tagMind ControlThe New Principal Ch. 09

The New Principal Ch. 09



Before I went to sleep, I closed up the creepy cam room, sliding the bookshelf back in place and reengaging the latch. I stepped back and took a look. It really was pretty nicely done. I found it because I was going through the books. I supposed if you weren't poking around like that, the opening would be hard to spot.

Trying to figure out who put it there and why, that was a mental task for another day. There were other things to try and figure out, too, but nothing more today. I felt that energetic post-orgasm rush that I had been feeling lately, but I knew I needed to get to sleep or I was going to be useless the next day.

The bathroom had a very nice and very large clawfoot bathtub. That would be wonderful for a long soak when I had the time, but for now, a quick shower and to bed.

Maybe it was the long bizarre day, or maybe the intensity of the orgasms, but the bed was absolutely heavenly. I was unconscious nearly as soon as my head hit the pillows.

Unconscious, and into an incredibly deep sleep.

And then there was the dream.

I didn't remember my dreams very often before that night. I used to keep a dream journal next to my bed, so I could write down what I remembered as soon as I woke up. I ended up with a few pages of your standard dream weirdness: falling from the sky, showing up to class for an exam I had forgotten about, having to give a presentation only to realize that I forgot to put on pants, and all the rest. I had an ex-girlfriend who tried to analyze them and tell me me deep understandings of my character because I had a dream about loosing my teeth or whatever. It was bunk, but she thought it was deep.

I had plenty of erotic dreams too, of course, but those I could never remember well enough to write anything down. I just had vague images of bodies and touching, and then of course a raging hardon as I woke up.

I never remembered a dream as clearly as I did that first night in The Green House.

The first thing I remember of the dream was of being trapped. I was aware, and I could open my eyes, but I couldn't see anything. I could feel something touching every inch of my body. It wasn't crushing or pinching, but I could feel a light compression everywhere. I had control over my arms and legs, but when I tried to move them, the muscles tensed, but there wasn't any movement. Whatever surrounded me held me fast. It was incredibly claustrophobic. I started to think about my breathing. Was I getting enough air? If I was trapped in some kind of solid shell, would I pass out? Panicking won't help. I tried to slow my breathing down and calm my pulse.

As I forced myself to calm down and breathe more slowly, I became aware of a sound, from far away. It was like a pulsing hum, coming in waves. I focused in on it to see if I could tell what it was or where it was. It seemed to be coming from in front of me, but it didn't change in tempo or volume. It was a warm throbbing hum, and the more I listened to it, the calmer I felt, and the slower I breathed.

But something started to feel wrong, like I was falling asleep in my dream, and for whatever reason, I knew I needed to stay awake. The humming didn't change, but it seemed more insistent, more active somehow.

I started to panic again. I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew I needed to change the situation. I needed to move, to be an active agent in my body. I strained the muscles in my legs, then in my arms, forcing against whatever was pressing in on me. I visualized myself shattering whatever was surrounding me, redoubling my efforts with every part of my body.

Only after struggling for a while did I notice that the humming had changed in a major way. It was much louder, and was throbbing faster, more urgently.

I didn't stop pushing against whatever was containing me, but I also listened to the hum. When it throbbed, I pushed harder. The throbbing became more insistent, almost angry. It was a driving beat now, and I realized that I felt more powerful as I followed it. I tuned my body's movement to the sound, and I started to feel some movement. My back ached and I was able to move my hips ever so slightly. I tried to focus in on the hum even more, and I felt the source of the hum move. It had been coming from in front of me, but now it was moving closer.

I felt and heard the hum move closer, moving directly toward my face. I didn't stop moving, I was able to push back with my legs a little bit now, and I was definitely able to feel my hips moving against whatever was constraining me.

Then the hum seemed to move through my face into my mind.

The world exploded.

The shell that I had been trapped in suddenly seemed no more substantial than a cobweb. It disintegrated as I pushed against it. Every sense was overwhelmed with brilliant whirling sensation. My ears rang with the hum, now inside me. My vision flashed nearly blind with the shock of colors and brightness. I was still moving my hips, no, thrusting my hips. I could feel that the thrusting, the movement that had broken the shell was sexual. I was thrusting. I was fucking.

My awareness came back in bits and pieces. I was on my back, but I was fucking. I was thrusting into someone. The sensation in my cock was almost painful. I could feel my cock sliding into someone. Who was she? I felt huge. I felt massive and powerful, pushing into her, harder than I'd ever felt before. She was so incredibly wet, so slippery, but the friction was catching. She was tight around me, and spasmodically clenching me. Was she cumming? I could feel her, but I couldn't feel me entire body.

I couldn't understand why I couldn't see her, but then my other senses started firing. Now I could smell musky arousal thick around me. The smell was rich and heavy like a humid day. I could feel sweat. I could almost feel the smell soaking into my skin. It seemed like the sweat was perfumed with her scent, the scent of her lust. But there was something else.

The next sense that popped was taste. Her juices. I was tasting pussy. Like the scent that surrounded us, the taste was thick and rich.

But then right as I started to taste her, the sensory world rushed in again. I heard an ocean wave in my ears face out like I was coming out of a shower. And there we were, the three of us. Three.

I was pounding up into someone, I still couldn't see her, but now that my ears were clear, I could hear her chanting, "uhg, uhg, uhg," as I pushed into her. I could feel her legs kneeling around my hips, squeezing as she came down on top of me. She was working herself up and down as I fucked up into her. Her weight felt wonderful as she bounced down on me.

But the shock was that I could see and feel and smell and taste and hear another woman. She was perched on my face, and for a brief minute she lifted herself up from my mouth. She had dark skin, like a deep mahogany. She was skinny, almost too skinny. Her thin legs came around the side of my head and trapped me there. Between them lay a fantasy for the senses. She had her pubic hair trimmed close and neat, but not completely shaved. Her engorged labia hung down, just begging to be nibbled on, and in the center, her bright pinkness shone out, calling me to dive back in. There was a sheen of desire coating everything. I realized my mouth was covered in her juices, and there was more dripping down on me. Just simply perfect.

Before I grabbed onto her hips and manhandled her back down onto my face, I looked further up to see who exactly I was eating out. Above two small and very perky breasts, I only got a quick glimpse of her face. I didn't recognize her at all, but her image was perfectly clear, not like people usually are in dreams.

She was recovering from the effects of how I must have been eating her moments ago. Her mouth was open, and her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders, nearly brushing her tits. Right as I pulled her down back onto my mouth, I saw two hands, milky white stark against her skin, reach around and grab hard onto her breasts. She squealed and laughed in delight as she leaned back into the other woman who was dancing on my cock.

She was distracted by being molested by the other woman, so she perhaps wasn't ready for my attack from below. I couldn't help but go right after those beautiful labia, licking and nipping at them with my lips, avoiding her clit for now. Her laughter changed to long staccato gasps as the two of us, me and whoever was riding my cock, started to work her over. I licked deep into her, and it seemed like I was hitting the right parts, because she was squeezing my head harder with her thighs, and I heard the gasps turn into something close to but not quite words.

"yheea, yheea, mmhuh, mmmmmm, yha, yha, yhas."

I reached up to try and find her tits so I could grab on, and give her more sensations to deal with, but I found our partner's hands were still there. We both started working on her, pinching and pulling on her tiny nipples, and this was clearly what she needed.

"ohghod. Yes, harder. Yhea, more..."

She was flowing all over me. Those delicious juices were all over my mouth and running down my neck. I decided to see how sensitive her clit was. I flicked my tongue closer and closer, around her lips and up toward the top of her pussy. She was groaning in desire now, rocking her hips and trying to get more contact on my tongue, my chin, my nose, anything. She was just rocking for any friction at all.

I grabbed onto her hips to try to stabilize her and she stopped rocking on me, sensing what was to come. Very lightly I ran my tongue slowly up her crease, caressing her labia, and then ever so gently across her clit. She twitched hard, but settled back onto me.

I heard a voice behind her. "Oh, yeah, you're gonna love this, darlin'." The body pistoning on my cock had slowed to a lethargic rolling as she focused on our partner's joy.

Again, a very light bush over her clit, and another twitch.

I licked over her mound again, and there was a growl of frustration.

I little firmer now, again licking up from the bottom of her lips so she could anticipate the inevitable move toward that most sensitive nub.'

I looked up again. She had arched her back so hard that all I could see was her belly and those pale hands twisting and squeezing away. My hands gripped hard on her hips.

She moaned. "Fuhk, fuhk, more, gimme more..."

I held back still, my tongue lightly dancing around the edges of her pussy, pulling at her lips, occasionally licking deep into her, then only lightly brushing up against her clit.

Her groans grew more frustrated, almost angry.

"C'mon, c'mon, fuck, I'm right there I'm right there, c'mon, c'mon give it to me."

After holding back as long as I could, I gave in and started to work on her with a purpose. I went to her clit and licked a circle around it firmly as I pulled her down harder into me.

That was all she needed, and she immediately rocked back again into the other woman's welcome arms. She cried out in a long shaky moan. But I wasn't going to let her off so easily. I latched onto her clit and started working it back and forth, rolling my tongue and sucking it and enjoying all the spasms, juice, and moans that she settled down on me.

After a good long meal, I felt two hands come down on my head. She grabbed me by the hair and said, "okokokokok... thasgood...thasgood... I'm too much... okokok...stopstopstop..."

I pulled back and felt her relax. Then I gave her one more good lick from bottom to top, with a hard kiss right on the core of the passion that was rolling through her body. She yelped out and slid off me, over my head and onto the bed.

I still didn't know who she was.

As soon as she was off me though, I saw that I did recognize who it was that had been riding my cock. It was Kimberly, and she had picked her pace back up, now that the other woman was quietly mewling over to one side and no longer a distraction.

She was glorious. That beautiful body that I had seen last night, no matter how good the camera, was no substitution for this woman in front of me. Her eyes were closed in extasy and her hands were raised high, playing with and pulling her hair. I had forgotten how much hair she had. Her ringlet curls were everywhere. It almost seemed like her hair was floating in a crimson halo around her head as she ran her fingers though it.

Her heavy breasts would never sag, but they bounced everywhere as she pushed herself down hard on my cock. I noticed that, up close, I could see she had freckles everywhere. All over her shoulders and in a generous spray above her tits. I could see them clearly down her arms as she put her hands down on my chest do she could leverage herself harder on me.

I looked at her face closely. Her eyes were still closed tight in concentration. It was wonderful to see her face, so adorable, now strained with passion, brows furrowed, mouth hanging open as she gasped for breath. It was like I wasn't even there, and this was just another masturbation session for the camera.

But then she opened those big beautiful green eyes, and I saw them flash brighter that I'd ever seem before.

Right as I looked her in the eye she broke through and came in a shuddering earthquake. I felt her wetness spill over me in a gush. Her entire body shook, doing wonderful things to the bouncing of her tits.

But through all of this, our eyes never broke contact.

She didn't yell out, or moan, or say anything. She just shuddered at stared me in the eye.

Then is wasn't her. It was another woman. Tall and severe, still on my cock, still recovering from an orgasm, but then it was a voluptuous blonde with massive breasts. She looked at me with sparkling blue eyes, but then the eyes were brown, and it was the girl I had been eating out just minutes ago, now sitting on my cock with lust in her eyes. An Asian woman, a short white schoolgirl, a cougar with streaks of grey in her short bobbed hair. Then Tess, and the Frankie. Even Melanie with that streak in her hair.

It seemed like this shifting went on for hours. I felt the pressure on my cock change with each new woman, and I stayed rock-hard through it all. A parade of tits, faces, bodies went through, each speared on my penis, and looking for all life like they had just had the biggest orgasm of their life.

Finally, for a brief moment, Kimberly was back. The personality came back into her face. She smiled and laughed out loud in crystal pure joy. Then she hopped off of my cock, and kneeled down to take me in her mouth.

"We're all waiting for you. You know that, right? Oh, you don't know, do you? You don't even know what you're doing to us. I can't wait to see what you do here."

Then she dove down, taking my cock all the way into her mouth. I was impossibly big now and there was no way she could fit it all in her mouth, but she did. She kept eyes locked on me and smiled. Then she winked.

And then I came like a geyser.

It took two or three buzzes before I was completely brought to reality.

It had been so vivid, and I remembered it all, but it all felt very foreign, like it had happened to someone else. What a wild dream. That cam show must have really got my motor running. At least it wasn't a wet dream, but I my morning wood was standing out proud.

Another buzz of the doorbell.

In my embarrassment, I was about to rush downstairs in my boxers, but I remembered what that nameless lawyer woman said about the conservative nature of the town. Just because Kimberly got off like a banshee in heat on a webcam didn't mean appearances weren't to be upheld, and I was going to need her on my side to get anything done. Also, I was going to need briefs, or else everyone was going to see how aroused I was.

I slipped on a pair of pajama pants, a t-shirt, and the robe I picked out from the Old Crusty Dude area in the department store. I even took the time to fish out a pair of slippers. As I passed the mirror on the way out of the bedroom, I noted that I looked like a massive douchebag. But it was at least a respectable douchebag, if you were into the snobby uptight scene. And if you weren't looking, you probably could tell I was sporting wood.

I got to the door right before Kimberly rang a fourth time. I'm sure she had heard me shuffling around and cursing from the window. I ushered her in with as much grace as I could muster.

"I'm so very sorry. I'm afraid I'm still not quite in this time zone, and I didn't get to bed until later than I had hoped last night."

At least I knew that she didn't get much more sleep than I did. That thought made me smile. But that was a mistake. As soon as I thought about the previous night, and the dream I had just been pulled out of, my mind went directly to my memory of the woman in front of me, but she was nude. One hand pinching hard on the nipples atop those incredible boobs and the other a blur, working her clit with a passion, her hair a tangle of ringlets splayed across her face and chest...

I shook myself out of my reverie.

"I hope the bed is okay. I got the high thread count sheets, but I went with a rather firm mattress, I know some people prefer softer, but..."

She went on for a bit about the choices she made in outfitting the house. I was still not entirely awake, so while she spoke, I brought us into the kitchen and made us some tea. I tried to take in more about her. The way she was dressed reinforced the mood I was told to expect.

Her hair was up again, tied tightly in a large loose bun, but there was still too much hair to be held together there, so there were tight-curled strands coming out that flowed over her shoulders. I'm not sure if it was a deliberate look or her just trying to be practical, but the effect was stunning. She was wearing a pretty shapeless thick grey wool suit jacket with a white blouse and a black slightly frilly neckerchief. Her skirt was the one thing she was wearing that had any possible concession to flattering the incredible body hidden underneath. It was long, nearly to the tops of her sensible dark flats, but it was just a touch tighter than it had to be, and that gave wonderful definition to her ass.

I had a brief flash of curiosity about her freckles. Now, looking at her in the light of day, I could only see a few across the bridge of her nose, but even they looked lighter. Maybe makeup? But all the rest were hidden by her very conservative clothes. I wonder if my dream vision of her was accurate. Aha! There were some on the back of her hands too. Very light though. Did people wear makeup no their hands?

"No, no, the bed was wonderful. Exactly to my tastes. You really did a wonderful job. I only saw all the detail of all the work you put in until after you left. Thank you very much."

As I complimented her, I saw her sit up straighter and I wasn't sure, but it seemed like the reaction on her face wasn't positive. Maybe she didn't like compliments? This was going to be difficult. I set the tea out for her.

"Have you had breakfast?"

She nodded quickly, but took the teacup and sipped.

"Ah, well, naturally. You have been much more on top of things this morning that I have been. Would you mind if I made a little something for myself? I would really appreciate it if you could give me a rundown of the school and the things that need to be taken care of first. You could give me the details while I throw something together. Would that be okay?"

This wasn't how she wanted this day to begin, but she tried to hide her irritation. She wasn't entirely successful.

"That would be fine, let me get my laptop." She sat down on one of the stools at the little kitchen island and pulled her laptop out of her black leather bag. She booted up and started pulling up some programs.

It was the same laptop she had slapped shut in post-orgasmic bliss last night. I wondered what smutty videos she must have on that very same hard drive... With an effort, I shut out that thought and spun around to start making breakfast.

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