tagFetishThe New Nudist Ch. 02

The New Nudist Ch. 02


(Although this was never meant to be a two part story, I was asked to complete Jodie's transition, so here is the last part of the story.)


Jodie's week of nudity turned into one of adventure that left me surprised and impressed, she would consume each day and hungered for more, I had kept an eye on Jodie for the first day, I was worried about her, although there was no written rules here there was such a thing called modesty and being polite towards your fellow nudist. In other words Jodie had stopped talking to men penis's by the first Afternoon, so I was relived to say, normal service had been resumed. The Jodie I knew just oozed from her, I don't even think she thought to much about being naked around people anymore and I can attest to that, I was the one that had to keep reminding her to put sun block on.

Our new found friends included us in there company with open arms, not only that, they took pity on us and we took it in turns to dine with them, the young couple were French and thankfully both spoke English, he was a Policeman in Paris and she, up until the children were born, was a Nurse. They were closer to our age and Jodie dotted on the little girls, she became an aunt for a week and made it her mission in life to teach them a few words of English.

The retired couple had come from Germany and had now made there life in the nudist complex, there villa within the grounds was small but pleasant, they used to bring there children here but as they grew up and moved on with there lives, they had discussed were they wanted to retire to and both agreed that this was the only place they loved enough to leave Germany for, there now married children still visited and the villa did get abit cramped when they did but no one minded.

All the women would go off and even though none of them wore any clothes, still managed to talk fashion and jewelry, much to us blokes surprise. Our weeks holiday was looming to a close and Jodie refused to talk about returning home, we all got together and decided to make her last day here one to truly remember. There was one part of the complex we had not visited, it was a system of pools that had water tubes going into them, the original idea was that it was to be opened for the children, once the adults found out and see they would miss out on the fun, they had complained and the complex had changed the plan and included a couple of water tubes for adults to use.

We could all see the sadness in her as the days went by and the day of our return was getting closer, even when we sat on our bed at the apartment and talked about this week, I would never have thought she would have taken to it so completely.

"Are you happy" I asked,

She looked at me, gave me a hug and said, "more than you can ever imagine,"

I felt her body tremble slightly and pulled her away from me so I could look at her, a tear was now rolling down her cheek and she grabbed hold of me to hold her again to hide the fact she was crying, this was not the Jodie I knew and I was genuinely concerned. Us blokes can get things so very wrong sometimes, women cry when there happy just as they cry when there sad. With an intake of breath she pushed me away, got off the bed and paced the room.

"I can't go back to my old life anymore," she said as she continued to pace the room, not once looking at me.

There are times to talk and there are times when men have to keep there mouths firmly shut, I believed this was the latter, Jodie was re-evaluating her life out loud and I was there simply to say the right word at the right time.

"I'm a nudist now, I want to continue this lifestyle, Yvette is just a wonderful friend and we have to make sure we come back when they do, I love the girls." She stopped,

There was more to this statement that she had yet to let me in on, she was wringing her hands, in the so short time I had really come to know Jodie, I had never seen her like this, she was the bright IT girl. The woman that not only strolled into my office, but into my life, so I sat and waited, looking at her was something I could do all day, long after the comment of being a pervert for staring at her for so long. Jodie was five foot eight bare foot, dark brown hair that stopped just below her shoulder blades, she has brown eyes that I just love to look into, very light freckles cross her nose and come to rest on her high cheek bones, full lips that never seem to need lipstick to enhance them.

Her shoulders were what she claimed were her big let down, her family had discovered that she had a talent for tennis and at a very early age sent her to classes, all through school and onto college she had played, but she was smart enough to realize that it was her brains not her tennis that was going to be her leaning. Of course by then the tennis had made her upper body and shoulders more muscular, as she turned to again pace the room her back was to me and there it was again, on her left shoulder blade a tattoo that seemed out of place on such a body. It was a Cherub, beautiful artwork and whoever did it had spent many hours getting it just right, I had asked her about the tattoo when I had first noticed it.

Jodie had told me it had history but also let me know in no uncertain terms that the tattoo was off limits as a topic of conversation and up until now I had respected that, I just couldn't figure out why I was looking at it so much now. I was shaken out of my thoughts when she sat next to me, tucked her head into my chest and just wept, we both laid back on the bed and just lay there, my arms around her comforting her as much as I could whilst not knowing what I was comforting her for, genuine heartfelt sobs wracked her body.

I felt so helpless, my heart felt so close to breaking that night. After what felt like hours the crying slowed to a stop and she fell asleep, I lay there half the night listening to her, my mind in turmoil. I believed the demons of her past had come for her that night and with her guard down, she could not defend herself against them. Finally exhausted I slept.

It was the smell of coffee that woke me, Jodie was making breakfast for us both, she was her normal self today, I had tried to talk to her about last night but it was obvious she was not in a talking mood, with breakfast over we packed a few things into a bag and picking up our friends on the way headed for the water tubes. Jodie's mood was much better for the rest of they day, we all enjoyed the park, diving down the tubes and catching the girls as they screamed there way down them, I took a picture of Jodie as she came face down the tube all bronzed body and a huge grin on her face, when I showed it to her later, she said it made her look like Garfield, we still have that picture on the bedside cabinet to this day.

There was a couple of times I caught Yvette and her deep in conversation, I did walk up to them both once and noticed that the conversation and body language had changed when I got within ear shot so I took the hint and left them both to talk. I hoped so much that Yvette could do what I couldn't do last night. Finally the sun started to set and we all headed back to our rooms, we had already planned a final evening get together, it was there that all the women cried and the guys shook hands, we knew the women had already sorted dates out for our return.

We left early the next morning, our bags had barely hit the floor of our apartment before Jodie was already checking out the location of any nudist park in the area, summer had just started so she was in her element. Once we had become members we became almost permanent fixtures there for the whole summer, I sometimes had to crowbar Jodie out of the place for family gatherings and evenings out, at weekends we were there full time.

The summer faded and autumn started to take over, I remember the day even now, I was sat at the office trying not to spill my coffee, my phone rang it was Jodie, she had not felt to well the last few days and had decided to take sometime off. Our conversation was brief to say the least, she just told me three word, three words that changed both our lives and to this day made us stronger as friends and lovers.

"It's turned blue.!"

I took the rest of the day off, how I made the journey home I don't know. Jodie was in floods of tears when I got there, she hugged me and told me not to say a word, that she was taking me to see someone. To say I was confused would be a gross understatement, I had expected her to be full of the joys of spring yet I found her crying, I wanted so much to understand, yet Jodie told me nothing all through the car journey. She must of phoned ahead because when we got to the doctors we were sent straight in, now that alone should have told me something, my mind was buzzing so much now, I wanted so desperately to understand what was going on.

The doc was a pleasant enough guy, one of those that you would be more than happy to buy a drink at the bar for and chat to for a couple of hours, then go home happy that you had made a friend for life. He stood and sat us both down and looked once more at Jodie, I noticed that she nodded to him just before he spoke, so it was obvious to me that they had talked prior to us coming here. She held my hand and all I could do was listen as my Jodie's life was handed to me by her family doctor.

They use Latin very well, almost as well as they use guarded language that means little to anyone but is designed to hold up a spark of hope. Jodie had been in a long term relationship before, one that had her pregnant, it was then the Latin came to the fore, as I listened on I could see the pieces of that great big puzzle just fall into place, piece by agonizing piece.

It was while she was pregnant it was discovered that she had a very rare condition, she could conceive but she could never go full term with a child, she fought hard to keep the child but three and a half months in, her body gave up and rejected the child, it was left to her doctor to tell her then what he was telling me now. I now understood what the tattoo was about. Cherub's are sent to guide children, just as angels are sent to guide adults.

It also left us both with a choice to make, Jodie believed that with bed rest there would be a reasonable chance that this child would survive, it was the look of hope in her tear stained eyes that pulled me so much, I wanted to understand, just as I wanted so much never to hurt her. As I listened to her doctor talk about Jodie and what took place I come to realize that any other woman would truly have gone insane with what she had gone through. All three of us sat in that room and talked, truly talked in one of those few honest moments that people have with each other, Jodie and I decided, we wanted to keep this child.

The bed rest started almost immediately and with regular visits to her doctor things looked good, well past that three and a half month period anyway. At four months I got the call I would have given my life not to have had, Jodie managed to scream another three words down the phone in between sobs of total despair.

"My water's broke."

I called the ambulance to the house and met them at the hospital, we decided to name our child and buried him a week later, grief is a terrible thing that I could never ask my worst enemy to go through, when we look back now we both believe that Jodie came so very close to losing her mind. We also understood that she could never become pregnant again, six months after we buried our son I went to see a tattooist, the same man that Jodie went to. I was in the chair for close to four hours and never came anywhere close to the pain that she must have felt making that phone call to me that fateful day.

We made the trip back to the nudist resort, only this time for a month. Yvette took Jodie away for the day, we were told to look after the girls, so we all hit the beach, although we all enjoyed ourselves we felt the absents of them both, they turned up at the beach just as the sun had started to loose it's heat, Jodie showed Yvette my tattoo, she made the remark that were now book ends. We laughed so much, something we had missed doing for many months.

Were now god parents to Yvette's third daughter, we have even had all three of the girls here for a week, we both spoil them rotten and we just don't care, Jodie has taught the girls English and they in turn have taught us not only French, but the ability to truly love, love the girls, each other but also nudism, something that I never realized my lack of tan lines would ever do.

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While I really like the story line, the incredible volume of spelling and grammatical errors makes it very difficult to read. I have read some of your more recent submissions and there is significant improvement,more...

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