tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Night Out Pt. 02

The Night Out Pt. 02


I want the thank slams69 for the ideas contained in this story. I took it a bit farther than their suggestions, but I think they enjoyed the result. Please provide feedback and don't forget to vote, 5's are always welcomed.

Chapter 2

Now Julie was bound in the shape of an X, all within the confines of the wooden arch. The presentation of Julie's naked body within the span was as spectacularly beautiful as it was erotic. The lights within the arch were positioned to highlight certain areas or creating dramatic shadows in others. With her arms stretched above her head, her breasts were lifted into the light with her turgid nipples pleading for carnal stimulation.

Her ribs were pulled tight against her skin with shadows defining their structure. The shadows obscured her concave belly, but the lights behind her left her tiny waist in a beautiful silhouette. Another light highlighted her nether regions with her arousing nectar coating her bald, succulent pussy lips, leaving it shimmering in the light. Her auburn hair swirled around her face and shoulders making her look like a fiery erotic angel.

Nervous anxiety, fear and even a lot of anger hit her square in the face, along with panic and a thousand other emotions as she tried to slip out of the manacles. She found herself gasping for breath, but still couldn't seem to get enough air in her lungs. Her head was spinning with her eyes darting to and fro looking for an escape. Where was she and how the hell did, she get here? Who were all these people staring at her naked body?

If she hadn't been bound, she would have been in full flight mode and ran for her life. She glanced around for Fred hoping to see him coming to her rescue. The remnants of her orgasms were still buzzing around her body and in her head, but the fear of what was going to happen was quickly dispelling any remaining bliss.

Her fiery temper exploded out of her mouth, "What the hell are you doing? Let me go right now!"

She squirmed, yanking on the manacles trying to get free, but to no avail. She began looking around for a sympathetic face or a way to escape, but she found neither. Instead Julie saw a huge crowd amassed before her. There were three rows of tables in front of the stage and at least six laptops with WebCams on each table. There was someone behind each laptop and many of these, were the people she had seen in the bar.

Except for the people behind the computers, everyone else was dressed elegantly in evening attire. The men were mostly in tuxedos, while the women were in very skimpy and sexy dresses, with lots of jewels adorning the plethora of skin. This group of people was so very different from the group at the bar. They were classy and sophisticated, but they appeared to be there just for her.

Beyond the tables were masses of people sitting on chairs or couches continuing further and further back until they faded into the darkness. The lights from the stage lit only about half the audience and Julie visualized hundreds more watching her that she couldn't see. The balcony was the same with people lined along the balcony in chairs, couches and people standing behind them. As her eyes darted along the crowd, she noticed her image on Jumbotrons located on each side of the club.

Julie's scrutiny of the crowd was short-lived as Charles stepped in front of her. She released the breath she didn't realize she was holding as she looked into his expectant face. Her undiminished anger exploded suddenly and venomously, "Where the hell am I and what the fuck do you think you're doing?" She made a show of struggling and then added, "Let me go right now and I might not press charges!

Charles reached out and caressed her face lightly and almost lovingly as he said, "My God Julie, you really are incredibly beautiful. With that gorgeous auburn hair and that incredibly passionate body, you are the most gorgeous as well as the hottest woman I have ever seen in a long time. If I didn't need the money, I would keep you for myself."

Julie responded with more bravado than she actually felt. "What do you mean keep me? I am married to a great guy and I'm sure he is looking for me right now! When he finds me, you are going to be in real trouble."

Charles smirked and responded, "We know who Fred is and I have associates talking to him right now and he might be more amenable than you might think. Yes, there is no doubt he loves you, but like any red-blooded male he might enjoy watching your spectacular body put through its paces. By the end of the night, I'll bet you and your husband will beg us to join our club."

Julie was aghast for a second. Could Fred to actually be in on this? She shook her head dispelling any thoughts that her husband might be behind her exploitation. Still, Fred was always trying to spice up their sex life and she loved all of his attempts. No, no they were trying to trick her and she began screaming for them to let her go. Her icy look told him that she didn't believe the word of what he was saying and she once again demanded that he release her.

Charles shook his head, stuffed a ball gag between her teeth and then tied it behind her head. Julie had never been gagged and she knew immediately that she didn't like the whole idea, but what could she do right now. She tried to scream around the gag but all it really did was frustrate her.

Charles didn't answer, just gazed wistfully as his eyes roamed over her bound and craftily presented body. He sorrowfully shook his head and turned to the audience saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have saved the best for last. This young woman, as you can plainly see, is an incredibly stunning and beautiful woman, but she is much more than that."

"She is new to bondage or exhibitionism and has never experienced any of what this life has to offer. However, her performance on the dance floor convinced me and those of you that saw it, that she is a natural submissive. She is foremost a reluctant, but an enchanting exhibitionist and while she doesn't need bondage to release her inner fire, we will see what how she responds."

Charles continued, "As is our usual custom for new initiates, your appreciation can be shown in many ways. Monetary tips are always welcome, but so are applause and vocal responses. Please everyone, enjoy the show."

Charles stepped to the side of the stage and a stagehand brought up a strange device and set up between her legs. It was some kind of stand and she couldn't understand its meaning until he set a large multispeed vibrator in the stand. He plugged it in, turned it on and pushed it against her clit. She immediately felt the vibrations between her legs and she knew what they were going to do. She glanced the audience to see their reaction and she was not disappointed.

Julie's eyes were moving from face to face, feeling their eyes pour their lust, passion and desire into her. She once again felt that craving fluttering in her belly, that throbbing hunger awakening her body and making everything feel sexually intense. She had an idea of what was coming and part of it horrified her; however, the red-hot searing excitement over ruled all common sense. She looked Charles in the eye, defiantly telling him to do his worst.

The simmering fire in her loins burst into flames as the vibrator slowly massaged her clit. Every breath arched her chest with her hard-turgid nipples begging for some kind of stimulation while the vibrator continued fanning her lusty fire. The needy heat in her belly made her breath harder, tightening her belly and making her hips dance to their own desperate yearning. Julie tried to stem the growing craving, but her hard lust laden breaths only made the fire hotter.

The intensity of the audience's hunger escalated as more of her passion was revealed. Some of the audience leaned forward in their seats to get a better view while others looked to the Jumbotron for close-ups. Julie felt the crowd demanding more from her and her body responded with an agonizingly intense, heated desire. With the crowd watching, she felt engulfed in the still unfamiliar but, insatiable wanton ache between her thighs.

Gone was her Ice queen look, as erotic fire raced through her body. Her chest was heaving trying to catch her breath forcing her breasts to wobble enticingly and making her nipples engorge even more. Her belly clinched as she tried to rein in the insatiable desire in her womb, but the eyes of the audience demanded more. The scorching fire inside her could not be concealed and her face revealed her erotic anguish.

Charles stepped to the side to make sure the audience had a good view of Julie's spectacular figure. He reached up and caressed her breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples. Julie tried to resist the rousing stimulation, but her body had thoughts of its own as her back arched, thrusting her breasts into more of the harsh treatment.

There were two women plus two men still in their skimpy dancing attire as they moved in unison towards the bound and naked Julie. All four of the dancers slowly stroked and fondled her sumptuously displayed skin, making sure her stimulation was always on the rise. They were also in charge of making sure she didn't achieve her orgasm too quickly. The minute they saw Julie's body began to tense as a prelude to her orgasm, they would move the vibrator away from her clit. Then as she began to calm, they would push the vibrator back against her clit, once again driving her towards her orgasmic abyss until she got to close.

Charles nodded to the two male dancers and they pulled two floggers from a shelf behind the curtain. They were both deerskin floggers and were very soft and subtle. They were designed for new submissives, that didn't have experience with bondage and discipline. Julie never saw them comes until the first soft lash wrapped around her hips.

She screamed into the ball gag, mostly from the surprise and certainly not from pain. The flogger was soft, as was the lash, but Julie was stunned, amazed and a little fearful with the first lash. Julie became frantic, squirming within her bondage, until the second lash landed caressing and cuddling her breasts. Most of the lash was a soft caress around her breasts, but the tips gave a little pop on her nipples. The pop gave her a jolt of erotic lightening that went from her nipples to her clit and back again.

The next lash was a soft teasing strike around her hips, with the tips of the flogger giving a soft pop to her clit. For Julie it was as if a bomb went off deep in her sexual core. Her hips undulated, unsure of whether to celebrate or recoil from the sexy little pop. She came as close and a woman can approach an orgasm without actually cumming.

Her breath caught in her lungs before she screamed a banshee like scream, but everyone could tell it was fraught with passion. Never in her life had Julie been pushed this hard against an immovable wall of blistering rapture. She couldn't breathe or think and was lost in a hazy bliss that seemed intent on consuming her ravaged form. The lashes struck, while the vibrator hummed and Julie writhed in an unworldly, dizzying, relentless cloud of ecstasy. She felt as if she was losing her mind, because the erotic power flourished inside her, multiplying until she knew her heart would stop.

Her alabaster body was crisscrossed with dozens of red marks from her knees to her neck. Her breasts were wobbling excitedly as she gasped deeply in her attempts to overcome her orgasmic anguish. Her chest, neck and face were a strawberry red from the evident heart pounding aborted cums that had been deigned her. Her belly cramped into a hard six pack, while the veins and tendons on her arms, legs and neck threatened to burst through the skin.

This teasing torture went on through uncounted aborted cums and as Julie's body vibrated with desperate yearning, she would automatically arch into the vibrator franticly trying to find her climax. As her eyes took on a blank lusty stare, one of the men removed her ball gag and she immediately exhaled a pleading moan.

Charles noticed Julie's passionate ardor was at a peak and he gave a nod to the two men and women that had bound Julie previously. Julie gave a small shriek as suddenly eight hands and four mouths were devouring sensitive flesh. If possible, the fire inside her turned into a bonfire in her loins roaring to life and was soon an unstoppable wildfire roaring through her body. Her gasping breathes testified that the fire inside was burning up all her oxygen and she knew that any minute she would pass out.

The two men took her upper body with their hands caressing and pinching as their mouths latched on to her nipples. They used their lips, teeth, tongue and mouth to thrill and electrify her already sensitive and inflamed breast flesh. Her nipples were hard as diamonds aching with fanatical need. Her nipples were so swollen and enflamed that Julie they felt like they were going to burst.

The women concentrated on her lower body with mouths ravenously attacking her pussy and sphincter. They were soft and gentle, but at the same time hard and challenging her to give in to their demands. She felt deliriously wanton, sexy and even dirty as their mouths probed her pussy and anus. She whimpered as they started, but these turned into deeply erotic moans as they continued their onslaught.

Without her willing it, her hips started to move up and down as their mouths and long finger sawed in and out of her most intimate parts. Her mind could no longer process the risk of this bondage; there was only the women's mouths, their tongues, and their fingers, sliding deep into her. As the men chewed her nipples, they joined her loins in surrendering to the rapture that enthusiastically tormented her entire body.

As if she needed to their approval, her lust lidded eyes probed the audience for their reactions. Most were dividing their attention between her and the Jumbotrons, but when they looked at her there was fire in their eyes and lust in their heart. As her eyes probed the crowd several were licking their lips wishing they could be the ones ravishing her. The crowd's lust poured into her, driving her lust higher and more desperate. Then her heart jumped in her chest, with her torso twisting with a heart stopping surrender.

He was there in the third row, her incredibly handsome husband, watching her writhe, fighting her bonds, as she struggled to reach her cum. As she met his eyes her breath caught in her chest as his dark ravenous stare went straight to her heart. He was not listening to anyone around him, but paying attention to only her, watching every shutter and every passionate gasping breath. Her breath locked in her chest as she waited for his reaction and yes, even his approval.

She couldn't look away as the audience, the stage, Charles, everything faded away. There were only his eyes commanding her. His eyes were telling her to let the fingers and mouths sweep her away, let the bliss consume her. As if obeying his commands her body tingled, letting the tease carry her engorged pussy and ass to the crest of a wave. She did as he commanded, letting the erotic wave crest, feeling it crash over her with her illicit pleasure sending her body into blissful contortions.

She passionately screamed her completion, letting the audience know that she obeyed the command in his eyes. She let everyone know that her body and her orgasms belonged to him as she screamed, "God, OH my God, Yes, OH God Yes Master."

As her body shattered into a mind numbing cum, her eyes never left his dark demanding gaze. But, the mouths and fingers of the four dancers continued their devilish torment of Julie's body, despite her writhing spasms. The dancers switched places with the women gently teasing her breasts and nipples and the men harshly demanding more from her sensitive and burning pussy and asshole.

Fred's eyes told her to let the wave build and Julie felt flush all over as the heat inside her continued to build. As if he could see inside her heart he frowned and shook his head from side to side, telling her not to cum yet. Somehow, she pushed the orgasm back, but it continued to build until Julie thought she would lose her mind. The volatile power inside her was like nothing she had every felt and she knew she would die if she didn't cum soon.

Her whole body was quivering with the barely contained explosive power ready to be set free. Her eyes pleaded with him to let her cum and he shook his head no with his eyes giving her a hard look warning her not to fail him. Julie closed her eyes trying to keep balanced on the ridge of her colossal climax. Then the man licking her pussy sucked her clit into his mouth began to roll it between his lips and tongue.

Julie's eyes flew open in terror as the wild pulses in her clit pushed over the edge and she started her uncontrolled slide into orgasmic oblivion. She was cumming, couldn't stop it and in a panic her eyes begged Fred to let her cum and with a single nod he relented. In that moment every cell in Julie's body rejoiced as they simultaneously detonated in an explosive cum the likes of which she had never felt before. In that moment she felt like a rocket with her orgasmic blast lifting her free of her earthly bounds. She was floating through the heavens with fireworks surrounding her in her blissful journey.

Julie' arms and legs pulled and jerked against her bounds as the commanded orgasmic tidal wave washed through her. She was thrown into a weightless abyss where nothing mattered except the nirvana that seized body and soul. As her climax surged through her, all of her body's muscles knotted fighting the engulfing intensity that clutched at her very soul.

Her body bowed tight as a guitar string as she let the breath-taking rapture carry her away on the crest of her orgasmic tsunami. Her eyes were still pointed at her dark husband, but her climax had blinded her to anything except the firework display in her head. Her mouth hung slack jawed, in a breathless scream of passion, with only little squeaks with bits of air escaping rigid lungs. Julie was lost in the space where only the only thing that mattered was glorious sexual pinnacle that Fred had ordered her to achieve.

Everyone watched with mouths agape as Julie was consumed with an orgasmic fervor that few had ever seen. Only one man sat in the crowd with a self-satisfied smile as he gazed at this most perfect woman, a perfect submissive.

The dancers continued to tease, suck and probe Julie's spastic body, driving her higher and higher. She couldn't stop cumming and she was past the point of reason. Her mind was lost in her special area of space with stars and supernovas swirling around her. She didn't know where she was and only knew the rapture that her husband had given her and now controlled her. Her body was glistening with perspiration as her muscles continued their euphoric celebration in fine Olympic fashion.

The audience was aghast as the stunning woman bound in front of them shattered into the most incredible show of orgasmic athleticism. The heads of the ravaging dancers obscured her breasts and loins, but her undulating belly demonstrated her exquisite rapture. Her stomach would knot in six-pack revealing clinches then ripple as she thrust her hips back into the voracious mouth for more of the continuing onslaught. Her already gorgeous face was glowing with her overwhelming bliss plainly there for all to see. Her eyes were wide open as though surprised, but stayed wide open in an unseeing stare. Her mouth stayed open in an oval shape. She alternately gasp trying to catch her breath then moaned, whimpered and screamed her intense rapture.

The next cum piled on top of the last one and as that orgasmic tsunami rushed through her, she threw her head back and screamed unintelligible sounds. As her thrashing head and banshee screams announced her latest gut twisting cum, her hair swirled around her head like a red sunset. Her amber locks began sticking to her neck and shoulders, grabbed by the perspiration from her jubilant body.

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