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Educating the Teacher


*Author's note* Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review or email me their comments. And to the person who recently (30th September) sent an email regarding a mafia leader, I'm glad we were thinking along the same lines! I have a few ideas for more stories involving Angel in the future. Cheers!

All of the shit that Sean had ever been through was worth it just to be able to experience this moment of his life. Lisa Harrison had been a teacher in his school during his final year. He was head over heels in lust with her from the second he first saw her, but they didn't get on. She had only been a little older than his eighteen years, but acted as if she had the right to tell him how to live his life.

She hadn't approved of his extracurricular activities; dealing and getting into fights apparently wasn't on her list of top priorities. She'd done her absolute best to make his life as difficult as possible, to the point where he eventually got expelled from school for the final time and was forced to take a stint in the Marines to avoid extended jail time. So she wasn't his favourite person in the whole wide world.

Which was why this moment was so fucking sweet.

The last time he'd seen her had been in court. She'd stood there looking all fucking demure as she gave her ‘account' of what had happened between them earlier. The anger still burned like it was fresh every time he thought of it. He'd done a lot of things in his life, but he had never raped a girl. And present company excluded of course, he never intended to.

He would have accepted doing time for a crime that he had actually committed; there were sure as hell enough of those. But to be sent to the Marines for attempted rape when the whole thing was bullshit? That he couldn't accept. Watching her stand there turning on the waterworks while she told the jury about how he'd held her up against a wall and finger fucked her until she begged him to stop? He would have gladly done the time for murder instead if he'd been able to run across the room and strangle her.

She'd treated him like she thought he was shit from the day that they met, although that still didn't cool the full-on lust that he felt every time that he even thought about her. The stuck up English accent drove him so crazy that he couldn't tell if he wanted to screw someone or kick the shit out of them. She knew he wanted her; she had to. Everyone else knew it. He tried his best not to make her mad at him, but he had to make a living. The city wasn't an easy place to live for a half Irish punk without a father. Not that he was making any excuses for himself. There were other choices he could have made and didn't.

She caught him one day selling weed on the school grounds. It was small time shit that normally people would just have gotten a warning about, but he'd been there too many times already. He found himself sitting in her classroom after the end of school every day for the rest of the month. Not that he really thought of that as punishment until the last day.

"This is the last time I'm putting up with this from you, Sean," his teacher said, in full-scale Bitch mode. "You're not a child any more and you're certainly capable of knowing right from wrong. If you're caught engaging in any illegal activity on the school grounds again you will be permanently excluded from the school. Is that clear enough for you?"

Sean looked over at his teacher and smiled mischievously. "It is," he agreed. "But I've always wondered. Are you so uptight because your dealer isn't coming up with the goods, or do you just need a good fuck? Either way, I can hook you up, you know?"

Harrison looked unimpressed. "Today is not a good day to try to provoke me, Sean," she replied. "I have a lot of work to do and I can think of better ways of spending my time than this."

"You mean than with me," Sean growled, his sense of humour disappearing as he was suddenly reminded that he would never be good enough for her. He stood up and walked towards the front of the room, agitated. "Why the fuck is it that I'm not even worth the time of day?"

"You can think what you like," she snapped. "Just do it elsewhere, please." That was enough for Sean. He stalked towards her, his eyes smouldering. Lisa backed away quickly, until her back hit the classroom wall and she was trapped. Sean advanced on her until his chest was grazing her nipples and he grabbed her cheek, let his mouth almost touch hers. He stood there for several moments, his breathing heavy with anger and arousal.

She didn't move, or scream, or try to push him away. She simply stood there, waiting for him to do whatever he was going to do. Her breathing was unsteady and she was trembling slightly, but she still didn't fight him. He desperately wanted to turn his head just enough so that he could taste her, but he'd probably already done enough to get himself kicked out of the school.

Sean took a half step backwards. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly, then let his hand slide down off Lisa's cheek. "I'm sorry." He left the room and didn't look back. He'd expected her to have him kicked out for that, but she didn't say a word to anyone. Which made him wonder about whether she had actually enjoyed the whole thing.

And that brought him back to his interpretation of the events so ashamedly described by Miss Innocent during their little courtroom drama. A couple of weeks after their not-quite kiss, she'd followed him into the students' study room to continue an argument that he was trying to escape. He hadn't finished an assignment for her class. Big deal. Like he was ever going to graduate from the fucking school anyway. She was arguing for argument's sake, and she was driving him crazy. And turning him on.

Sean stomped off into the kitchen in the hope that she would leave so that he could wait until his raging hard on had gone. But no. Why would she follow him in there if she didn't want anything to happen?

As soon as she walked through the door to the kitchen, Sean closed it behind her and slammed his body up against hers. He grabbed her arms and held them still with his left hand as he slid his right hand to her chin and held her mouth steady. He didn't hesitate this time; he slid his mouth over hers and kissed her hard. Her mouth tasted like cream and he growled in ecstasy as he thrust up against her, the hand on her jaw moving down and onto her left breast.

He felt her groan softly as he slid his tongue into her mouth and his fingers over her nipple. She writhed against him for a moment, until he made it clear that he didn't want to let her go. His hand slid into her shirt and cupped her bare breast and she turned her head away from Sean and moaned in pleasure, her face red with shame.

"I wanna fuck you baby," Sean whispered softly, his hand sliding down across her hips and on to her thighs. He continued to kiss his teacher as he slid his hand back up her skirt and into her underwear. She moaned against him softly, squirmed as she tried to free her arms from his grip. He slid his fingers inside her gently, stroked around in a circle as he used his thumb to stroke over her clit. She arched her back against him in response, whining desperately against his mouth.

Lisa tore her mouth away from Sean's and tried to catch her breath. He slid his mouth to her throat instead and continued his assault with his altogether far too talented mouth. God, he felt good. But she couldn't do this. "Let me go," she whispered softly, and he froze against her neck. "Please Sean."

Sean straightened and slid his fingers out of Lisa's underwear slowly. He slid both hands to her face and held her eyes level with his. "Tell me you don't want me," he growled, grinding his hips against hers slowly. She gulped.

"You're a student, Sean," she whispered. "And I'm your teacher. I'll lose my career for this; please let me go. Please."

And he let her go. And that brought them back to the courtroom drama. He didn't know why she'd said what she did. Maybe she was trying to protect herself in case he tried to undermine her. It was bullshit anyway, whichever way you cut it. Being accused of rape – even attempted rape – would always put a damper on the rest of your life.

Sean watched with an arrogant detachment as two of his men marched the woman into his office and sat her down in the chair opposite his desk. He leaned back in his chair for a moment and savoured the fear that he could feel coming off her in waves. He usually wasn't that interested in prolonging the agony, but this was certainly different.

He hadn't seen her in ten years, but she looked almost unchanged. Her hair was the same chestnut brown and as glossy and poker straight as he remembered, although it seemed shorter now that he thought about it. She still had a gorgeously curvy figure and didn't even seem like she'd put on a single extra pound. However, her beautiful big brown eyes were filled with fear and panic rather than her old holier than thou look, and he certainly liked the change.

Although Lisa looked the same as she had ten years earlier, Sean most certainly did not. He was no longer the gangly street punk that she remembered from his time at her school. He had grown into and developed his body to the point where he now had an impressive presence, even while sitting down. His once greasy looking half Puerto Rican features had matured, and together with a well trimmed goatee and beautifully modern, messily spiked haircut, made him look incredibly striking. His smouldering dark eyes didn't hurt either.

She'd said that he'd never amount to anything. He had to fight to keep the smirk from his face as the bitch sat trembling in his office, knowing only too well how easily he could destroy her. In ten years he had built an empire that from nothing had turned into the strongest mafia family in the area. He was literally the most powerful man in the city and he had a hundred men snapping at his heels ready to do his dirty work for him just in case he didn't feel like it.

"I've waited a long time for this," Sean murmured softly, finally allowing a glint of satisfaction to shine through. Lisa almost shivered in fear.

"Look, Sean…" she started, finding it difficult to meet his gaze. She was terrified, and with good reason. Her voice lacked its trademark Bitch quality, and she suddenly seemed very fragile while on his home ground.

"Nobody has called me Sean in a very long time," he said softly. She knew that, of course. He'd been in the news enough that she couldn't possibly have missed his rise to infamy. Angel Morgan was always a source of interesting gossip.

"I'm sorry," she replied. She was gripping her hands together in her lap painfully. "Angel. I know that we haven't had the, um… most successful relationships in the past, but I promise you this has nothing to do with me."

"Oh really?" Angel asked, one eyebrow raising in amusement.

"Really," Lisa repeated, her eyes widening imploringly.

Angel leaned forward in his chair for a moment as he let the silence drag out. He was unsurprised to note that the change in the dynamics of their relationship had made him want the bitch even more than he had when he was a kid. After months of being bossed around and then having his life destroyed by her, having the ability to end her life in a second without even lifting a finger was a powerful stimulant.

"Because you understand how things look to me," Angel murmured softly, deliberately allowing his eyes to roam over Lisa's chest until she squirmed in embarrassment. "Don't you?" She was silent, so he elaborated for her. "First you completely fuck up my life to save your own, and then when you see me actually get back on my feet, you can't take being wrong, so you try to fuck me over again."

Lisa's eyes darted to meet Angel's in panic. "It isn't like that!" she whispered, her hands gripping her side of the desk in panic. "I promise you it isn't! This has nothing to do with me, Angel, I swear it doesn't!"

"And why the fuck should I believe you?" Angel asked, allowing his voice to take on some of his trademark menacing quality. He noticed her squirm again at that, and was amused to notice that she pressed her legs together very quickly. Getting wet?

"Because it's ridiculous!" Lisa exclaimed. "Why would I try to draw your attention to me by doing this? What could I possibly have to gain from it?" It was true, it was ridiculous. There was no way on earth that she would have ever wanted to draw Sean "Angel" Morgan's attention to her ever again. She had been less than amused to find out that her boyfriend had borrowed money from one of the mafia families. When she'd found out it had been from Sean Morgan, she had nearly had a fit. And when she'd found out that he'd borrowed it against her house and wasn't going to pay it back…

She explained what had happened and Angel listened to her babble. It wasn't until she had finished explaining the whole mess that she realised what kind of trouble she was actually in. Angel already knew the story, and he'd known all along exactly what had happened. He didn't get where he was today by being ignorant of his business deals. He'd allowed her boyfriend to borrow the money against her house, and he'd done it in order to get her into this position. He didn't care about the money, he cared about getting his hands on her.

The full weight of the situation now sinking in, Lisa sat silently, willing the tears not to fall as she waited for Angel to do what he was going to do. She had no idea what he was thinking; the man sitting in front of her was almost unrecognisable as the kid that had caused her so much trouble in his time at school. He was beautiful, and well dressed, and well built. And he gave off an aura of absolute self confidence that was both intensely attractive and utterly intimidating at the same time.

Angel sat back in his chair again, satisfied that Lisa now understood the situation that she was in, and the fact that she was completely at his mercy. "Do you have any idea how much money you owe me?" he asked softly. She opened her mouth to protest that it wasn't her debt, but then realised that it was pointless. "No?" he continued. "Four hundred grand, baby. That means that your house belongs to me. And I am going to collect."

Lisa closed her eyes and looked down as she felt a tear spill onto her cheek. If he took her house, she would have absolutely nothing left out of everything she had ever worked for. She dropped her head into her hands and whispered "Sean, please. This isn't fair."

"It isn't?" he asked. "After you had me convicted of attempted rape when you knew it was bullshit? After you absolutely destroyed my entire life? Maybe I'm not being hard enough on you, is that what you mean?"

"I was not willing and you knew it Sean!" Lisa growled. "That's why you were holding my arms down and had me pinned against the wall, if you remember! And this is a complete set up."

"This is no more of a set up than what you did to me, you bitch," Angel replied. "You moaned like a whore and you know it. And when you asked me to let you go, I fucking let you go. You did all this because you fucking liked it, and you were terrified that I would tell someone. You did it to save your own fucking ass and to hell with me."

Lisa was silent for several moments, and then took a shaky breath. "What do you want from me, Angel?" she asked. "To take away everything I've worked for? Well you've done that. Can I please go now?"

Angel smiled nastily. "Do you really think you're getting away from me that easily, baby?" he asked. "After ten years of wanting to beat the living shit out of you, do you honestly think I'm going to let you go now?" His voice had descended even more into his menacing tone, but was also becoming huskily sexy at the same time. Lisa gulped hard.

"Then…" she whispered, her voice breaking in fear. "What are you…?"

"Do you really think I care about four hundred grand?" Angel asked. Lisa frowned in confusion. "It's not the fucking money that I want, baby. It's you. I want to see you fucking suffer. I'm going to humiliate you and degrade you until you feel the way that I felt when you told the world that I'm a fucking rapist. And if you behave, then maybe when I'm done I won't fucking kill you."

Lisa sat in silence for a moment, until she could no longer stand the tension. "What are you going to do?" she asked softly.

Angel stood up and stalked towards Lisa's side of the desk slowly. He pulled her to her feet and pushed her until she had her back to the wall. "You, baby," he whispered softly as he slid his hand to her chin to hold her eyes level with his. "You are going to do anything that I want, for as long as I want, until I'm done with you. And if you complain, or you don't perform exactly like I wanted, I'm going to beat the fucking shit out of you until you do. Do you understand?"

Lisa whimpered softly at the proximity of Angel's body, but nodded obediently. There was no way that she could get out of this. He smiled, then moved so that he was pinning her to the wall and held her arms behind her back with his left hand.

"Feel familiar?" he asked as he slid his right hand against her breast. Lisa closed her eyes in fear; it did feel all too familiar, but a whole lot worse at the same time. Ten years ago she had known that she was in a public place and that she had a lot more chance of escape. Now… she was utterly at Angel's mercy, and he had none to give. His body was hard and muscled enough so that she knew she had no chance of overpowering him, and even if she did, she would never be able to get far enough away from him to be out of his reach.

"I'm a rapist now baby," he whispered, his fingers tightening over her nipple until she whimpered in pain. "I may as well fucking enjoy it." He leaned down and kissed her, his body reacting instantly to the familiar creamy taste of her mouth. She moaned softly as she squirmed against him, gasping as she felt his dick press into her lower belly.

Angel slid his mouth to Lisa's throat and continued to kiss as he slid his hand from her breast down and into her underwear. He stroked over her clitoris with his thumb and slid two fingers inside her and circled slowly, just as he had done when they had been in the school. "Aren't you gonna ask me to stop, baby?" he taunted softly, and tears started to fall down Lisa's face again. She was ashamed to realise that she was a lot wetter than she should be, and he knew it. She gasped as his thumb found the perfect rhythm on her clitoris to drive her crazy and held there, and his mouth continued to torment her throat.

Lisa moaned softly as her body started nearing orgasm. She was pushing as hard as she could against Angel's hand, desperate for him to send her over the edge. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she bit her lip and had to concentrate on not letting herself collapse. She whined in desperation as he suddenly withdrew his fingers and stepped away from her, leaving her utterly frustrated.

Now that he had her, Angel was eager to fuck his little prize. But he'd been waiting ten years; he could manage to wait a few minutes longer. Especially if it added to her humiliation and discomfort. She was breathless and dishevelled and the look of shameful pleasure on her face was rapidly being replaced with anger and embarrassment. Good. He didn't want her to roll over and beg; there would have been no fun in that. He walked back over to his desk and dropped his suit jacket onto the chair, then pulled off his tie and loosened the top buttons of his shirt. He slowly rolled up the sleeves of his shirt as he turned around to face Lisa again.

"Come here," he whispered softly. She stood for a moment, weighing up her options. She didn't want to act the slave and do as she was told; he was blackmailing her and had just totally humiliated her, after all. However, she didn't have much choice in the matter. She eventually took a couple of small steps towards him as a token gesture of obedience. He was unimpressed.

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