tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe New Raw GM Ch. 02

The New Raw GM Ch. 02


The announcer spoke "The Raw GM AJ!"

She skipped to the ring as the crowd chanted "Yes yes yes!"

AJ grabbed the mic, "Tonight we will have two new matches never seen before. The first will have John Cena, Randy Orton and the world champion CM Punk in a Triple Threat Ironman match."

The crowd cheered louder.

"In the second Eve Torres." The crowd booed. "And a mystery opponent in a Last woman standing match."


Eve was a nervous wreck. The whip marks had faded but not her mental state. She had been used by AJ and she had been turned on by it. What was next who was she going to face? Kharma, Beth Phoenix, hell AJ might bring in Chyna to beat her up.


Lillian Garcia took over the ring announcing, "This is a last woman standing match. The woman who can not make a 10 count will be declared the loser. First Eve Torres."

Eve came down to a chorus of boos.

"No music," the King noted

"Part of AJ's payback, "Cole mused. If he only knew.

"And her opponent, AJ!"

Torres was shocked, "Did that witch think in a fair one on one she could beat her?"

AJ took the mic, "Anyone who interferes gets fired!"

Eve grabbed the mic, "You just signed your death warrant."

AJ whispered, "You are still my bitch." Then elbowed her in the head. AJ attacked her ribs with her educated feet. But a shining wizard missed and Eve retaliated with a low blow.

As the crowd booed, "We'll see who the bitch." Eve than laid out AJ with a brain buster.

The count went to 7 before AJ got to her feet and was met with a lariat.

Smiling Eve mounted the top turnbuckle and posed. She set her body for her trademark moonsault.

Which AJ has been waiting for and lifted her knees at the last second.

As Eve staggered, like a female viper; AJ scored with an RKO. She could have won right there but she decided to play,. And broke the count several time. Finally Eve got to her and was hit by the Codebreak knocking her complete out. The count was academic

"The winner of the match AJ!"

"AJ showing she is going to be a hands on GM."

"You better watch out, Michael." Lawler warned, "AJ remembers your cracks."

"We are off," The production assistant said.

"Great work tonight, "AJ said.

'"What about Eve?" asked the ref.AJ looked down, "I'll wait till she wakes up. You can all go."


After the last person left, AJ slapped Eve, "Wake up slut!"

"Yes AJ."

She pinched her nipples, "Yes Mistress. I proved I am your superior tonight,"

"Yes Mistress."

"Now we are going to reenact a wrestling classic."


The GM hit her with a Cold Stone Stunner, than dragged her dazed slave and locked her in the ring ropes. "Where the heel traps her foe in the ropes and humiliates her." Ripping off Eve's clothes, she than took her own off. Then stuck her ass in her slaves face. "Lick!"

Once again Eve served her Mistress, finally being allowed to breath.

"I hate you."

"You hate that I am your conqueror," she corrected kissing her slut.

"What are you going to do with me.

"I have a toy I want to use,' her Mistress replied producing a vibrator

Eve resigned herself to her shame but as the same time was getting hot as AJ began playing with her pussy .

"Oh Mistress."

Then balancing on the third ropes, "Eat me."

Eve gave in and eagerly served her Mistress.

"That's it, make me cum!"

Both woman had a mind shattering organism.

"Thank you Mistress, "Eve said honestly.

"I have a gift for you, " AJ produced a collar.

Eve cried in horror.

As AJ fastened it on her," You are now my permanent bitch slave."

In a totally broken tone, Eve lowered her head ins servitude, "I am yours Mistress."

To be continued

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