tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 41

The New Slave Ch. 41


Chapter 41, Candy, The New Prep Girl

Ross suddenly woke up, feeling that it was later than normal. He sat up, looking around knowing that it was Monday. Normally, on a Monday morning he would have been already awake and headed to one of the doctor's trainers for a milking session. He hadn't been at the facility that long, but in the short weeks, he had become accustomed to the staff's schedules. He wondered for a moment if he had lost track of the days, but quickly knew that he hadn't. The long milking session with Nikki and her machine had been on Friday. It was Friday night that he had enjoyed the time with Ginger, and then Saturday morning when the doctor woke them up, still in each other's arms. The doctor took him to her private exam room on Saturday and it was now the morning of two days later. So, it must be Monday, but security had not come to wake him up, or move him to a trainer's room. Ross knew that something must be in the works for him. He had been left totally alone and rested for two days. That meant something in this place.

The new prep girl was sitting in a waiting area with a scared and sheepish look on her face. Since it was her first day, she was not free to just walk into the facility but had to wait until she was escorted into the interior of the building. All of the new female employees hired by Dr Sherry knew in advance what they were getting into, prior to being hired. It definitely was no surprise to them that their new job status would involve sex with male slaves. Candy was no exception to this concept and more than looked forward to her new job. It was her first day at the doctor's facility and she was nervous but also excited about being around males. She knew that her job as a prep girl would involve sexual contact with males. Her fear was in the fact that she had never been around any real males, except for an occasional male that her mother had hired to do work at their home. But that was never sexual. Candy's entire knowledge of sex and males, stemmed from her more than arousing visits to sex sites on the Internet. All of this was done in the privacy of her locked bedroom at night.

Candy was 21 years old and considered by most, to be very attractive. She had worked in other jobs but none of them involved males and definitely none of them involved anything sexual. Candy was a shapely young lady with long dark brown hair past her shoulders and dark brown eyes. She had an almost a boyish figure. At 5'6, she had long legs and very slim hips. She definitely had a feminine shape with her slight hips and a small tight stomach. In her opinion, her breasts were her only disappointment. They were small and rounded, but had very large and sensitive nipples. She wished that she was a lot larger in that area, but she was more than proud of her legs and tight stomach.

One of Candy's friends had told her all about working at 'the facility' as the friend called it. Candy's friend was somewhat drunk that night and didn't' mind breaking Dr Sherry's rule of talking about what went on at the doctor's clinic. All employees of Dr Sherry's, were sworn to secrecy about their employment. It wasn't so bad keeping this secret, since the pay was unbelievably good and the benefits were more than most women could handle. The friend told Candy all about the facility and suggested that since Candy was attractive and also needed money, that she go and talk with Dr Sherry. When Candy did, she and the doctor immediately hit it off. The doctor also knew that Candy's looks would more than come in handy around the males. The doctor gave Candy a brief idea of what her work would be, which was more than arousing to the young lady. The doctor also explained that Candy's work would involve males and that it 'might' be sexual in nature. Candy could feel herself getting wet, just thinking of the possibilities of her employment.

"Are you Candy?" a voice said from behind her. Candy was standing up and staring out the waiting room window. Just the thought of being around males and sexual things had her almost sick to her stomach, just from nerves. Candy's sexual experience was entirely limited to her computer and what she did alone in the shower or in her bed at night. In this regard, Candy was very experienced, sexually.

"Yes, I'm Candy," she shyly answered. Candy turned around to see a very attractive and unbelievably well built female, not much older than herself, standing partially behind a heavy metal door. What surprised Candy the most was the way that the female was dressed. The female in the doorway was wearing a bikini top that was obviously several sizes too small for her overly developed breasts. The girl in the doorways was literally falling out of her top. Immediately Candy was struck by the size of the small framed and petite female's breasts. They were huge. And another thing that surprised Candy was how hard and erect the young girl's nipples were, even in the hot building. Since she couldn't be cold, that would have to mean that she must be sexually aroused.

"Hi, I'm Toni. I'm the one that is going to start your training," she said as she stepped out from the doorway. Candy could then see that the prep girl was wearing a matching bikini bottom that was barely even a thong. Candy thought that the girl could have easily just stepped from the cover of a men's magazine or a sexual website. This girl literally oozed sexual appeal, even with her tiny petite size. Immediately, Candy felt somewhat embarrassed and definitely over dressed in her jeans and halter-top. No one had ever told her what to wear for this type of work, so she decided on casual, till she was told to wear something different. Obviously, less clothing was the order of the day at this work location.

"Come with me Candy, you're just in time," Toni said with a warm smile as she held the security door open wide. "I'm just about to start a prep on a slave, and you can start your training with me," she said as she lead Candy into the building. "Until you get an ID and have worked here a few days, you'll have to be escorted into the facility. Don't take it the wrong way, but since you're new, we really don't know you yet. Do you know what we do here?" Toni asked Candy as she led her down a long hallway.

"I have heard several things, but nothing definite. I was hired as a prep girl and Dr Sherry told me that I would be doing 'stuff' with male slaves," she said almost in a hushed tone. Candy didn't' want to admit that she had been told what the 'stuff' was all about, by another employee. That might get her friend in trouble.

"Stuff?" Toni asked with a big grin. "You do know the 'stuff' that you're referring to involves sex and males. You did know that, didn't you?" she asked, stopping and looking directly at the new girl.

"Oh yea. Dr Sherry explained that to me," she said, a bright blush going across her cheeks. Toni could immediately see the sparkle in Candy's eyes. She had seen that same look in other females that had been hired. It had almost become a joke among the staff that if a new hire 'sparkled' that meant that they would probably do fine. It was the ones that didn't sparkle that they had to worry about. Those would be the ones that did not like the work that they did, with males.

"Good. So you don't have a problem with that, do you?" Toni asked her, turning and facing her.

"No, none at all," she answered, a big smile coming across her face as the blush deepened into a bright red. "I'm really looking forward to it," she stammered.

"Have you ever been around a male?" Toni quickly asked her.

"No, but I'm really excited about learning," she said as her eyes quickly looked down at the floor. The blush in her cheeks was again a blood red color. Toni could see that her new trainee was more than excited if not already aroused by the prospects.

"Great. In that case, I have a feeling that you are going to love your new work. Come on, let's get you started properly," Toni had trained other new hires over the past two years. She had seen this same innocent but hungry look and excitement in others. It usually meant that they were more than curious about males and especially about the sexual nature of the job. Toni then headed back down the hallway and went into another locked area. There, she used a key to open a locked room. On the door of the room was a clipboard with the work-up order on it.

"Ok Candy. We can chitchat later, but let me explain what we're doing. This is what is called a 'work-up order'. In essence, it tells us what we are to do with this male. This particular male slave is named .... ," she paused as she stared at the work-up order. "Oh my gosh! It's Ross. You're going to really enjoy this slave. We're both going to enjoy this one," she said as she looked over the work order.

"Do you know him?" Candy asked innocently. She was trying to see what the work order said.

"I've only prepped him one time and that was a few weeks ago. But believe me, he is a very good slave for you to start your training on. You're going to learn a lot in this session," she said, her eyes quickly looking over the instructions.

"Is that a good thing?" Candy asked softly.

"Yes it is. Since you have never been around a male, do you know what cunnilingus means?" Toni said with a slight laugh.

"Yes," Candy replied in almost a whisper, her face flushing red again. Candy had never experienced it, but she was more than familiar with the term. She had even dreamt about it, trying to imagine what the real thing would feel like. The aspect of a male's mouth between her thighs got her even more aroused. Just using this word out loud got Candy's juices flowing.

"Well, lets get started," Toni said with a big grin as she unlocked the door. Stepping into the room, she immediately walked over to where the slave had already been restrained. Ross had been brought into the room earlier, by security. He was already restrained in a spread eagle position, his legs spread apart wide, each ankle secured firmly to the special built X table. His arms were secured over his head, each wrist bound and secured to the top of the table. The table was made in such a way that it was still comfortable but had leg extensions that spread open wide, could be dropped downward, or with the legs raised upward. This way, a prep girl or trainer could stand in between his outstretched thighs and be positioned close to his organs. This particular type of table was also what the doctor used when a surgical procedure was done to a male. It gave the table's user, a very up close position to the male's genitals.

"Oh my gosh!" Candy mumbled as she walked into the room and saw the almost nude male stretched out on an exam table. Ross was covered in the customary short loincloth but it wasn't hard to discern the large bulge that pushed up from under the flimsy covering. This was Candy's first encounter with a real male, close up. And she had never been around a male that was in such a state of undress. She immediately was aroused by the many possibilities of her new job.

"Well hello Ross, do you remember me?" Toni said as she removed the blindfold that covered Ross' eyes. He blinked several times, his eyes adjusting to the bright light in the room. He looked up at Toni and tried to smile, even with a ball gag in his mouth. Security delivered almost every male slave to prep areas, with blindfolds and gags. If the trainer or the prep girl wanted the blindfold or gag removed, they could do it themselves.

"I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ross a couple of weeks ago," Toni said with a heavy emphasis on the word 'pleasure'. She turned around and gave Candy a big smile. "Ross is an entertainment slave and a very qualified one," Toni said, her attention going back to the semi nude male.

"What's an entertainment slave?" Candy asked, almost in a whisper. Her eyes were still on the large bulge that was covered by the loincloth. With the exception of what she had seen on the Internet, Candy had never even seen a male in person, with his shirt off.

"Let's just say that he is very talented in entertaining women. You'll find out here shortly," Toni said as she slipped the ball gag out of his mouth. To Candy's shock and surprise, Toni stepped back away from the exam table and quickly reached back, undoing the tie of her bikini top. Immediately her large breasts spilled out, her nipples already erect and hard. She tossed the bikini top over to a countertop.

"Well baby, it is good to know that you're still here. I had heard that you were still around, but never got the chance to prep you again. I worried that they might have found out about our last time together," she said with a soft laugh. "You definitely had me feeling very good, by the time that we were through with you. Do you remember?" she said, moving up closer to Ross' face.

"I didn't tell anyone and I definitely remember," Ross said with a smile. "Besides, I rather enjoyed our time together," he said with a big grin. "I don't think that I was feeling as good as you were, but it was still very nice," he said softly.

"Oh, nowhere near as much as I enjoyed it," she said, remembering the intensity of the oral pleasure that Ross had inflicted on her.

"Did you prep Ross before?" Candy asked innocently. She had no idea of what the two of them were talking about.

"Oh yes. I prepped Ross and then he prepped me," Toni said with a laugh. "Ross is very talented in certain areas. If you're lucky, you'll get to find out too. And that is not even counting what he has between his legs," Toni said as she pulled the loincloth up so that Candy could see.

"Holy shit," Candy said in a low tone, her eyes growing wide as she looked down at Ross' soft cock. "He's huge..." she said, not finishing the sentence. Her eyes were locked on the fat fleshy cock that was obviously still soft. In the period of only a few minutes, she had already seen an almost nude male and was now looking at the same male's sexual organs. Candy knew that she was going to love working at the facility.

"Ross, this is Candy. I want you to be very nice to her. This is her first day here," Toni said with a big grin on her face.

"Hi Candy. Where does the doctor find all of you gorgeous women?" Ross said as he smiled at Candy. Candy's face flushed red as she heard Ross' compliment, but her eyes were still locked onto the first real set of male genitals that she had ever seen in person.

"Candy, you're going to learn a lot today. Ross is a prime example of what can be done with a male's organs," Toni said with a laugh. Toni reached down and undid the hip tie of Ross' loincloth, then pulled it out from under his body. With her eyes never leaving Ross' face, Toni began to gently rub the soft cock. Candy's eyes opened wide as she watched for the first time, a male being sexually stimulated by a female. Within seconds, the soft cock began to swell large and thick. She had seen similar things on the Internet, but this was live, up close and personal. Candy relished the idea of her front row seat.

"Ross, I hate to use an old cliché, or an old joke, but I have good news and I have bad news for you," she said with a big grin on her face. Her hand was now slowly rubbing the quickly hardening cock. Candy's eyes were locked onto the thickening male organ. She had seen this on the Internet, but never in real life. She was mesmerized as the thick meat began to swell and became harder and longer. It was literally growing right in front of her eyes. What had been huge when soft was now becoming even bigger right in front of her.

"The good news is that you're going to have a lot of fun tonight. Well, at least your cock and balls are going to have a lot of fun. You're being rented out tonight. I'm sure that this toy is going to get a lot of use," she said as her hand continued to rub the rigid cock that was now beginning to ooze clear fluid. "The bad news is that she obviously knows your cock and your balls and she wants them enlarged as much as possible," she said with a big grin.

"Enlarged?" Ross said slowly a frown beginning to form on his face.

"Sorry baby. I know that you're already really big, but we're going to do everything that we possibly can to get you bigger and keep that customer happy," she said with a wink. She then immediately reached up and put the ball gag back into his mouth before he could say anything else. "This might take awhile, and I don't really want you to distract Candy from her training," she said with a laugh. Her hand was still slowly rubbing the rock hard cock. It was obvious to Candy that Toni was enjoying herself.

"You're going to enlarge him?" Candy said, her wide eyes actually looking back at Toni for the first time. "He's already bigger than anything that I've ever seen," she said.

"Oh, he's got plenty of room for enlargement. Believe me, he isn't the biggest one that is here. There are a few males here that are unbelievable. Any male can be enhanced," Toni said as continued her rubbing. She was watching carefully, trying to gauge Ross' arousal level. "There are a lot of ways to enlarge a male. Have you even noticed his balls yet?" Toni said, her eyes watching Ross closely. Candy moved down further and looked between Ross' outstretched legs.

"Holy shit..." Candy said, as her eyes grew wide. Ross was very aroused but he was nowhere near orgasm. His balls were still soft and pliable, resting between his thighs. Candy leaned in closer to see them. Her eyes were wide open, a slight smile coming across her face. She had only been at work for about 10 minutes and she was already enjoying her work, very much.

"Are you going to ...?" Candy asked hesitantly, not sure of how to word her question. Candy had seen pictures of males being masturbated on the Internet, but this would be her first time to see the real thing. She couldn't wait to see the white cream that shot out from so many males on the Internet.

"Am I going to pop his nuts?" Toni asked, her hand now jacking Ross' cock up and down quickly. "Would you like to see me blow his nuts for you?" Toni asked with a laugh. Her eyes were closely watching Ross, his breathing now coming in raspy pants. Toni's hand was making squishy sounds as she quickly pumped the thick cock. Pre cum was oozing down the side of her hand.

"I'd love it," Candy said with a dreamy stare. "I've never seen a man orgasm before, at least not in person," she said, her gaze now closely watching Toni's hand as it glided up and down the slick cock.

"Well, if you listen closely and do exactly what I tell you to do, I might even let you finish him," Toni said as she kept a close watch on Ross' body language. She wanted to make sure that she did not let him orgasm. She wanted him hard and ready, but didn't want him to waste any sperm, not yet.

"Me? You'd let me touch him?" Candy said, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Oh before we're through with Ross, you're going to be 'touching' him a lot," she said with a laugh. "You might as well get started, get your hands dirty, so to speak," she said laughing out loud. A huge grin broke across Candy's face. Her excitement was evident.

"I'd love to," Candy replied, her eyes glued to what Toni was doing to the obviously more than aroused slave. By this time, his hips were beginning to gently thrust in rhythm with Toni's hand movements. He was getting closer to orgasm, the skin of his sack beginning to draw up tighter.

"And, with this slave, you're in luck. The work order states 'DE-SEX x 2+'. So we're going to be doing a lot with Ross," Toni added.

"DE-SEX times 2 plus?" Candy asked, her innocence and her naïveté showing. "What does that mean?" she didn't mind asking. Toni was impressed that a newly hired female didn't mind asking questions. A lot of them came to work at the facility, with an attitude that they knew all there was to know about males and sex.

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