tagInterracial LoveThe New Client Ch. 08

The New Client Ch. 08



The series concludes but not the adventures. I think I have a good stopping point for the series. Writing out my fantasies and experiences has triggered other ideas I would like to share.

Like the other stories in this series it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, interracial sex and voyeurism.

Your continued comments and encouragement are appreciated.


After delivering my wife to her lovers, I drive around a few minutes and find visitor parking. I feel the tightening in my chest as I walk up the stairs and quietly open the door. I look around the foyer and see Lynn has performed her usual great decorating job. There is jazz playing quietly in the background and I can hear low voices. I move to the opening from the foyer to the living room and stand in the background surveying the scene before me.

The three of them are standing by a counter between the kitchen and living room. Lynn is locked in an embrace with a black man whom I assume is Michael's friend. He is kind of skinny and a few inches taller than she is. Her blouse is unbuttoned. She has one hand raised against the back of his head pressing him to her and the other around his waist. He has one hand lightly caressing her hip. The other is under her blouse caressing one of her breasts. I can see their tongues intertwining.

I hear her moans and sighs from across the room. Michael puts his hand on her ass, "See James, I told you she was hot. Doesn't she have the greatest set of tits? Wait till you feel her pussy."

They hear me as I come into the room. Lynn and James break off their kiss. She is already flush with excitement. She keeps her hand on his chest as she looks over at me. His hand stays on her breast, "Hi, you must be Lynn's husband. I'm Michael and this is James."

Michael offers me a glass of champagne. James takes his hand from my wife's breast to shake my hand, "Glad to meet you. You have a really sexy wife. We have just been getting acquainted."

"I can tell." I raise my glass, "Here's to a good evening."

After taking a sip, I put my glass down. Moving next to Lynn I say, "You guys don't mind if I have a little taste do you?"

"Go right ahead. We really owe you for bringing Lynn over."

We embrace. I nuzzle her neck, and move one of my hands to the same breast James was caressing, "Looks like you are having a good time."

She doesn't reply. James moves one of Lynn's hands to his cock while I kiss my wife in front of them. I reach behind her and unzip her slacks. I push them down off her hips, "Let's get these off. You don't need them anymore."

I slide my hand into her thong. I can feel her moisture as one of my fingers slide in her cunt, "You guys have already made her pussy wet. Here see for yourselves."

Michael and James each feel her pussy. Lynn gasps each time a different hand makes contact. She tells me later she couldn't believe I undressed her and offered her pussy to two other men. But she was ready to drop to her knees right there.

Michael speaks up, "Well James, I guess Lynn's husband is ok with this. Take her upstairs and get started. I will be there in a second."

We both watch James take Lynn by the hand and go up the stairs to Michael's bedroom. We continue to watch until they disappear around the corner.

Michael and I take another couple of sips of champagne, "Man, this is blowing me away. Andrew told me you like to watch but nothing like this. Did you like telling us to feel her pussy?"

"Oh yea, I have never done that before. With Andrew I mostly watched."

He laughed, "I can believe that. Andrew is definitely an alpha. Come over here I want to show you something."

We go over to the tv. On the screen I see what looks like his bedroom. James and Lynn come into the picture. He must be in a hurry because he takes off his shirt. Lynn still has on her thong and unbuttoned blouse.

"What do you think," he asks. "When Lynn said you wanted something different I had this installed. It's wireless. I can put it anywhere in the house. It even has remote control. See you can zoom and out. Here have a seat, make yourself comfortable."

"Aren't you going up to join them?"

"I will in a sec. I want to check this out."

"Lynn said you liked watching her and Jason. Maybe you should try it with your fiancé."

"I do get a kick out of watching other people have sex. But my fiancé? I don't think so. I'm not as open minded as you"

We turn our attention to the screen. James slides my wife's blouse off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She asks him if he likes her tits. He answers by lowering his head to take one of her nipples in his mouth. She clutches his head pulling his head against her breasts. She looks over at the camera and smiles. Michael must have told her where it was.

She pushes her thong off of her hips where it slides down her legs to the floor. She is totally nude with a man she met less than an hour ago. He moves his head off of her nipple and nuzzles her neck. At the same time he cups her pussy.

"Ohhh..god that's it. Do you like my married white pussy? See how wet I am."

They start to kiss. I continue to watch as my wife pushes her tongue into his mouth. They are both moaning. He starts to get vocal with her, "I love married white pussy. Michael has told me you have the best." Looking over at the bed, "Have you been there before?"

"Oh yea. A lot. That's where I suck Michael's cock.

"Does he like it? What do you do?"

"He likes to lay back and let me suck him. I lick his cock all over and run my tongue up and down. I even lick and kiss his balls. Sometimes he loses control and cums in my mouth." Looking over at the camera, "You like me giving you blowjobs don't you?"

"Does your husband like it when you suck Michael's cock? What about other men?"

"God it really turns him on when I suck other men. He eats my pussy while I tell him about it."

She is tonguing his ear like she does with me. He voice lowers and I cannot hear what she is saying. James just looks at her, "Really? How many?"

"A couple."

Looking back at the bed, "Did you fuck Jason in this bed?"

"Not up here. They took turns with me down in the rec room. I sucked and fucked them both. That's when I found out Michael likes to watch me just like my husband."

"What else do you like?"

"I love big cocks. I love to suck them. I like big black cocks. Michael says you have a big cock. Show it to me and let me suck you?

We both watch the screen. Lynn toys with his nipples as James unfastens his slacks and drops them and his boxers off of his hips.

With me watching the screen and Lynn standing in front of him, both of us gasp as his cock springs into view. It looks like James has a rope dangling from his crotch, "Jesus. How did a skinny guy like that get such a long cock?"

Michael laughs, "It's something isn't it? In case you are wondering he is packing a little more than 9 inches. We joke that half his weight is in his cock. Let's see how much your wife can take."

At the same time, Lynn pust her hand to her mouth, "Michael told me you had a big cock, but I wasn't expecting anything like this."

"If you don't think you can take it let me know."

Lynn points to the chair next to the bed and tells him to sit down and relax, "That is the chair I had picked out for my husband to sit while he watches us, but you can use it so I can suck your cock."

James leans back in the chair and spreads his legs, "there you go you little married slut, show me what a good cocksucker you are."

I know from experience calling her a slut and a cocksucker enflames her passion. She kneels down between his legs and starts stroking his cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other, "Ohhh..yea. You like big cocks don't you?"

Lynn doesn't answer. She lowers her pretty blond head onto James's swelling cock. He arches his back as her warm breath engulfs the crown. She takes as much as she can. I can tell she looks him in the eye while she sucks him.

Michael takes the remote control, "Here check this out. He zooms in and my wife's face with James's cock in her mouth fills the screen. Pretty cool huh?"

With each stroke, my wife takes more of his cock into her mouth. It almost looks like she is going to be able to take the whole thing. James puts his hand on the back of her head and applies more pressure. She gags and pulls her head up to catch her breath. There is cum on her lips and on her tongue, "I'm going to need a lot more practice before I can take all of that."

"Don't worry. I will give you all the practice you want."

She slathers his cock up and down the entire length. Cupping his tight balls, she tongues and kisses them all over. James is moaning and calling her a cocksucker and married white slut. Lynn puts his cock back in her mouth and begins a rhythmic sucking motion. I can tell she wants him to cum in her mouth. James stops her motion, "God Michael and Jason were right, you are a fantastic cocksucker. Let's trade places so I can taste that nice white married pussy.

He helps my wife off her knees, and trades places. She takes his position, relaxing back in the chair with her legs spread. She takes her fingers and opens up her cunt for him. James doesn't say anything. He lowers his head and covers Lynn's pussy with his entire mouth. She arches her hips, pushing her opening tight against his mouth. All we hear at the sounds of sex. Lynn takes his head in both hands and pulls him tighter against her snatch. She is bucking up against his face, "Ooohhhh...God.I'm cuuuuummmming." She let's out a cry and collapses against the chair.

She pulls his head up and leans forward to give him a passionate kiss. She has the post-coital laugh, "You are one good pussy eater. I'm going to have you and my husband take turns eating me one day. Now let me feel that big black cock of yours stuffing my cunt."

Michael and I are almost speechless. I look over and notice he is kneading a good size bulge. He turns to me, "Man you are really a good sport about this. I am going to get some pussy. Make yourself at home. When you want to come up for a better view, take the entrance into the sitting room. You wife set up a little alcove you can watch us from. "

He leaves and my gaze shifts back to the screen. Lynn tells James to get on the bed so she can straddle him. James lies down on his back. His cock has deflated some, but not much. Lynn kneels beside him and strokes his cock back to hardness. She has to lift her leg more than usual to be able to straddle his 9 incher. She slowly sinks her cunt on his cock. She is almost in, when James takes her by the hips and slams her down, "Oh fuck, that feels good"

"Has anyone been this deep in you white cunt before?"

He holds her down while she rocks her clit back and forth on his pubic mound, "I have never had a cock this long. God you are stretching me."

She is rocking back and forth, moaning and tell him how much she likes his big dick. Michael has moved into view and strokes her breasts.

James pulls her over, and she leans over until he can take her nipples in his mouth. He is alternating between breasts. He pushes her back until she is upright on his cock, Smack! Goes his palm against her breast.

"Arghhh. That hurts."

Another smack and then another, "Do you want to stop slut?"

"No don't stop."

James continues to smack her breasts and even Michael takes a few swipes. I can see some redness forming, "You like that don't you? You're going to be my nice white slut aren't you?"

"Oh..yes I will do what you want just keep fucking me," she pleads as she explodes in another earth shattering orgasm."

"Man, I have to rest. Here Michael, you take some pussy."

Michael does not have any willpower left after watching his friend fuck my wife. He slides his cock in to the hilt and starts pounding her pussy with no preliminaries. I decide to go upstairs. Watching through the remote camera, is giving me some good ideas for our house. I am going to have to see about getting my own camera. I enter the sitting room. Just like Michael described, Lynn set up a little alcove where I could sit in the shadows and watch. It undress and sit back to enjoy the show. Lynn tells me later she really was turned on. She could tell there was someone in the shadows watching her get fucked.

Michael does not last very long and tenses up as he explodes in my wife's pussy. He gets up and lies down beside her. James now takes another turn. She spreads her legs and he mounts her from on top. My wife groans as she feels his cock back in her pussy. She lifts her legs to give James better access. After just watching her with Andrew, I can't believe she is getting fucked like this.

While supporting himself on one elbow he moves his hand under my wife, cupping her ass so she is tight up against him. He has every inch of his cock in Lynn's cunt. He does not take deep thrusts but pins her between his body and the bed, grinding his cock against her clit.

"Ohhhhh.. God that's it fuck me deep."

"That's it. You like my black cock you little white married slut. You're going to want it some more aren't you?"

"God..James keep fucking me. I want to fuck you some more. I want to be your married white slut."

"What about your husband?"

"Arrggh..he won't mind. He will like me to fuck you some more."

"I am going to call you and tell you I want to fuck you at your house. I am going to fuck you right in your bed. You're going to suck my cock"

Lynn is practically whimpering, "You can come over and fuck me where ever you want. I will suck your big cock. Just keep fucking me."

"Will your husband call me up and tell me you need me to come over and fuck you?"

"Yes. I will tell him to call you up and tell him to invite you over to fuck me."

"What if he's at work?'

"Ohhh my god this feels good. I don't care. I will tell him that you can come and fuck me. He will like me to."

She has been wild in the past but I can't believe what I am hearing. James is now taking longer strokes. Lynn looks like a wild animal. She is practically shrieking for him to fuck her. I am now starting to wonder what I got myself into, but it is too late. She arches her back and he tenses up as they both cum at the same time. He collapses on her.

After a few minutes he rolls off. His cock is limp and covered with his cum and her cunt juice. He looks over at me in the shadows.

I come over by the bed. My wife is in between James and Michael. She is lightly stroking each of their cocks. They both look wiped out. Lynn looks totally ravished. Her hair is disheveled, there are red marks on her breasts, her cunt is swollen and splayed open and she is leaking cum from Michael and James. She has a dreamy and almost dazed look on her face.

She looks up and sees me, "I must look a mess. Did you like the show? Was it better than the show at Andrew's? Would you like a taste?"

"God, that was great. You, guys you really gave her a workout."

I crawl between her legs. The scent from her cunt is almost overwhelming. Her entire opening is glistening from sex juices. Her pubic hair is matted and I can see the beginning of her love canal after being stretched by two big cocks. I push my mouth against her pussy, "Not so much, honey. I am a little sore from the pounding. Just lick me."

So I just use light licks of my tongue as I taste her. All three of them are watching me eat her freshly fuck pussy. She is taking light breaths and sighing. I just concentrate on the exquisite taste of her used cunt. I look up and see that my wife's stroking has gotten Michael's cock hard, "Suck my cock some more."

Lynn chuckles, "I can't believe you want more. Would you like a blow job?"

My wife shifts around so she can suck Michael while I clean her pussy. With no fanfare she slides his cock between her full lush lips. The room is quiet with just the low sounds of sex. I am eating my wife, she is blowing Michael, and James is stroking her breasts. I can see Lynn's lips, tongue and throat muscles moves as she sucks Michael. She has settled into a steady motion. Michael's breathing increases with the pressure of my wife's mouth on his cock. He tenses up as he lets a stream of cum down Lynn's throat. She lets out a sigh and relaxes on her back. Her lips are glistening with his cum and a couple of drops are on her chin.

I can't take anymore. I have to feel the velvety smoothness of my wife's pussy. I sink my cock into the hilt, with the realization I am not as deep in as James, "Slow down honey, I can't take another pounding right now."

So I settle in lightly stroking. I cannot believe the sensation. I thought sex was hot when she came home after fucking Michael and Jason, but she had cooled down then. Now she is still hot. As I fuck, James moves up next to her head. I cannot believe he wants more. She moves her head to take his cock in her mouth. Just like blowing Michael she applies pressure as she sucks him off. I can imagine what the scene on the downstairs tv looks like; I am fucking my wife, she is sucking James, and Michael is watching both of us.

Almost simultaneous, I cum in her pussy, as James explodes in her mouth. Some of his cum is dripping from her lips. He laughs, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm done."

Addressing me, "Man your wife is hot. I hope you don't mind if I fuck her some more."

We get dressed. Both of them give Lynn one last kiss as we leave.

After the intense sex over the past couple of months things calm down a little. Lynn loses interest in Andrew; Michael's girlfriend begins to suspect something is going on between him and his pretty blond decorator so she puts him on a short leash.

A couple of weeks go by. I dial the number my wife has given me.

"Hello James?"

"Hi. This is Lynn's husband."

"I'm glad you liked it. Lynn and I had a good time."

"Lynn and I would like you to come over to our house this Saturday."

"I thought we could relax with a couple of beers. I can throw some steaks on the grill."

"Yea, there's more. Lynn wanted me to invite you to come over and fuck her some more."

"What? Sure she will fuck you in our bed."

"Great. See you on Saturday."

I hang up the phone, Lynn leans over and give me a kiss, "Thank you honey."

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