The Neglected Son Ch. 02


"There's no need to explain, Chet." Her breath was warm and sweetly minty. "Are you liking it?"

"It's all right."

"I think you're a very special young man. Handsome, too. You know, as awful as it sounds to criticize my own dear daughter, I can't help but wonder if she properly appreciates you."

"Now that you mention it..." I said, letting my words trail off. I turned my head, and hers was so near that our lips almost touched.

"Young girls often lack a certain sophistication," she breathed.


She kissed me, no butterfly wing this time but a ripe and full contact that send tingles down my spine. I played at being stunned for a moment, then surrendered eagerly.

"Oh, yes, Chet, you are a man," she said.

"I shouldn't be doing this," I replied. "Your husband... Mindy..."

"What they don't know won't harm them." She snuggled into my arms and lifted her face to mine for more kisses.

I suspected that she only intended to tease me with kissing and petting and flashing me peeks of her body, just enough to assure herself of her desirability. She probably didn't really mean to steal her daughter's boyfriend or cheat on her husband. Just enough to convince herself that yes, she was ardently wanted, and she would find some reason to break off.

But I had other plans. Boldly, I slipped my hands inside her robe and caressed the equally satiny warmth of her skin. Her breasts weren't as firm as Mindy's – it would drive them both crazy if they knew I was comparison shopping – but they had a lovely shape and feel to them.

"Chet, what are you doing?" Paula asked.

"Like you said, what they don't know won't hurt." I opened the top of the robe and feasted my eyes on her torso. Such a creamy expanse of flesh, untouched by the sun, her nipples rosy and becoming engorged even as I watched. I bent and flicked each with my tongue.

Paula gasped. I sensed she was about to push me away, so I closed my lips around one nipple and suckled deeply. Her back arched.

"God, you're gorgeous," I whispered, then put my mouth back to work on her excellently-proportioned breasts.

"Chet, dear boy, behave yourself," she murmured. "This has gone far enough."

I acted as though I didn't hear. I pulled at the sash, and the loose knot came undone. The rest of her robe fell open. She squirmed, pressing her knees together, draping her arm over the silky black triangle at their ivory juncture.

"No, I can't," Paula said, more to herself than to me.

"But you're so beautiful," I said. "Please, just let me touch you, kiss you, just a little. Like this. See, isn't that nice?"

I covered her lips with kisses while tenderly fondling her breasts. I felt her relax by increments, even letting her knees part slightly. Before she could regain her equilibrium, I had insinuated my fingers between her thighs and commenced a persuasive stroking.

Paula arched and started to protest. I drowned her voice with more kisses and wordless moans.

She was moist with arousal, had probably been even before she entered the library. I thought of her in her room, dressing for this scene, primping. These games of hers clearly turned her on. She must have anticipated that this time would be no different. She'd come in, make flirtatious talk, brush up against me a few times, maybe flash me glimpses of the nudity beneath the robe, and take her victorious thrill at seeing Mindy's lover tempted by her forbidden charms.

But she wasn't ready for such an insistent, intimate response on my part. She never would have expected me to touch her like this, find the damp heat of her, explore it with gentle, skilled fingers.

Her body quivered helplessly. Her thighs opened further, allowing me greater access, before suddenly closing again and trapping my hand. She freed her lips from mine long enough to catch her breath, and speak.

"Chet, wait," she said. "Wait, we shouldn't, it's too much."

"I can't resist you," I said. "I've never wanted a woman more. Feel me."

I took her wrist and led her hand to the front of my pants, rubbing her palm along the stony column pent up within. I made sure she got a good measure of it. I wasn't a porno stud by any means, but I had it on credible authority that mine was a good one.

"Ah... nice..." she groaned. "But no, stop, we mustn't."

"Only a little more," I said. "I can't help it. I want to taste you all over. Let me do that, at least."

With a tremulous shudder, she gave in. She did not protest as I moved lower, leaving a trail of kisses down her body. I knelt at the side of the couch as she reclined upon it, and buried my face in the lilac-scented duskiness of her pubic hair, inhaling her, then sampling her like a bee to a flower.

Paula bit back a low cry as the tip of my tongue made slow circles around her tender folds of flesh. Her fingers pulled feebly at my hair once, as if making a last futile effort at stopping me, and then she was undulating her lower body, sighing my name.

"Oh, my God, Chet, yes darling, that's so good," she said.

I freed myself from my pants without alerting her. My ready dick rubbed against the slightly rough, slightly plush fabric of the couch as I kept pleasuring Paula with my mouth. I listened to the mounting quickness of her breathing, and judged her to be very close to orgasm.

She wailed softly when I took my tongue away. Her eyes fluttered open to see what I was doing, just as I climbed onto the couch between her widespread legs. She couldn't miss the sight of my erection, jutting its impressive length from the wiry nest of curls at its base to its swollen red tip. A final objection tried to take form, but I don't think her heart was really in it, and her voice failed her as I sank my stiffness deep inside.

I stayed just like that for a moment, exultant with the knowledge that my dick was buried to the hilt in my own aunt. That it was my stepmother's pussy cinching tight around my shaft. My father's wife gazing up at me in dreamy, lust-ridden astonishment. My girlfriend's mother. Any way you looked at it, this was wrong. Totally, deliciously, wickedly wrong.

"Oh, Chet," she said. "We really shouldn't."

"Too late," I said, and began to move.

Slowly. In and out. I found that I was already about to come, more from the idea of what I was doing than from the act itself – not that the act was anything to complain about. Paula's body was ready no matter what she might be saying, rising to meet my thrusts. I forced myself to go slow. I wanted her to come first, and to love it when she did.

She moaned through gritted teeth and clung to me. I kept it slow, quaking from the effort of restraint, until I felt her rolling spasms begin and heard her whisper hoarsely to do it now, fuck her hard, she was coming and she wanted it hard.

Triumphant, I gave her what she wanted. I drove into her forcefully, thinking that in her extremity of orgasm she wasn't so different from Mindy. I wished they would come home early and catch us. I thought of Mindy's face, and Dad's, if they were to open the library door and be greeted by this sight, me and Paula, rocking and grinding.

That vision pushed me over. I groaned my aunt's name as I came in her, and as the powerful climax subsided, I settled in stages to lay fully atop her with my head pillowed on her breasts.

Paula hastily came to her senses once the aftershocks had passed, and regarded me with uneasy wonder.

"Chet... what have we done?"

"It's all right," I told her. "No one needs to know. It can be our secret. I promise."

The clock on the mantle chimed, drawing her gaze toward it. When she saw the time, she exclaimed in alarm. We untangled ourselves, her robe twisted and damp with our mingled sweat, my shirt in a similar state. We'd left a wet mark on the couch as well, and Paula hastily mopped it up. She was even more beautiful in her anxious, disheveled condition, but I didn't tell her so.

We left the library and hurried to our respective rooms. I showered, knowing that the first thing Mindy would do upon her return would be to quiz me mercilessly about whether her mother had tried anything in her absence. She'd probably try to squeeze in a quickie before dinner, and if I proved to be unable due to my recent exertions, her worst fears would be confirmed.

Eventually, I would have to tell her all about it. I was looking forward to that. Right before I told her my other little secret. "Mindy," I'd say, "just so you know, I did fuck your mother. But you want to hear something really interesting?"

I could hardly wait for that moment.

But in the meantime, there was still Renee to think of.

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