tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 23

The New Slave Ch. 23


Chapter 23, A Medical Touch

The Mistress told her bodyguards to move Ross to the infirmary where they could clean him and ‘treat’ him for his injuries. The night was young and the Mistress was more than aroused at having seen Ross perform. She was now going to take her turn with him. And hopefully he would be able to successfully perform to her satisfaction. Having seen Darcy ‘pop’ his cock, she wasn’t sure he would be able to satisfy anyone. There had been a copious amount of his cum flowing freely from Darcy, but that didn’t mean he would be able to do it again. The bodyguards put Ross into wrist and ankle restraints and took him from the room. Darcy was scooped up by the female slaves and taken away, still shocky looking and dazed. The female slaves reported later on the steady flow of cum out of Darcy’s rear end.

The women in the audience had gone wild. Some were yelling and cheering, having seen Darcy finally defeated. Others were openly hostile after seeing their champion defiled in such a filthy manner. They were furious. In their minds, there was no way that a lowly male slave could defeat the great Darcy. They were furious. Each of them agreed that Ross would receive a payback, one way or another. They were sure of that. One way or another, they would see him again and show him the error of his ways. They were already planning on that show. He would learn the hard way.

All of them were aroused at one level or another. Some were so sexually alive that they were already playing with each other or making the arrangements to take a male slave immediately. Others had reached a sexual peak only to have it dashed as Ross defeated Darcy. The room was alive. There were still more male slaves to be viewed and played with, but for now, they were all talking about what had just happened. Some of the women immediately left the arena, going off to private rooms where a male was already tied to a bed, just for their pleasure.

Silently, in the shadows of the arena was Morgan. She had come back into the room as soon as the two women finished ‘prepping’ Ross and Darcy. She watched the entire show and found herself more aroused than before. She couldn’t wait and was beginning to feel the first of several orgasms, as her hand moved beneath the long gown she wore. She had worried when Darcy began to torture Ross, and feared that she had hurt him very badly. But having watched the power that Ross exerted over Darcy when he took her, made her climax within moments. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his cock as it slid in between Darcy’s smooth skinned thighs. It had been more exhilarating than anything she ever experienced. She too was one of the women that night that had future plans for Ross.

The bodyguards took Ross to a room that had been specially outfitted with medical supplies, much like an emergency room. They referred to it as the infirmary, only because they used the room to treat injuries. Due to the nature of the Mistress’ parties, there were quite a few injuries. Some of the injuries were to female partygoers, normally very minor, usually from being over zealous or overly excited from a male slave. The vast majority of the injuries were to male slaves that had been injured during rough sex. Because of this, the Mistress had a nurse that attended the parties, almost like a lawyer being on retainer. The nurse was a friend of the Mistress, and after knowing each other for several years; it was obvious that the nurse would fit rather well into the sexual activities. The Mistress allowed her to partake of whatever she wanted, in lieu of services rendered. The nurse was a very sexual creature, enjoying herself whenever she felt the desire. Being a trauma nurse, she could pretty well handle any injury that occurred during one of the parties. Lori was very attractive and in her mid 30’s. She was dressed similar to the other guests, and easily fit into the sexually raucous crowd. Most there knew nothing of her purpose.

Lori had been a trauma nurse the majority of her nursing career. Since the laws had changed, her on-duty nursing consisted of almost all females. She missed the raw sexual contact of working on a male. Most injuries were not sexual to the injured slave, but Lori could change that quickly. Here, at the Mistress’ parties, she at least had the chance to ‘treat’ male patients. Usually, the injuries rendered the male unable to have any fun with her. Lori would occasionally see a slave in the arena that intrigued her, and even more rarely one that actually aroused her. She had taken advantage of the Mistress’ generous offer to ‘help herself’ on a few occasions. Tonight, with Ross in the arena, she felt that feeling that she found so elusive.

Because of the occasional need for a nurse, the Mistress thought it only good to have a separate room to take care of the injured. It seemed bad business to let all the guests see the nurse treating an injured male slave on the floor of the arena. When injured, the slave would be removed to the infirmary where he would be treated. There had never been any injuries that the nurse couldn’t handle. With this in mind, the Mistress gave Lori free reign to stock and outfit the infirmary. It was better than most small town emergency rooms.

Besides all the medical supplies and equipment normally found in an emergency treatment room, Lori ordered a gynecological chair. She found that with the nature of the injures she was treating in male victims; this chair gave her the most access and ability to treat the males. Almost all injuries to males were to their genitals. The chair had been slightly modified, having the regular stirrups, but with the ability to be spread further outward. This gave her the ability to move closer into the area she needed to treat. It was not hard to add restraint attachments to the chair. Lori thoroughly enjoyed both the restraints and the adjustable stirrups.

Ross was brought into the room and secured to the chair. He was tired and didn’t mind the chance to lay back and rest. He was already in the chair when the Mistress and Lori entered the infirmary. The chair was built in such a way that the patient was tilted back, reclining, with their legs downward and outstretched. There was a slight rise in the middle, which gently forced the patient’s hips outward, giving them a slightly obscene appearance, fully exposing the area that was most normally injured or damaged. The Mistress and the nurse always found this amusing, if not erotic when they saw the slave secured in the chair.

Ross was restrained at the wrists and ankles to the chair. His wrists were in leather restraints and pulled downward, away from the chair. His legs were in the stirrups, supported at his thighs and calves, both ankles in restraints and locked onto the stirrups. His legs were stretched open, and reclined downward. He looked relaxed and comfortable. The most obvious part of him was his huge ball sack resting between his thighs and his painfully swollen cock, lying on his stomach. Both the Mistress and the nurse were aroused just at the sight. They walked up to him, one on each side of him.

“How do you feel Ross?” the Mistress asked, sincerely concerned. She was more concerned because she knew that she was about to have him perform one more time, in her bedroom. She wanted to make sure that his fleshy toys were still functional.

“I’m pretty sore, but I think I’m ok,” he said, tiredly. His cock and balls didn’t look like they felt ok. Discounting his normal huge size, his cock was swollen and bruised. The head was severely chafed and raw.

“How does your cock feel?” Lori asked him bluntly. She could see the damage inflicted by Darcy. She had some concerns about what she was seeing. Ross was tired and couldn’t see what they saw. Being fully restrained, she could examine him without worrying about his movement. She didn’t want to hurt him any more, but there would be some more pain involved before she was finished. This was the main reason that the chair had restraints, to keep male slaves from fighting or thrashing around while being treated.

“Tell me where you’re hurting,” the nurse asked him.

“My head hurts, but I think it’s ok. I feel pretty numb ….” He said, not finishing the sentence.

“Does your cock hurt? How about your balls,” the nurse asked, beginning to feel around his head and face for any injuries under the skin. Feeling nothing besides some bumps and bruises; she moved her exam to his upper body, checking the areas that she saw Darcy land some powerful kicks. He seemed to be ok there also. The nurse was a very normal woman and was more than interested in examining the parts that also greatly aroused her. She was concerned about injuries or damage, but she also wanted to get a good feel and a look for what had aroused her so greatly for the past hour. His cock and balls. She’d never seen anything like these.

Lori immediately opened a drawer and removed a tube of KY-jelly. Smearing a small amount on her fingertips, she reached down and softly patted Ross’ inner thigh. It was more to reassure him than it was sexual. In the position he was reclining, he was unable to see her hand or anything between his own legs. She moved her hand upward and began to gently massage the thick foreskin and head with her jelly coated fingers. She carefully watched him for any reaction.

“Ross, can you tell me where you’re hurting?” she asked again.

She knew that he wasn’t really hurt anywhere from the waist up. What she was worried about was from his waist down. The swelling at the base of his cock was huge, making him look like he was wearing a fleshy doughnut around the base. The skin was swollen enough that it had actually grown tight and was already dark in color from the blood under the skin surface. He was completely soft, his cock head covered by the swollen foreskin. Darcy had done a number on him.

“Is he ok?” the Mistress asked, watching Lori work on the slave. The Mistress was paying keen attention to Lori’s fingers gently rubbing the slave’s cock head. The Mistress could tell that Lori seemed to be enjoying herself.

“I’m not sure, I need to examine him more. He is pretty swollen,” Lori replied, watching intently as her fingers rubbed and kneaded the head. He wasn’t responding. At one point she slowly inserted her little finger into the mouth of his cock head. Wiggling her finger around caused his cock to flop back and forth. He remained soft.

“If you’d like to play with him, just tell me. I’ll leave the room,” the Mistress said, the anger obvious in her voice.

“I’m not playing with him, this is part of my exam,” Lori told her, a surprised look on her face. “Give me a moment and I’ll explain.” Lori said.

Lori removed her finger from him and went over to a cabinet. She pulled out gauze, a surgical towel and an Ace bandage. She rolled a surgical tray over near Ross and moved in front of him so that she could speak directly to him.

“Ross, I’m going to examine you. It looks like you have some minor injuries ‘down there’ and I need to see if you need one aspirin or two aspirin,” Lori told him laughing. “To adequately examine you, I need for you to just relax and hold still. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied quietly.

“I’m not a mistress, I’m a nurse. I just want to see if you’re injured. I’m not going to hurt you, so try to relax. Ok?” She then placed the folded towel over his eyes and began wrapping the Ace bandage around his head. After several folds, she tightly folded the gauze into a small bundle and placed it in each ear, under the Ace bandage. In essence, she rendered him unable to see or hear what she was doing to him.

“Are you feeling ok?” she asked, leaning down near his face and talking louder.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he told her. Lori stepped back away from the chair and motioned for the Mistress to follow her. They both moved down to Ross’ feet.

“I’m concerned about the swelling in his cock. You saw me playing with him for several minutes and he didn’t respond at all. He’s had enough refractory time and he should be at least showing some sign of arousal. My wet fingers should have at least gotten him to start getting hard, but he didn’t. He’s not feeling anything. That worries me,” Lori replied seriously.

“What does that mean? Is he damaged?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll do some quick tests, but he might have nerve damage in his cock. What the hell got into Darcy? I have never seen her get that rough with a male,” Lori said quietly to the Mistress. They were both standing at the foot of the gyno chair talking closely together.

“You’ve also never seen her beaten before, or fucked in the ass, in front of an audience. I’ve seen her get progressively rougher, but never anything like this. I do think that what happened to her tonight might slow her down a bit. She’s never been beaten, till now. And what Ross did to her… I don’t know how Darcy will be affected.”

“I was close enough to hear the crack when she snapped his cock,” Lori said, looking at the limp flesh between his legs. “In the male anatomy, she either separated his pubic ligament or tore it, maybe just sprained it. I did notice that his cock points downward, which indicates to me that he has been ‘popped’ before. The pubic ligament is the ligament that holds the cock upward, toward a male’s stomach. His has been either stretched or torn in the past. That’s why he points downward.”

“Is that a bad thing, which way you point?” the Mistress asked innocently.

“No, not at all. As a matter of fact, he might owe Darcy for doing him a favor. Normally if the pubic ligament is torn or separated, the male will gain some length in their cock. It’s not held as tightly against the body. That is why I say he’s been popped before. He’s long and he points downward.”

“The ligament connects here and here,” Lori said, running her fingertips across the top of his cock, at the base, indicating where the ligament was.

“Well, he should have shown some sign of arousal. I could be wrong, but he might be just plain spent. Empty. Nothing left in those balls,” Lori said her fingers resting on top of Ross’ ball sack. “I’ve never seen anything this big, he’s swollen huge. If his balls are damaged, I would be able to tell,” Lori told the Mistress.

“Believe me, I saw him yesterday afternoon and he was this big. I don’t think his balls are swollen, I think they’re as normal as they were yesterday,” the Mistress replied. Lori’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

“Well, in that case, I am still worried about his cock. Nerve damage could be permanent. Only time will tell there. Once the swelling goes down, we’ll know for sure. I can tell you this much, Dr Sherry isn’t going to be happy. You might make some points by giving her a full and honest report of what we know.”

“I don’t like the idea of telling her. I’ll end up paying a lot extra if he’s hurt.”

“Well, let’s check and see what we got. I assume that you were going to take him to your room tonight,” Lori asked, a smile spreading across her lips.

“Yes. Will I still be able to?” she asked, seriously.

“Let me check him. Maybe you still can. If he is damaged too much, then you probably won’t be able to. I know several ways to make him.. ‘Enjoyable’ for you.” Lori just smiled, knowing full well what the Mistress had in mind.

Lori went to a cabinet and took out several small gauge needles, still in sterile wrap. The needles were similar in size to those used for diabetic injections. She laid them out on the surgical tray and moved it close to Ross.

“The reason that I blindfolded him and covered his ears, is so that I can test him without him seeing what I’m doing to him. This way, the test is more accurate. I want to see to what extent he has lost feeling,” Lori told the Mistress as she prepared the needles.

Lori took one of the small sterile needles in one hand while cradling his soft swollen cock in her other hand. She placed the tip of the needle at the base of his cock on the side of it and slowly slid it partially into his skin. She watched, as he showed no sign of feeling the needle. She then did the same to the other side with the same result. She then moved half way down his cock and slowly pushed the needle into the soft skin, but did not get any reaction from him.

“Ross have you felt me touching you?” she asked as she leaned down closer to his ear. She was looking at the needle sticking out of his cock.

“No, nothing,” he replied. Lori looked at the Mistress.

Lori then removed the needle and stuck it into the other side of his cock, with the same result. Still firmly holding the fleshy mass in her hand, she gently pulled the foreskin down and held it back. She slowly pushed the needle into the fleshy foreskin. He immediately winced.

“Did you feel that,” she asked as she leaned down closer to his face.

“Yes, I felt something, a burning sensation in my cock,” he told her.

Lori then pulled the needle out. She discarded the needle into a trashcan and picked up another sterile package. Opening it, she pulled out a smaller gauge needle. Holding his cock firmly, she put the needle against the soft plum like head. She quickly jabbed it into him.

“Owww,” he cried out, his body twisting trying to get away from the painful jab. Lori smiled as she pulled the needle out.

“That’s a good sign,” she said, smiling at the Mistress. “It means that he has feeling in the extremity of his cock, but not the base. That indicates to me that it might be temporary. He’s swollen so much in the base, that the nerve endings are literally being squashed inside of him. I think that he’ll be fine, once the swelling goes down. And he seems to have plenty of feeling in his cock, the further you go from the base.”

“That’s good news. I’m won’t have to buy a new slave. Will Doctor Sherry know about this?” she asked, worried about the doctor.

“You might as well tell her. It’s going to be obvious as soon as she sees either the swelling or the bruising. I don’t think there’s any real damage, just temporary.”

“Is he functional, I mean, like tonight?” The Mistress was trying to ask discretely. She didn’t want to appear too obvious.

“Functional? Well, let me put it this way. I think that I can make him partially functional but not fully. In other words, I can get him rock hard, but I doubt that he’ll be able to cum. He probably won’t be feeling much of anything in his cock.”

“He’s cum enough tonight. I would like to enjoy him functioning. If you can do that,” the Mistress said, her smile returning as she planned on what she could do with him.

“I think that I can fix that. Just give me a little more time to check him and get him up to speed, so to speak,” Lori replied, laughing.

“This definitely won’t help his arousal level any, but he needs to get cleaned up, after his ‘intrusion’ into Darcy,” Lori said as she took some rubbing alcohol and poured it onto gauze strips. Ross was still showing no signs of getting hard.

“Try and relax. You seem to be fine but I’m going to clean you up real quick,” Lori said to Ross as she removed the blindfold and gauze from over his ears. “You’re a little bit swollen but nothing that a good fucking won’t cure,” she said laughing. She smoothed back the thick foreskin and applied the alcohol saturated gauze strip. Ross immediately yelped as his butt rose up off of the chair. He could feel the immediate burn in his cock as the rubbing alcohol soaked into the tiny cuts and scratches on his cock.

“Hold still, this will only hurt for a moment,” Lori told him, knowing that it would probably burn for longer than a moment. She continued holding back the foreskin tightly as she gently rubbed the gauze back and forth over his already sensitive cock. For someone that had no feeling, he was feeling a lot. Both legs tensed, jerking upward trying to escape the fire in his cock.

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