tagMatureThe Neighbor Girl

The Neighbor Girl


My wife and I met in high school and just clicked right from the start. I guess we were right because we were married for 38 years. We never had children. It wasn't for not trying, I can't imagine any two people being much more active sexually. At first we were happy to be "lucky". Later, by the time we started checking and discovered I was the problem, we just accepted it. I pretty much shoot blanks. A few sperm but not very active. I can't pretend it didn't bother me to learn that, made me wonder about my masculinity. But Ellie seduced me often and made me realize that sex was as good as ever.

A new family moved into our neighborhood, where we had lived about fifteen years by then. They had a baby girl. They were a dysfunctional family. I think she's nuts and he's an alcoholic. They argue loudly, she throws things. I don't know whether she went nuts in reaction to his drinking or he drinks because she's nuts. Whatever, as their little girl grew up some, she started spending a lot of time with us. We began to think we were raising her more than her own parents, which was probably good for the kid.

As time went on her parents stayed in their loud, combative marriage and the girl, Diane, was at our place doing her home work, learning about cooking, learning about life. I think we both thought of her as almost our daughter. She even spent the night fairly often.

Then Ellie died. She had a bad heart for quite a while but her death was a surprise. I came in from doing some yard work and she was laying on the kitchen floor. The paramedics came and all that but she was dead. The truth is, Diane and I helped each other to cope with it. Diane was fifteen by then.

Diane still was around a lot. I helped her with homework, she helped in all kinds of ways around the house. When questions came up about boys and dating, I tried to be sane about it. Truth is, Ellie had always handled those areas and I was a little uncomfortable. But I tried to be honest and truthful. Years went by.

I knew Diane was very interested in sexual things. Most young girls are, I imagine. We had talked about it. But one day I got a shock.

Diane's about to graduate from high school. She's eighteen. She tells me she had sex with her boy friend. He used a condom. The whole thing just didn't go that well. She didn't enjoy it. It hurt. It was over fast. What was so great about sex anyway, she wondered. Here she had built this all up in her mind, had spent hours at the computer looking at porn, and when she tried it, she didn't like it.

I wasn't too sure I could handle this. I suggested maybe she should talk with someone else. She wanted to know who. Ellie was gone, her parents were definitely not right. Some teacher she really didn't know that well? A minister, that she wasn't really sure she trusted anyway? So I buckled down and tried to deal with it.

I'd only been with one female in my life, Ellie, as I told her. Back in high school, we started like most kids, making out a little and then slowly feeling each other some, gradually getting to masturbating each other. Then oral sex. I know Ellie liked that because she started it and over the years she probably had me in her mouth as often as in her vagina. And I know I liked it. Liked receiving it. But I also liked doing it. I liked seeing her naked, loved her whole body, seeing her pussy, feeling it's shapes with my fingers and my tongue. I liked her taste. And I loved to give her an orgasm, realize I could give her that much enjoyment. So we did that a lot. Even once we moved on to intercourse, we still did oral a lot.

I told Diane all this and suggested that maybe she knew too much, moved to fast without going through the preliminary steps. Rape probably can't be fun and just moving to fucking immediately is almost like rape. You need to build up to it. She asked a lot about oral sex, that seemed to intrigue her. Maybe she needs to talk to her boyfriend about it, I suggested. She decided she'd try again and see if they couldn't both do things so they both end up enjoying it more.

That night, in bed, I thought about sex. Ellie and I had sex often but when she died I accepted that sex was over for me and I really didn't even think about it much. Of course with ads and TV programs and such no one can completely avoid it. But Diane talking about sex made me realize that she's a very attractive young woman now. I always thought of her as a skinny little kid but she has breasts and a butt now. She's still slim but very much female. And she's no longer a virgin. I couldn't help thinking of her and sex.

Like every week day, the next morning I got up and went to work. It put sex out of my mind again. The same the next several days. Then Diane came around again. I hadn't seen her for three or four days. It turns out, she talked to her boy friend and in no way would he even think about licking her pussy. He apparently was willing for her to suck his cock and fuck her but that was that. So she broke up with him and didn't have sex with him a second time.

She was upset. She wanted to experience really great sex like she'd heard about. I made the only suggestion I could think of, that she needed a new boy friend. Of course, her reaction was, just how do I go about finding a new boy friend? Go around the school cafeteria asking guys if they'd like to lick her pussy? I then went into a bit about love and that just plain sex wasn't really what life is all about, you need to have feelings for each other, that sex is better as part of love.

Her reaction surprised me. She claimed that was old fashioned. Today, women are free and they want to enjoy sex when they want. To make sure they can earn a living when the bastard male dumps them with a couple kids, they need to go to college, learn how to make a living, then hook up seriously with a guy and marriage and babies. Then, when he walks out, she can at least make sure she and the kids can get along. In the meantime, the woman needs to be sexually satisfied. Love isn't part of it, just good sex.

I told her I thought she might be wrong, that love makes it all much better. But I had to admit that I had only been with one woman in my life, Ellie. So if I'm wrong and she's right, then, yes, maybe she does go around school asking guys if they'll eat her.

She left but I'm sure wasn't happy. I came close to masturbating as I thought about it later in bed. This attractive young girl had raised my interest in sex.

The next evening she came by again. She said that I said that she should get a new boy friend, find one that was experienced enough to like eating pussy. And, she added, she thought she'd found one. Me.

No, I came back with immediately. I'm old. Old enough to be your grandfather. You need someone your own age. I really like you and want the best for you and you need a young man that you can really interact with, a man with a young body and the stamina to give you what you likely need.

Not so, she answers. All I need is good sex. Someone who will appreciate my body and give me orgasms. You can do that. Age doesn't matter. I'm not looking for love and romance. I'm not intending to marry you, just fuck you.

Diane, I told her, you're very attractive. You have a very nice body. But I've only had sex with one person in my whole life. It would be like I was insulting Ellie to have sex with the girl that we both treated almost like our daughter.

Jack, she said, I knew you'd mention Ellie. I bet Ellie told you that if she ever died you should find another woman. You shouldn't have to be alone. I think I even heard her say that.

Well, she did, I admitted. I also told her that it's really just such a surprise. I expected you to find another young man.

But you can show me what good sex really is, she said. You can make sure that I'll know when I later find someone who can also give me good sex. You'd actually be doing me a favor. So do it for me, if not for yourself.

Anyway, that's how I now find myself in bed with a lovely young girl. Her body is even better than I expected. Slim but with breasts that are almost too large, out of proportion to the rest of her body. My guess is, her body will grow more, to fit those breasts. Good hips and butt, shapely legs. And a very pretty girl, nice even features, blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. Hardly any pubic hair, very light color and little of it. Really attractive pussy, full lips, noticeable clit.

I know I should go slower and work up to this but she wants oral sex and so do I. That's how I know hoe beautiful her pussy is because I'm down between her legs, looking at it, ready to start tasting it. She said she wasn't interested in love and romance but wanted orgasms and this is the quickest way to give her one. Or maybe several if she can handle it.

I was on my knees at the side of the bed, her butt on the edge of the mattress, her legs on my shoulders. I pushed my tongue in between her lips and licked. It had been years since I tasted a pussy and it's still the sexiest taste in the world. She's fairly juicy. Just thinking about it must have turned her on. I move my tongue around, shove it as far into her vagina as I can and then lick up. There's that clit I saw earlier. Larger than Ellie's ever was. I lick it with my tongue. She's been moaning but this causes a quick inhale and little shriek as well as making her hips jump. Why fool around. I flick her clit with my tongue. She shrieks more, her hips jump more. I get hold of it with my lips and pull on it a little. It's now a full scream and her legs are waving around some. I suck on her clit, tongue it, suck on it. That does it. A gush of fluid shoots out and she's screaming so loud I wonder if the neighbors will call the cops. Her legs clamp on my head and her whole body seems to jump. I let go of her clit.

"I've never felt like that before," she says. "I thought I knew what orgasms were." Her legs loosen a bit. I lick back down into her slit, get my tongue into her vagina again. My face is wet from her and her taste is stronger than ever. "Are you going to fuck me now?" she asks. I don't reply with words, I lick back up a little and get my tongue to her clit again. "Don't" she says, "just put it in me, I'm ready." I flick my tongue on her clit. She moans. I grab it with my lips again. "Fuck," she almost screams, "It's too much." I suck on her enlarged clit. It probably is a little sore. Ellie used to say that after a couple orgasms her clit was too sore for any more action. But Diane sounds as if she's moving into another orgasm as I suck and tongue her little cock. I remember somewhere reading that a clit was the remnant of a cock. But clits don't have a hole in them to emit fluid like a cock. But she shoots out some more juice and goes nuts with screams and jerking her body around.

This time, I straighten up, grab her legs and aim them up and lean against them as I push my cock into that well lubricated opening. For being so ready she's sure tight. I have to push my way in, my foreskin getting stretched back. I had almost forgotten how great it is to feel every little bit of your firmness as it's squeezed and held. Once all the way in I just hold it there for a moment, appreciating it. But it feels even better to move it inside her. Slowly for awhile, savoring every moment. Then faster, faster and harder. Building up to just plain pounding into her. Banging my body against her butt and thighs.

She starts off with little moans, most likely appreciating the feel of me in her as much as I did. As I move, her moans get louder, leading to small screams as I push back into her. It builds as my force does, with loud exhales or grunts like some tennis players with each of my slams into her. The grunts run together into a continuous strangled yell, then a scream as I feel her insides spasming, grabbing my cock. Which pushes me into shooting off a 3-year load of semen into her.

I move her legs off to each side and they drop to the floor as I pull out of her. She lays there as if she's exhausted, looking as if she's almost ready to slide off the bed, limp as a Dali watch.

I move around a little and bend and reach under her legs and lift her and push so she slides back, fully on the bed. I lay down next to her. She turns to face me, puts an arm over me. "Jack, that was the wildest experience in my life." She then lifts a leg and moves it on top of me, pushing her body as tightly to me as possible and then kisses me on the mouth. Not a sexy kiss as much as a tired one.

We lay there, each of us relaxed and enjoying the post-coitus bliss that seems very natural. She finally grins at me and says, "Can we do that again?"

"I told you, you need a young guy, your own age. I think I can get ready again but it'll probably take a half hour or so. With a young guy, you could probably get him up again in ten minutes."

In fact, I do get it up again. This time I purposely do it all differently, lovingly. We kiss a lot. I tell her how beautiful she is and what a great body she has. I caress her breasts, kiss them, Tell her how lovely they are, then start licking and sucking on them. She's moaning and moving to orgasm just from my working on her breasts. Then I work my way down her body, her navel, telling her gorgeous her body is, how sexy she is.

This time, I'm nose down into the bed while she spreads her legs and then gets her knees up, with my help and urging, and I get my mouth, tongue and fingers to her delectable pussy again. I go slower, tasting her, licking, tongue fucking, before finally getting to her clit. I slide a finger, then another, into her vagina and finger fuck her, masturbate her, as I flick my tongue on her clit, then start sucking it. It'll get her to an orgasm but slower.

That first time was to give her orgasms, quick and hard. This time, I hope she learns that slow and loving has its advantages. When she finally orgasms and I get a face full again, I slide up over her and start pushing my way into her again. Slower this time, making the feelings last longer. She wraps her legs and arms up around me and we kiss as I push into her.

Keeping my cock moving in her, I bend my upper body to get my hands to her breasts. Beautiful, full breasts. I want to suck a nipple but I just can't bend enough to both fuck her and suck a nipple at the same time. I move a hand down to massage her clit as I fuck her. It doesn't take long and she's in orgasm again. I push into her and hold a while.

I then pull out and sit back and ask her to turn over, then get up on her knees and I get up between her legs and aim back into her and start filling her again. I lean over her and get a hand on each breast as I move in and out of her vagina. I just keep at it as she moans until I move one hand down to massage her clit again to get her to another orgasm.

This time as I pull out, I get on my back and guide her into a position atop me so that she sits on my cock and takes it up in her. I tell her, it's her turn to move in whatever way feels good to her. She squirms and rotates a little, feeling me move inside her. She leans over me, her breasts dangling enough that by using an arm to help prop me up a little, I can get my mouth to a nipple. We last and last. She ends up sitting fully upright, bouncing on me as if she's on a bucking bronco, working up a sweat. I let her go at it, wondering if I'm going to be black and blue in the morning, finally getting fingers to her clit again.

Ellie actually came some times just from fucking. Apparently there was a feeling inside her that could turn her on. Diane seems to need action on her clit to come. And cum she does, loudly. This time as we lay next to one another she's wet with perspiration. She commented that it was a real work out but it was just all perfect.

Her crotch and the bed are a mess from her own juices as well as mine. She all of a sudden realizes this and in an scared way, says that I never used a condom. Asks will she get pregnant. So I let her know that I shoot blanks, ti's why Ellie and I never had children.

Anyway, she almost lives with me for almost four months. She discovers she likes to suck me as much as Ellie did. We have sex a lot. Not as much as she might with a 20 year old, as I remind her. I also remind her that she needs to find a young guy, not settle just for an old man like me. In September, she heads off to college. Her parents are dysfunctional but have some money, I guess.

I miss her. I miss the sex. I'm ashamed of myself to some degree. A young girl like that should do better than an old man like me. But it was obvious she liked it. More than liked it. I have to admit that I sure did, too. I hope she finds someone at school to keep her satisfied. Maybe I helped. I hope so. At least she knows what good sex can be.

Diane calls me several times. It takes a couple months but she finds a guy at school that's apparently good at sex. I'm happy for her. Now I need to get back into being an old widower again.

Friday evening, after dinner but not late, perhaps 7:30 or so, my doorbell rings and when I open the door there's a very pretty little blonde girl. Looks like a cheerleader, built and grinning and peppy. "Jack?" she asks. I tell her yes.

"I'm Melody. A friend of Diane's. I was telling her how sex with my boyfriend wasn't at all what I expected it to be and she suggested I come see you. Can I come in?"

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