tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Non-Standard Man Ch. 02

The Non-Standard Man Ch. 02


Most days I spent the ride to the office looking over briefs, making notes into my phone, or making a few brief calls. Not this morning. I spent it sitting with my hands gripping the edge of the leather seats.

My phone rang and I answered without looking at who it was.

"Evaline, it's Andrew." Fuck. I closed the privacy window between the driver and me.

"Yes, Andrew."

"What colors do you favor? I gathered from the look on you face that fuchsia was not a favorite."

"What are you doing?"

"Shopping for you. You are a very busy woman. I thought I could help."

"I'll do my own shopping."

"Evaline. Don't be like that." His voice carried the edge of command that he used on me last night. "If you don't like anything I buy, we'll send it back."

We'll send it back.

"Colors? Or should I just use my discretion?"

"Do you even have discretion?" My voice rose slightly. "Because a discrete—one of you- wouldn't be calling me in my car, where any one of a half dozen authorities could be listening."


"My mistake, Evaline. I will note that for future reference."

"We'll talk when I get home," I said firmly.

"Of course." The line clicked off.

The phone rang again.

"What is it now!" I said.

"Evie? Are you okay?"

"Oh, Betty. Yes. No. I'm getting a massive headache."

"Oh, you didn't find a toy?"

"What? No, I did."

"Ooh!" she cooed. "What model did you get? Is he fun?"

"Betty, I'm sorry, I have some briefs I really need to look at before I hit the office. I'll call you later."

"Okay. But you promise I can try him out, right?"

Oh god. I'd forgotten my half-assed promise to my best friend.

"Gotta go." I ended that call, my heart racing in my chest. What would Andrew think about being passed around as my friends expected? And why the fuck did I care?

Because I didn't want to go to jail, that's why.

I speed-dialed one particular number, one I rarely used, but when I did, it was very necessary.

"I need information on a programmer by the name of Cicily, who worked at or with Androdyne. Yes. ASAP. Thanks."

I dialed my assistant. I could just imagine her feet flying off her desk at the sound of my voice.

"Caroline! I need all case law on non-standard programming in robots."

In the background, computer keys clacked. "Yes, Ms. Shipley. Is this a new client? Should I open a billing file?"

"Not yet. Just get the case law and put it on my desk."

"Oh." On my desk meant it was for my eyes only, and she got a hint of some serious shit going down. This was, of course, why I paid her twice the going rate for any executive assistant, and paid for her twice-a year-vacations, to keep her mouth shut.

"Right away, Ms. Shipley."

"I'll be there in five."

"Yes, Ms. Shipley."

"And I have Carruthers coming in for a nine o'clock."

She tsked. "Have you been looking at your schedule again? You shouldn't. You know it gives you headaches. Everything is set up in your office, even the coffee service."

"Thank you."

"And your husband called."


"Send him the usual check."

"He says he wants to talk to you."

Fuck me.

"Schedule him in any free space."

"He says he wants to go to dinner."

"Tell him I've got plans."

"Do you?"

Besides trying to figure out to do with an illegal robot? One that just thinking about, made me wet between my legs?

"No. And Mr. Shipley doesn't need to know that."

"Yes, Ms. Shipley. I'll see what I can do."

The driver rolled the car up to the entrance of my building. I took a deep breath, pulled on my brief case, and walked into the largest law firm in Washington, one that had my name on it.



My mind had wandered back to that delicious shower last night.

"Sorry. What was the question?"

"Do you think the other side has a case? Can they win in court?"

"You know what, Liz? That's why you hired us. You shouldn't worry about anything. That's my job. And I'm not worried."

"But my cousin, she's at Harvard, says that..."

"With all due respect to your cousin, I graduated Harvard. Cumma Sum Laude. And you shouldn't discuss your case with anyone outside this office."

"Yes, of course, Evaline. It's just that this suit could wipe out my company."

"Product liability is the bane of the capitalist's existence, that and taxes. You let me worry about the lawsuit. You just go run your company." I stood when she did and escorted her out of my office.

Shit. My client was antsy, and with good reason. Her company was liable for the accident that caused a man to loose one of his legs. And now-a-days damage to any man ran an eight-digit lawsuit. It was a good thing he didn't lose his penis. That would be indefensible.

"Caroline," I said through my headset, "Have the pre-trial and discovery motions gone out on the Carruther's case?"

"Yes, Ms. Shipley. They should keep them swimming in paper work for at least three months, if not longer."

"Good," I said, taking off my fuchsia heels. Damn, they hurt.

"Oh, and your husband is here."

Just what I need. I put my heels on again. "Send him in."

Roger, that bastard, breezed in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Wow. Aren't you stunning today? Got a new stylist?"

I went back to my desk and sat at my chair. Roger, of course, went to my bar and poured a drink. Yeah, ten in the fucking morning.

"What is it this time, Roger? Over promised on some present to one of your conquests? That's why you have a budget, Roger. Live within it."

"Baby, don't be like that." He moved to the back of my chair and slipped his arms around my neck, kissing me behind my ears.

"You know I only ever want you."

"Cut the crap, Roger. What do you want?"

He rained kisses down the back of my neck. At one time, that would have made me incredibly hot.

"It's that time of the year again, darling."

Oh, double fuck.

"Let's just say we did."

"It doesn't work like that, darling, and you know it. The government demands proof, and you'll have to give it."

One of the stupidest laws on the books was the "Defense of Marriage Act." Not the weak one that was written decades ago, but the one put in place ten years ago after the plague. Women, looking to keep what they had against those that lost their husbands, demanded the law, one that made divorce illegal and true separations impossible.

Over the years, as the birthrate among married people plummeted, provisions were tightened so that once a year, childless married couples had to provide proof of conjugal relations to the government. Failure to do so could result in fines and or a prison term. Being a lawyer, I couldn't afford that kind of trouble. And Roger knew it too.

"I'll come by your condo tonight," he said.

"No! Not tonight!" I still had Andrew to deal with and I couldn't do that with Roger there.

"Tomorrow then," he sniffed. "I can't wait. I've a reservation at Saint Bart's in a couple days."

"Thanks for the notice."

He turned my chair around and stared in my eyes.

"We used to have something special once, Evie. What happened?"

Wrong question. "What happened? Finding your dick inside my former best friend is what happened. Now get out of my office."

He sighed and straightened up. "Tomorrow night then, darling."

Yep. I was really, really screwed.

I entered my apartment and the lights were off.

"Andrew?" I said.

"Please sit at the table." I heard Andrew's voice through the sound system, which was creepy.

"Where are you?"

"Please sit at the table."

I walked up the short hall and turned left into the living room, heading to the kitchen, the only place where I had a table for eating. And stopped short. In front of the picture window, a table was set, for two, complete with candles and flowers.


Andrew came out of the kitchen, holding a plate of food.

"Evaline. It is good to see you. Dinner is ready. Sit, please."

As I did so, Andrew put a shrimp cocktail in front of me. It was quite fancy, with mango chutney in the center. The shrimp was arranged around it, like it was some sort of flower set on a bed of lettuce.

"You didn't have to go through this trouble," I said.

"It is no trouble, for me."

"So, you know how to cook."

"It is an enhancement."

"Yes, enhancement. Listen, Andrew, no one must know you can do these things."

"I'm aware, Evaline. Eat please." By now he was pouring a white wine in my glass. Then he stood behind me, and massaged my shoulders lightly.

"Andrew, please, I'm not used to this kind of attention."

"That is a shame. You should be."

"Why don't you sit and talk to me."

"If you wish." Andrew took his place at the other end of the table.

"What did you do today?"

"Not much to tell."

"Indulge me."

"I bought food on the internet. It was delivered today. I spent on that a total of three hundred fifty-eight dollars and eighty-nine cents, which is more than your records show you spend per week, but your kitchen was poorly stocked. Additionally, I ordered twenty-five bottles of wine, whites and reds, and those will arrive tomorrow. On this I spent five hundred thirty-seven dollars and fifty-seven cents, but since it was a large order, the retailer gave me ten percent discount. Again, the only reason I spent this much was that your wine stores were poorly stocked and what you have is low quality.

I also found the address of a tailor on the Internet that could update your suits. I sent those out, all but the navy blue one, which wasn't worth the effort. I sent that, along with your outdated shirts and slacks to a charity store a few blocks from here. They were more than happy to pick them up at this address. Because I could save money on clothing by reconditioning your suits I spent one thousand dollars on clothing to replenish your shirts and slacks, and a few silk scarves that will go nicely with your suits. I hope you will be pleased with the additions."

"Really?" My mouth gapped open, my mind agog at the complexity with which this robot thought. He wasn't just sentient. The robot was a fucking genius.

"Yes. And one hundred dollars and fifty-six dollars and eighty-four cents I spent on a few items of clothing for me, and various and sundry items. Then I-"

"Wait, you spent the entire two thousand?"

"No, I did not. Forty-six cents is left unspent. You did say not to spend the entire amount. After that, I cleaned and re-arranged the kitchen shelves for efficiency."

"You did all that."

"I also repaired the robot vacuum, though I fail to understand how its gears were stuffed with little pieces of paper."

I looked down. I hated the thing, the way it zipped around the house, whining and getting underfoot, so one night I shredded enough paper on the floor to jam it up.

"Very good, Andrew."

"Then I prepared dinner." He cocked his head. "And how was your day?"


Dinner was delicious, much better than what I could get at one of the high priced restaurants my friends favored.

"Andrew," I groaned, after I finished the most luscious chocolate brownie cake I ever ate, "You can't keep feeding me like this. I'll get fat."

"Don't worry, Evaline. I will keep track of your calorie intake. I just thought this first night should be something special."

"It was. Thank you."

"Good. Now take off your clothes, so we can get started."


"Take. Off. Your. Clothes. Evaline, I told you not to make me explain myself."

"I'm tired, Andrew." I stood and walked behind my couch to get to my bedroom. But I didn't make it there. Andrew grabbed my arm and twisted it in back of me. I froze, well aware that if he wanted to, he could rip my arm out of my socket.

"If you want to do this with your clothes on, than that's fine too," he said, his voice low. He pushed my shoulders down to the top of the couch.

"Andrew, please."

I felt my skirt pushed up over my hips and then a solid whap on my backside.


"Keep quiet. You'll take your punishment without a sound, understand me?"


"Bad Evaline. You do need to be taught a lesson."

He jerked my panty hose down and off my legs. I heard a ripping sound. In the living room mirror before me, I saw Andrew had one end of the hose in his mouth, and the other in his hand. Quickly, he tied my hands behind my back. Then the other half of the hose he stuffed in my mouth. Bent over, helpless and dominated, I never felt wetter or hornier.

And he knew it.

Whap! Another blow landed on my ass, then another. I quickly realized that he never hit harder than to make my cheeks sting. He could have done anything, but he didn't hurt me, not really. He only gave me what I secretly wanted.

Tears came to my eyes, as my ass grew hot under his hand. My arousal soared, my pussy dripping. I needed more and I wiggled my ass.

"So you want to be fucked, Evaline?"

I nodded my head.

"Have you learned your lesson? Will you behave from now on?"

I nodded my head again.

"I'm not sure," he said. "You've been terribly difficult, despite all I've done for you." With that he lifted me into his arms and took me to my bedroom. He tossed me to the bed, moved away from it, returning just seconds later. He blindfolded me with several of my scarves. He bounded my ankles with several more.

"Don't move until I return."

I heard my door shut. The room was dark, my eyes covered, my mouth gagged. I heard only the sound of my breathing. The need to cum burned through me. Making me lay there, unable to move, was unbearable. Unbearably hot. Incredibly sexy.

Heat spread through my core, the fire of frustrated release. The more I thought about my stinging cheeks, the more aroused I was. I wanted to move, to do anything to bring on an orgasm, but there was nothing I could do.

It seemed forever before I heard the door open again.

His footsteps padded on the floor toward the bed, and my heart started to pound in my chest.

"Have you learned your lesson, Evaline? Do as I say, and you'll get pleasure. Refuse, and you'll get punishment. Do you understand?

I nodded my head, and whimpered.

He turned me on my stomach, so I wasn't on my hands. Andrew released my ankles and pushed my knees up under me. Without a word, I felt something liquid spread at my ass, and something pushed up there. His finger.

I wriggled. I'd never done this. It stung.

"Relax, Evaline. You'll like this." He worked his finger in and out of my ass, and then, god help me, added another one. With more lube, he added a third and I became incapable of thought as he explored my butt.

"You're ready," he said.

With a swift plunge he entered me. I cried out, though it was muffled through my gag.

He stopped. "Push back against me. Don't resist. Take it in."

I did my best to relax, and he moved gently inside me, back and forth. Soon, the most incredible feelings flooded me. He bent over my back, and with one hand, played with my clit. I started moving back and forth, crazy with a need to come, but I was too aroused. I'd hit a plateau on my excitement and couldn't get there.

"Fuck me, fuck me," I begged with mind and my hips.

His fingers dove into my pussy. My ass and my snatch was filled, my whole being centered on the lower half of my body. He pushed harder into my ass, and started pounding me, even as his fingers fucked me. No human man could keep up this pace or these positions. I burst apart, every nerve ending exploding, and I screamed through my gag.

Andrew held himself inside me as my breathing evened out. He pulled out, and gently removed the bindings on my wrist, and then my eyes, and lastly the gag on my mouth. He looked at me so tenderly I thought there was something there that could not possibly exist.

He brushed my hair from my face.

"I know you are tired, so you can sleep now. Sleep now, my Evaline. You have a busy day tomorrow."

He held me until I did.

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