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The Neighbour


So you want to hear about my first time. Well, first let me give you a bit of background. I was 21, my parents hadn't long finalised their divorce, and I was living with my mother in a council house in a not particularly friendly neighbourhood, but we got by.

I was unemployed at the time, so spent most of my time at home playing videogames. It was on one of these days that I happened to glance out my window and see a moving van drive up and park up outside the house opposite ours. Being a bit bored I moved to the window and took a closer look, as I did a car pulled up behind the van 'must be whoever is moving in' I thought to myself. Out of the car stepped the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was wearing a simple Iron Maiden t-shirt and blue jeans that hugged her figure perfectly. She had long flowing brownie black hair. It was a hot summer day so I could see beads of sweat gently rolling down her beautiful, almost porcelain coloured skin. She glanced over the road, and I jumped away from the window, hoping she wouldn't see me, but I did just manage to catch a glimpse of her hazel eyes.

"What were you looking at?" my mum had walked into the room without me noticing.

"Oh moving van, looks like someone's moving in across the road." I said trying not to look sheepish.

"Well it's about bloody time, that place has been empty for months. Still don't know who owns it. It's not council to well looked after, did you see who was moving in?"

"I only saw some woman late 20's maybe early 30's at a push." I replied trying to sound nonchalant.

"Alone?"She asked.

"Just her and the movers... I think. Didn't see anyone else".

Mum thought for a second then said "Tell you what, why don't pop over and introduce ourselves? We'll till tomorrow of course give her chance to get settled in."

"What you mean is go over under the pretence of being neighbourly to nose." I responded.

Now she looked a little sheepish for a moment then said "Are you seriously telling me you're not a little curious? Plus if she is ok we have to make sure those bloody reprobate's down the road don't scare her off."

"Yeah, you're right, I suppose" I conceded.

That night I couldn't stop thinking about her questions in my mind. Who was she? Why would someone like that move onto a shitty estate like this? My thoughts moved to her shapely body the beads of sweat rolling down her neck, then under her shirt. I imagined getting close to her, caressing her, exploring her body with my hands. As I drifted deeper and deeper into this fantasy I felt a familiar stirring in my boxers. I instinctively reached down and began to wank through my shorts. Little splodges of pre-cum began to form on the front of my boxers, but I didn't care. Then a thought occurred. "Why would a woman like that be even remotely interested in a Muppet like me?" With that the moment was gone. I sighed to myself, turned over and went to sleep.

So, as agreed we went over to the new neighbours' house. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My Mum must have noticed something was wrong, because she looked at me and snapped.

"What's wrong with you?" As she knocked on the door.

There wasn't time to answer as we saw a figure moving towards the door.

"I'm not buying anything, and I'm definitely not interested in finding Jesus." came a voice from behind the door.

My mother chuckled, "No fear there, my love. We live across the road, saw you move in yesterday. Just wanted to introduce ourselves."

"Hmmmmm OK." came the voice, still a little suspicious, but she opened the door.

I was able to get a much closer look at her this time. She was wearing simple cut off jean shorts and a plain white t-shirt and had her hair tied back in a ponytail. I would put her around 5'5" in height with an hour glass figure. Her legs were slim and elegant and perfectly proportioned. Her hips were mesmerising as she stood there. Although I could only see from the front I could tell she had a round, perfectly shaped ass. I could see she had lovely round breasts. I could only speculate on size, but they were big enough for me.

I realised I wasn't paying attention to the conversation and shook myself back to reality. I have a tendency to day dream, giving me the perfect alibi.

"Sorry what was that?" I asked.

My mother glared at me, annoyed that I hadn't been paying attention. "I said since she's living here alone that you probably wouldn't mind helping Ms. Cavendish with her TV setup later."

"Please call me Rachel" the lady interjected.

"Umm, yeah OK. I...I... I'll take a look if you want." I stammered. "What time did you want me to come over?" I asked.

"About half six?" Rachel suggested.

"That's perfect." My mum responded without giving me a chance to open my mouth. "You'll pop over straight after dinner." she continued.

I just nodded agreement and we left. I couldn't believe it I was actually going to be alone with her! I started to fantasise about what might happen. Then said to myself "don't be an idiot, nothing's going to happen is it!?"

I arrived at her door with a full ten minutes to spare, and nervously knocked at the door. A short time passed then as I was just turning to leave, I heard a voice shout from inside the house.

"Just a minute."

I obliged and waited. A moment later the door opened.

"Oh hello Alex" she said looking a little flustered but still enchanting to me.

"Sorry am I to early?" I asked.

"No it's fine", she replied "just I've been having a bit of a nightmare getting this place organised. Come in, come in so glad you're here."

I followed her into the house up the short hallway past the staircase, and to the right into the living room. It was hard to believe she'd only just moved apart from boxes and the wires of home entertainment centre strewn about. The place looked pretty much immaculate.

"Oh I can't take all the credit" she said seeing the look of astonishment on my face "my Mum and sister were over yesterday helping out". "Think you can sort that lot out?" Rachel asked gesturing towards the TV and the mass of cables and speakers sat in front of it.

"I think so." I replied, "Might take a little while though." I continued.

"Not in a hurry are you?" She asked.

"No, I got plenty of time as long as you don't mind having me around."

She smiled at me and my legs almost turned to jelly, "Aww you're such a sweetheart for doing this." With that she went into the kitchen and I sat down and set to work.

After a short time, Rachel came back into the living room, and sat on the sofa behind me, "Here you go" gesturing with a bottle of water she had in her hand.

"Oh thank you I was getting a little parched" I replied taking the bottle from her. She opened her own bottle she'd been holding in her other hand and began to drink. "I needed that." she said while pausing for breath.

I too, took a few swigs from my own bottle. We began to engage in a little small talk, and before I knew it we were just chatting away about various things completely forgetting about the task at hand, she then asked me.

"So, you sure a young lad like you hasn't anything better to do on a Friday night than sit here playing with cables?"

"Not really, never really been the club/pub type" I replied.

"Really I used to be out every weekend when I was younger, too old now though" she replied.

My brow furrowed "Too old!?" I questioned.

"How old do you think I am Alex?" She asked and I had no idea how to answer so I just decided to be honest.

"Mid to late twenty's maybe, thirty at a push" I answered.

A warm smile spread across her face, "you really are lovely" she said. "I'm 37."

My eyes widened. I was genuinely shocked by this, and then she looked shocked. "You really thought I was still in my twenties?" she asked.

I had no idea how to respond so I just sat there with my face feeling hotter and hotter, she looked at me brows slightly furrowed then her eyes widened suddenly and she said "Oh my god, you fancy me don't you? Wait, don't answer that."

I couldn't if I'd wanted to.

"Oh, did you think...?" She began to ask.

"No! No, I just wanted to help and thought maybe I could get to know you a bit better. I'm no idiot. I realise I'd be punching well out of my weight class with you. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met." Where was this coming from? The words were just falling out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"No one's called me beautiful since..." she trailed off, an awkward silence followed. Rachel suddenly jumped up off the sofa and said "Well, I'm going to go up and have a shower and sort some things out upstairs. You ok to finish up? She asked.

"Um, yeah not much left to do now. I was going to quickly test it all then that'll be it." With that she disappeared upstairs and I went back to work cursing my big mouth.

Time passed I had long finished my work and absently flicking around on the TV wondering what to do. Do I wait, do I leave? I really couldn't decide, so I just sat there admiring my handiwork. Then I thought I heard a voice from upstairs, so I shut everything off and called "Hello?!"

"Alex," came the reply "are you done down there? If so can you come up here and have a look at something in the bedroom?"

So I got up and made my way upstairs assuming that there was a TV or something she wanted me to have a look at. As I reached the top of the stairs I looked to my right and saw that the door to the master bedroom was wide open but I saw no sign of Rachel. I walked into the bedroom and had a look round. Clearly Rachel had an affection for red and black as a colour combination as the rug on the hardwood floor the curtains and the bedspread were all black with red trim, the walls were plain white which made these colours stand out all the more. As I looked around the room I saw antique dresser with 3 mirrors on top against the right hand wall the window with drawn curtains was to the left, the bed was against the back wall with a small bedside table to the left of it. For some reason there were 2 glasses on the bedside table on was empty the other had a green liquid in it. The room was illuminated by 2 stand up lamps which were in each back corner. I was a little confused as I saw no sign of a TV or anything, the only electrical devices I could see were the lamps a radio alarm clock that sat on the bedside table and a hairdryer on the dresser. What had she called me up here for? Then I felt someone enter the room behind me.

I turned around and saw her, and immediately fell backwards onto the bed in shock. Rachel stood there, wearing a black corset with red trim with matching panties, sleeves and stockings that came up to just above her knees with little red bows on the top. She was truly a magnificent sight to behold, gently swaying her hips from side to side, her soft brown hair hanging each side of her face falling over her shoulders, stopping just above the top of her breasts. She wore ruby red lipstick and just a little bit of black eye liner. My focus was the corset itself which had red lace going up the front of the corset then splitting to cup her breasts. I couldn't help but stare and was unsure whether I could see her nipples through the lace or not.

"So what do you think?" She asked. I couldn't answer I had no words. "Oh so you like it!" She smiled noticing the growing bulge in my shorts. "You know it's been a long time since I dressed like this for anyone. Makes me feel sexy again." She continued.

"How could you ever not feel sexy? You're magnificent." I managed to blurt out.

"You're sweet. Maybe you'll understand when you're a little older."

I found her answer a little patronising. I think she sensed my change in mood, because she leant into me, brushing my erection as she did, looked deep into my eyes and then kissed me. I was filled with a desire that went beyond simple lust. I leant forward and was about to put my arms around her, but she pulled away again. She stood before me again with a naughty smile on her face.

"Someone's getting a little eager aren't they?" She teased. "Although I think you've earned a little treat for being so sweet."

With that she removed one of the sleeves and dropped it to the floor, the other she took a bit more time over then swung it above head before throwing it my direction. She danced around the room seductively before leaning into me; her beautiful breasts right in my face before backing up and beginning to unfasten her corset. I leant forward in eager anticipation.

Rachel undid her corset top, but held it in place with her right arm just for a few moments to increase the anticipation, before opening her arms with a "ta da" as it fell to the floor. I couldn't take my eyes of them they looked magnificent, large but still firm and pert. Her nipples and areola's almost matching the colour of her lips. I yearned to touch them, to hold them, to gently lick those nipples. Rachel could tell I was enamoured with them. She folded over her bosom and giggled.

"Think we can safely say you're a breast man, but I'm not done yet."

She gently slipped her hands from her chest, and slid down each side until she caught the top of her panties with her thumbs. She then tucked her thumbs under the waistband pulling it outward from each side and began to slowly and carefully pull her panties down over her stockings without disturbing them. Bent all the way over she stepped out of them gently backwards before picking them up and holding them out gleefully with her right hand. I could now appreciate this earth bound goddess in her full splendour.

Rachel stood there looking at me leaning slightly to her right with a cheeky little smile on her face. She had a truly divine body, her hips the perfect width. Her lady garden, as I like to call it, was perfect jet black and perfectly groomed. My cock was iron girder hard and it almost ached.

Rachel kneeled before me and whispered "Let's see if we can't do something about that, shall we!?"

As she reached for my waistband and pulled down my shorts and underwear in one fluid motion, over my feet and off to one side. My dick sprang straight back up completely rigid. I can't remember being this hard before or since.

"Oh is that for me you are too kind." She purred huskily as she gently took my member in one hand and gently cupped and tickled my balls with the other.

"Oh my God" I gasped, finding the sensation of being touched there by a foreign hand for the first time almost overwhelming. I threw my head back and gasped once again.

"You like that?" she teased "well I'm just getting started" She continued.

Rachel gently pulled back my foreskin and began to tongue my head, as she slowly stroked with one hand, still cupping my nuts in the other. I again threw my head back once again and squinted my eyes. As I did so, I felt warmth over my member looked down to find Rachel had enveloped every inch with her mouth.

"Oh my god" I said hoarsely as my mouth was almost completely dry at this point.

Rachel's head began to slowly rise almost to the top of my cock before falling down again, each time sending electric sensations through my whole body. The pace began to quicken I could barely see Rachel's head bobbing up and down through squinted vision.

"Ahh! Can't take it, gonna blow!" I exclaimed.

Rachel just picked up the pace even more. I lay back on the bed.

"gonna cu—"

I couldn't finish my sentence before exploding in her mouth, unleashing shot after shot of what felt like a gallon of semen escaping my member. My arms flayed up and down, my head jerking up and down involuntarily as the orgasm took over my entire body. Rachel slowed down then stopped at the tip of my cock and stroked the last few drops. She then released me before moving over to the bedside table and spitting my juices into the waiting glass, and took a mouthful for the green liquid swished it around and spat that in to the other glass. "Right so it was mouthwash" I thought out loud. Rachel just smiled and kissed me with her now minty fresh mouth.

I lay on the bed trying to recover from what had been the most intense experience to date, sexual or otherwise in my entire life. When I had regained my faculties I looked over to Rachel who was lying on her side with head cradled in her left hand looking at me with a smile that said I'm happy with my handiwork.

"Thank you, thank you so much." I said my, mouth still a little dry. "Oh my god that was the most intense experience of my entire life thank you again" I continued.

"You're welcome, sweetheart. So glad you enjoyed yourself" she replied.

"Oh I did" I said, as I moved in to kiss her passionately once again, my hands groping at her beautiful breasts.

I rolled her over on to her back, continuing to kiss and grope her. Once there, my kiss slid down from her lips. Rachel arched her head back as I began to kiss and nuzzle at her neck.

"Ummmmmm" came the approval from Rachel.

I then began to slowly move down her to the top of her chest, kissing all the way, taking care not to rush. I continued down kissing the small gap between her breasts, before pushing them together and kissing them individually.

I stopped for a moment and looked up into Rachel's eyes and asked "May I?"

She just nodded, and smiled. I grinned back, before beginning to alternate between licking and sucking her left nipple while tweaking the right with my fingers. I kept this up for a few minutes occasionally swapping nipples. I moved down from her chest, kissing her belly from left to right, slowly moving downward in a typewriter like motion until I reached her navel, and cheekily stuck my tongue in.

Rachel gasped for a moment then smiled down at me "Oooh, cheeky" she cooed.

I continued the kissing until I reached the north edge of her lady garden. Once again, I looked up and asked, "May I?"

I got the same response as before; just this time was a little more enthusiastic. I gently parted Rachel's legs a little to get a better look. Like I said before she was well groomed, with what I could only describe as an archway over her lips.

"Ooohh nice" I complimented.

I wet a finger with my tongue and began to rub it up and down her sex, taking special care not to enter. Rachel moaned arching her back slightly, I moved may hand away and repeated the same motion with my tongue. That was met with another approving moan from Rachel.

Believe it or not, I had never done anything like this before in my life. I had never even seen a woman naked in the flesh before, and yet here I was performing cunnilingus on the most beautiful woman I had ever clapped eyes on. This had to be a dream, but it wasn't. I continued tonguing for a short while, then I began to alternate between teasing her clit with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand and tonguing it, resting my right hand on Rachel's hip. This was met with "Ooooooh good boy" from Rachel. She then reached down to where my right hand lay, gently grasped the first two fingers and guided them to her mouth and sucked them for a moment. I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. Once she released my hand, I moved it down and while maintaining the rubbing with the other hand, I gently eased in the now saliva damp fingers into her wanton sex. Once they were all the way in, I began to lightly jiggle up and down inside, enjoying the mild squelching sounds and moans. I was loving this, so I got a bit more adventurous and started pulling out till only the fingertips were still inside, then easing back in all the while teasing her clit between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.

"Ummm, you like playing down there don't you? You're like a little boy with a new toy."

I just glanced up smiling and nodded in the affirmative as I began to little by little pick up the pace. I felt her tighten around my fingers slightly, but was still able to maintain the pace as she was getting wetter by the second.

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