The New Raw GM


AJ had just finishes her first week as the new RAW GM

She had consulted Shawn Michael and Bret Hart, both who seemed amused that this small in stature newcomer was calling the shots. Michaels had asked her to show some pity to his former student. So Daniel Bryan had been sent to Smackdown. Bret had requested that the storyline with Natalia farting be ended.

Mr. McMahon had two directives: keep the ratings high and do nothing on the air that can hurt his wife's Senate chances.

But he said nothing about in private.

After the show she summoned Eve Torres to her office.

Eve was nervous, she had antagonized many in the locker room including Cena and Punk.

"Look AJ...

"Know your role and shut your mouth, "AJ responded channeling the Rock

"That's better, why shouldn't I fire you? " AJ asked.

"I need the job, "Eve pleaded. "Let me go to SD."

"Now why would I let a manipulator like you con Teddy Long? Despite his shortcoming as a man Daniel can offer 5 Star matches you can't. How much do you want to stay in the WWE?

"What do you mean?"

"You are a bitch Eve! So I've decided to make you my bitch!


"On your knees," her tormentor ordered.

Her former adversary obeyed.

AJ smirked, "I've decided to renew a Raw tradition, "The Kiss my Ass Club. " The beautiful diminutive diva removed her clothes.


"Either lose the job or pucker up."

"Yes AJ", a humiliated Eve kissed the new GM's posterior..

"I think Mistress is how I should be addressed by you slut. Now Strip!"

Eve removed her clothes

"Now bend over," AJ took some leather cuffs and secured the larger woman wrists behind her. "Now count ", as she began spanking.

"Yes Mistress."

"There are advantages to being crazy, " AJ flipped her helpless victim over and began kissing her while playing with her pussy. "You're wet cunt. You are enjoying this.

"Yes Mistress."


Eve has been retied to the table and AJ mounted her with her snatch over the Diva's face.

"You have made a career sucking up to those In power, haven't you.?"

Eve nodded.

"So now" ,AJ smiled." Suck my power pussy as she sat on her face."

Eve went to work.

"That's it you cunt! You are getting what you deserve. But I am getting what I want now make me cum!

Eve continued her ministrations for several minutes before squirted over her face.

"Never let is be said that there are no benefits on Raw." As she stuck worked her tongue on Eve's clit.

"Oh mistress." Eve caught herself she was enjoying being AJ Slave!

"That right" AJ said reading her mind. "This is your proper place as my toy."

"AJ picked up a whip, "Now for some pain." The crazy GM whipped her enemy all over her body

"Please Mistress."

"You can't take the pain," AJ sneered . "We do more in the ring every match."

"Its making me hot."

"That's the idea, , you want to be a fuck toy?"

"Please let me go, I've learned my lesson."

AJ laughed, "That's only part of it Eve"; as she wrapped the whip around her throat. "It's about power and domination. I am addicted to it."


Blindfolded and tied up in the air helpless, Eve was terrified. AJ was crazy but she was now in control of her. Eve could imagine being turned on by a wimp like her. But the mental torments that Bryan and she had committed, made the RAW GM snap. Bryan was safe on Smackdown but she was not.

"The sound of boots alerted her to her Mistress return He head was grabbed and something long and rubber was stuck in her mouth. A strap on!

AJ ripped off the mask. "Suck it bitch." Dressed in dominatrix gear, AJ was making it clear, she was Eve's Mistress and not just for tonight.

Eve tried to resist but AJ has her where she wanted her.

"You are my fuck slut!" she snarled

"Spreading her large foe's leg, AJ began fucking her.

"Say you like it!"

"I like it Mistress. "

AJ pumped her hard, relishing the domination." Say you're my slut Eve!"

"I am your slut Mistress AJ."

AJ finally withdrew, "Now clean it."

The broken Eve obeyed.

"Than AJ went to her pussy, "You are going to satisfy me tonight."

After several organisms, Eve was lowered and kissed her Mistress feet.

"You need to get your rest, "AJ told her slave. "I am keeping you employed here. Not just as my sex slave but you are main eventing on next week show."

To be continued...

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