The New Slave Ch. 23


“Well, he’s about as clean as he can get. Now let’s see if we can solve your immediate problem,” Lori said to the Mistress with a wink. Lori knew enough about the Mistress to know that intercourse was a must. She also knew that with the Mistress, her biggest preference was a very long, hard cock. If Lori could do what she was thinking, the Mistress would still enjoy her evening with Ross.

“Ross, I’m going to do a quick procedure which should ease some of your discomfort and ‘help’ you out a bit,” she said, heavily emphasizing the word help. “I think that you will find this very stimulating,” she said grinning at him.

Lori went to a cabinet and removed a small plastic case. Opening it, she removed the contents and laid them out on the surgical tray. Rolling it down to Ross’ hips, she quickly prepared the odd assortment of tools. Even the Mistress was watching closely, not knowing what the items were, or what they were used for.

“What is that?” the Mistress asked curiously.

“A TENS unit. It stands for ‘transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation. It’s electrical stimulation. And when I say stimulation, I mean big time stimulation,” Lori said without looking up.

Stepping between his outstretched thighs, Lori moved in closer to Ross. She removed a TENS unit from the tray and lay it on his stomach. She then took a lead line and attached it to an adhesive pad, made for electrical transfer. The other lead line was attached to a highly polished smooth aluminum probe. The nurse had used a TENS unit on a lot of male patients, some for their benefit, and sometimes for her benefit. The TENS unit would conduct an electrical charge from the tip of one lead line, to the tip of the other lead line. Depending on where she hooked the lead lines, she would run an electrical current from point A to point B, the current running between the two points. Everything in between point A and point B would feel the powerful electro stimulation. It would cause increased circulation in his skin, tingling, and powerful muscle contractions. It was the muscle contractions that she was interested in.

“Just relax Ross, I’m going to insert a probe into your cock. This will make it feel a lot better.” 3

She slowly inserted the smooth aluminum probe into the gaping mouth of his cock. She felt some resistance as she pushed it past the first sphincter, just inside the head. Tightly seated inside of him, she let go of that one and prepared the other lead line. She attached the other lead line to the adhesive strip and pushed it up under his ball sack. Situated as it was, she was intending to run an electrical current from the bottom of his balls up through his shaft and into the head. If this didn’t stimulate him, they would have to wait for the swelling to go down. In essence, she was putting the electrical current directly through the nerve endings, forcing them to react.

She then attached both lead lines to the TENS unit.

“Hold on big boy, you’re about to go for a ride,” she said smiling at Ross. Lori loved sex. And more than that, she loved what she could do to males, sexually. Using a TENS unit was one of her favorite ‘medical’ procedures. She turned the TENS unit on and then turned up the frequency and intensity. She watched Ross closely as she adjusted the power, frequency and intensity upward at small intervals.

“Ahh,” Ross gasped out loud, feeling the first twinges of the electrical stimulation. It was as if his cock and balls had just suddenly woken up. His thighs tightened up and jerked somewhat upward, as if trying to pull loose from his restraints.

“I think it’s helping him,” the nurse laughed, pointing to his rock hard stomach muscles. It was obvious that he was feeling the stimulation all the way through his thighs and lower abdomen. She slowly turned the controls up a little, watching with glee as his thigh muscles tightened, his feet arching hard.

“If I keep going up, his nuts will pop, forcing him to cum. He doesn’t have to be hard to cum. I assume that you would prefer him in his clean state, but a little bit harder,” Lori asked the Mistress.

“Ummm, yes. That would be very nice. Is it hurting him?” the Mistress asked.

“No, not really. It’s very intense, but not painful. At least not too much,” she replied, laughing. “As a matter of fact, it’s ‘calming’ down those nerve endings that are injured,” she said watching his cock. They both could easily see that he was quickly thickening and growing longer. She watched him closer as she turned up the TENS unit. He immediately responded, his back arching slightly as his hips thrust outward. His cock was quickly becoming thick and long. A tiny drop of pre-cum appeared at the mouth.

“A little bit more should make him just about right,” Lori said, watching his cock closely. If she went too far he would cum and his arousal level would drop. She wanted him at the edge, but not enough to cum. She turned up the power a little bit more. Again the response was immediate as he gasped and began to pant. His hips were now thrust outward, his cock at full length and hard, his foreskin stretched back as the head began to push out and flare wide.

“I think that is hard enough, don’t you?” Lori was watching closely as she put the TENS unit down on the cart. She quickly grabbed the Ace bandage and wrapped it under his bloated sack. Wearing gloves, she couldn’t feel the intense electrical stimulation pulsing through his organs. She pulled the Ace bandage under his sack and then crossed it over the top of his cock, at the base. She wrapped it several times in this manner; pulling it tight each time she crossed it over. His hips were still off the chair, his cock thrust outward as if begging for attention. Wrapped tightly, she tied off the Ace bandage making his cock and balls bulge outward. He was huge.

“The male organs are very easy to manipulate. The cock consists of spongy chambers that fill with blood, when aroused. At the base of the cock are valves that allow blood flow into and out of the cock. As he becomes aroused, blood flows into his cock and the valve shuts, not allowing the blood to flow out. So, what we have done is created our own version of a valve, trapping the blood in his cock. He’ll be hard for as long as you need him to be hard.” Lori stood there smiling at the Mistress.

His cock had ballooned up, dark red and hard. The swelling at the base was still obvious, swelling also as he became bigger and harder. With the Ace bandage tied around him, he would remain hard. The Ace bandage also kept his balls tight and bundled up, sticking out in front of him.

“And just for insurance, I’m going to numb up the base so that he doesn’t feel any pain there. Now is the best time to do that, since he is somewhat distracted,” Lori told the Mistress as she quickly pulled out a syringe filled with a numbing agent. Lori grasped the cock firmly in one hand and injected a small amount right into the middle of the hugely swollen area. She did this three more times in different areas around the base of his cock. Ross didn’t seem to notice since he was now quivering and shaking.

“There, that’s enough,” Lori said as she quickly switched off the TENS unit. Ross immediately dropped back into the chair. He was panting, trying to catch his breath. His cock was sticking out, rock hard and drooling a steady stream of pre-cum.

“You can’t leave that bandage tied around him for long. But I think it will be good enough for as long as you are needing,” Lori told the Mistress, smiling at her. “He should be fully functional for at least the next hour or two. Is that enough time?” she asked seriously.

“More than enough,” the Mistress replied, her eyes locked onto the throbbing cock between Ross’ tensed thighs. His sack was immense. His cock was still huge if not bigger now. The Ace bandage was far enough back to the base of his cock that it would not be in the way. The Mistress couldn’t wait to get him back to her room.

“Thank you Lori, I owe you a big one for this. Any time I can do anything for you, just let me know,” the Mistress said; looking up from the hard cock, only long enough to smile at the young nurse.

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for. I will be taking you up on your offer, hopefully soon,” she said, her eyes wandering down to the bandage wrapped cock and balls. The Mistress then called for her bodyguards.

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