tagLoving WivesThe New Widow's Christmas Surprise

The New Widow's Christmas Surprise


© 11/19/03 All rights reserved to author

Penelope Wright groaned as the alarm woke her up. She yawned herself awake thinking after last night, another five or six hours would be wonderful. She sighed as she stood and stretched and headed for the bathroom. Today was the day they would bury her husband. Everyone would feel sorry for her, thinking Christmas Eve what a day for sorrow. It was perfect weather for Christmas a light snow, crisp air she would need her furs and boots at the cemetary. She had to be perfect she knew everyone would be watching the fluffy headed widow and wondering what would happen now.

The trouble is she didn’t feel a pang of sorrow or regret over his death. She was glad the son of a bitch was gone. He had been a bastard. A man who used her body to get ahead whoring her out to anyone who wanted a free piece of ass. She stayed because one he had made it clear when he took her out of her Kentucky hills hovel of a home that he would put her right back there if she didn’t obey. He also regularly beat her until she pleaded to be allowed to serve his every need afraid he would kill her. She could have called the police. Police were to protect you, but it was 1955 and nobody believed that men like her esteemed husband did nasty things like beat their wives. Now she was free and rich. He must be turning over in his casket at the prospect of her and his money together at last.

Last night had been just the beginning; she stretched as the hot water of the shower beat against her deliciously ravished body unkinking tight well-used muscles. That Funeral Director certainly knew how to work out your anxieties. She had stayed late at the funeral parlor bidding her late husband’s associates and family goodbye. Finally alone with the staff they had gone over the plans for today.

The staff was having a Christmas party. Roland the Funeral Director brought her a plate of food and a large Scotch and soda and kept her company as she ate. She made sure that he sat close enough to smell her female arousal and to see the desire in her eyes. Twice she even collapsed against his broad muscled chest in tears so that he could comfort her. God how she needed to sweep the feel and taste of her late husband out of her system. She wasn’t sure he had received her message until he placed his large well-manicured hand high on her thigh as he asked a question. “Was it true what he had heard about how her husband had mistreated her.”

“Let me say that in twelve years of marriage I never made love to a man. I have fucked hundreds at Brett’s command usually with him watching and a hidden camera taking pictures. To do less would have been pain beyond your comprehension. He was a genius at coming up with painful punishments that left me unmarked where others would see.” She answered as she laid her hand lightly on his growing bulge.

Roland loosened his pants and smiled. As he pulled her from the sofa. “Take whatever comfort you can in my presence Penelope. I am here to help you through your grief.”

She slid down on her knees and lowered her head. The fall of her auburn hair hid her beautiful face and large luscious mouth as it encircled his hardening penis. He groaned as he reached to move her hair. This was to good not to watch and he had plans for her after he had climaxed.

He had heard of Brett’s wife who did anything and everything he told her. Mostly he used her as a business favor. Fear will encourage a woman to do almost anything. A truly submissive woman in the right hands will do it joyfully for love. Foolish man he had never understood the true beauty of a strong woman and her submission. He had held her through fear. Now Roland smiled he would hold her through desire.

That was his last cognoscent thought as her exquisite technique carried him away. He watched with half closed eyes as she swallowed him to the root of his ten-inch penis. The sight of his cock as it moved up and down inside her stretched delicate white throat was mind blowing to him. It finally took him over the hump and into full-blown climax. He came in several large spurts until she had drained him of all his essence. He sighed as she licked him clean and put him away.

“I hope you know I owe you an equal amount of pleasure lovely lady. However here is not the place or time. I don’t think you should drive tonight. I am going to drive you home and then we will pick you up in the morning.”

She nodded submissively and they had both just straightened up their clothes when the entrance of his younger brother followed a discreet knock on the door.

“Is everything ready for tomorrow Roland?” asked Matt sniffing quietly and wondering what he might have missed. He knew the odor of sex when he smelt it.

“Yes but Penelope has had a bad reaction to her scotch too much on an empty stomach so I am taking her home.” He reached and covered her shoulders with her fur-lined cape. “Please lock up down here and I will see you later.” He winked as he exited and whispered “Much later.’

Matt laughed silently they were indeed a full service funeral home and it was making them rich. “ Merry Christmas to you brother,” he said quietly.

Roland had forgotten that indeed it was almost Christmas Eve, with no family of his own it mattered little to him what holiday was happening his business never stopped for holidays. The two brothers seldom celebrated holidays on their regular days but took time off when possible and filled it with camaraderie when they played.

Roland liked pleasure. He drove a Porsche for pleasure. He handed her into the interior and went to the driver’s side. He was looking forward to showing her the paces of the car and what he had in store. He was also eager to hear her story and knew he would have her trust before the sun came up in the morning. He seldom wanted a woman but this woman needed him and he needed what she had. Not only her unbridled sexuality, but also the money that the estate of Brett Wright contained. Together they could found a dynasty and finally the last of his family would be safe. Like Penelope although he didn’t yet know it, he had come from dirt-poor people and had vowed never to return to that achingly miserable existence.

Penelope laid her head back against the butter soft leather and inhaled. Brett had been a miser except for show for clients and company. She owned a seven year old Ford and hated it. Perhaps she would look at a car like this; she looked up from under her deep green eyes and softly whispered in her throaty voice.

“Is this hard to drive Roland. I need to replace my car and this one smells so good.” He reached for her hand and putting it on the floor shift showed her how to shift as he accelerated. The sound of her laughter had him hard and aching for closeness quickly. He had never met such an erotic woman.

He determined impulsively to stop at the dealership. Together they entered; the dealership was open late hoping for a last minute customer. Steve, an old friend of Roland’s and the man he had purchased his own car from came over at once to talk to them.

“Mrs. Wright here will need a new car as soon as her late husbands estate is settled. I would like to discuss the terms with you. Do you have time?”

Penelope moved her hand to hold his and a tear fell from the corner of her eye. Roland noticed and bending his head licked it softly off.

“To good to waste on a mere cotton handkerchief “ and he licked his lips again. He was pleased to see her blush and her hand squeezed once as she murmured “Thank You.” He reached and drew her close to his body. He was pleased to hear her catch her breath at his closeness and to feel the heat radiating from her body. Yes tonight would be a good night.

No one had ever treated her so well and in her mind, she yelled slow down, but her body was demanding that it get what they both desired. Soon all three were laughing and the order was placed with a substantial deposit delivery to wait upon her cash after the will was read. She worried about that but Steve assured her that her Porsche was built in Italy, by hand and it would take several months for it to arrive. She thanked the salesperson and told them both this was the best Christmas present she had ever received. Steve led them out wondering what his old friend had in mind for the new widow and wishing him well.

Roland pushed her into the driver’s side when they reached the car. “You have driven stick shifts right?” She nodded. “So that’s all this is," she pointed to the gear box. He laughed, " I will help with the gears you aren’t familiar with yet.”

Slowly majestically with Penelope laughing like a five year old they made the way to her estate.

She pulled him into the house for a drink to thank him for allowing her to drive his car when they arrived. The huge house resonated with silence.

“I gave the servants time off until after New Years. They have been here with him longer then I had been married to Brett, and loved him although I will never understand why.” Beside's its the holidays and they deserve some fun with their families."

Roland led her to the sofa removing her cape and offered to pour drinks. She sat back and kicking off her shoes curled her feet under her and grabbing a large pillow got comfortable.

He poured drinks. When he returned he sat them carefully on the coffee table and pulled her into his arms. Caught in his strong embrace and melting under the force of his kiss she hardly noticed when he removed the rest of her clothes. She lay passively under his hands in her heels, garter-belt, nylons, and jewelry.

“Roland stopped and putting his hand under her chin looked deep into her eyes as he picked her up and carried her to the mirror.

“Men kill for women who look like you. Men are killed for women like you ‘ and he savagely kissed her forcing her mouth open and his tongue inside. He felt her resistance disappear and her body warm to him and so growled one word. “Bedroom”

She picked up a hand and pointed unable to make a cognoscent sound on her own, He paced like the animal he was to the bed and gently deposited her there. Looking around he strode to the closet and grabbed two silk ties. He pulled her arms up over her head and tied them there ravishing her nipples on the way back. “Tonight is yours lady. Pleasure is now your new name, and I am Pleasure’s Master.”

He kissed her quiet when she said “but wait “. Once she was quiet, he started kissing her eyelids and worrying her mouth until it was puffy with desire. It was only then that he proceeded to her ears and her neck and that hollow in her collarbone that pulsed with her rapidly arising desire.

She was gasping for breath and moaning unintelligible words when he finally after spending forever on her breasts took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it. He let his hand play with the left nipple as his mouth sought and found the right. She had lovely nipples that grew in size and dimension when properly given time to cope with the sexual delights he was offering.

Finally, although his hands had played in other places, his mouth traced a wet path down her belly lapping at her belly button until she moaned in passion. It was only then, that he traveled down her legs to her feet. He avoided the one place where desire and lust demanded his attention. He blew gently on the wet slicked skin of her foot, having licked it completely as she squirmed under his attention. She shivered in the erotic tingles of impending pleasure that brought her and cried out when she felt him suck her toe into his mouth. Soon all ten toes had been treated to the same sensations and as she cried out “Please” he worked his way up the inside of her thighs and slowly licked out at the center of the maelstrom of her emotions.

She had opened up like a rose in bloom to his attentions and her hips sang the song of conquest. She was his and he was ready but first he licked out and tasted his newest conquest. She was delicious. He smiled, and sucked her clit gently into her mouth circling it with his busy tongue as his slicked fingers gently pushed into the heart of her womanhood. He was treated to a long slow climax that almost broke his fingers as she clamped down on them and cried out in her pleasure.

He moved up and taking his weight on his arms allowed his cock to push into her heated center of passion. She was tight, she was wet, and she was hotter than any woman he could remember.

“Now, I will show you what it is to make love to a man.” Leaning over he sucked each nipple back to peak hardness as his cock pushed gently inside stretching her to accommodate his girth. He gently started a short in and out motion and kissing her mouth whispered then into her ear. “Consider it one of a number of early Christmas presents.”

She went from one orgasm to another as he paced himself to give her the ultimate pleasure. He had allowed some slack in the ties and so as she came down from a particularly violent climax he turned her over and pushed her up on her knees. Holding her weight mostly by pulling her into his stomach it was in that position that he rammed into her delicious center of heat hard and fast. This time it was for him. He didn’t stop to think about protection or to ask if she was on the pill he was past the point of reason and had to mate with this woman to fill her with his seed.

He came as she clamped down on his cock and screamed out into the night and passed out from the overkill of pleasure. It would be many weeks before Penelope would feel free to tell Roland she had never climaxed during sex ever in her life. self gratification was the only thing she had ever known.

He untied her and tucked her in for the night. Quietly leaving he stopped long enough in the kitchen to preset her coffee pot and leave her a note thanking her for the wonderful evening and hoping there would be many more to come. There was a lot of work to do so that Brett Wright could be laid to rest forever in the morning.After that he was already planning how he would make her Christmas one she would never forget.

Matt was still awake and watching a movie when he heard his brothers key in the door lock. “Hey Bro. everything is done, Carmen is picking up the widow at 8a.m. Does that work?”

Roland came in, and Matt threw him a beer and he crashed on the sofa. “Yeah I set her alarm for 6:30 a.m. That gives her time to snooze and still get ready.”

Matt grinned, “Set her alarm did you?” Roland grinned and said “This one is mine brother dear no sharing she has something that turns me on like never in my life before and that bastard husband of hers left her lots of money. The combination is a very powerful aphrodisiac.”

Matt nodded his head in agreement and said “never?” Roland grinned "while not for a long time anyway.” They then toasted to future possibilities. Meanwhile Penelope was dreaming the most erotic dream of her life and loving every moment. It wouldn’t be until she woke up in the morning that she remembered her dream was reality. She also would understand at last, what the difference was between being fucked, and making love.

Finished with their beers the guys headed for bed. It would be another short night. Roland smiled as he flopped on the bed; pleasantly exhausted from his sexual gymnastics he reached and began to caress himself as he relived the widow Wright and her possibilities. He had to admit while she needed work on her lovemaking skills that her oral skills were the best he had ever seen. He swelled at the remembrance of his thick long cock thrust deep into her mouth, and the sight of his cock moving up and down her delicate white throat.

He had never had a woman so avid to suck him dry. He felt his balls tighten up and he reached for several tissues. With a muffled groan he came and dropping the tissues on the floor slept.

Penelope awake and naked went downstairs to make coffee wondering when Roland had finally left. It was not until she reached the kitchen that she smelled the coffee and saw the note.

“Many more nights to come it said” She hugged herself tight and ran her hands over her ravished nipples. Smiling to herself, she pulled them taut and relished the feeling of slight pain while remembering her night of love. Yes he could be assured there would be many more nights. It would take a long time to make up for all the bastards who had used her body against her will. Never again would a man touch her unless she desired it. Her hand slipped to her already wet center of pleasure. While she sipped her coffee, and read the morning paper that Roland had brought in for her, she touched and teased herself until holding tightly to the counter she moaned loudly and gushed her essence all over her busy fingers. Smiling she headed back up stairs. Time for the best acting job of her life the grieving widow. Monday morning would be plenty of time for everyone to find out that the empty headed wife of Brett Wright had some ideas of her own on how to get much richer.

She wondered if Roland would like to listen to her plans in case they needed any tweaking. She grinned after the funeral was over there was some tweaking of her own she would like to do to him. She was singing as she went up the stairs to get dressed.

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