tagErotic HorrorThe Nightmare

The Nightmare


Sandra found herself in a dungeon. There were screams and moans all around her. She was suspended nude, inches off of the stone floor, by rusty old chains. She could feel fire, but wasn't certain where it was coming from. The room she was in was complete stone, black and gray stone. Her long black hair was soaking wet. Her bare pussy was soaking wet, and her nipples were as hard as steel. The smells of blood, sweat, fear and sulfur were in the air. A pentagram had been drawn on the floor in blood, and there were black candles surrounding the outer circle. She heard chanting in another tongue, and wondered what was going on. She began to fight, trying to get out of her chains when a demon, Mael, came to her and grunted. He was magnificent, and frightening all at once. He towered over her, at least 7 feet tall. His skin was wet with sweat, and the color of crimson blood. His eyes were black as pitch. He had fangs protruding from his black lips. He had 6-inch tall ebony horns sticking out from his head between his pointy ears. His body was thick, pure muscle. She glanced down in horror, to see his 13-inch, 6-inch thick, rock hard cock coming closer to her pussy. He grabbed her arms roughly, to stop her squirming. He thrust his cock into her sopping wet cunt, and she screamed. It burned as it entered her. She had never felt anything quite like it in her life.

As Mael was pumping into her, she saw his eyes glowing with fire. She glanced to her left, and saw her friend, Rachael, lying on the floor in the corner. Her long red hair was a mess. Her ivory skin, stained with blood. Another demon, Drakus, was standing over her, grinning. He stood at 6 feet tall, was crimson red just like the first, had 3-ich horns protruding from his head, and a thick muscular body. His cock was 10-inches, and 5-inches thick. He was towering over Rachael, eating what appeared to be her heart. There was no question that Rachael was dead. Sandra's attention returned to Mael as he scratched her tits. She felt blood running down her body, down to her cunt, and he groaned in pleasure. He began thrusting harder, her tits bouncing into her chin. She came hard on his cock, and he exploded within her. His cum was like fire exploding into her loins. He licked the blood from her body, withdrew his cock, and walked away. She felt an odd sensation in her womb, strange warmth that radiated throughout her whole body. Her pussy dripped his molten cum onto the floor, as it hit the ground, it sizzled like water on a hot pan.

Sandra whimpered in sadness over her friend, and dreaded what might happen to her. She wondered how she got there. All she had remembered was going out for a few drinks with her friends. Rachael finally kicked out her good for nothing boyfriend, and they were celebrating it. She had been trying to find a way to get rid of him for 3 months, when their friend Daemon came up with an idea that worked. He and 6 of his weight lifting buddies came to Rachael's apartment and threw him out the old-fashioned way. Daemon had come into their lives 6 months previous to that night, seemingly out of nowhere. She noticed something that night that left her wondering; Daemon had been sporting a pentagram necklace. She wondered if he was somehow involved in all of this. Suddenly Sandra's attention reverted back to where she was.

Mael was speaking to Drakus. In another tongue, he told Drakus to fuck her. He grinned and bowed, then came to Sandra. It was obvious to Sandra who was in charge here. He decided to take her from behind, running his claws over her stomach to obtain the blood that Mael had drawn. He used the blood as a lubricant, to force his way into her ass. She cried as he fucked her, tearing up her asshole. Harder and harder he thrust, as she became aware of another figure on her right. She looked over in that direction, to see her friend Amy bound to a stone slab by shackles. Amy's small tits and her body were gleaming with blood and sweat. Sandra gasped as she noticed that Amy's throat had been slit, her blood poured down the stone slab, and had dripped on the floor. Sandra cried out, and Drakus started fucking her even harder. Mael came back to her, and joined in by fucking her cunt. She had never been so filled in her life. Her pussy and ass were on fire as the demons stretched her beyond her wildest dreams. She came again and again, until she passed out.

Sandra awoke in her bed and sat up with a scream. After realizing where she was, safe at home in her bed with her black satin sheets, she noticed that she was very aroused. She glanced at the clock next to her bed; it was 3:33am. She lay back down, and began fingering herself. She stroked her hard clit that was so wet she didn't need any other moisture. She spread her lips with her free hand, to gain better access to her rock-hard clit. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She thought about those demons, and how good it would feel to be so filled by cock. She thrust her fingers in and out of her hot pussy. Her breath began getting shorter and shorter. Her nipples were rock hard, and a soft breeze blew in through the partially cracked window, tantalizing them even further. Finally, she came hard, squirting her pussy juices all over her bed. Satisfied, she began to drift off to sleep. As she began to dose, she noticed dried blood on her arms and stomach. She, once again, noticed the strange warmth in her womb. It was a dream, wasn't it?

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