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The New Playmate's Friends



The young schoolboy lay back in the bath, entirely relaxed. The hot, steaming water enveloped his firm, slender yet muscular frame, the white foam making little islands of his knees, his slumbering penis and his head as he lay back, closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Jonathan could still feel a tingling running through his body from the morning’s encounter with Lucy, the daughter of his father’s new fiancée. It was the first day of the Christmas Vacation – his last ever Christmas vacation while at school – and his father and his father’s soon-to-be-bride Emma were at work, leaving the two young teenagers at home.

At almost the earliest opportunity that day, the tender young redhead had slipped into his bed and after having her wicked way with him, she had announced that some of her school friends would be coming around to sample his delights.

Lying in that bath, he wondered what would happen that day. His feelings were confused: he was very excited at the prospect of spending the day fooling around with a few schoolgirls, but the apparent ease at which Lucy would share him had surprised him a little. Didn’t she want him just for herself? If not, why not? Wasn’t he good enough?

What was he feeling? Did he love Lucy? To think that she might not love him did hurt him slightly deep down: it made him feel empty inside. But was it really love he felt? He had never really had a girlfriend before, so he couldn’t determine the limits where lust became love.

He breathed in the humid air of the bathroom, which smelled of the peach bath foam he had in his bathwater. Perhaps it would be less complicated if he and Lucy didn’t love each other. They could be like brother and sister, except with a little more spark between them.

He tried not to worry about it, and went about washing himself, cleaning off the sweat and other emissions from the morning’s exertions.

“Jonny,” Lucy popped her head around the bathroom door just as he was getting out of the bath, and she got a real eyeful, “they’re here!”

“Oh,” he said, pulling a large red towel in front of him.

“They’re sitting downstairs waiting for you,” she said, a glimmer of fire in her eyes as she slipped into the bathroom and put one of her little hands around his damp genitals. “Mmm…nice and clean…” After her shower, Lucy had changed into a pair of tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to her girlish figure revealing every curve.

“I’ll just put on a few clothes,” he said, before kissing her offered lips.

“Why don’t you just come down like this,” she said with an impish grin. “It’ll save time.”

He stepped away from her and fastened the towel around his stirring loins. “No, I think I’ll feel more comfortable in front of strangers if I have a few things to cover me.”

“Suit yourself,” she said, kissing him again. “We’ll be waiting for you – a row of little wet pussies for you to check out.”

At that, Jonathan felt his manhood blossom into full rigidity under the towel. When Lucy went back downstairs, he quickly went to his room to find some clothes.


When Jonathan came down the stairs, he felt as though he were descending onto a stage to present an Oscar – all eyes were on him, and he felt more than a little nervous. Four girls including Lucy: all of a similar size to the young redhead and all obviously from her school class. Other than Lucy, there were two blondes and a black haired girl. One of the blondes had very long hair in a long ponytail that dropped down her back. The dark-haired girl and the other blonde had bells of hair that dropped to their shoulders.

All three girls were very pretty, and Jonathan found it a little hard to believe that Lucy wanted him to fool around with them. They seemed to be looking at him appreciatively, so he felt a little confidence return.

“Ah, there you are, Jonny,” Lucy said as he came down to them. “Allow me to introduce Penny, Anna and Francesca.”

“Hi,” said Jonathan, and all three girls smiled at him nervously.

“Oh, and there’s beer in the refrigerator.”

Jonny smiled – thank the Lord for liberal convenience store owners and fake IDs.

He looked at Lucy’s three friends sitting on the couch. Penny was the dark haired girl. She was dressed in a faded red t-shirt with yellow lettering proclaiming some kind of Caribbean resort she must have visited long ago, and a very small pair of denim hot pants, which showed a whole load of smooth coltish legs. She had jet black eyes that gave her sweet face a devilish wickedness along with her nervous smile, as well as quite a serious look.

Penny seemed to be younger than Lucy – in fact all three of them seemed much younger than the ginger schoolgirl, but Jonathan knew they were all friends, so the apparent age difference was probably more than the real. Girls developed at different speeds – he knew that from biology lessons.

Anna was the blonde with shorter hair. She was easily the most confident, she looked at Jonathan with obvious lust in her expression, and seemed to be trying to catch his eye by crossing her tanned legs to let her short turquoise skirt ride up and give him a glimpse of her little black panties beneath. Jonathan kept his eyes on hers when he looked at her, still wanting to give a good impression.

He did flick his gaze briefly down to her chest, however, which was fuller than those of Anna’s school friends. Trapped snugly beneath a white tank top that left her navel and nicely flat stomach exposed, her breasts had a nice roundness to them, the kind of pert abundance that made him want to hold them and touch them, to feel their warmth and softness.

Anna loved every minute of his attention, and thrust her chest out to ensnare his gaze. Yet Jonathan turned to look at the third girl, Francesca. Out of all of them there – possibly even Lucy included, little Francesca was the prettiest and the most enticing to him. She was very petite, but the volume of her blonde hair seemed to compensate as it flowed down her back in a long ponytail. She was a shy one, and as he looked at her, she nervously grasped the end of her ponytail and began to fiddle with it.

Francesca had the most delectable face Jonathan had ever seen. Sharp, like a cat, she had quite high cheekbones, a small button nose and similarly diminutive mouth that was so tender and pink, that he longed to kiss her. But it was her large blue eyes that got him hooked – they seemed to burn into his very soul until they bashfully dropped to her lap. Like all of the others, she was wearing no shoes – the girls had obviously made themselves comfortable while waiting for him, what with the beers as well.

“How are we going to do this?” Jonathan asked Lucy, his whole body trembling with nerves as though he had to get up in front of his entire school and give a speech.

“The plan’s quite simple,” said the young redhead, smiling wickedly, “we have all day to do whatever we want to with you.”

“Okay,” he said, “but before any of that, we have to close all the curtains in the house and double-bolt all the doors – don’t want anyone peeking or accidentally coming in.”

“Right, come on girls, you heard him!” Anna said, up like a flash, obviously unable to wait for the fun to begin.

The four girls scampered around the house pulling down blinds and drawing curtains on both floors, and the snap of the bolts was heard as the front and back doors and the French windows were locked. As they did so, they all grabbed beers from the kitchen and started drinking.

Jonathan wandered around making sure everywhere was closed off to the outside. As he did so, he watched the girls – Anna, the brash blonde flaunting her figure as much as possible; Penny with her smouldering good looks who walked up behind him and patted his behind cheekily, her serious expression cracking into a sweet grin as she raised her eyebrows in mischievous reference to what they’d be doing together some time soon; Lucy, who had an air of confidence about her that came from having already had her wicked way with him, a fact which had gone into her apparent role as group leader; and finally sweet little Francesca, who shied away from his gaze and blushed at his attention, her curves hidden beneath fairly baggy clothing.

He acted calmly, taking deep breaths as he strolled around the two floors of the house, but deep inside, his heart was fluttering like the wings of a butterfly: he felt as though it was Christmas morning. He grabbed his own beer before heading back to the living room, but noticed that the four girls had already got through a number of cans: there were empties in the bin. Jonathan thought it would be best if he didn’t drink too much – his friends had told a number of funny stories about guys they knew getting ‘brewer’s droop’, and it was something Jonny could do without in front of four giggly schoolgirls.

“All set!” Anna called, and the four girls all returned to the living room armchair and couch.

Jonathan sank down in the armchair next to Lucy and opposite the couch that supported her three friends. He’d never been in the company of so many girls of his own age group before, and it was slightly intimidating.

“So,” he said, his voice portraying complete composure, “what do you want me to do?”

Lucy was the first to speak, though it seemed as though Anna was going to try and put in a word first. The blonde deferred to the redhead, however, showing where the power in this group lay. Lucy lived here, it was Lucy’s choice to share the son of her mother’s new fiancé with her school friends and it was Lucy who already had the key to Jonathan’s sexuality: so Lucy was very much in charge.

“Okay,” she said, as though she were Solomon passing judgement, “here’s how it’s going to work…” all eyes were on her as she announced: “we’re all going to take turns. When it is your turn, you can ask anyone here a question – any question – and they have to answer. Then you can tell someone to do something – and they have to do it. Got it?”

Lucy looked around the group: the three other girls and Jonathan quietly nodded. Jonathan felt his heart quiver again at the realisation that most of them would probably be demanding he do something or other.

“Okay,” said the young redhead, “a couple of ground rules: you can tell someone to take off an article of clothing, but not all of them – each article is one demand – and you can’t tell anyone to take off something that is obstructed by another piece of clothing. You cannot tell someone to do anything with you – it has to be something on either themselves or someone else. Oh, and finally, you can either ask a question first or make your demand before you ask your question – it’s up to you. Everyone understand?”

They all nodded, and Jonathan felt an involuntary shiver shoot down his spine.

“Right,” said Lucy, “then we’ll start to my left: Penny.”


Penny smiled at Jonathan, then took a quick glance around the group, her dark eyes seeking out her friends and their expectant faces all looking back at her.

“My question is to Jonny,” she said, looking straight at him with clear lust in her eyes. The other girls also focussed on him. He felt himself flush, his face burning as they looked at him and the raven-haired schoolgirl asked him: “do you masturbate?”

There was a quiet giggle from Anna, seemingly as much from the sudden bluntness of her friend’s question than from the possibility that Jonathan would touch himself. Jonathan looked around the room, trying not to blush too obviously. Hell, there was no point being shy in this situation.

“Yes,” he replied simply. He knew for a fact that Lucy masturbated – he had caught her touching herself when she had crept into his room. So where was the shame in the fact that he relieved himself every now and then?

The girls all smiled at each other and giggled, and Penny asked: “how often?”

“No, no, no…” Lucy wagged her finger at her friend, “you only get one question – that’s the rule.”

“Oh, but he hardly said anything,” the black-haired girl whined.

“Then you’ll have to ask a more leading question next time, won’t you? Go on, make your demand.”

Penny pouted and folded her arms. “Take off your shirt, Jonny,” she said, and sat back against the back of the couch.

Jonathan unbuttoned his shirt slowly, feeling their eyes on him every bit of the way, then pulled it off and dropped it behind him. Anna let out a quiet wolf whistle, and the others let out little noises of admiration or excitement. He felt the cool breeze on his bare shoulders and wished he had put on more clothes. With four of them against him, he’d be naked before the end of the round. He was a little annoyed that he hadn’t even put on socks – that was two items he was down by already.

Anna’s turn. The blonde took a swig of beer, then leaned forwards, perching her behind on the edge of the couch. “I want Jonny to kiss Penny on the lips,” she said, surprising everyone a little, even though it was a logical question for someone as bouncey as Anna to ask. “Go on, cheer her up after you disappointed her,” Anna grinned and sat back, showing him more than a little of her black underwear under that short skirt.

Jonny swallowed a mouthful of beer before getting up, a burst of adrenaline swamping his bloodstream. He looked briefly at Lucy, who raised her eyebrows in a silent order for him to comply with Anna’s demand, and he nodded and sank down to his knees in front of the little dark-haired beauty. He looked her straight in the eye, fire burning between their stares, and leaned forwards towards her mouth. She met him halfway, leaning into him, and their soft lips met, Jonny’s hands reaching gently behind her head to pull her to his kiss. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was a good start. Penny had a sweet fragrance, and was so very warm against him. It was a shame to break up, but as Lucy and Anna whooped at the first intimate moment, it wasn’t time for lingering yet.

“My question,” Anna reminded them as Jonny returned to his seat and Penny looked at him with wonder in her eyes.

“Go on,” Lucy said, acting out her role as umpire.

“Jonny,” the blonde gave him a fiendish grin that made him dread what was coming, “how would you feel if I told you all four of us are on the pill now just so we can fool around with you?”

Lucy and Penny chuckled as Jonathan looked at them all, his eyes wide in surprise. Looking over at Francesca, the petite blonde was flushed quite scarlet, which was as good a confirmation that Anna spoke the truth that he needed. What a day this was going to be.

“Go on,” said Lucy sipping from her can, “answer the question.”

How did he feel? His penis was immensely hard – he was glad to be wearing jeans that covered it up a little. “Uh…” he said and Anna and Penny looked at each other and giggled. “Uh…excited…I guess…”

Francesca’s turn: the shy blonde fiddled with the end of her ponytail, her eyes nervously flicking up to glance at Lucy or Jonny as she thought out what she was going to do. She blushed again, and said, “I want to ask Lucy whether she’s ever had an orgasm.”

Francesca’s voice was quiet, soft and a clear soprano, she sounded a little like a mouse might if it could talk. Jonathan found her completely bewitching, but as she sat back, hoping that everyone’s attention would now switch to Lucy, she seemed a little horrified that Jonny was still looking at her.

“Of course,” said Lucy, and much to Francesca’s relief, everyone looked at her and laughed and the attention was very much on the redhead. “Jonny’s given me absolutely loads,” the host of the occasion smiled at Jonathan as the girls all cheered and giggled. “Frannie, make your demand,” she reminded her shy friend.

“Okay,” Francesca said, “I want Anna to take off her skirt – she’s obviously dying to show Jonny her underwear already.”

The girls all shrieked with laughter except Anna, who for once seemed a little taken aback. “Hey,” she said, “you can’t do that…”

Francesca was quietly smirking at her bold friend. Jonny couldn’t help but laugh – the shy blonde certainly had a sharp edge of wit in her. Anna feigned timidity as she stood up and slipped her short skirt down her thighs and over her knees to reveal her black cotton panties that were fairly plain and simple, but nevertheless made Jonny’s heart rate soar.

The blonde sat back down and crossed her legs to attempt to regain a little dignity, but she was obviously loving every moment of showing off her undoubtedly fine figure, as Jonathan could tell from meeting her gaze.

“Jonny, your go,” Lucy announced.

“Oh,” he said, for some reason having assumed he would be left out of having turns, to be an object for the girls to use. “Oh, right…uh…I’ll ask…uh…Penny…how many people have you ever slept with?” he flushed a little again, and was a little irritated with himself that he did. That would do no good if he kept doing it.

“You’ll be my second, hopefully,” the intelligent dark-haired girl beamed as her friends chuckled. Jonathan felt an explosion of heat within his stomach. It really was going to happen. These girls all really wanted to use him completely – it was unbelievable.

He took a deep breath and tried to deal with his intense feelings. “Okay,” he said, “I want Lucy to take her top off.” He felt safest asking Lucy to do something, and no one objected. The young redhead peeled off her t-shirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Was this all part of her plan? It certainly seemed to break the icy atmosphere in there as she casually tossed her t-shirt over her shoulder and did nothing to conceal the soft swells of her breasts nor the stiff little pink peaks.

Jonathan felt his cock pressing against his unforgiving jeans as the daughter of his father’s new fiancée smiled at him and relaxed back in her chair, her sweet teenage cleavage fully on show.

“My turn,” said the topless redhead as though she were about to start some kind of Machiavellian conspiracy. “I want to know if the thought of making love to Jonny makes Frannie wet between her legs.”

The room fell silent after a horrified gasp from Francesca. Jonathan felt his ears burn – Lucy must have picked up some kind of body language between the shy blonde and himself and was now stirring away. He looked at the redhead and gave her a mock grimace, which she responded to with a quiet wink, as though telling him that she could read him like a book.

“Go on Frannie,” Anna nudged her friend, “answer.”

The blonde looked straight down at the beer can she clutched, hiding away from the watching eyes.

“Come on Frannie,” Lucy said softly, trying to pull her friend out of her shell, “we’re all in this together now. None of this goes beyond the walls of this house: no one else’ll know about it.”

The blonde looked up at Lucy and nodded quietly. “Okay,” she said, “I’ll answer.”

Jonathan gulped, and put his hands together over his mouth as a kind of protective measure. Why did he feel this way about this sweet little blonde? It was more than how he had felt about Lucy, it actually altered his metabolism just to look at her. He reached down, picked up his nearly empty beer can and finished it off.

Francesca took a deep breath, holding her knees together as though she were a nun at a Chippendales show, and said: “yes, it does make me wet between my legs to imagine making love to Jonny. Very wet.”


Francesca looked at Jonny and blushed again, deeper than before, and there was a slight uncertainty to her expression as though she was wondering if she had gone too far. This time, however, though she covered her mouth with her hand nervously, she stuck her ground and didn’t shy away from his eyes. Jonny smiled at her, and she smiled back, melting his insides.

“Now I want to find out what Jonny thought of that,” Lucy said. “Jonny, take off your jeans.”

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