me before the salad, the other stuff won't be done." It was a deal we had worked out long ago, I got up early worked the meat and got it started, while she slept in. Then she did the extras, beside she was much better at putting the things together that made our gatherings special. "Just go relax... no one is due for a couple hours, catch some sun."

I grabbed a beer and went back downstairs, took off my tee shirt and shorts, then walked out of the daylight basement wearing just my sandals. In a warmer climate we would be year round nudists but in Wyoming the weather limits your access to sun. I was starting to get my tan for the summer, but I'm still a bit pale in the nether regions. At 5 foot 8 inches and 200 pounds I still have a bit of a beer belly, but working out had trimmed 50 pounds and quite a number of inches off. My chest and upper body was muscling up along with my legs, if only my gut would disappear. It was two hours before the guests arrive so I could soak up some sun before I had to get dressed.

Karen & I have always joked with our friends about this being the naked zone, but I don't believe any of them had any Idea how much time we spent out here naked, every evening after work and weekends were our times together and this is where we spent them.

I turned on some tunes and kicked back in the reclining yard chair on the gazebo, half an hour face down, get up check the heat in the smoker, and then back to the chair to bake the other side.

I must have dozed off, because I suddenly felt like someone was blocking my sun and could here some muffled voices in the background, I figured Karen was waking me so I could get dressed...

"So are you going to sleep all day?" that was not Karen's voice, I blinked my eyes open sitting up trying to look into the sun and see who was standing over me. Karlee's black hair big brown eyes and smile greeted my sleepy eyes.

"Hello?!" I was trying to focus.

"How are you birthday boy?" Her hand rested on my leg, just below my tanning cock, as the rest of her came into focus, my mind came out of its sleepy fog enough to realize she was also naked, her pale skin and big white breasts glistening from sun block. We had met Karlee and Mike at a biker rally in Montana a couple years before and had become good friends. Normally quite shy about her body, there she was naked as a jay bird, "we showed up early and so did some others, Karen said to wake you." She giggled.

"What? Who came early?" I looked over towards the house and the patio where the smoker was, there stood everyone Karen had invited to the party, all naked. Most of them looking embarrassed about their current state of dress or undress.

"SURPRISE!!" Came the cheer, as Karlee slipped her arm around me and escorted me to the party, Karen met us halfway across the yard, now all she was wearing was the apron and it covered very little. "You have said for years we should have a 'Naked Party'" she smiled, "so here it is."

I looked over the crowd and was amazed by the group of friends that Karen had assembled for the occasion.

Mike, Karlee's husband, was there, dark haired, skinny, say 170 lbs, is about 6' 8" and he towered over the rest of the crowd. Karlee is about 5'5" built much like Karen but with a set of DD's or E's that are amazing, they are both in their mid thirties.

My friend Curt, red headed and starting to gray is my height 5'8" but much lighter built, I'd guess 150 lbs and in great shape for 53. His wife Nita is the eldest of our group is pushing 60, a blond with large droopy boobs she was trying to cover and hold up while she sat cross legged staring grumpily at her husband and my wife as if to say "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TALK ME INTO?"

Dan, my golfing partner, 5'6", 140 lbs, completely grey, was wearing his baseball cap, trying to keep his eyes only on his rather jealous wife Dotty. Dotty is a former coworker of mine, skinny as a rail huge brown nipples covered tiny breasts that would not fill even an A cup. Dottie's southern drawl was sexy but she seldom quite talking long enough to let you reply. An old hippy, her first husband cheated on her and now she was sure Dan wanted someone, anyone besides her. How Karen got her here and naked mystified me.

Debra, our favorite hair dresser, a red head with a nicely trimmed pussy was the tallest woman there at 5'10" her C cups stood out with erect nipples. She seemed to be flying solo today and she acted as if she stood naked and talked every day.

My friend Ed had even made it to town, he was next to the beer cooler, at 5'11 and 200 pounds this former lineman turned chef was a formidable figure. His eyes never letting Karen out of sight, for years he had been infatuated with her and watching her walking around nude was driving him nuts.

"EDGAR!" Karen yelled to our friend, "Time for the Birthday Toast." Ed picked up a tray of tequila shots and passed them to all of our guests, "Today," Karen continued "is the opening day of the Naked Zone. Mitch has been working on this project for four years and today we celebrate it with our friends. Happy Birthday Honey!" then she raised her glass and slammed her shot.

"Happy Birthday!" the others followed suit, Ed refilled their glasses.

"Remember, there are three simple rules for the Naked Zone," Karen hung up a sign I had made in my shop as a joke.

NAKED ZONE RULES 1.You Must Be Naked 2.No Means No! and Yes spells FUN! 3.If You Are Jealous Go Home!

"To the Naked Zone!" Ed offered his glass to the sign.

"To the Naked Zone!" came the reply from the group, as they laughed.

It seemed to break some of the tension many were feeling, the two shots helped, they were followed by quite a number of drinks and soon everyone was relaxed and having fun together. With the exception of Mike and Karlee, we had all been good friends for a number of years. Mike and Karlee fit right in, friendly and out going, not to mention Karlee's amazing body and Mike's 12 inch dick made them popular with the opposite sex in the group.

We still had an hour to kill before lunch would be ready when Debra went inside and returned with a bag from her salon. "OK Kids" she called for our attention, her red hair was cropped at the neck, so her breasts were starting to pink a bit in the sun. "It is time to lotion up." She pulled bottles of sun lotion out of her bag, "But first we need to partner up," instinctively the women stepped next to their men. "Wait a minute, rule number 3; we are drawing cards to see who applies it to who."

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Dotty of course, her head rubber necking between Dan and Debra, we were about to see if the Naked Zone could pass its first major test. "Who applies it to WHO?" Behind her turning beet red was Nita, suddenly conscious of her nakedness again.

Debra stepped up to Dotty, "We talked about this specifically with you and you agreed to come." Dotty looked at Dan, "Don't look at him, you agreed before we even let him know about it" her voice then softened "Come on Hon, its just sun screen," Debra reached her hand out to her friend.

"OK, but just sun screen." Dotty broke and walked over to her drink downing it and poured another.

"Ladies draw a card," Debra commanded, they all drew a card from the deck, "don't show them to anyone and now Gentlemen draw your cards." We nearly stampeded over the poor girl reaching for our cards, in fact Curt reached passed the deck and tugged on Debra's nipple, "Hey mister a Card!" She seemed to have a way about her that made us all feel more relaxed. "Again don't look at your cards." She commanded, back into her bag she reached, pulling out a cigarette case. "Before we look at our cards everyone gets a couple of hits of this." She lit the joint and passed it, we all did as instructed taking one or two hits. "Now Gentlemen each of you take a lotion bottle and line up in the ranking order of your cards."

Dan drew a king, Ed a jack, followed by Mike with a 10, me a 5 and Curt with a 3.

"Ladies line up in reverse order, smallest to largest."

Karlee drew a 2 that set her up with Dan, which drew some fire from Dottie's eyes. Karen had a 4 matching her with Ed, much to his liking. Dotty had the 6 and as she looked at the big guy with his monster dick, she suddenly quit glancing at Dan and Karlee. Nita looked a bit uncomfortable with her queen as she stepped across from me, quick smiles and a bit nervous, but then weren't we all. Debra had an Ace up her sleeve, had she been wearing sleeves so our two redheads paired up. "Girls grab a blanket and a piece of grass and get greased up!" Some how Debra had taken over, the joint had kicked in and off we went in search of our piece of turf.

Our back yard is quite large yet you can not get out of sight of the others, so it was time to relax and enjoy. Nita and I found a place near the gazebo and spread our blanket, the others scattered around the yard.

"Why don't you let me start with your back?" I offered. "OK," she took my hand and pulled me close "I'm glad I got you." Her other hand gripped my cock for just a moment; my body blocking the others view. Then she lie down on her front. As I said earlier Nita had huge breasts that hung down, she maneuvered them off to either side as she lie down her arms over her head looking much like she had water wings on. I squirted some of the oil on my hands and warmed it a bit as I knelt be side her working on her shoulders the head of my cock rubbed back and forth across her right breast. Slowly I spread the oily substance down her back and across her shoulders onto the exposed part of her left breast, I had felt a tickle on my ball sack and as I rubbed oil across her left breast and fondled the small nipple it grew, until it was sticking out at least an inch. As I switched side I discovered her right nipple was what had been tickling the hair around my balls. Nita was quite relaxed and moaning just a bit as my fingers danced across her right nipple, my cock and balls now tickling over her left breast. I worked my way south, over her smooth ass and down her legs then back up on the inside, her legs parted allowing my hand to continue up to her wet pussy, again she moaned with pleasure. I worked my way down the other leg and back up; her legs parted even farther allowing my hand to rest covering her love box. As my finger slipped into the warm wet crack I looked up to see if someone was watching.

Dotty and Mike were the closest to us, her inhabitations thrown to the wind she had both hands wrapped around his big cock and was sitting on his face. Beyond them Curt was slowly massaging oil onto Debra's breasts, while she was sucking his cock. Karen and Ed were below them and to the right, where he was concentrating on her breasts and she seemed to enjoy letting him play. Dan was in hog heaven, Karlee was rubbing him down with sunscreen via her amazing breasts, his cock sticking straight up as she titty fucked it.

I slid between Nita's legs teasing her clit with the head of my dick, rubbing it up and across her ass hole, tweaking those amazing nipples with my fingers, "Time to roll over," I whispered in her ear as I slipped off to one side. She rolled over and sat up in a bit of a daze, pulled me towards her and kissed me. "Take a look around."

Her eyes scanned the carnal sights that surrounded us and she said "My turn." She pushed me to my back rolling on top of me rather spryly considering her age. She lined up my cock and sat down, sliding all the way down until she hit bottom. Rocking her hips forward and thrusting her chest into my face, "I brought you a snack!" her long nipples were pressing against my lips, I sucked one in gently, "Harder," she moaned, so I complied, "Harder!" and I sucked in as much as I could get as hard as I could. "YES!" she cried as she rocked back and forth, the muscles of her vagina walls were as tight as a virgins, but better because she was doing things with just her muscles, while not hardly moving her body at all. Then I tasted it, menopause does many strange and sometimes wonderful things to a woman, this 60 year old woman was lactating! I swapped to the other nipple and a stream of milk shot down my throat and Nita came hard! I looked to see if her yelp of pleasure had attracted anyone.

From my limited point of view that meant Dotty and Mike, he was working her from behind doggy style, his 12 inches of meat sliding in and out, sweat pouring from both of them and she was in a different world.

Nita sat up and put the squeeze to me, I'm not sure how she learned to do what she did but it was incredible. Tight rolling motion on the inside like a belly dancer rolled against my member causing the dam to break, she came again as I shot my load into her hot tight cunt.

She rolled off lying beside me, both of us panting; I sat up cupped one of her monster breasts and sucked more of her mother's milk, while watching the others.

Karen and Ed were the next to finish, she had rolled him over and was riding him hard, her blonde hair falling down into his face her breasts bouncing with every pump up and down. I heard a familiar squeal and watched as he bucked his cum deep inside of her. She collapsed onto his chest. It was the second time I had seen her with Ed and in some strange way it turned me on to watch her fucking another man.

Dan was fucking Karlee from behind, her large breasts quivered each time he thrust then suddenly he pulled out shooting his sperm across her back. He had the biggest smile on his face when he looked in my direction.

Curt had Debra's legs wrapped around him her back against the house, his face smashed right into her tits. They appeared to be finished, since neither one seemed to be able to move.

The last couple still going at it was Mike and Dotty, she had his huge cock buried in her face, deep throating the whole thing, it was fascinating to watch her roll her head and try to get more. Then it happened, Mike came, in what seemed like buckets full. Dotty tried to swallow but couldn't keep up, out of her mouth and her nose. She had to let it go if she was going to breathe, she coked the monster out cum splashing across her face and on to her chest. She had the funniest look on her face as she licked the big head and smeared his cum over her nipples, making them darker than before.

I had to do it; I started clapping for their performance, I was joined quickly by Nita and then the others.

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