tagAnalThe Night I Lost My Virginity

The Night I Lost My Virginity


I don't really remember how it started! When my memory kicks in we were both sitting in front of a very toasty log fire, I was naked and Helen was without skirt and pants. I'd probably not long come in from work and not got dressed after showering. Helen rarely if ever wore pants, she did have stocking and suspenders on though. That's nothing to do with the story. I don't think we'd had sex, probably had a play with each other but that was all.

We'd drunk a fair quantity of wine between us and with a hard days work behind me I started to doze off, laying myself out on the floor for comfort where I drifted in and out of sleep.

I became aware of Helen leaning over me and kissing me on the lips, gently at first and then not quite so gently. Her tongue flicked eagerly around the inside of my mouth and though still half asleep I got rock hard.

She quickly got either bored or sated with my lips and moved slowly down my neck, little kisses, like a bird pecking. Across my chest and gradually to my nipples where she spent some time licking and rolling them around her mouth.

All through this I lay hardly moving and still nearer sleep than awake, just concentrating on the sensations running through my body.

Eventually she started to move down my chest and as she moved her arm to allow herself to get to my abdomen her hand found my penis which she took in her hand and just held firmly, not rubbing or twisting or anything else. Slowly, slowly her lips moved down my stomach until I could feel her long hair brushing against me and arousing me even further, if that was possible.

Now her hand is still gripping me firmly but starting to slide up and down my shaft and she swings round so that she's sitting cross legged on the floor next to me, one hand working away at me whilst the other fondles my balls and between my legs, going further and further back until I feel her fingers stroking my anus and then back to my balls. Her other hand is still working away at my cock, bring great globs of pre cum to the tip which she gathers up on the tips of her fingers on her free hand. Deftly she wipes her fingers around my anus and continues to do this until I can feel that I am quite wet.

I almost go through the roof as she pushes her finger into me and my first reaction is to snatch her hand away but then I think about the times when I have put something much larger than a finger in her anus and instead grit my teeth, lie back and think of England, as they say.

Very soon the pain, which in reality is no worse than passing a large motion, subsides and I actually start to enjoy the feeling. I'm disappointed when she removes her finger and moves away from me but she shushes me when I ask her to comeback. She comes back shortly anyway and I'm happy when she slips her finger back inside me but then, having loosened me up again she takes out her finger and quickly replaces it with something much larger which I swear is going to split me in half and I cry out like a virgin girl being taken for the first time. This really does hurt and I do try to pull it out but she blocks my hands with her body and I can't move!

If there was no element of pleasure in her pounding away at my body I would have felt violated but as it was the pain and discomfort was gradually replaced by great waves of pleasure that swept over me and almost swept me away.

This time when she went away from me she left the candle which she had been fucking me with inside me, as my body tried to eject it I gripped as hard as I could to keep it inside me but to no avail. It popped out just as Helen returned and resumed her assault on my body. This time she took great pleasure in showing me the vibrator that was my next torment. She turned it on and rubbed it against her breasts and against her vagina, inserting it to lubricate it and giving me really wicked looks.

If I'd thought her finger and then her candle were uncomfortable to begin with, I was sure the vibrator was going to do me serious harm, relaxed as I was it still felt impossibly large and was bound to result in serious injury. I didn't care. I pushed down on it while my mouth was shouting "no" but still it kept creeping further and further into me until I relaxed and felt it sliding easily into me and out again and then faster as the vibrations from it seemed to consume my whole body.

I begged for more but she covered the end with her hand and showed me that there was no more. She pounded away at me, all the time I was crying out, more, more, harder, faster.

And then I came. It was like no time before or since. I didn't ejaculate, it was more like an explosion in my head, like a soundless firework display as waves of pleasure swept over my body, as my whole world seemed to focus on my anus. I felt my erection subside and my body relaxed.

We slept that night on the floor entwined like creepers in a tree.

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