tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 44

The New Slave Ch. 44


Chapter 44: the 'Rough Stuff' Begins

"You know, when it comes right down to it, I have a feeling that you have at least a little bit of a sadistic streak in you. Did you realize that about yourself?" Toni asked seriously, looking up at Candy. Candy was fascinated as she continued the simple task of keeping Ross hard and wiping off the continuous flow of pre cum.

"Sadistic? Me? I didn't think that I was. Why do you say that?" Candy said, a bit of worry in her voice. She actually broke her sexual concentration as she looked steadily at Toni. Her hand actually stopped rubbing Ross. A look of concern came over her face.

"No, don't look so worried. It's nothing that bad, I don't think. I've noticed that you seem to enjoy some of the more 'abusive' things that we've been doing. And you did admit that you enjoyed watching males on the Internet, that were restrained and resisting. Normally, they're not resisting if they're enjoying what's being done to them. Besides, you almost have to have some sadistic traits to work here. It helps," Toni said, watching Candy carefully. Toni wasn't questioning Candy, nor was she worried about her. She just wanted Candy to understand herself and her own motives and desires.

"I don't know. I really don't. I might be a little bit sadistic. I've never had the chance to find out, one way or another. I guess that we'll find out," Candy said with a smile. It was obvious that Toni's questions had made Candy wonder about herself, her desires, and her likes and dislikes. At least it had her thinking. "On the Internet, I did find it more arousing to watch a male writhing and jerking, rather than just laying there, smiling and enjoying it. Most of the time, it seemed that either way, they were cumming a lot. So if they're cumming, I really can't say if it was sadistic or just arousing. I think that it would make a very good debate topic," she said laughing loudly.

"Well, with that in mind, I have a feeling that you're going to really enjoy the rest of Ross' enhancement. It'll be rough on him, but he'll more than thank us later, when the customer is playing with that fat juicy thing," Toni said with a laugh. Even Candy started laughing at the joke. She was ready for more.

"Will Ross be thanking us or will the customer be thanking us?" Candy said with a laugh.

"Probably both," Toni said laughing as she quickly examined the hard cock in front of her. "What we've done so far is to plump up his cock and his balls. They're obviously thicker and fatter, wouldn't you say?" Toni said as she took a firm grip on Ross' shaft and examined him.

"Oh yea. There's no doubt that he's a lot bigger than he was, before we started. But what do we do with him now?" Candy said, a note of urgency in her voice. She was more than willing to do her part. She didn't know what her part was, but she wanted more of it.

"Well, his cock and balls are a nice plump size. He was big to begin with, but now he's even bigger. The customer must know him pretty well, if she wants him bigger than he already was. But right now, he's swollen and needs a little bit of fine-tuning. I'm going to enlarge his cock head and foreskin, to get them more proportionate to his shaft size," Toni said matter of fact.

"Better proportioned? What do you mean?" Candy questioned. The look on her face was of total bewilderment. Candy was doing her small task very well. She continued to wipe away the flowing pre cum from Ross. Toni was holding onto his shaft, looking all around it, as if she were checking it for something.

"His cock and balls are enlarged, obviously. But his foreskin and cock head are more of a normal size, compared to the rest of him. I want to get them bigger in order to match his increased shaft thickness. We'll leave his shaft alone, but work on the other parts," she said with a grin. She knew that Candy would be excited with what she was going to do. If Candy was actually part sadist, then she was going to love the rest of Ross' enhancement session.

"Just tell me what to do," Candy murmured, her excitement obvious.

"Just watch what I do and listen carefully. I'll need you to do exactly what I tell you to do, as soon as I tell you to do it. Think that you can do that?" Toni said with a laugh.

"Sure. I'm more than ready," Candy said, her eyes shining brightly. She was thriving on what she was doing, not to mention what she was getting to see. "This is so much better than watching it on a computer screen," she added.

"One thing before we get started. Look under the exam table. You'll see a heavy leather belt hanging down from the middle of the table. It's attached on one side of the table. Take the belt and secure it tightly across him at his hips," Toni instructed her trainee. Immediately, Candy looked under the table and grabbed the wide leather restraint that was hanging down. She pulled it across Ross' hips, securing it on the other side of the table. The belt was positioned in such a way that it rested snugly right across Ross' upper pubic bone, neatly out of their way.

"How's that?" Candy said with a big smile. She was proud of the fact that she had followed Toni's instructions without having to ask any questions. Candy was more than aware of her insistent questioning.

"That's perfect. Look under the table, underneath his legs. You'll see similar belts for his upper legs. Go ahead and tie him down," Toni instructed Candy. Candy immediately knelt down below the table and saw that there were two belts, one for each leg. She grabbed the first one and pulled it up. Like the waist/hip belt, it could be fastened over Ross' thigh, restraining his leg movements. She did the other leg in the same manner. In essence, Ross was unable to move any of his upper torso or his legs. He was virtually pinned to the table.

"Now that looks interesting," Candy said as she stepped back and saw that Ross was completely restrained. With his ankles restrained to the bottom of the table, his thighs restrained tightly to the table and his upper body restrained at the hips, he was unable to move anything, except his shoulders, hands and head. Toni wanted him that way. Candy was beside herself, watching the completely immobilized male. "This is going to get good, isn't it?" Candy asked, looking up at Toni.

"Good? Why would you say that?" Toni asked, somewhat confused by Candy's excitement.

"It's obvious that you're going to do something that will make him jump or move around. So you have him tied completely down. I'm assuming that this is the part that you mentioned, that he isn't going to like?" Candy asked, her eyes flashing at the thought of a male being sexually abused.

"That's right. You're catching on very quickly. I want you to make sure that his cock stays completely dry. I don't want to see any pre cum or anything, on the cock head," Toni said as she got a firm grasp of the base of Ross' shaft. The blade of her hand was resting firmly against Ross' pubic bone.

"Sure, nothing to it," Candy said as she quickly used her towel to wipe the pre cum from Ross' cock head.

"Ok, here we go. Watch carefully to what I'm doing," Toni said as she held Ross' cock tightly. Using her free hand, her thumb and forefinger grasped a large amount of the lose foreskin on the underside of Ross' cock, near the head. Since he wasn't completely hard, it was easy to pinch a large amount of the abundant foreskin. It was obvious as her thumb and forefinger closed tighter and tighter, pinching off the super sensitive skin. Ross winced a little as he felt her fingers tugging at his skin. "Now watch," Toni said as she pinched as hard as she could, and then twisted the captured foreskin. Ross' hips immediately shot up from the table, his gasp loud as the erotic pain shot through his cock.

"That got his attention, didn't it?" Toni said with a laugh. She had released the pressure to the sensitive foreskin, but was still holding it firmly. She moved her finger and thumb about a half inch from where it had been and began to press tightly, again. Within a few seconds, Ross' hips again shot up from the table as he felt the intense pressure and the twist of her fingers.

"Wow, that got a reaction from him. Is it that painful?" Candy asked, her eyes open wide and a look of pure enjoyment on her face. She loved every moment of Toni's abuse of the slave's organs.

"Well, it is somewhat painful. How would you like someone to pinch your pussy lips real hard and twist? See how fast his cock got soft," Toni said with a laugh. By this time, Toni had moved her fingers again, repositioned in another spot only a fraction from where they had been. She immediately applied the same pressure, pinching hard and ending with the same firm twist on the now stretching foreskin. "It's almost always easier to work on a hard cock, rather than working on a soft cock. But this is one time that his being soft doesn't help him any. His being soft helps me achieve the desired affect that I want," Toni said as she moved her fingers again and squeezed hard. Her hands were moving fast, as if she were working the edges on the crust of a pie. She pinched, twisted, and moved, and then repeated it over and over as her hand continued to move around the cock head. Ross jerked and winced each time she squeezed the bright red foreskin.

"What does all of this do?" Candy asked, her eyes beaming from the pure ecstasy that she was enjoying. Her vaginal entrance couldn't even begin to hold back the flood of moisture that was beginning to ooze from her. Candy could feel her pussy begin to quiver, begging for attention.

"His cock and balls were big enough, just from the cylinder and all of that pressure. But his cock head and foreskin were sort of lagging behind in development," Toni said laughing out loud. "I'm pinching the hell out of his foreskin, causing it to become so irritated that it will begin to swell. As I keep this up, it will swell up and be more proportionate with his shaft size. This part doesn't take long. When I stop, his foreskin will puff up like a balloon. We just have to be careful that he doesn't cum while we're doing this. Keep a close eye on his body language, breathing, muscles, and all of that. Remember, this is pretty aggressive stimulation. Stimulation can be either painful or pleasurable," Toni said as if reading from a textbook.

"I love it. I've been keeping his cock head dry, can I try it?" Candy asked, the innocent tone back in her voice. It was obvious that she was chomping at the bit, to get her fingers on the fleshy cock. She couldn't wait to inflict her version of the pinching technique.

"Let me see your fingernails," Toni asked quickly. Immediately Candy put both of her hands up for Toni to see. "Sorry but your fingernails are too long and would cut him. You'll have to trim your nails down or you'll end up scratching him up. Remember, we don't want to leave any marks or tell tale signs on him," Toni said. Candy's disappointment was more than obvious. It was as if someone had let the air out of her balloon. Her shoulders and head just slumped down.

"Hey, don't feel that way. There's plenty that you can do today. Just take care of the fingernails and you'll get to play with him, next time. Don't be disappointed. This is your first day. You'll get plenty of time to try out all of these fun things. Right?" Toni said, trying to get a smile out of Candy.

"Sure. I'm really enjoying this, more than you'd believe," Candy said, a big smile flashing across her face.

"That's more than obvious to me," Toni said as she glanced down at Candy's pubic area. There were several obvious wet drips clinging to Candy's inner thigh. She was so aroused at what they were doing, that her young body couldn't hold back the flow of her virgin fluids. "Believe me, I think that what we're going to be doing will more than make your day," Toni said with a laugh. She was really beginning to like Candy.

"How long will you continue to do this," Candy asked as she watched Toni's fingers move quickly around Ross' cock head. Each time Toni moved her hand, her fingers would take in a small pinch of foreskin and then twist, continuously moving around and around the foreskin that was growing increasingly darker and darker red.

"We're just about through. I think that's about as much as he can stand," Toni said as she watched the continually struggling Ross. He would jerk each time her fingers pinched another spot. Candy was thrilled as she watched Ross writhe and jerk, just like the guys on the Internet had done. But what struck Candy as odd was the fact that Ross continued to ooze a steady flow of pre cum. To Candy, that meant that he was aroused, even when his cock was being abused as it was. He had excreted enough that her towel had become obviously wet with his seminal fluid.

"How aroused is he? He sure is putting out the juice," Candy said as Toni loosened her grip on the blood red cock.

"With all of this, not too aroused, I'd guess," Toni said with a laugh. As soon as she let go of his cock, it fell flatly onto his stomach, only about half hard. Ross took in a deep breath as he felt Toni let go of his battered organ. "But he'll begin to swell up pretty quickly because of all of the irritation done to it. Want to get him hard?" Toni asked, looking squarely at Candy with a big grin. She knew that Candy would want to play with the fattened cock.

"Sure, what do I do?" Candy asked, that same tone of innocence in her voice.

"Whatever you'd like," Toni quickly replied. "He's sensitive enough right now that it'll either be difficult to get him hard, or it'll be easy. Try whatever you'd like, see if it works," Toni said with a grin. Candy immediately wrapped her fingers around the fleshy shaft and began to gently rub it. Having leaned from before, she stepped back and smiled at Ross, looking right into his eyes, turning her body toward him. She wanted to make sure that he could see her body and her smiling at him. This had worked a little while before, so she decided to try it again. After about a minute of rubbing, it was obvious that he wasn't getting hard. It was still floppy and only about half hard. It was easy to see that the foreskin was swollen from Toni's pinching technique.

"What am I doing wrong?" Toni said quietly. It had been so easy before; this was becoming a disappointment to her. Her confidence was beginning to waiver. She tightened her grip and began to rub harder.

"Oh, don't worry. It's not you. Right now his cock is somewhat desensitized. It'll come back pretty quickly. Just keep doing what you're doing," Toni said as she watched Candy briskly rubbing the fat organ. The swelling of his foreskin was beginning to show. It was much thicker than it had been when they started on him. The aggressive pinching by Toni had irritated it enough that the blood was beginning to rush back into the heavy foreskin.

"I can feel a lot of difference in his size. He's a lot thicker and I can tell that he's starting to harden," Candy said as she watched her quickly moving hand. Ross was beginning to harden, his cock obviously longer in her hand. The head was pushing out of the thick foreskin and becoming more exposed. Candy could feel his shaft beginning to swell as the sensitivity slowly came back into the battered organ.

"Right now might be a very good time to taste him," Toni said, her eyes watching Candy closely.

"Taste him? You've got to be kidding. I mean, this is my first day and I'm not sure if I want to put him in my mouth," Candy said with a look of horror on her face. Her eyes grew wide, looking at Toni to see if she was kidding. Toni didn't look like she was kidding. She just stood there watching and smiling at Candy.

"No time like the present. Besides, I'm not telling you to suck him off, I'm just telling you to taste him. Not all men taste the same. Go ahead and just try a little taste. You might like it," Toni said grinning as she watched Candy turning pale. Candy looked horrified. She looked down at her hand, which had become frothy and gooey from all of the pre cum. "Do you want to get him hard or not?" Toni asked in a firmer tone.

"Well yes, but I've never even done any of this, let alone put his thing in my mouth. Look, I really like all of this, a whole lot more than I figured that I would. But I'm just not sure about tasting him. What if I get sick?" Candy said, a worried look on her face.

"You're not going to get sick. And believe me, if you get your mouth anywhere near his cock, he'll probably swell up real hard," Toni coached the new hire.

"That would make him hard, faster?" Candy said as she watched the quickly hardening cock in front of her. She was aroused, knowing that her hand was making him so hard. She was amazed at how easy it was.

"Oh yea. Take my word for it. Here, I'll make it easier for you. Like I said, you might like it, more than you think," Toni said as she grabbed a dry towel and began wiping off the pre cum from Ross. Within seconds, he was harder and completely dry. "Go ahead, just try him," Toni coached her again. Candy hesitated for a moment and then suddenly leaned down, her mouth only an inch or so from the thick cock. Her eyes were closed, her fist clinched tightly around the hard shaft. She stood there for a moment, motionless, her mouth poised over Ross' cock head. She opened her eyes and took a long look at it, and then slowly slid her mouth downward, taking in the head and foreskin. Toni started laughing, thinking that it reminded her of a small child having to eat spinach for the first time. She was waiting for Candy to make a face, gag, or worse. It was obvious that Ross enjoyed it, his hips easing upward slightly as he let out a soft moan.

"Well, it must not be that bad," Toni said as she laughed. Surprisingly, Candy was still bent over, her face slowly moving up and down. She was taking in almost half of the hard cock, her hand slowly pumping the bottom of his shaft. Ross had also responded, letting out another long moan, his hips slowly moving in rhythm with Candy's head. "I take it that you find it agreeable?" Toni said laughing and watching the erotic show going on in front of her. Knowing that it was Candy's first time, Toni was more than enjoying the show. Candy had actually shifted her body position, letting her upper body rest on Ross' thighs, getting herself comfortable.

Suddenly, Ross gasped slightly, his hips rising up higher than before. His back arched about the same time that Toni saw that Candy's cheeks were puffing in and out. Candy was now rhythmically sucking Ross, bringing him nearer to orgasm. Candy's head was moving fast enough that it was obvious that Candy was going to complete her oral manipulation. Candy had to know what she was doing, she was very hungrily sucking and rubbing Ross, almost as if she were starving. He was only seconds away.

"That's enough," Toni said firmly to Candy. At the same time, Toni pushed lightly on Candy's shoulder, moving her back away from Ross. "Candy, stop it now," Toni said even louder. Candy immediately stopped, her hand still tightly gripping the twitching cock. She slowly rose up, her mouth covered in her own saliva and Ross' pre cum, a big smile on her face. She hungrily licked her lips, glancing down at the cock in her hand.

"He was getting pretty close wasn't he?" Candy said with a knowing smile. "I don't think that it was so much the taste, as much as it was the thought of what I was doing. It wasn't anything like I thought it would be," Candy said as she wiped her face with a clean towel.

"You sure didn't look like a first timer. Where did you learn that?" Toni said, closely eyeing her trainee.

"I've seen this dozens of times, on the computer. Actually, there's not a lot to it. I didn't' know that it would be so easy. And I thought that he tasted pretty good," Candy said with a laugh. She immediately leaned down and sucked the still hard cock into her mouth, sucking harder this time. Ross groaned and jerked as her mouth sucked on the swollen and sensitive head and foreskin of the captured organ. Before Toni could even say a word, Candy rose up, licking her lips again and gave Toni a big grin and a wink.

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