tagNon-EroticThe New House Next Door

The New House Next Door


I made the last turnoff down the country road to the Alaskan style Chalet that Lee and I share, and here was several huge truckloads of building material parked by my road.

"Well, just hell!" I thought, realizing that construction was going to start soon across from us.

We had enjoyed having the only home in the area for nearly 15 years. The 6 acres we own is nice and private, but our property line stops at the road.

I had tried to buy the acreage across the way a few years before, but had balked at the price, it was through the roof! No way could I swing it, and when Lee and I hit the windfall in Reno earlier, it was too late.

The property had sold. But a few months went by, nothing, so I forgot about it.

Now suddenly, major activity! Down went the big old trees, bulldozers went to work, in no time at all the huge framework began to take shape.

I was pissed, the thing they were building looked more like it belonged in southern California than a nice little rural setting in Oregon. To make matters worse, a huge deck was going out on the side, which would put them looking right down and into my massage room, from only about 100 yards away.

Dammit, I liked my massage room, big windows facing the afternoon sun, the light filtered in through the branches. My clients liked it, is was private and beautiful.

Oh, I could put up screens, plant some trees or bushes to block their view, but that would block ours.

Then when the funny looking plants started going in, I blew my stack! Bad enough the creek was full of mud from the construction, but plants the wrong color and type for the area was a bit too much, I decided it was time to go meet the neighbors.

Lee and I wandered over, there were some workmen finishing up the roof, the place was close to done.

We knocked on the door, and a lady in her late 30's answered. We introduced ourselves, she said her name was Donna, and she ushered us in.

I looked around, there was artwork, and not cheap, all over the living room. I had already guessed that these folks had dropped close to a half million on the place, and the bare land had been close to that.

Donna brought some cheese and flat crackers of a kind I had never seen, some drinks, and showed us out onto the deck.

It was furnished with some expensive looking chairs, I noted the covered hot tub over in the corner.

Wandering over to the railing, I glanced over at our Chalet. Sure enough, there was a perfect view right into my therapy room.

Donna must have read my mind, she said "Sorry, I see you are a therapist. We plan to replant some bushes to block the view."

That made me feel a bit better, but still..

We chatted awhile, Donna mentioned that her late husband has been lost in an industrial accident, he was an off-shore oil rig worker. What with the insurance and the settlement from the company, it was quite a bit of money.

I noted the expression of pain in her eyes as she said that, and my sensitive nature took over.

About that time I heard a voice, "Hi Mom...OH! Sorry, I didn't know you had company!" I glanced over, and my jaw almost hit the floor!

Here was an absolute vision, about 20, perfect body and shape, long flowing hair that had every color possible in it. "This is Lisa, my Daughter" Donna said.

Lisa smiled, looked at me and slipped off the loose robe she was wearing, revealing a light blue bikini. "I was going to use the hot tub", she said, as she plopped down in the chair beside Lee and I.

I couldn't help but sneak a glance or two, then I heard a noise and looked over, here was a carbon copy of the girl next to us! "And this is Kathy, my other daughter" Donna said.

There was no doubt, these girls were twins, there was no way to tell them apart!

I looked at Donna, noting the same features, hair the same colors, just shorter. I realized that these three could easily share each other's clothes, they were all the same size and shape.

Kathy waved and slid the cover off the hot tub, and climbed in. Then she unhooked her top, and tossed it out on the counter. Lisa hopped up, and in seconds she was in the tub, off came her top, too!

I used my best bedside manner to show no reaction, Donna told me to not mind the girls, they were a bit uninhibited.

"No kidding" I thought, as I glanced over to them playing and splashing each other.

Then she told me they were both starting school this Fall, studying to be Massage therapists, with the goal of opening a Spa. My ears perked up at that, "Which School" I asked.

She named MY School! I thought about that for a second, and mentioned I was one of the instructors at that College.

"How wonderful" Donna exclaimed! She told me the girls got interested in massage in California, since they had a therapist who visited every week, and worked on all of them. She mentioned that her husband would be gone six months at a time, so it was "One of her life's little pleasures", looking me up and down rather pointedly.

I glanced over at the two half naked visions in the pool, and it hit me. This wasn't going to be so bad after all!

Suddenly I can hardly wait for school to start!

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