tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe New Client Ch. 07

The New Client Ch. 07



The series continues. I thought I was going to close it, but kept getting new ideas. Like the other stories in this series it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, interracial sex and voyeurism. I have also included some background information that cuckolds and their mates may find familiar.

Your continued comments and encouragement are appreciated.


Lynn becomes more brazen as she realizes I am not jealous but increasingly turned on by her infidelities. As she becomes less inhibited, the rumors start. Lynn is vivacious and there have always been rumors about her and clients, contractors, or other male acquaintances. She shared some of the more outrageous rumors and we just laughed it off.

I start getting side glances or conversations that seem to change when I get close enough to hear. Sometimes, I can catch snatches of conversation, "....do you think Lynn is really doing that with her clients? Someone even told me they saw her giving Andrew a kiss as she was leaving his house,...well I heard Andrew is leaving the office more during the day to have lunch at home..wonder what kind of lunch he is eating?..oh, there you are. We were just talking about you and Lynn."

And then some of our friends would try to warn me. "Are sure it is a good idea for Lynn to have such good looking single clients? Doesn't she have to be at their houses a lot? Aren't you worried that something will happen?"

It seems most of the warnings come from our female friends. The men just give me funny looks. Must be a gender thing. I just laugh off the warnings, "Don't you think you are stereotyping the fact an attractive women cannot have a business relationship with male clients without sleeping with them? I don't worry about Lynn."

When I receive these warnings from "concerned" friends about my wife I have a vicarious thrill knowing what she is doing while making my denials.

One evening we are lounging on our sitting room love seat. After arriving home from going out for dinner, Lynn suggests we get comfortable. That is where we share our fantasies or in this case Lynn's adventures, so I knew I was in for a treat. While sipping our wine, she asks me, 'Do you fantasize about other women?'

"Well sure I do. You know I like to flirt a little. Women like to hit on me."

"I mean do you fantasize about having sex with other women?"

"Well sure, when I see a sexy woman I start to think what it would be like to take her to bed."

"What about acting on your fantasies?"

"Sometimes I am tempted, but am content with the life I have."

"What about the fact I enjoy sex with other men? Don't' you ever think you should enjoy other women?"

"Are you thinking I am encouraging you to be with other men so I can have an excuse to fuck other women?"

"Well, sometimes I think so. I mean I have never dated anyone who got off wanting me to fuck other men, much less having a husband who does?" "There is something you should know. You are not the first person who has cuckolded me."

"I'm not?"

"No it has happened in the past. It started as far back as my teens. I had a friend in my freshman year at college that invited my girlfriend and me to a couple of parties at his sister's house. His sister was older so the parties had a different crowd then we were used to. There was one guy in particular that was hitting on my girlfriend. At one party they ended up in one of the back bedrooms."

"What happened? Did he fuck her?"

"No. On our way home, I asked what happened. She told me he kissed her. He rubbed his hands over her and even copped a feel of her breasts."

"Were you mad? Did you watch them? "

"I didn't get mad or jealous. I did not watch them, but it turned me on. I asked her to give me the details. After that, I looked forward to going to other parties with the same people, to see what my girlfriend and this guy would do. When she told me about kissing him and letting him feel her breasts, my cock got rock hard. She liked stroking me while she told me what they did."

"Did she ever fuck him?"

"Not him. But I found out later that when I was performing at dances in a rock band, she was out in the parking lot having sex with a guy in the backseat of his car. The strange thing is when I found out about that, I did not get mad, but found myself getting aroused. When I confronted her, she just told me that it was just sex and she was only with him a couple of times. When I was eating her pussy, she described what they did."

"So I am not the first one you had fantasies about? Was she the only one?"

"There were others. I have had fantasies about my girlfriend fucking other guys during most of my relationships. One of my relationships was with an Italian girl who had just gotten divorced. It was very intense and fiery. So maybe the stereotype about Italian women being spitfires in bed has some basis in fact. When we were discussing sex fantasies, I told her I had voyeur fantasies about her and other men."

"What was her reaction?"

"At first she did not know if I was serious. I think most women don't really believe a guy can get turned on if they fuck someone else. She was the jealous type so she told me later she thought I would use her actions to be able to fuck other women. When she realized I was not using that as an excuse to fool around, she fed my fantasies. One night I was over at her house and she did not come home. She told me later she did not expect me to come over that night."

"What was your reaction? Did you get jealous?"

"That time I did. I called her later that morning real upset and asked where she had been. She just replied, "I was getting laid."

"When I got mad she just stopped me, 'Wait. I thought that was what you wanted me to do. You said this would get you turned on.'

"I thought about it and had to agree with her point of view. Then I started getting aroused thinking about what she had done."

"That weekend, we went to an air show. It started to rain so we went back to my car. I drove to the edge of a field near the airport. We started to fool around. She liked public sex. Are you sure you want to hear this? I have never given any details about other girlfriends."

"No I don't mind. I like the part about being in public."

"Ok then if you don't mind. She was on the front seat with her legs spread, and I was kneeling on the floorboard getting ready to fuck her. She looked at me and said, 'Don't you want to hear what happened the other night."

"So as I fucked her, she told me a friend of hers was in town on business. They had dinner and then they went to his hotel room. She told me how she sucked his cock for a long time before he fucked her. She said they had fucked earlier in the morning before she left for work. She went straight to her office. So that is why I did not se her that morning."

"What was your reaction?"

"This time I was really turned on. I kept asking for details as I fucked her."

"Was that the only time?"

"Not even. One time I was spending the night and she got a late night phone call. I could tell it was from another guy. She was talking in a low voice, almost a whisper. I pretended to be asleep. I was not sure who she was talking to, but it was obvious she was setting up a date. I continued to pretend to be asleep. I never did act like I was awake."

"Did you ever watch her?"

"Well sort of. I shared her with a friend."

"You did? This sounds hot. What did you do?"

Her hand had drifted to her pussy.

"I see this is getting you hot. Go ahead and play with yourself." I continued, "There was a good friend of mine that was coming in for company business. My girlfriend said to invite him over later in the week and she would cook Italian for us. On his first night in I was telling him all about her and that she wanted us to come over for dinner. I told him if I could get her to go along with it, he could even fuck her."

She continued to lazily stroke her pussy, "What happened? Did you both fuck her?'

"Well, after dinner we were relaxing and she was getting very flirtatious. I made an excuse to go in the loft bedroom so they could be alone. I came back to the living room and while he was using the bathroom, I asked her how she liked my friend. She said she like him. I just said to her, 'Go upstairs and put on something sexy. We both want to fuck you.'

"What was her reaction? Did she like the idea? "

"Oh yeah. Big time. You should have seen the look on my friend's face when she came back down wearing a see through negligee. We took turns fucking her and having her suck us. She really enjoyed it."

"So you have had these experiences before. This really makes me feel good."

"How so."

"I thought this was the first time you have been with someone who fucked other people. I wasn't sure if you really like it. You have given me some good ideas, though. I like the part about listening in while your girlfriend set up a date. The hotel sex really sounds good."

"Would you like to listen in while I made a date with another guy? I think when I do; I will talk dirty to him. The hotel sex is also hot. Maybe I could spend the night like your girlfriend. I can't spend the night with Andrew or Michael. Would that be ok?"

"That would be hot. I am glad you want to fuck other men. I was afraid when you met Andrew you might want to date him more. So when you fucked Michael I was almost relieved."

Lynn laughingly replies, "I don't see how you can be relieved by my fucking another man. So you like being a cuckold. I am getting turned on calling you that. There is something else I would like you to do."

"What's that?"

"I would like you to share me like you did with your girlfriend."

'Don't I share you already? You have sex with other men."

"That's not sharing. I was the one who made the contact with Andrew who set me up with Michael, and then Michael shared me with his friend. I want you to set it up. Don't you want to be the one to invite another man to fuck me?"

As she said that she clasped my now hard cock. I start getting real turned on at the thought. It was exciting when I shared my girlfriend, "So you want me to fix you up. Do you have anyone in mind?"

"No. I want you to set the whole thing up. You should be the one to offer me to another man. You would like that wouldn't you? I know it would turn you on to tell another guy he can fuck me. You could tell him other things I like do. I can just hear you telling another man how I would suck his cock."

With that I can not think about foreplay. I open her legs and shove my cock into her pussy. She gets real slutty as I fuck her, "That's it sweetie fuck my pussy. Just think about setting me up. I will suck his cock like I did with Andrew and Michael. You can be there to encourage me."

I do not last very long. I climax with a moan before she has a chance to cum, "Just get between my legs and eat my cunt while I tell you about fucking Michael and Jason."

She proceeds to tell me another hot story while I run my lips and tongue through her moist folds.

On another occasion we are talking about watching her with Michael.

"So you're still ok with watching me with Michael? After you told me about your past, I know you really get turned on when I am with other men."

"Yea, I really want to watch you. But I would like to do something different. I really like watching you from across the room when are at a party or when we go out for happy hour. It is hot watching you flirt with other guys when I can see them scoping you out. At the Smith's party I got really turned on watching you flirt with Andrew. When you told me about going downstairs and making out with him, I was fantasizing about watching you go down the stairs and then finding a place in the shadows and watch while you kissed him and let him feel your tits. I was even fantasizing that you sucked his cock."

"I wish you had been watching then too. You are giving me some good ideas. So you would like to do something besides sitting in a chair by the bed while I fuck? You know there is going to be an extra treat at Michael's"

"What could be a better treat than what you did at Andrew's?"

"Michael is going to have a friend."

Well that sets me off. I can't wait to see what happens, "Is he inviting Jason?"

"Jason is busy that night so he invited someone else. But he said I would like him and would not be disappointed."

"Does that mean what I think it means?"

"Yes. Michael said he is very well endowed. You will be able to watch me take on two big black cocks."

The night finally arrives. Lynn comes down the stairs wearing black slacks and one of the Chico blouses I bought for her. I embrace her and nuzzle her neck, "mmm...no bra.?

"Of course, you know how Michael likes to feel my tits. Are you ready?"

I am more than ready. She takes her glass of wine to drink on the way over to Michael's. She leans back in the seat. I can only guess at what she is thinking. From the side I look I can see into her blouse at her unfettered breast. I reach over and put my hand on her thigh. Instead of moving my hand away, she slides my hand to her pussy, "That's it feel what Michael and his friend are going to get."

We arrive at his townhouse. I am familiar with the area since Andrew lives close by. I can not help but relive the experiences from that night. I pull up to the front. Lynn just looks at me, "aren't you coming in with me?'

"Not right now. I want you to go in by yourself. When Michael opens the door, go inside, leaving the door partially open, and give him a passionate kiss. As you kiss then close the door. I will park in the visitor's spot and come to the door after you have a few minutes alone with them. Just tell him I will let myself in."

"Ohh..sweetie, you are getting a little kinky. I see what you want. I cannot believe you had this planned like this."

Lynn gets out of the car and goes up to the door. She rings the bell; Michael opens the door and invites her in. I can see her say something to him. He just looks at me as Lynn enters his townhouse. As my wife and her lover embrace in a passionate kiss, he door remains partially open. I observe the scene from my car. Michael has his arms around her waist and she has both arms around his neck, pushing her breasts into his chest. I watch them kiss as the door slowly closes.

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