tagNonHumanThe New Neighbors Pt. 02

The New Neighbors Pt. 02


Author's Note: This is the final part of The New Neighbors, the thrilling two part story about love, lizardmen, and teenagers WHO ARE ALL STILL EIGHTEEN. They didn't become not eighteen between story halves. Time travel is in the Concord stories.


In the anti-climax that defines many stories of the world, a text message full of amazingly explicit pictures of lizard cock could arrive on a girl's phone and produce absolutely no reaction in the girl in question. This wasn't because Fiona Miller was some jaded uber-whore who regularly got pictures of junk on her phone. Nor was this because pictures of lizard cock -- and lizard abs and lizard balls and glistening lizard cum -- were so utterly mundane that Fiona could glance at them and roll back to sleep.

No, the reason was far more mundane.

After a night of swimming naked in her pool to tease the new neighbors -- one of who had sent the pictures in question -- Fiona had slipped to her bed, laid down, and buzzed in place for the better part of an hour, her mind whirling and spinning around with excitement about what she had done. That hour had lead her to finally drifting off to sleep around three in the morning. So, when the pictures finally arrived -- creeping through the sluggish electronic switchbacks that made up the phone network in the area -- the phone buzzed with the alert that a new message had come on while Fiona was crawling through the depths of her deepest sleep.

She woke, groggily, mumbled something about pancakes, grabbed the phone, brought up the images of Marvin's cock, nodded, and mumbled something more about Darth Vader. Then she tabbed out of the image, turned her phone off, and slammed her head back into her pillow and was out like a light.

When she woke the next morning, the phone dutifully told her that there were no new messages -- and there weren't -- and she didn't remember a thing between getting to bed and waking up in the morning, sleepy and grumpy and thinking that romantic erotic gestures seemed a lot more fun at night, and not when an entire day of school work stretched out before her like a nightmarish series of horrifying trials and struggles.

"Bluuuuuuuugh," she mumbled.

Mother looked at Fiona primly, then shook her head, clucked her tongue, and said something about kids these days -- ignoring the fact that when she had been young, kids had been doing far harder drugs than what was popular in Fiona's age bracket.

Meanwhile, in the Springtail household, both Marvin and Trevor were both as quiet and subdued as their parents had ever seen them. Frank Springtail glanced at his wife, Sandra. Sandra glanced back, arching an eyebrow ridge as if to say 'they're your boys, I'm just their mother, what would I possibly know about this?'

Frank's brow furrowed as if to say 'I overrule you once and you never let me live it down?

Sandra shrugged one shoulder, sipping her coffee gingerly as if to say 'fine, I suppose I am being unfair. Want me to go first or shall you?'

Frank nodded ever so slightly, as if to say 'you, please.'

Sandra set her glass down, smiling at her children. "You two sleep okay last night?"

Both grunted.

"You need to get to bed if you're going to do well at school," Frank said, cheerily. "So, uh, is there anything wrong with the house? Or your bedrooms?"

"No, no, they're fine," Marvin said as Trevor muttered something that sounded distinctly similar to a curse word. Sandra frowned, her ear-holes twitching slightly as her frills lifted up slightly in irritation. But since she wasn't sure if Trevor had actually sworn, or if he was just being a sleepy teenage boy, she didn't ask him for more details. And, she thought, he has reason enough to be upset.

With breakfast done, the two boys headed out the front door to walk to school, while Fiona stumbled into her mother's car. The two groups set off for the same place. As Trevor and Marvin walked beside one another, Trevor watched the sidewalk with the intent glare of someone regretting something they had done. A woman, watching him, might find sympathy if she had spent the night drunkenly with someone she regretted seeing. Marvin, meanwhile, had his hands in his pockets and walked as if he was about to step on a land mine every step of the way.

"So," Marvin said.

"Shut up," Trevor said.

Marvin shut up.

After a few more steps, Trevor sighed. "Y-Yeah, she's fucking gorgeous."

Marvin nodded slowly.

"I don't know what to do, bro," Trevor said, quietly. "I don't want to break up with Kelly -- I love her -- but..." he shook his head, then gestured vaugely in the air, his hands sketching shapes that could have been anything from whales to atomic bombs. But both boys -- with the uncanny focus of their age -- knew exactly what he was referring too.

Marvin rubbed his snout. "Real talk?" he asked. "I kinda want Fiona. You know. Like." His nares blushed dark red. "A lot?"

"Yeah," Trevor said, quietly.

"So, like, you don't need to break up with anyone if I'm laying pipe with her, you know?" Marvin said, grinning.

"Dude!" Trevor punched his shoulder.

"Hey, just saying what we're all thinking," Marvin said, rubbing his shoulder. "Not like I just want to, you know, show her the delights of riding the Nile canoe. The joy of licking some Galapagos gonads. Getting some tail."

Trevor punched Marvin in the shoulder three times in rapid succession. Marvin yelped every time, squirming and contorting himself under the assault.

"I'm serious!" Trevor said.

"To be, uh, fair..." Marvin rubbed his arm. "So am I."

He opened up his phone, then showed Trevor the picture of him laying on his back -- cock hard against his belly, cum drooling from the tip, puddles of it glistening on his chest, his belly, his eyes glowing with a come-hither look that made even Trevor feel uncomfortably tempted. Trevor gulped slowly, his eyes wide as saucers.

"D-Damn, bro," he whispered.

Marvin grinned. "Soooooo...this is on her phone."

"Holy fuck, what?" Trevor put his hands on Marvin's phone, shoving it down, his eyes wide as he looked at his brother. "You could go to jail for that if she-"

"She swam for us naked while we watched," Marvin whispered. "I think she's chill."

"B-But I didn't even sext Kelly!" Trevor stammered. Then, adding. "U-Until the third date."

Marvin narrowed his eyes, then grinned. "You never did it, huh?"

"Well, okay, no, but to be fair, she was right down the block," Trevor said, shaking his head. Marvin grinned, sliding up against his brother's side. He leaned close, whispering in his ear softly.

"You know, there's something really fucking cool about snapping a shot of your balls." Marvin licked his muzzle. "It's like you're all out there -- but you're still completely in control. And you can just imagine her opening up the picture..." he whispered, stroking his brother's chest gently. "Looking at it, and getting nice and wet."

Trevor made a tiny growl at the back of his throat -- his claws tightening at the tips of his fingers. He wanted to grab something and tear -- and fuck. He shook his head, feeling suddenly dizzy. Marvin -- blinking -- drew back, looking just as chagrined as his brother felt.

"W-Whoa," Trevor whispered. "Uh, huh. Okay." He coughed. "T-That was weird."

Marvin -- realizing how close he had come to nuzzling his brother -- coughed and nodded. "Major weird."

"Lets go to school!" Trevor announced.

The two lizardboys started marching towards school -- both hoping their massive hardons would vanish before they got there. Marvin spent the entire time wondering what Fiona's reaction would be. Trevor, though he tried to not show it, did the same.


Fiona yawned as she stepped away from the bathroom -- her eyes half closed -- and started to wander towards her first class. It had been a good idea to splash her face with some cold water. Now she was only mostly unconscious. As she staggered away, a dark form slipped into the bathroom behind her. Though, in all honesty, Helena Carter wasn't trying that hard to sneak. Avoiding the notice of someone suffering from sleep deprivation was usually the easiest thing in the world.

Carter might not have been the brightest student in the world when it came to math or science -- but she was very good at history. Remembering names, faces, dates, these things were all easier for her than breathing. And more, she understood the grand scope of history in a gut way that other students sometimes found confusing. It was just obvious to her why some things happened -- and that kind of cunning made this entire plan childsplay.

She had been expecting it to take a few weeks of observation before she'd get a chance like this, but Fiona had clearly been off her guard.

She must have thought that 'I'm going to kill you' was just talk.

"Well," Carter said as she walked into the bathroom, smirking as she swept her gaze around the place and spotted the backpack that Fiona had left behind in her sleepy daze. "I won't kill her personally." She knelt down, casually running her well manicured hands along the tops of the backpack, unzipping and rooting through Fiona's homework and binders, before finding the phone that Fiona had stashed away. She spun the phone around, popped open the back with some fiddling, then tugged out the SIM card.

Grinning, Carter slid the phone back into the backpack and walked off, whistling.

Fiona's head rested on the desk, concealed by the large vat of growing mosquito eggs, while Mr. Brightwater walked along the other side of the room, looking over the results of other groups. Trevor and Marvin looked at one another over Fiona's head. Marvin shrugged, spreading his hands.

Trevor frowned. "Are you sure you sent her the pictures?" he hissed.

"Yeah!" Marvin whispered back.

Trevor looked less than convinced.

Fiona sat up, gasping. "Holy shit!" she blinked a few times. "Oh, uh, sorry. I was- I didn't sleep good cause, uh, reasons t-that we can't talk about in class, hey, look, mosquito eggs, weird, I wonder if they'll be gendered at birth, or if their parents will force them into pink clothes to make them into...girls..." She trailed off, turning bright red as Trevor and Marvin looked at her with wide eyes. Marvin blinked his nictating membranes.

"Uh, you, uh, get any texts last night?" he asked.

"Smooth," Trevor muttered.

Fiona's brow furrowed. "What? No. Did you send me a...t...text?" she asked, her cheeks turning even darker red. "A-After that thing that I, uh, did...actually...do..." She trailed off again.

Marvin blushed."W-Well, yeah. But it's okay. We can focus on science for now."

"Yes!" Fiona said, nodding. "Science!"

"It's not like the texts were any b-big deal or anything," Marvin said.

"Oh, I don't know," Trevor muttered. "It was close to sixteen inches."

Fiona looked confused -- her brow furrowing as she glanced at Trevor. Trevor looked at her. Their eyes met. For a moment, time seemed to slow down and Fiona felt her heart racing faster and faster. Trevor's eyes -- like Marvin's -- were the most astounding shade of gold. But unlike Marvin, his eyes were intense. Brood. Like storm clouds made of molten metal. Fiona's mouth dried out faster than the Sahara desert -- and essentially all of that moisture seemed to rush between her legs.

She blinked, shook her head, then looked back at their science experiment. "L-Lets focus."

And for a wonder, they managed to do just that for the rest of the class. Marvin took over reading from the clipboard, and the three of them all collaborated on feeding the mosquitoes and watching them grow. Through it all, they may have become a bit closer. No one would have been able to tell from a distance -- but every caress of thigh on thigh, every touching of fingers to hand, of palm to palm, every meeting of eye to eye, was etched into their memories as Fiona felt herself drawn backwards and forwards, like a pendulum stuck in a magnetic cyclone.

At the same time, Carter had cornered her prey.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," Kevin stammered as she rubbed her finger in slow circles along his chest.

Carter purred softly. "I know that you can crack anything, Kevin. You're the best computer geek on campus, huh?"

Kevin blushed bright red -- though it was only visible along the white parts of his striped face, his tail beating against the lockers that he had been pressed too. Carter pressed herself against the skinny, dorky looking zebra-boy, his glasses almost slipping off his snout as he stammered and mumbled something incoherent. Carter made sure to mash her breasts against him and slip her hand down, slipping it almost by accident across his jeans, feeling his bulge as she whispered in her ear.

"I'd really like it if you could get into this SIM-card." She added a gently nip to the tip of his ear, tugging on him gently with her teeth.

Kevin almost melted -- ironic, considering how hard he was.

He lead Carter to the computer lab -- glancing around nervously as he did so. Once he was inside, and once he was sure no one else was there, he sat down at one of the computers, pulling out a nasty bundle of wires from his backpack. He started to set things up as Carter watched, rubbing her chin slightly. Soon, he had the SIM-card hooked up to the machine and was bringing up files and computer programs that looked, essentially, like magic to Carter. She sighed quietly.

"Will this take long?" she asked, quietly.

"Only an hour or so," Kevin said.

"If you cut that down to twenty minutes, I'll suck you off," Carter said, casually.

Kevin sat perfectly still. He blinked, then coughed, then started to type furiously. His fingers pounded on the keyboard and he started to tab through windows. Carter leaned on his back -- letting her breasts caress the back of his frizzy mane. Kevin whimpered and typed even faster, his brow furrowing as Carter lazily imagined fucking the quarterback of the football team, John. John was, importantly, a human and not a gross nerdy zebra that looked like he'd last two strokes before filling her mouth with disgusting spunk. Like Carter would ever touch him with a ten foot pole normally. She shook her head slightly, then blinked as Kevin whistled softly.

"We're in luck, H-Helen," he said.

"Don't call me that," she snapped.

Kevin gulped. "R-Right. But, uh, it looks like whoever used this card? They locked their phone with the password 1, 2, 3, 4, 5."

"Seriously?" Carter asked, blinking.

"Yeah, so-" he turned to face her, grinning, his hand going to his jeans.

Carter smirked. "If you move that zipper," she said, her voice cold. "I am going to scream rape so loudly that you won't be able to hear for a week." She whimpered, then let her eyes turn watery. It was a trick she had learned early on, and soon tears were rolling down her cheek as she mumbled. "T-Then he...t-touched me, Officer..." She sniffed, loudly. "A-And..." She shook her head, reaching up and wiping her eyes free. "See?"

Kevin gaped at her.

"So, you are going to leave, and jerk off in the bathroom and if you breathe a word about this to anyone, I will get you thrown in jail so fucking fast it will make your stripes spin. Got it, Kevin?" Carter whispered.

Kevin looked as if she had smacked him across the face with his own severed dick. Blinking away a sudden welling of tears he stood up, grabbed his backpack, and ran away as fast as he could. As he left, Carter smiled, sat down at the computer, and started to tap her way through the files on the phone. She clicked to the messages stored and slowly whistled, her eyes practically glowing as she leaned forward.

"Annnnnnnnd saved," she murmured.


Trevor was walking to his history class, his muscles still aching pleasantly from P.E. It was about the only thing that was currently pleasant -- his mind was still buzzing from what he felt when he looked at Fiona. But then he stood up dead -- because someone had interposed his vision with something impossible. He blinked a few times, looking at himself: Naked, cock out, cum gleaming on his chest. But then he saw the tiny, almost invisible differences that marked Marvin -- and realized that the image of his naked twin brother was being held by a pair of manicured fingers.

"Oh ho ho, what do we have here?" Helen Carter purred in his ear, pressing against his back, pressing the picture to his chest, her palm mashing it against him. "That's what's saved on my phone, Trevor Springtail."

Trevor stood stock still, his tail lashing from side to side -- smashing against the wall, then against Carter's hip. Carter hissed in his ear: "Stop that!"

Trevor stood stock still.

"Now," Carter said, quietly. "This is how this is going to work. You are going to ruin Fiona Miller's life for me."

"What?!" Trevor snapped his head to the side, his eyes wide. "Y-You're out of your fucking mind, I-"

"No, you are fucking with the wrong person. Humiliate me? Let that little bitch show me up?" Carter hissed. "I found you on fucking Facebook. I found your girlfriend's name. How you think she'd like hearing that you were sending naked pics to another girl." She grinned, wickedly. "How'd you think she'd like to hear about you fucking Miller, huh? I can be pretty convincing. And if that's not enough, these pics could get leaked to, say, any authority figure I want."

Trevor gulped.

"Or, say, the media," she said, stepping away from him, tucking the picture away in her backpack. "I wonder how your father's Presidential race would go if-"

"Fine," Trevor said, his voice heavy. He felt as if someone had dumped cold water over his head -- his spine was freezing, his heart was slowing. He looked at Carter -- his eyes flashing with an anger that actually made Carter pause -- for just a moment -- and bit her lip slightly. But then, slowly, she smiled.

"Here's what I want you to do," she said, quietly, leaning forward to whisper in his ear.


The week passed remarkably quietly.

Not that it seemed that way to anyone involved.

A cross-section of Fiona's days were spent in a daze of daydreams and uncertainties. She would build up immense, flowery confessions that she could launch at Marvin or Trevor (or, sometimes, when she was feeling most brave and it was usually one in the morning, both) and then when she actually met them again for class or for the projects assigned by class, she'd grunt out monosyllabic greetings and then get to work. When she wasn't daydreaming, she was trying to figure out why her phone wasn't working -- and in the end, had to get a new one.

She never thought to check the back.

A similar examination of the twin's days saw two spiraling, oppositional trajectories. Marvin continued to grow more and more bold and closer and closer to asking Fiona to actually go out with him. But as he grew brighter and brighter, Trevor started to sink deeper and deeper into his brooding. His text messages with Kelly became more and more infrequent, and he would spend a great deal of time laying on his back in bed, looking at the ceiling.

Time crawled.

And then, on Friday, all three of them came to the moment.

"Oh, cool," Marvin said as he grabbed onto Trevor's arm, stopping him. "There's a party happening?"

"Huh?" Trevor looked at the poster that had been pinned up in the school's central message board. It was an ancient corkboard that some teacher had helpfully put up -- and was sometimes used by clubs to recruit. But nestled between the Magic: The Gathering club poster and the small card that asked for anyone willing to roll a Cleric for a 5th edition run on the Temple of Elemental Evil was a bright, flashy poster announcing Helen Carter's college acceptance party. Pool, drinks, entertainment, music -- all were promised.

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