tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe New Swimsuit Ch. 02b

The New Swimsuit Ch. 02b


When my wife Alix's sister was honeymooning in Hawaii recently, she got it into her head to wear just a pair of man's swim trunks, and see whether anybody noticed she was a topless woman. Since both sisters have very small breasts, she actually got away with it: until her husband, horny as hell watching his wife exposed on a public beach, threatened to tear her trunks off and fuck her right there.

Alix and I fantasized about her doing something similar, but there were two roadblocks: she didn't think she'd have the nerve to try it, and we lived hundreds of miles from the nearest beach.

Then one afternoon we found ourselves in a park a good distance from home, Alix realized she was wearing what looked like a pair of man's shorts, and she decided to tuck her hair under her cap and go for it. We were in a fairly secluded area of the park, and the few people who passed us by didn't (for the most part) think we were anything other than two guys sunning themselves.

Until Cal and Patty, who lived across the street from us, happened to walk by. "Rob!" Cal said, recognizing me. And then, noticing my wife, "Alix??"

Alix was too mortified to even remember to cover herself up. And Cal, apparently, forgot that it was impolite to stare. Alix told me afterward that she could see Cal's dick harden under his shorts, which is something I really did not need to know, and that knowing that a casual friend was looking at her naked tits got her so hot, her nipples began to harden.

I did notice her nipples hardening.

Alix tried to explain about her sister and Hawaii, but she wasn't being entirely coherent.

Patty didn't seem to know whether she should be telling her husband to stop staring.

For my part, especially from my vantage point down on the grass next to Alix, I couldn't help noticing that Patty's shorts were pretty damn short, and that she had the legs to carry it off. Cal and Patty were in their early 20s, just a few years younger than we were.

"Well," I said unnecessarily, "this is a bit awkward."

Patty looked around, satisfied herself that nobody was nearby, then grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up to her neck, yanking her bra off her breasts at the same time. They were impressively large and firm. A few seconds later, she covered herself back up. "There," she said. "now we're even."

"I can't believe you did that!" Cal said once he was able to speak.

"I'm sorry," Patty said, with a nervous laugh. "I should have asked you first. Are you angry?"

"I don't suppose I have the right to be," he said with a smile. "Just don't make a habit out of it."

"You're the first man I've flashed since I met Cal," Patty told me.

"I'm honored," I said, at the same time Alix responded "Same here."

Alix told me afterward that even when Cal wasn't looking straight at her, she could tell he had her eyes on her naked tits; and she was grateful she was wearing loose khaki shorts, because her pussy was dripping like crazy.

"I guess we should get going," Cal said after a song silence.

"No, you know what," Patty said, "I wouldn't mind getting some sun myself."

"But, umm," Cal said.

"I think what your husband is trying to say," Alix said to Patty, "and he's afraid of offending me, is that you don't have little-girl tits like me, so you can't just lie here half naked."

"You know he likes your tits just fine, though: he hasn't stopped staring at them since we got here. And today, I wish mine were more like yours. But," she said, and reached into the back of her t-shirt to unclasp her bra. A few more contortions under her shirt from various directions, and she pulled her bra out of her shirt through the left arm sleeve.

Then, after again making sure nobody was around, she pulled off her t-shirt, laid it out on the ground, and quickly laid down on it on her front, the way Alix had done with hers. I only got to see Patty's breasts for a couple of seconds, but it was a nice sight.

(Of course, unlike Alix's, which remained completely hidden under her body, Patty's spilled out a bit on either side)

Alix turned onto her front as well, so the show really was over. It was disappointing,but understandable: it was sexy seeing her exposed like that, but she didn't want her small tits to burn.

The women both stretched out to get comfortable, obviously not intending to stir for a while. Patty had her legs so far apart that anybody right behind her (which unfortunately I wasn't) could probably look straight up her short shorts to her panties (if indeed she was wearing any).

Since we weren't going anywhere, I took off my own shirt, and gently rubbed Alix's bare back. "That's so nice," she said softly. "Don't stop."

"What's nice?" Patty asked, half asleep.

"Rob's rubbing Alix's back," Cal said.

"I want," Patty said, and Cal began caressing her. She sighed, and her body relaxed completely.

For the next few minutes, I ran my hand lightly across Alix's back, from her shoulder blades down to the waistband of her shorts, and Cal was doing the same to Patty. Then he caught my attention, and with a mischievous grin, gestured with a nod toward his wife's back. Hoping this wasn't something we'd live to regret, I quickly switched places with him and began rubbing Patty's back while he took over on Alix.

It was fun having my hand on a woman other than my wife, even if it was all very innocent (though hopefully Alix and Patty would see it that way if they suddenly opened their eyes).

Well, maybe not quite so innocent: when he didn't think I was looking, Cal slipped a couple of fingers about an inch under the waistband of Alix's shorts. Not far enough to come anywhere close to her ass, of course, but still...

So when I was sure Cal wasn't looking, I let my hand wander down Alix's side until I was giving a quick stroke to the side of her breast.

"Mmm," she whispered very softly. "Nice. But not in front of Alix and Rob."

A moment later, Alix said "Can you rub the back of my legs? They're a little sore from all the walking." Cal looked over at me (fortunately I'd just removed my hand from the side of his wife's breast), shrugged, and began working his ways up Alix's legs using both hands. "Just like that," she said.

I moved between Patty's legs and began lightly massaging them, also from the ankles up.

When Cal got to the baggy leg holes of Alix's shorts, he let his fingers side up under them, and she didn't object. I got the better end of the deal, though: Alix's shorts were kind of long, and I doubted he made any contact with her panties: Patty's shorts were so brief, my fingertips brushed against the bottom of her bare ass, and I could see what looked like the edge of bikini panties. I was very aware that if I slid my fingers over, I'd make contact with what might well be a very wet pussy. And I felt her push back just a bit, as if she wanted me to.

I was pushing my luck as it was, of course.

I guess Cal felt the same way, even though he didn't realize I'd taken much greater liberties with his wife than he had with mine. "We should probably get going," he said sort of suddenly, taking his hand out of Alix's shorts..

I quickly withdrew my hand as well. "Oh, do we have to?" Patty asked. "That was starting to feel real good."

Yeah, we should get out of here before Cal wonders what was starting to feel real good.

While Patty was putting herself together – sliding her bra under her body without getting up, fastening it, then sitting up to slip on her t-shirt -- Cal asked us whether we had any plans for dinner. We hadn't given it much thought, what with the heat and traveling to the craft show, and he asked us if we wanted to pop by for barbeque: nothing fancy, just burgers and corn-on-the-cob, some salad... and we were welcome to bring a six-pack.


Turned out, we started in on the beer first: it was still too warm to fire up the grill. We just laid around for a while getting acquainted (one might argue that you usually get acquainted with people before you look at each other's wife's breasts): we'd been in their back yard only once before, a couple of summers ago during a neighborhood barbecue.

Patty was wearing the same short shorts as this afternoon, but her shirt (and apparently her bra as well) had been replaced by a very light sleeveless top. Alix had replaced her long, baggy shorts with a pair that was almost as short as Patty's.

Cal and I were both glancing appreciatively at their legs.

"That's new, isn't it?" Alix asked, gesturing at the swimming pool.

""Yeah," Cal said, "we just put it in this spring."

Alix went over to the edge, scooped up some water in her hand, and brushed it across her forehead. "Nice and cool," she said. She picked up a little more water, pulled her t-shirt away from her body an inch, and let it drip down onto her chest.

"I don't know about anybody else," Cal said, "but I can wait until things cool off before eating. If you guys want to run across the street and get your swimsuits..."

"Cal's been trying to talk me into swimming topless," Patty said.

"Thanks for sharing that," he said.

Instead of responding, Patty ran up behind Alix, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled both of them into the pool.

Alix was the first to climb out. Wet, her t-shirt seemed to have become two sizes smaller, skintight, and her hard nipples were poking through like little thumbs.

Patty seemed similarly shrink-wrapped into her shirt, her right breast visible as if the shirt wasn't there at all. As for her left breast, the weight of the water was making her tank top sag down so far, it was exposed down past the nipple. "Did you ever want to swim topless, Alix? It always seemed like fun, but more fun if somebody did it with me. And since the guys have already seen our boobs..."

"You don't have to convince me," Alix said. "I have nothing to hide from any of you anymore." She pulled off her wet shirt and dropped it to the patio floor.

Patty pulled off her own top, kicked off her sandals (sandal, actually, because one of them had come off in the pool), and pushed down her shorts. I was right that she was wearing brief bikini panties – and they were a very light yellow, and nearly transparent when wet. I could see that her pussy was shaved, and her wet panties clung tightly against the lips of her vulva. She stood there, aware I was looking at her, for a moment longer than she had to, then dove in.

Alix started struggling with the sodden laces on her sneakers but before she could remove her shoes, socks and shorts, I stripped down to my boxers and jumped in the pool. It was either that or stand there with my cock trying to drill its way out of my shorts: I needed that cool water, if you get my drift.

That was the plan, anyway – but as soon as I surfaced, in shoulder-deep water, I felt a thud on my back: Patty had latched onto me, her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. "Come on," she said, "give me a ride. Until Cal comes in."

I glanced up at Cal, who was still undressing. He shrugged. Me carrying Patty around seemed harmless enough. I half-walked half-jumped across the pool. "This is fun," Patty said. "I've done this before, but never topless. Hey, does this mean I'm a bareback rider?"

"Good one," I said. "Well, I've done this before, but never with naked boobs right behind me."

"Oh, you like them?" she asked, leaning forward and brushing her breasts against the back of my neck.

Before I could answer (yes, I did like them), Alix was suddenly in front of me "Give me my guy back," she said, leaping at me.

So of course Patty and I went falling backward into the water, coming up a few second later spitting out water and giggling. "Hey," Patty said to Cal, "Alix tried to drown me. You have to protect me."

"I will avenge you!" Cal said, picking up Alix and tossing her over his shoulder. She hit the water headfirst, and the force of the water pulled her panties halfway down her ass. She hiked them back up and she got back to her feet.

I got behind Patty and wrapped an arm around her chest. "Okay, that's enough," I said, "I have your wife hostage." I suddenly realized my arm was pressed against the bottoms of her breasts. "Um..." I said, quickly moving them down.

"Had your arm somewhere it shouldn't have been?" Patty asked teasingly, gently grinding her ass against my cock underwater.

"Oh god," I almost said out loud, feeling my cock go completely hard, wedging into the crotch of her tiny panties. Was it sticking out of my boxers? I couldn't tell under the water, and I was afraid to look.

But also so tempted to slide my cock under her panties.

"I think those two need to be broken up," Cal said to Alix, and they both came at us. Cal got in front of Patty and tried to grab her out of my grasp, so of course I put my other arm around her as well, right across her breasts. Cal had his body pressed against hers and he tried to pull her away. "Um... let's not squash the boobs, okay guys?" Patty said, and Alix began tugging at me from behind.

I suddenly realized that with Cal pushed against Patty in front, and me from behind, it was like we were double-fucking her. I let go suddenly, and Alix and I went flying backward, both of doing very sloppy backflips into the water.

We came up coughing up water, and while we were catching our breath, Alix suddenly tripped again. I grabbed her, and we both noticed that her panties had fallen down past her knees. Obviously, these panties were not designed to stay on well when soaking wet (and why would they be?)

She realized she couldn't reach her her panties without putting her head underwater, so she took a deep breath and went down. She never got to her panties, because she spotted my cock, sticking straight out from my body. She closed a hand around it, then came back to the surface. "I hope this hasn't been anywhere it shouldn't have been," she said with a grin.

"Not yet," I told her.

She kicked off her panties and as they floated off, we both looked over at Cal and Patty. They weren't paying any attention to us: Cal was whispering something to her, and he had a hand firmly on one of her breasts.

Alix put her arms around the back of my neck, jumped up, and brought her crotch against mine. I took a few tries and some awkward maneuvering, since we'd never done this before, but eventually my cock slid deep inside her. "Oh fuck!" she yelled out, in case Cal and Patty hadn't figured out what we were doing in their pool.

We needn't have worried: Cal and Penny had left the pool. He was lying on one of the lounge chairs and she was on top of him, naked, happily riding his cock. Over Alix's shoulder, I could see Patty's breasts bouncing along with the rest of her body: breasts, I remembered, I'd had my arm on just a few minutes earlier. For that matter, my naked cock had been almost touching her pussy.

The thought of this made me push into Alix even harder. I know it's wrong to think about fucking another woman when you're fucking your wife, but we all do it. And to be fair, I was more justified than most.

"Squeeze my tits," Patty said loudly, and Cal obeyed.

"Fuck me harder," Alix said, with no reason to even try to be quiet now. "Jam that – oh, oh – jam that cock into my wet pussy!"

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Patty said, and as if in response, Alix yelled "Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming!"

"Oh god, ahhhhhh!"

"Rob, cum in me right-- eeeeee!"

I started cumming in Alix so hard, my knees got weak, and after a few seconds I had to let go of her. My cum floated out of her pussy as she dropped into the water, while one last spurt was shooting out of my cock.


We climbed out of the pool, and we all quietly got dressed I thought things might get a little awkward – we'd just been naked and fucked in front of one another, after all – but it was okay. "If you guys want to change into dry clothing, I'll fire up the grill."

"Sounds like a plan," I said.

It took us a little longer to get back to their patio than we'd planned: once we got upstairs and out of our wet clothing, I pushed Alix down on the bed and had my way with her again. Cal and Patty, dressed in dry clothing now, didn't seem to notice how long we'd been gone – and I figured out why when I saw their wet clothing in a pile next to the lounge chair: they must have stripped down after we left, had their own second round, then gone into the house, still naked, to change.

Patty was wearing another pair of short shorts, and a crop top that didn't come down very far below her breasts. She was clearly bra-less, and I doubted she ever wore the top like that in public: on a hot evening, though, among people who'd already seen her naked...

Again, I expected things to be a little weird – but despite the sexy outfits the wives were wearing (Alix had on a short cotton skirt and a top that looked a lot more like a bikini top; maybe she just wanted to be prepared if she got pushed into the pool again), we all just ate, drank, relaxed and got better acquainted.

At one point, when Cal went into the house to fetch some more beer, and Alix went in right afterward to go to the bathroom, Patty turned to me and said, somewhat sternly, "Now that we're alone, I have a couple of words for you."

Oh shit, I thought: she's pissed that I was humping her in the pool. She started it, of course, but I was happy enough to let my cock slide between her legs.

Or maybe she figured out I'd grabbed her ass at the park, pretending to be her husband.

She sat down next to me. "Two words," she said.


"Nice. Cock."

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