The Night I Shared My Wife


Alec only managed to last a few thrusts until he plunged all the way into her, spasming his orgasm, as Michelle thrust up to him, hands on his butt, pulling him tighter as her climax and his seemed to go on forever, with Michelle's entire body convulsing and I could hear my wife in an almost non-stop high pitched wail!

How can I describe what I was feeling then? I don't know what I was really expecting when Michelle told me 'no limits.' I know I imagined and hoped that it would lead to sex, but imagining and seeing are two completely different things, especially as intense and primitive as this had been! Michelle and I had never, ever had sex like this before. I couldn't believe that it was only a little while ago that I had nervously asked Michelle if she would want to make out with Alec a little bit... and when I asked that, I was thinking about snuggling, kissing, maybe even going as far as her letting Alec nibble on a nipple if he was really lucky...certainly not this! But, then she said 'no limits' and my imagination had run wild. But still, never even approaching this! I remembered thinking when I first thought about Michelle and Alec making out how incredible it would be for both of them. I never even dreamed how right I was! I had loved every second of it and wouldn't undo anything!

After that they collapsed, Alec on top of my naked wife, still buried deep inside her and both trying to catch their breath, he began kissing her gently and thanked her for the most incredible sex he had ever had and told her how good she felt, still wrapped around him. She smiled up at him and kissed him very softly. Then, they both started exploring each other with their hands, caressing and very softly kissing, his lips wandered down to a nipple that was still obviously sensitive the way she was thrusting herself up to him. Through all this, he never pulled himself out of her.

My incredible wife obviously started to have an effect on Alec again. He started a slow in-out-in-out lovemaking. Michelle closed her eyes and purred a minute or two as Alec was gently making love to her again, but apparently she wanted something different. She pushed him away, rolled over onto her hands and knees, stretched that sexy butt out to him and he entered her from behind. It was pretty dark, but I could still see Alec's cock slipping in and out of my wife's pussy, driving deep inside her. His hands were on her hips pulling her to him with each plunge and she was on her elbows, thrusting back to him, breathing hard and grunting on every plunge, burying her face in the pillow, grabbing at the sheets until she screamed another orgasm. But, this time, Alec still wasn't through. He kept at it, slamming into her harder and harder, grabbing her breasts until finally, Alec jerked her body back to him thrusting as deep inside her as he could and they screamed together as Michelle couldn't stop shaking. Her face was still in the sheets until she and Alec collapsed down on the bed once again.

Oh my God, I was so aroused after this. I wanted my wife!! But I knew that tonight she was Alec's woman. As my heart finally slowed, I quietly closed the door and made up the couch that we had initially planned for Alec. What a difference an evening can make.

Besides the obvious sexual exhilaration I was feeling, I was so glad Michelle was on birth control so I hadn't had to intervene with a condom, which by the way, we didn't use them and hadn't planned on anything like this so didn't have any. And besides that, skin to skin contact is so much sexier! Was I feeling jealous of this guy who had just had the most incredible sex with my wife? YES! But, the eroticism of the whole evening was by far outweighing any reservations I had from jealousy. And I really didn't have any concerns about our relationship from this. Our love for each other was just too strong. Maybe I should have been scared about that, but I wasn't. As it turned out, I was right...we're still happily married...and she is still beautiful and sexy.

I didn't get much sleep that night. I had had a raging erection for hours and the only relief I wanted was my wife! Oh, how I wanted to make love with her.

I didn't realize how loud our bed was or how thin the door and walls were (the door to our bedroom was off the living room, only a few feet from our couch). The hardest noises I heard were the kissing and quiet moaning. Those passionate kisses after the sex seemed so much more intimate to me than they had been before and more so even than the sex had been. During the night, I overheard Alec telling Michelle how sexy she was and kissing and moaning right after that and then the bed bouncing again. Later still, I heard Michelle giggling at something. The sucking noises, I desperately wanted to know...was Alec's mouth on her breast or on her pussy? I wanted to open that door so damn bad to see what they were doing but I had told myself earlier that I was giving Michelle her privacy the rest of the night and I was sticking to it, no matter how hard it was. I couldn't help it though, even after I started this whole thing and watched Alec and Michelle making love earlier, listening to my wife fucking Alec in the other room through the night was hard, hard, hard!

Sometime, in the early morning, apparently I had dozed off when I dreamed that this warm, sexy, naked creature climbed in beside me and was French kissing me, telling me how much she loved me. When I realized I was awake and it wasn't a dream, I was so ready to make love that I rolled her over and we made love that seemed to go on forever. She was so wet and slippery from Alec coming inside her. When we climaxed together, it was more intense than ever before! This wasn't raw sex, but real love making, and it was incredible! Afterward, she kissed me very softly again, wrapped her arms around me and we held each other tight for what must have been thirty minutes. Then she asked me if it would bother me if she went back in with Alec?

I told Michelle that yeah, it would a little as I wanted to hold her and maybe make love with her again later, but I understood this was once in a lifetime for her and I would have her the rest of our lives, so I encouraged her to go ahead, wake him up and make love the rest of the night. She smiled and kissed me as she unwrapped herself from me, went back into the bedroom with her new lover and closed the door. After the bed squeaking and the moaning started again, I never did go back to sleep. My erection release from a short while ago was mighty short lived, as I was hard all over again.

The next morning, neither Michelle nor I were working that day, but Alec needed to go to the airport for his flight home, so I had to wake him up. When I opened the door, I didn't know what all might have happened the rest of the night, even though I had a pretty good idea about the general nature of the activities though...didn't really think they had been up playing cards through the night.

Whatever it was must have been enjoyable as my wife and my friend were both sleeping, spooning with Michelle in front, her butt tight to Alec's crotch. Alec had her pulled in tight to him with one arm wrapped around her and clutching a breast, and the other hand between her legs over her pussy.

It wasn't the smell of Michelle's perfume permeating my nostrils that morning, it was the smell of her sex and their lovemaking. I breathed deeply, savoring that aroma, so much more intoxicating than any perfume!

I gently woke Alec and he gave Michelle little kisses on her neck and ear. Then, when he tried to extricate himself from around her, she woke up as well. Michelle rolled over, pulled him to her, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. When she finally broke away from that kiss, she told him she was going to make love to him one more time before he had to leave. Those soft embraces and kisses between lovers nearly drove me out of my mind with jealousy, but at the same time were so exciting! Michelle pulled Alec's lips down to a breast and encouraged him to suckle it, closing her eyes, smiling and just enjoying the feel of his lips around her breast for several minutes. Then she rolled him over to his back, kissing down his chest to a nipple and sucked, then proceeded down his stomach to his navel and then back up to the other nipple, her silky hair cascading over his chest. Finally, she kissed back to his mouth, where she put every bit of her female wiles into making love to it. Then, she straddled his chest and slowly scooted herself up to his mouth, lowering her spread pussy lips down to him. My lovely Michelle had her sex spread wide over Alec's mouth.

Ohh, God, I felt almost drunk, I couldn't breathe. I thought, I can't watch this. No, I can't NOT watch it!

Finally, after Alec's mouth and tongue had devoured my wife, Michelle forcing herself down hard over his mouth, his cock was standing straight up, very tall and very erect. She eased herself back down his body and told him she wanted him to be still. Very slowly, Michelle lowered herself, impaling her pussy slowly down onto his very substantial erection, working her hips until she was all the way down, pelvis to pelvis, with Alec buried deep inside her, slowly rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her hips into his, driving him deeper into her and moaning, "Mmm, feels so good!" Then she asked Alec if it felt good to him. He mumbled some incoherent response, then reached for her, wrapping his arms around her and pulled her breast into his mouth.

Alec sucked one breast, then the other and back again for several minutes. Michelle pushed him back down flat and told him again she wanted him to be still and began a very slow up and down, pulling herself nearly all the way off him, then slowly all the way back down. Over and over again, my wife pulled out and plunged back over him, both their moaning getting louder. It seemed to go on forever and I swore Alec's cock was getting bigger and bigger! My wife would pull up so only the tip of him was penetrating her lips, then impale herself down over him all the way! I could tell from Alec's pained expression that it was all he could do to stay still and not thrust up into her, especially when she was at the top of him, teasing, holding him away for a few seconds, letting him anticipate that plunge back down.

Michelle's whole body was trembling when she leaned forward and frantically pulled Alec's lips to hers. She continued grinding up and down on Alec's cock, but now her hands were wrapped in Alec's hair pulling him tight to her lips, obviously coming closer and closer to another orgasm. Alec's hands were around her back, pulling her firmly on to him as he thrusted into her. Just as it appeared both Michelle and Alec were losing control of themselves, Michelle pulled up a little too far and Alec's slick, wet cock popped out from inside her. Alec groaned and I could see cum starting to ooze from him as she grabbed him with one hand, lining him back up with her pussy and plunging herself back down again. This time Alec managed to hold her tight to him as he pumped his hot cum deep inside her. Michelle's lips were still locked to Alec's, but it was obvious from her grimacing and moaning that she was having a hard time keeping her lips to his!

Finally, Michelle and Alec's bodies relaxed and Alec fell back onto the bed, Michelle still kissing him, sucking on his bottom lip. She pulled her lips from him and whispered something directly in his ear, getting a smile from him, then another very provocative kiss.

I don't know how long it was since my wife had started to make love with Alec, had to be at least a half hour, the most excruciating and wonderful half hour of my life!

This, in the bright daylight had been far more difficult for me to watch than the entire evening before. That had taken all evening to gradually build up to a climax and I had been a part of that, but this was so sudden, no gradual seduction like last night, just sexual lust... There's such a fine line between extreme jealousy and exhilaration and I couldn't wrap my mind around which was more overriding that morning. I wanted her so damn bad. The night before, the excitement of watching her and Alec fucking was just so incredible that the exhilaration dominated, but that morning, I was so horny and so damned hard it was nearly unbearable watching her and Alec fucking in front of me.

It's funny, but writing this is the first time I remembered Michelle whispering to Alec after making love with him that morning. It must have been something provocative with the smile and kiss he gave her afterward. I never thought to ask Michelle about it and she hasn't ever mentioned it to me.

Finally, after they extricated themselves from each other and Alec got up and dressed, I went in the bedroom and closed the door for some privacy with my wife. "Honey, are you OK with everything that happened?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, that was the most incredible night ever and you were such a sex goddess that I hadn't even imagined before. You were absolutely incredible! Then, this beautiful sex goddess woke me up in the middle of the night and made the most wonderful love with me that I've ever felt. That was the erotic experience of a lifetime. Honey, I love you so much!" And, then I asked her, "Was it good for you?"

She kind of rolled her eyes at me, like it was the stupidest question she had ever heard, "It was the most incredible experience I can imagine. No fantasy is ever going to come even close. Right now, you have to take Alec to the airport. We'll talk about it more when you get back." Then, she gave me that sexy smile and winked at me, "And hurry back, we have some unfinished business to attend to."

After Alec had showered and dressed and we were just about to leave, Michelle came out of the bedroom. She was wearing one of our favorite satin nighties, totally transparent. She went to Alec, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a very passionate goodbye kiss and thanked him for such an incredible night and morning. Alec's hands were sliding up and down her back, then finally cupping her butt, pulling her tight to him as he kissed her back. I sort of cleared my throat to get some attention and mentioned that we had to go. Alec broke away from Michelle's lips and told her that the thanks were all to her. Then, she came over to me and whispered to me, "Please hurry, I'm still horny!" No problem there, if she thought she was horny, she should see what was in my pants!

On the way to the airport with Alec, he told me that he couldn't believe what had just happened and told me how lucky I was to have that incredible girl as my wife, to which I agreed completely. We talked about the sexual frustrations on Sitkinak and he said, "You know how it is out there, we all have our dreams and sex fantasies about coming home and making love to a beautiful girl, but never even in my wildest fantasies have I dreamed of anything that even came close to this unbelievable night...that was the fantasy of all fantasies!" Then, he asked me if any of that was planned ahead of time.

I told him, no, I was completely shocked when we picked Michelle up and she was wearing those sexy clothes, that she had never even owned anything like that before and I sure as heck never had any clue what the night was going to be like. But, then, I kind of wondered to myself if Michelle had dressed with the intention to instigate something like that. If she had, I loved her for it!

He told me that he didn't understand how I could have let that happen.

So, I explained to Alec how I suddenly thought about him and Michelle making out. I told him that was the first time I had ever imagined her with someone else, but it was just overwhelmingly something I wanted him and her to experience. Then I explained what had happened when he went to the bathroom, "Michelle told me she was horny -- a lot! So I kind of stoked her flames a little bit with a gentle nipple massage and asked her if she would want to make out with you."

"But then, you came back in before she could answer and I didn't know until she and I were dancing. She pretty emphatically said 'yes' and that she didn't want any limits, to which I agreed."

I told him, "I had no idea what she was doing when she started going back and forth from you to me and back, but I sure as heck liked it! I know that was the sexiest experience I have ever been part of ... or probably ever will be."

Alec told me that he was glad to hear that because he certainly didn't want anything to come between me and Michelle.

I told him, to the contrary, I anticipated a whole new exciting sex life after this, although I smiled at him and told him, "Probably not a repeat of this though." I told him that I hadn't ever imagined sex as intense as that had been.

When I got back to the apartment, Michelle was showered and had dressed only in the silk teddy from our wedding and gave me a big hug and kiss. She told me once again how much she loved me and thanked me for pushing her into the most incredible experience she had ever had.

I told her I hadn't ever seen anyone so beautiful and sexy as she was last night.

She smiled and told me that was kind of a naughty decision she made after I told her about Alec not being around any girls for that long. "I wanted to dress up and give him a good tease. I knew I was going to look really sexy and I expected both you and Alec to be really turned on by it, but I didn't have any idea what it would do to me too... but to be honest, when I was getting ready, I thought about Alec seeing me in just those panties and bra and it made me so hot! I never intended for anything to happen though, except great sex with you after we all went to bed. But, then we drank all the wine, Alec was so good looking and when you suggested I make out with him, it was just too irresistible."

"We've never talked about anything like that. I wanted to see you make out with Alec before you said how turned on you were, but I never imagined that you'd want to. I was trying to imagine what it would be like for Alec just to kiss you after that long time away from girls, along with maybe a little nipple nibble. But, then when you went further and further with him and finally all the way, I couldn't begin to imagine what it must have been like after not even seeing a girl for that long."

"Alec was so turned on and knowing it was me that was giving him that experience was making me feel so sexy. It was the most incredible sexy feeling I've ever had! When Alec and I kissed that first time, I just sort of got carried away. I thought to myself that if I was going to do this, I really wanted to make it good for Alec, so I thought about involving you too, partly so he would see that it was OK with you. Then, when you started to unbutton my blouse and playing with my breasts, it felt so good that I really lost any control over myself. I expect the wine might have contributed a little, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved every second!"

"When Alec lifted my leg over his shoulder and kissed me over my panties, I thought I was going to die right there! I haven't ever felt anything like that! Then, when he licked my bare pussy and then made love to me, after that long, incredible playing around, it was just waves and waves of the strongest, most intense pleasure I've ever felt. I'm sorry honey, but I've never felt anything like that before. Those first two times that Alec made love to me felt like something outside this world, totally indescribable. The next times we made love, it was still pretty fantastic, but nothing at all has ever compared to that. Nothing has ever come even close."

Michelle telling me this was making me so horny all over again and dressed in that silk teddy, I couldn't take any more. It was back to the bedroom right then and there! We could talk about the rest of the night later. Right then, I had more important things than talk on my mind, one of which was experimenting with sucking on that pussy!

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