tagGroup SexThe Neglected Housewife Ch. 02

The Neglected Housewife Ch. 02


I experienced some major trepidation as I drove to Karen's place. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't as nervous as hell. I was also very anxious, as in anxious to do some more fucking. The last time I was at Karen's two of her friends gave me a real run for my money by providing my neglected cunt with a much needed workout.

My husband would not have been happy if he'd known what had happened or maybe he would have been okay with someone else attending to my increasingly unsatisfied desires. If he had been taking care of my needs I wouldn't have been so eager to head to Karen's for the second time in less than two weeks. I was so fucking horny I could barely drive. I tried to talk myself out of going for his sake but my pent-up desire was too strong. I was beyond having the initial edge of not having been fucked for quite a while taken off, as the guys had more than satisfied that urge on my last visit. This had been what motivated my past actions with them as I had completely dropped my guard and let them both fuck me good. I knew that this time, if the opportunity presented itself, I would be willing to fuck at the drop of a hat purely for the joy of getting my holes pleasantly stuffed , stretched and abused by whichever young studs Karen happened to have over.

My anticipation was short lived because when I got to her place it was just Karen and Rex. Rex was her current boyfriend. I'd never met him. Karen changed boyfriends the way most women change shoes. She'd told me that he was great looking, which he was. She'd also told me that he was great in bed. If looks were any indication of that claim, I supposed that she was right. He was tall and appeared to be in great shape. He was well built and had a great ass. He was also sporting what appeared to be a nice sized package in his tight jeans. She told me that he was insatiable and could fuck all night long. I was jealous as hell, thinking that was just what I needed.

Disappointed that there weren't any "unattached" guys joining us for the game this time around, I resigned myself to watching the game which after all was why I'd agreed to come over again in the first place. Yeah right.

I couldn't help stealing glances at Rex though. It wasn't lost on me that he seemed to be taking an interest in me also. For being fifty years old, I'm in better shape than most women half my age. Karen saw that Rex and I were playing eye tag. She seemed to find it amusing and not being the least bit jealous, she even made a few comments, teasingly asking Rex if he was checking me out? I felt myself blushing like a school girl when he responded, "that he most definitely was".

At halftime Rex and Karen left the room. I didn't think much of it until they hadn't returned by the time the game had resumed. I heard her call me, saying that she had something she wanted me to check out. I followed her voice and found myself standing in the entrance to her bedroom where I got an unexpected eyeful. Karen was sitting on the bed next to Rex. She was fully clothed and Rex was totally nude in all his glory. She was slowly stroking the most beautiful cock I had ever seen.

Karen asked, well what do you think?" I was at a loss for words. For one, I'd been caught totally off guard and for two, he was Karen's boyfriend. Karen insisted that I come in for a closer look. I didn't have to be told twice, as Rex patted the spot on the bed on the other side of him and I sat down to watch as Karen stroked his cock up and down until he was fully aroused. It looked wonderful.

Rex turned his attention to me. He asked if I liked what I saw. I was still in such awe with the entire situation that I could hardly find my voice as I croaked, "Hell yes" in response to his question. I was mesmerized by Rex's hard cock as he continued talking to me. To ensure that he had my undivided attention, he had to physically put his hand under my chin and raise my face so that my gaze was focused on his and not his lovely cock. He said, "Jeff and Lee tell me that you are one hot piece of ass". They were Karen's young friends who had fucked me the last time I was at her place. Rex went on to say that," he couldn't wait to sample my cunt for himself". I couldn't believe what I was hearing and with only one thing on my mind by this point I leaned over and gave Rex a big wet kiss with a lot of tongue and replied, "Well it's all yours". Karen laughed and said, "I told you she was a horny bitch." She got that right as I slipped my hand down over Rex's warm hard shaft and started helping Karen jack her young stud off.

From there Karen and I took turns on Rex, deep throating him until we gagged, and giving his cock a good jerking as he moaned in appreciation. It was getting pretty hot in the room as our little threesome began to heat up. For a few minutes I had Rex all to myself as Karen started to undress. When she was naked, she helped me satisfy Rex by gently pushing the back of my head down, forcing me to take in more of his glorious manhood, all the while telling me to "suck him good like the cock hungry slut you are". Rex remarked at how I was really getting into it as I continued to gag myself on his length trying my best to take him all in. I looked up at him and said, "golly do I love sucking your cock". He growled and told me to," get my fucking clothes off". They both sat back and watched as I hurriedly stripped down, both commenting on the state of my wet panties when they came into view because by then I was already dripping with desire.

We fell together in a human pile on the bed. I'd never been in such close proximity to a naked woman before. I certainly didn't consider myself bisexual, but I wasn't put off by the physical contact between Karen and I as Rex began taking control, alternating between sucking and exploring each of our wet pussies.

The contact between Karen and I was turned up a notch as she started sucking my nipples when Rex went down on me. The sensation between her soft lips and his aggressive licking was amazing. I couldn't resist returning the favor, as I rubbed her clit when Rex started fucking her. This seemed to drive Karen nuts. I must admit that the taste of Karen's cunt on Rex's cock was indescribable, as he would trade off between fucking my mouth and her cunt. He would feed his cock to me and then stuff it back in Karen, after a momentarily pause for me to suck off her juices. The flavor of her freshly fucked pussy was a decadent treat. It was also a turn-on when I helped Rex reinsert his cock back inside her, making sure to rub the head up and down her wet slit before lining him up and encouraging him to "fuck her good!"

Rex was like some sort or porn star as he alternated fucking us both to several orgasms, as he always seemed to maintain control so as not to come himself. Then he placed us "tit to tit" as Karen described it. He positioned me face down on Karen causing our breasts to smash together. Rex got to enjoy a virtual smorgasbord of juicy wet cunt as he rotated between fucking Karen and then me as we were stacked up before him. He finished off fucking us both up the ass while we stroked each other's cunt and began to make out, totally caught up in the heat of passion. This marked the first time I'd ever kissed a woman but you wouldn't have known it as I hungrily accepted her tongue in my mouth.

After fucking us both silly, Rex had us get down on our knees and jacked himself off over our faces until he let loose with several big streams of come which we eagerly cleaned up off of each other's face. It was the hottest fuck session I have ever experienced.

Afterwards we squeezed into Karen's shower to clean off. The action got pretty hot in the shower as we helped each other clean up. Before long Rex was fucking us both again as he pressed us each against the shower wall and using some soap water as lubricant, reamed our assholes again. Somehow on very shaky legs we managed to make it out of the shower.

Taking a break, we dressed and got a bite to eat. We were watching a movie on HBO when Karen announced that she was going to go to bed. It was still early, around 9:00 pm, but she said she was beat and left me and Rex sitting on the couch. Twenty minutes hadn't gone by before Mr. Insatiable was at it again, rubbing my eternally hungry cunt through my jeans. I begged him to stop; after all he was Karen's boyfriend. It was one thing for him and me to fuck in the company of Karen but she was my friend and as much as I would have liked to I wasn't going to fuck him behind her back. But Rex wanted more cunt, specifically my horny cunt and he spilled the beans by telling me that he and Karen weren't really lovers and that I'd basically been set up again. Yippee I thought! But unlike the last time I was at her place, this time she made sure she got in on the fun too.

It was like a dream come true with Karen setting me up with a guy who was a fuck machine who could give me as much cock as my starved cunt could handle. When he started rubbing the crotch of my jeans again I spread my legs wide, enjoying his cunt massage.

Rex and I were like a couple of hormonally charged teenagers as we sat on the couch free to kiss and explore each other's bodies. He worked his way on top of me, not letting me up for air, as we got into some pretty intense dry fucking. This is where our little make out session was different than a couple of randy teenagers because our dry humping lead into some real serious cunt stretching when I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to be fucked for real. I begged Rex to do me.

The irony of the situation wasn't lost on me as I watched him hastily remove my jeans and panties. My husband was spending the night on the river in a duck boat with some friends and I was about to get my boat rocked, as Rex positioned a couple of pillows under my hips to tilt my cunt just where he wanted it.

Rex pushed my legs back towards my chest as I wrapped my arms around the back of my thighs holding them in place providing him with complete access to my hungry cunt. Then he proceeded to give me the type of fucking that I'd only dreamed of. He was half my age but he fucked me like a pro, alternating shallow, light thrusts with hard, deep ones that made me cry out in ecstasy each time he hit bottom. I was moaning for him to, "hit it" over and over again as he slammed into me. After a few minutes he had worked me into such a lather that I was beginning to make a mess of Karen's couch so we stopped and went to the second bedroom where I got fucked senseless.

He talked me into spending the night and I experienced the most intense fucking that I'd ever been fortunate enough to recieve. As I felt myself on the heels of yet another orgasm I wrapped my legs around his powerful hips and whispered hoarsely for Rex to, "Please come inside me". As his body stiffened and he unloaded deep within me, it threw me over the edge and we came together.

I was pretty well fucked out by then and as we lay there catching our breath he started lightly stroking my battered cunt, using the come that was dripping out of my well fucked hole. It was yet another new sensation as I felt him spreading his seed over every inch of my pussy like some sort of soothing lotion. I felt myself incredibly becoming more and more aroused until I was moaning, "oh yes, rolling my hips around his hand as I asked him what are doing to me"? And then I came yet again. That wonderful kid wore me out and as I drifted into a blissful slumber I thought I've finally found the fuck buddy I've been craving.

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