The New Colleague


This is my first submission. I took quite a bit of time on it so I hope you enjoy it. Also it is quite long so get comfy. xxx


The alarm burst into life and so did the pain.I checked the time, it was 8.20. Shit! First day of semester and I was gonna be late. I had a quick shower and drove off to the University. The previous night I added the finishing touches to the module that I would be teaching and I was stressed. Teaching new material is always daunting. There was various events that needed arranging and there was also a new member of staff. I hadn't met her but I read her paper on gender theory and it was very interesting. A lot of it was informed by her own experience as a transgendered woman. I arrived at the car park and ran into the building.

I was nearly at my office when I hit something and ended up flat on the floor! Oh crap! I had hit someone!

"Are you OK?," I said.

"Yes I think so," said the girl.

We untangled ourselves and I got my first proper look at her. She was beautiful. Deep brown eyes and with long glossy brunette hair; she reminded me of Nigella Lawson. Instinctively I scanned her firm but curvy body. She had clearly caught me looking and I decided I should stop perving.

"I am so terribly sorry, that was really stupid of me, I'm Andy," I said.

"Kate," she replied.

Then there was a pause, I am not great with pretty women. Luckily the pause was interrupted. Susan, the head of department approached us.

"Morning Andy, I see you've met Kate?," said Susan.

"Yes, we just bumped in to each other," I replied.

"I'm glad you too have met, Kate has been doing a lot of work on Heidegger so you too should work well together" said Susan.

"Yes, It would be good to bounce some ideas off each other," I agreed.

They carried on talking but I was lost in thought. I knew who this girl was. She was my new colleague. But then it hit me. The girl that I was lusting after was tranny! I went white as a sheet! The semi that I had growing in my pants quickly started to soften. I looked for clues that I missed. There was nothing! I realised how hurtful the way I was acting was and how insulted she would be if she knew what I was thinking. Be professional for fuck's sake! Susan looked at me.

"Still free for a meeting tomorrow?," she said

"Yes, I've got the information you asked for," I said

Susan said, "Ok great, would you mind showing Kate around?"

Glancing across at Kate, I said. "It would be a pleasure."

Kate smiled at me. God she was beautiful. I could not believe that she was a tranny. There was no way anything could happen between us, even if there was a chance before. But she is my colleague and, it seems, a nice person. I don't want to be a complete dick. I showed her around our tiny department whilst talking about her research and then escorted her to her new office.

"Have you had a look around the city yet?," I enquired.

"No," said Kate. She smiled. "I was hoping someone would show me."

I said, "I will, if you would like?"

"That would be awesome," she said as she put her hand on my shoulder.

I flinched. Her eyes widened with alarm. I think she could tell not only that I knew, but also that it bothered me. We said our goodbyes and I went back to my office, sat down and slammed my head on the desk. I'd upset her. Didn't take long! I didn't see Kate at all for the rest of the day. I had the feeling she was avoiding me.She was one of the only staff members as young as me and I didn't want to alienate her.


I knew she had a free afternoon. She'd just finished her last lecture as I walked in.

"So, are you ready to see the city? I thought we could have some lunch?," I said.

Kate said awkwardly, "You don't have to do that."

"But I want to," I said. "I don't want to eat alone."

She eyed me dubiously, but agreed. I left my car at the uni and we caught the bus. It was pretty crowded and there was only standing room. But at least this way we could have some wine. We hit a bump I fell into her. She grabbed me to steady me. Her soft large breasts rubbed gently against my chest.

"Thanks" I said.

"No Probs," Kate replied.

She smiled again. She had a beautiful smile. I could feel myself getting hard. She was undeniably attractive; if she was a regular girl I would have been begging her to go out with me. I knew nothing could happen between us sexually, but I thought that there was room for a good friendship.

"Do you like French food? There is a new place that is meant to be great" I said.

"Very much so," was the response.

"Très bien," I said.

Oh great. Unnecessary French. Not even there yet and I already sound like a pretencious dickhead.

We got off the bus and started walking. Five minutes later we arrived at the bistro. She picked the wine, which she clearly is very good at.

"Have you got over the shock yet?," Kate asked.

I had, but the anxiety was coming back. "What shock?"

Stupid thing to say. Now she's going to have to say it.

She said, "Come on. When I patted your shoulder you jumped like I was gonna assault you!" Then she whispered in my ear in her soft voice "You know I'm a transsexual, right?"

I swallowed hard.

In a voice so quiet I barely made a sound I said, "Yes,"

At last it was spoken. I was still quite tense but both of us seemed a lot more relaxed now.

"I'm sorry I jumped, I was just a little surprised" I confided.

With pain in her voice she said, "Don't worry I have had much worse reactions."

"You must be so brave to talk about in your work," I said. "Where do you find the strength to be so open?"

Kate said, "Well it can be difficult, some people treat me like a freak when they find out. But many people have been kind and most people with a brain can get over it. I am also proud of being a transsexual woman. I did not feel comfortable living as a boy but what I am now? I love my body, all of it."

I said, "So you never...?"

"No," she said. She knew what I was asking. "I do not need that surgery to feel like a woman."

That I can understand. The thought of surgery in an area that intimate is rather unpleasant. Not only that, she is clearly a beautiful woman. I wish I could get over myself. She would make a great partner.

We talked about her life and her family. How her parents moved to Thailand so she could get hormones early enough so she had the best transformation she could. I also have a love for Thailand, the culture, and the food. In Thailand she was open about being a "kathoey" which, combined with her exotic western looks, made her very popular. In the UK she found things more difficult. Her colleages were mostly understanding so she was open with them but otherwise she was cautious who she told.

It was amazing how much we had in common. Most nights she came to mine. We would work together or watch some Top Gear (UK), or some Big Bang Theory, or any of the other shows we loved. We soon were best of friends and inseperable on campus.It was platonic but it was still the best relationship I have had with a woman.


The first time I started to feel differently about her was at a conference at UCL. It was the most boring event that we had been to, but, we had topped up the accommodation money the uni had given us and we got a suite at The Savoy! We were both so excited. We had a lovely meal but I felt faint when we got the bill! Afterwards we had a few drinks and got very drunk. We used each other to lean on so that we didn't fall over as we made our way upstairs.

We got into the room and just collapsed on the bed. I still had my arm around her waist and she nuzzled into me while I held her tight.

"I've had a lovely time," Katie said.

I don't know why but I Kissed her forehead. She looked deeply into my eyes. Her pupils were dilated and her breathing deep. She opened her lips slightly and slowly licked her top lip. My hand slipped down her dress onto her stocking covered thighs and gently along her soft round arse. Her lips touched mine. The electricity I felt from her kiss was amazing. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and found mine. We were both so sleepy, so drunk, We fell asleep in each others arms.


I showered got dressed and left her a note which said:

"I Didn't want to wake you. Join me for breakfast? 08.30."

We had a fantastic breakfast, apart from the unspoken events of last night, the sexual tension, and my irrational homosexual panic! She could tell I didn't want to talk about so it did not get discussed. Our relationship carried on as usual but my dreams had changed.I started to have sexual fantasies about her. Dreams like I had never had before. One surprising one involved me being bent over her desk by her. I woke up covered in my own cum. That hadn't happened for many years. Of course I was attracted to her.

That didn't mean that I could cope with her having dick, but even that wasn't the end of the world. What could I say to my family? At some point they would have to know. They would infer what we did, and so would my friends and colleagues. What about having kids? We couldn't have our own. The truth was I really cared about her, but I knew I would hurt her if we did go out, and it would end badly.


It was the Christmas party. Normally we went out for a meal as a group but this time we had decorated the staff room and everyone was fairly drunk. Katie was wearing a pretty, red, low cut, dress with a long split down the side. I had to admit she looked remarkable. She was chatting to this visiting professor. They seemed to be getting on well. I don't know why, he seemed like an arrogant git. As far as I could tell there was nothing likeable about him. She turned around and came over to me.

"Hey," she said in an affectionate tone

I returned her greeting.

"You ok?," she enquired

"Yeah sure, although clearly not as well as you," I responded in a tone with a bitterness that surprised me.

She pulled me outside.

"Do you wanna talk?," she asked with genuine concern.

"No," and then I said aggresively. "Why don't you get back to Jerry?"

Katie's brow dropped with anger. "What the fuck is your problem?! I can speak to who I like. Not as if there is anything happening here, is there?," she snapped.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me.

"Get off me," she hissed

I opened the door to the toilet her reluctance dissipating.I pushed her hard against the door of the toilet cubical. I kissed her hard as I ground my hard cock into her pelvis. She nodded. She knew what I wanted. She undid button after button on my shirt and kissed, nibbled, and bit my chest. She undid my belt as she bit my nipple. I groaned and smacked her ass, hard. I pulled down my trousers and grabbed her silky brown hair. Then I forced her soft, wet, gloss covered lips onto my cock.

As her tongue touched my cock I moaned, "Oh, fuck!"

I let out a primal groan as I started to fuck her mouth.I am usually this dominant, but after the last few months I just had to have her. I let go of her hair and she licked all the way down the side of my shaft and then moved down to my balls and then worked her way back up. I knew I couldn't last long. She started to rub my balls and my perineum with one hand as she wanked me and licked the head. My legs were starting to shake violently now.

"I'm gonna come soon baby," I groaned. When I realised she wasn't going to stop I said, "Yes! Take my cum you naughty slut!"

I came hard, shot after shot in her mouth and down her throat. She stood up and we kissed passionately. I realised she hadn't swallowed my cum. It didn't matter. She pushed it into my mouth and we began my introduction to snowballing.

Katie broke off the kiss and said, "Seems like I'm not the only one who likes the taste."

She fixed her makeup and we went back the party.

When we arrived back in the room the music had started playing, and most of the others were dancing. We slow danced for a bit. We didn't kiss or get too intimate but the sexual tension was almost unbearable. I cannot believe we didn't do this earlier, she is a beautiful girl. Who cares if she has a penis? After all how can something be so scary when Ive got one myself?

The party had thinned out a little and we decided to sit down. Katie sat on my lap but I didn't freak out. The others didn't bat an eyelid: they knew we were close. Occasionally she would grind her ass against my cock as she adjusted her position. It probably looked innocent enough but it drove me wild. The others said they were going home, with the exception of one woman passed out on the floor. I said we would lock up and stuff so they left. Then Katie rolled off me and sat a few seats down in a big armchair. I was pretty confused.

"Come here honey, it's more comfy," she said seductively.

There was a serious look in her eye. She'd never called me honey before either. She patted her lap so I sat on it facing her.

She whispered "So do you think you can cope with having a tranny as your girlfriend?"

She put emphasis on the word "tranny". She only seems to say it when she being suggestive, otherwise she'll say transgendered. I knew what she was asking me. I was breathless, her mouth was almost on me. We kissed briefly on the lips. It's now or never. I took in a breath.

"Yes," I mouthed silently.

She started grinding me this time. I had never seen her dick. I had noticed a bulge in her trousers before, but when she grabbed my hips and rubbed it against my butt I knew what awaited me. I lifted her dress to find the most beautiful black and grey embroided silk underwear.

She confesssed, "I wore them just incase."

I pulled the straps down her arms and then the bra, freeing the most beautiful breasts. Firm, but fantastically soft, with small areolas and large bullet like nipples. Her stomach turned out to be surprisingly firm but still feminine. She tore my shirt open and ran her fingers down my bare chest.

With a firm tone she said, "Strip."

I got off the chair and began to take off my clothes as she starred at me. From here I could see the outline of her girlcock in the french knickers. It was huge! I am just over 6" long but she must be about 8". She looked so feminine, and so powerful.

"Sit," she commanded.

As I sat back down facing her I felt her silk covered cock against my naked body. I felt it brush down my crack, over my hole, as she gently dry humped me. Then she thrust my hips back so my cock was touching hers. Down came the panties, and then we were skin to skin! She started to stroke us together and I truely realised how big it was. I knew it was long but to wank our cocks together she needed two hands! She was so thick, I tried to massage her breasts but my hands were shaking.

She asked, "Are you scared, baby?"

"Yes," I confessed.

"I promise I'll go slow, you'll love this," she told me.

She kissed me softly, slowly and deeply. Then I felt something cold and wet against my ass. It was lube. Then slowly she put a finger inside me.

"I knew you would be mine eventually," she said.She grinned at me.

If I felt powerless before it is nothing compared to now. All this time I thought I had the power in this relationship. Not anymore.I felt another finger push into me.

"Lube my clit for me darling", she moaned.

I grabbed the jelly and started to stroke her massive shaft. She pushed a third finger into my ass. Oh god! After a couple of minutes she guided my hips to her dick.

I begged her, "Please, not yet."

"Shh," she said and she put two fingers in my mouth to shut me up as she pushed the head up against my hole. I thought there was no way it would fit, but after a few gentle thrusts the head went in. It felt good but there was so much left to go. I started to stroke my cock but she took her fingers out of my mouth and slapped my face.

"No! Don't use that," she told me. "You don't need it."

I realised she had got deeper inside of me and was losing patience. She started to push harder.

I told her, "Katie, it hurts!"

She didn't care, she was lost in ecstacy. She groaned loudly as she fucked me. How much more can there be? Just as I knew I could not take anymore I felt her balls touch against my ass. She looked me in the eye and we french kissed like pornstars, She thrust up into me hard and I matched her thrusts. This wasn't making love, this was her using my asshole as hard as she can. She was fucking me like I was some worthless whore.

I started to suck her breasts so she wouldn't see me wanking my cock but she saw straight through it. She forced my hands behind my back and reached in her bag. She had handcuffs. What the fuck?! She put them on me and shoved her musky panties in my mouth. I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to be fucked.

She rolled us over so that I was on the chair, on my back, then she put my feet on her shoulders. Oh god, I could feel my orgasm building.

"Katie, I'm gonna cum, make me cum, make me cum!"

She grabbed my neck and started to choke me as she slammed her hips harder and harder into my ass.

She whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna cum in your tight sluty hole."

That did it. Our cocks came together and I sprayed both our bodies, with some even landing on my mouth as she bust her load in my ass.

We kissed.

"Sorry I get carried away when I top," said Katie while lighting a cigarette.

"I can get used to it," I said.

"I love you Andy."

"I love you too Katie"

Then both of us noticed the passed out girl. She was still asleep but now had her skirt pulled up, panties down and her hand between our crotch. We just laughed at it, and then we kissed.

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