tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Math Teacher

The New Math Teacher


I went to high school on the central Florida East Coast, a couple of blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. I had just turned 18 and Diane was 18, about 6 months older. We were seniors in high school. She was Jenny's best friend so Diane and I eventually became good friends even though we didn't run in the same crowd. That's a story in itself.

To provide a little background, Jenny was my girlfriend and we had been going steady for over a year, after meeting the summer before our junior year of high school. She was one of the prettiest girls in school and we were made for each other, at least that is what everyone said. I played varsity football and basketball and was a co-captain of the football team my senior year. I was a jock. Jenny didn't play sports, but was a cheerleader her junior year.

Diane was a female jock so to speak. She was on the swim team, the girls track team and played tennis. She was not what you would call a pretty girl, but attractive in a certain athletic way. Diane had broad shoulders and muscled thighs from being on the swim team. She had short hair, thin lips, puffy cheeks, a nice smile and athletic shape, just not glamorous. Diane was outgoing and didn't really care much what people thought of her. Most thought she was a lesbian jock and I did too although Jenny said she wasn't. But she was Jenny's best friend and the three of us spent a lot of time together. The three of us even went skinny-dipping in Diane's small screened in pool a couple of times. It was a first for me, being naked in the middle of the day with two also naked girls. Diane lived in a nice neighborhood with a privacy fence, so we didn't worry about neighbors looking in.

We would go to her house after school while her parents were at work and her little brother, who was a freshman, wasn't home. Jenny and I usually ended up having sex in Diane's room while she watched TV or swam. Our sex consisted of lots of touching, kissing, me playing with her beautiful tits and usually getting a hand job. We were rarely completely nude together and were saving the more intimate relations including intercourse for our wedding night. I respected her and wanted to do the "right" thing by her.

At the beginning of our senior year, Jenny's father, who was in the military got transferred and Jenny left after only a month into our senior year. We called often, but after a few months, the calls almost stopped. I would call and her mother would say she wasn't home, or if she did come to the phone, it was a cold short conversation. I would ask Diane what was going on and she would tell me she didn't know, but would ask. Then midway through the school year, Diane called and asked if I would come over on Saturday, that her parents and brother were gone for the weekend and she had some news from Jenny. I went to her house on Saturday afternoon and we sat and talked about what we had been doing since we didn't see much of each other since Jenny left. Then she handed me the ring I had given Jenny. Diane told me she was really sorry, but Jenny had met a college guy and was going to marry him after her senior year. I was devastated. I got up and start pacing in her living room, ranting and raving. I was hurt and angry. I felt empty and helpless. Diane stood up and put her arms around me. We hugged for a few minutes. Then, I looked down and she looked up, still holding each other tight.

Diane said, "Marty, it will be ok."

We kissed. We kept kissing. Then she started rubbing my crotch and I started rubbing hers. I no longer had the girlfriend of my dreams and hadn't done much more than kiss a girl in months and was about to explode. We started pulling at our clothes as we kissed each other all over. Soon we were totally naked in a 69 position on her living room floor. She was on top of me, rubbing her wet pussy in my face while sucking my hard cock deep into her throat. I had only done this a few times and never with Jenny. She stroked and expertly sucked my cock, played with my balls and made me come in her mouth in minutes. She didn't get off me until I had licked her to orgasm. I had come quickly, but she stayed over me, on all fours, pressing her pussy onto my face. While my tongue worked all over her wetness, I imagined she look like a muscular bulldog straddling me. As I licked her, she would occasionally lean her head down and gently bite or lick my come-covered dick and balls. She finally exploded as I was furiously trying to fuck her with my tongue. It was my first time giving and receiving oral sex and having a girl come on my mouth. The whole experience felt and tasted wonderful. I then realized how much more experienced Diane was than I was. That day began a whole new relationship between us.

Diane and I still ran in different crowds and only went out on one or two real dates that year, but once or week or so after the sports seasons were over, I would go to her house in the afternoon after school and we enjoyed each other sexually. It was not romance, just hot sex. She was always coming up with a new position or something I had never tried or even imagined. Usually, she would immediately pull off my shorts or bathing suit, go down on me, sucking me and licking my balls. Diane would say," I want your come, give me some, or give it to me now," like it was some kind of life saving medicine she had to have. I would go down on her and she would tell me how to lick, where to lick, softer, harder, faster, slower, until eventually, she would grip my head between her powerful swimming thighs, holding my face tight to her pussy while she came. Occasionally, but not often, she would let me enter her with my dick, but always told me to let her know when I was close, because she didn't want me to come inside her. It usually didn't take long. Then she would pull my dick out, and suck me off or jack me off onto her stomach and chest. Once, she said she wanted me to come on her tits. Her breasts were about 34B and mostly muscle, but very large nipples that were about as big around as my thumb and stuck out about a half inch when fully erect. She lay on her living room floor and I straddled her chest, slowly hunched and watched while she used her hand to rub my dick on her almost flat breasts and over her large nipples. When I came, I shot come up to her neck and all over her breasts. I rolled off her as she lay there rubbing most of the sticky goo into her breasts. Then she sat up and leaned over me smiling. Diane rubbed her fingers over her come covered breasts in front of my face, then licked her wet fingers in a tasting manner. Then still smiling, she said, "Lick my tits." I knew what she wanted. She held my head and started rubbing her flat shiny breasts against my face. I reached out with my tongue and licked her sticky breasts, tasting my come on her, as she rubbed herself all over my face. The new experience made me hard all over again.

A few days later, she gave me one of her fantastic blowjobs. She said, "Lay back, I have something special for you today." I laid on her pool patio while she pulled my bathing suit down to my knees and leaned over and sucked until I filled her mouth. She then quickly crawled over me and kissed me hard, holding my head between her hands and pushing her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed, she let the mouthful of warm, salty come drip down her tongue into my mouth. We kissed and licked each other's lips, sharing the taste. Diane was always coming up with something new for me to experience sexually and I always looked forward to it.

Diane and I both had Miss Stanley for math in our senior year. It was Miss Stanley's first year as a teacher having graduated from the University of Alabama the year before. She was about 23 or 24 and had an unmistakable southern drawl that told you immediately where she was had grown up. She had a very soft voice and talked almost in a whisper, it was as if she didn't want anyone to notice her. Miss Stanley dressed conservative and acted very reserved all the time.

She had natural bright red frizzy hair that was usually in a tight bun behind her head to keep it neat, because when it was worn down it looked a little wild and out of character for her. She didn't wear much make up and her freckles showed. Her clothes were always modest with skirts below the knee and tops that tried to conceal or downplay her large breasts. Her red hair, pale skin and freckles, and soft voice made her look more like a shy freshman instead of a math teacher.

There was only about 2 weeks left in the school year and Diane asked me if I would like to go to a pool party on Saturday night. It was the Math Club end of year party and a friend of Diane's, who was in the club told her to come and bring a date since not too many people were going to be there and they had plenty of free food. It was being held at Miss Stanley's apartment complex by the pool and Miss Stanley was hosting since she was the Math Club sponsor. Diane convinced me we should go for a night swim and eat some free burgers. We got there about 8 o'clock in the evening and by 10 p.m., most everyone had eaten and left. We swam and helped Miss Stanley clean up the grill and trash around the pool area. When everything was done, Diane and I sat on the steps at the shallow end and watched Miss Stanley sitting by the pool talking to some other students. She apparently had on a bathing suit, but wore a long, loose souvenir type beach T-shirt with tropical flowers on it that hung down to her thighs. She didn't take the shirt off all evening and only once got in the pool up to sit on the steps at the shallow end. We could see the strings tied behind her neck that held the top up under the T-shirt and joked that we didn't believe she really owned a string bikini.

"She must have borrowed it from another teacher just for the occasion," Diane joked.

I could see her large bosom sway under the T-shirt as she moved and told Diane, "I'd love to see Miss Stanley topless, and see if they are as nice as I imagine."

Diane laughed and said, "Me too."

Then Diane stared at Miss Stanley for a few moments and said, " I have an idea how we might be able to do that."

I said, "Yeah, right." Then she started telling me. I got a little nervous and wondered out loud about what could go wrong. Diane kept telling me the plan and slowly convinced me it would work if we stick together. I was worried we could ruin our whole school year if it didn't work, but was excited at the thought that if it did work as Diane planned, it would be my wildest experience yet.

Miss Stanley was going around and talking to the few remaining students by the pool. She came over and thanked us for stopping by and that she was going to declare the party officially over and she was going in for the night, but we were welcome to stay and swim if we liked. We thanked her for the nice time and offered to help carry the left over soda and food for her.

Miss Stanley said in her quiet, but distinct southern drawl, "Well, that's mighty nice of you, I'd appreciate the help."

The three of us gathered our towels, cooler and bags of food and in two trips, had carried it all up to Miss Stanley's apartment and set everything inside the door. She said, "Help yourself to a soda or two to take with you if you like."

The living room had a long overstuffed couch with matching chair, two cheap Formica end tables with plain lamps, a TV in the corner, a cheap bookcase, some plants and a throw rug. Diane and I put all the bags of food and coolers down inside the door. I stood next to her wondering if maybe the best plan would be to just walk out before if was too late to turn back. She and I stood in the doorway in our bathing suits, a towel around my neck and Diane wearing a cutoff T-shirt over her two piece bathing suit. Then Diane closed the front door and spoke; "Miss Stanley, what would happen if we told our parents, and the school authorities, about what you made us do this evening?" I knew it was too late to turn back now.

Miss Stanley looked puzzled and said, " Diane? What do you mean? I didn't make you do anything this evening?"

Diane put her arm around my waist and said, "What if they found out, that you made us put on a show for you, a sex show, and you joined in?"

Miss Stanley stood still; looking stunned, and stammered, "…. made you….?"

"Yes", Diane said. "That you told Marty and I that you could change our grades and transcripts, change our SAT scores, that we may not graduate or be able to go to college, that we would have to go to summer school, unless…. we did what you wanted."

"But I can't do that, I wouldn't do that, anyone would know I couldn't do such a thing." Miss Stanley said almost in a panic.

I finally had to join in. Putting my arm around Diane, I said, "We didn't know what you could do, or not do. That's why we finally gave in to your sexual demands."

In her most excited voice, Miss Stanley exclaimed, "But I didn't make you do anything!"

Diane looked at me and in a mocking conversation with Mr. Roberts, the school principle, said, " Mr. Roberts, first she told us to start touching each other, while she watched."

I turned to face Diane while I reached over and slid my hand up under her short T-shirt, holding her breasts and rubbing. Diane looked at me and reached over and started rubbing my crotch through my bathing suit. We kissed briefly and then looked at Miss Stanley for a reaction as we continued to fondle each other.

Miss Stanley held her hands up, her palms out, like she was trying to stop traffic and said, "Stop this now, please, just leave."

Diane said, "Then Mr. Roberts, she told me to take off my T-shirt, that she wanted to see more of me." I moved behind Diane and helped her lift her shirt over her head and drop it on the floor. I reached around cupping her small firm breasts from behind. Diane slid the shoulder straps off her shoulders and pulled the top to her two piece bathing suit down exposing her breasts. With this, Miss Stanley stepped backward with her hands over her face, falling back and sitting on the couch.

With her hands over her face, her elbows on her knees, her legs tight together, bundled up in a little ball as she sat on the edge of the couch, she said, "Marty, Diane, no one will believe you, please stop this right now."

Diane said, "Miss Stanley, it's our word against yours. They will listen to our story and have to consider that maybe it happened, maybe there will be some question about which story to believe."

"But why? Why tell them such a wild story when it didn't happen?", she said as she looked up, trying not to watch me roll Diane's nipples with my fingers.

Diane walked over and sat down next to Miss Stanley on the couch. She didn't move, but just looked at her with a questioned look. Diane said, "But it did happen, or let's say, it's going to happen. See Miss Stanley, if you play along with us, cooperate, no one will ever know, it will just be between the three of us, our little secret. But if you don't, then we will tell them that it did happen, and how you forced us to be your sex toys for the evening. And how a few days later, we talked about it, and decided that maybe you couldn't do those things with our grades, and the truth should be known, and how we felt that we were taken advantage of by the first year math teacher."

Miss Stanley sat back on the couch with her arms folded tight under her full breasts and the wide-eyed look on her face told me she finally understood what was happening. I went over and sat on the other side of her.

Feeling a little bold, I said, "And then Mr. Roberts, she took off her T-shirt." I waited briefly for a reaction and then reached for the bottom of Miss Stanley's long shirt and tentatively pulled up. She held her arms tight, holding the shirt in place. I began to have doubt and panicked that our plan was in trouble. Then Diane reached over and put her hands under Miss Stanley's arms and while slowly but firmly, lifting her arms up, Diane said in a stern voice, "The shirt Miss Stanley."

Miss Stanley looked at Diane and allowed her arms to be lifted up as I lifted the shirt over her head. At last, her full breasts were exposed and I stared, as they strained the fabric while spilling out the top and sides of her bathing suit top. A girl in school was known to have breasts that were 38DD and these were much larger than those were. They looked almost not real because they were so large on such a frail body. As the long shirt got bunched around Miss Stanley's elbows and wrists, I stopped pulling and just held her arms down over the back of the couch with my hand. She didn't struggle, but sat frozen, with her arms wrapped in the shirt and pinned over her head, her eyes wide with a little panic in them. I saw her nipples were hard under the stretched material. I saw that her body was very pale and the fleshy mounds pouring over her suit were covered with freckles.

I leaned closer to her and said, "Then Mr. Roberts, she told me to kiss her, passionately."

And I put my hand on her cheek, holding her face still as I leaned in and placed my lips on my math teachers' lips. She didn't resist, but sat tight-lipped as I kissed softly and licked across her lips. I kissed her cheek and down her neck, my lips nibbling her skin. Turning her face slightly from me and toward Diane, I kissed my way back up to her ear and pulled the lobe with my lips. My tongue lightly playing with her ear. I felt her relax a little and a little moan escaped her lips.

I whispered softly in her ear, "Then, Miss Stanley told Diane to play with her tits." I heard her gasp as her breathing got heavier. I said softly into her ear between kisses, "Say it."

Then in a faint voice, more of a whisper, Miss Stanley breathed, "Diane, play with my tits."

I knew then, she was totally ours.

With one hand still pinning Miss Stanley's wrists over her head on top of the couch, I kept kissing her ear. I felt Diane reach behind her neck and pull on the bow tied behind Miss Stanley's neck, releasing the weight of her full breasts. Diane pulled the top down exposing her breasts fully. They were pale white, with the only color being the pink nipples and the freckles that dotted the tops of her breasts. Her nipples were already hard as marbles. I continued to kiss her ear while trying to watch as Diane held one large melon sized breast in each hand, weighing them, lifting them, pushing them together, massaging them, letting the fullness spill between her fingers, and then roughly pinching her fingers together, squeezing the flesh and pulling hard. Then pushing them up, Diane stretched them both up so the hard nipples were almost together and pointing up, just under Miss Stanley's chin.

Diane said, "Kiss them." I had to stop kissing her ear to watch. Reluctantly, Miss Stanley dropped her head only slightly and placed a quick kiss on each nipple pressed to her chin.

I slipped my free hand between Miss Stanley's knees and feeling them part slightly, moved my hand up until I was rubbing her mound through the tight bathing suit bottoms with my knuckles.

Still holding them up and squeezing the breasts tighter together, Diane said, " More, suck on your nipple, I want to see you bite it!" Miss Stanley dropped her head again, took one nipple in her mouth and started to suck on it. Watching my math teacher suck her own nipple made my cock grow as hard as it had ever been. Diane then leaned over and took the other nipple into her own mouth. I pressed my hand harder between Miss Stanley's legs as I watched Diane and my math teacher almost cheek to cheek sucking on Miss Stanley's nipples. Diane held the nipple tight between her teeth and pulled, making Miss Stanley wince a little, but then she did the same to the nipple she was teasing. Both of them were viciously sucking and biting the nipples, stretching them up as if they were trying to hold the full weight of the massive breasts by the nipple with their teeth. My erection was about to explode in my bathing suit.

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