tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Nude Beach Adventure

The Nude Beach Adventure


I was nude on a naturist beach on the east coast of Australia. There were a few nudists near me but I became aroused when I saw a lovely nude girl close to where I was sitting. Like most nude ladies on the beach her pussy was shaved. I didn't mean to get a slight hard-on while still on the beach but it happened to me regardless, man she was beautiful.

I needed to masturbate to reduce this powerful urge that had suddenly overwhelmed me. I did not want to do it on the open beach where I would be seen, so I went into the nearby dunes where I was fully hidden. I began to masturbate and had a strong erection. I was looking down at my hand stroking myself and getting ready to watch my cum shoot out when suddenly a lady's voice said, "He's masturbating Stan!"

What a shock! I was startled as I had been looking down and I hadn't seen anyone coming round a corner in the dunes. I thought I would hear someone before they could surprise me, but alas I was surprised.

When I looked up I saw a nude lady and a man. Flustered, I could only apologize and said that I would leave. The man, who introduced himself as Stan, said "Don't leave. My wife, Jenna, and I would like you to continue what you were doing. We'd like to see you finish yourself off."

I was really surprised at what he said and I asked "Do you both really mean that?"

"Yes, of course. We want to watch you do it."

Jenna then said something to the effect that she'd never seen anyone other than Stan masturbating and she wanted to see me doing it, providing that I agreed. So both of them, total strangers, wanted me to continue until I ejaculated. Having got close to cumming before they arrived I decided to do what they (and I) wanted. My erection was slightly reduced because of the shock I'd had but I soon got it fully up again as I stroked it. Another surprise.

Stan put his fingers into his wife's cunt and she held his cock. As I masturbated they did the same to each other. Here we were, total strangers, masturbating and watching each other. I was the first to cum, soon followed by Stan. Jenna was panting as her husband gave her several orgasms.

When we were all finished Jenna said "I totally enjoyed what we have all done. That was the first time Stan and I have done it in front of anyone and I found it very exciting."

I told them that I'd never before masturbated in front of others and had found it exciting too. Now that I knew that the couple were, I told them I was Don. Stan joked "How do you do, Don. Nice to know you" and went on to say that as we had all enjoyed what we had just done together we ought to do it again another time, but not in the dunes. We were lucky not to have been seen.

"Perhaps we could do it tomorrow in their caravan." Stan said and I agreed.

We dressed and I followed their car in mine and they took me to their caravan and showed me round. It had a full awning which could be closed. In the caravan was a sleeping area which had two lockers on the floor, one on each side. Each had a mattress on which they slept. Jenna said that tomorrow we could masturbate in the awning after a session on the nudist beach.

The next day I met them on the beach where we all undressed. Jenna had a nice curvy figure, beautiful 36 boobs and a trimmed pussy, as I'd seen the day before, but now that I was recovered from our masturbation in the dunes, the sight of her nude body made my cock begin to grow. I wasn't concerned. After all, she had seen it right up the day before and now it was only partly up.

We had several swims and after walking along the beach to let the sun dry us off we dressed and went to their caravan. When we entered we closed the awning and stripped nude, ready to masturbate. Stan said that he and Jenna had been talking about what we had done the day before and were ready to repeat it but both wondered if I would agree to Jenna masturbating me and he would watch us. Of course I would like her to masturbate me and said so.

Jenna said she'd never masturbated anyone but Stan and they both wanted her to do it for me. It would be a new experience for them I stood next to her and Stan stood a little away from us so that he could watch his wife masturbating me. What a thrill when she held my hardening cock and stroked it. I put my hand close to her pussy then looked at Stan. "Go ahead, Don. Do it and finish her off," inviting me to masturbate his wife as she did it to me. I slipped my finger into her pussy and we masturbated each other. Stan was stroking his cock as he watched us.

We both shot our ejaculation on to the sandy floor and she was gasping and panting as I teased her clit. "Oh, yes, Don! Don't stop! I'm cumming! I'm cumming. It's lovely!" I gave her orgasm after orgasm before she was satisfied. What an experience for all of us.

Until yesterday we didn't know each other and now Jenna and I had masturbated each other watched by her husband. We all agreed that we should do it again tomorrow. The next day we all met on the beach and returned to their caravan. The thought that I was going to be jerked off by Jenna made my cock grow a little. Being nude, it showed. This time, though, Stan said that he and Jenna had been talking again and both wanted him to ask me something.

The 'something' was..."Would I like to fuck Jenna?" I could hardly believe what I had heard and I asked if they both really wanted me to fuck her. Jenna said "Yes, we do. So Stan wanted me to fuck his wife. I did want to fuck her and said so. I was VERY eager to do her. We three went into the sleeping area where she stroked me to full erection then lay on her back on a bed. Stan stood beside the other one and Jenna opened her legs her trimmed pussy looking beautiful. I lay on top of her and she guided my erection to the entrance to her cunt. I thrust deeply into her and she slightly closed her legs. I fucked her fiercely. Stan was stroking his nice hard cock as he watched me fucking his wife

I could see that he didn't make himself cum,. Jenna was writhing and crying out in her ecstasy. She had several orgasms as I shot my cum into her. I was in ecstasy, too. When Jenna was satisfied I withdrew and watched my come drip from her cunt. Jenna stroked Stan's erection with a smile on her face and I bent over and took him in my mouth, made him cum deep in my throat as I sucked him dry. "Wow! That was something," he said.

Jenna laid with her legs spread, my cum dripping out of her as she played with her pussy. I got between her legs and licked my come out of her, I licked her till she was all cleaned out, still soaked but satisfied, the contented look on her beautiful face said it all "It gave me quite a thrill to see you fucking and licking my wife, Don, and I could see she was enjoying it. We must all do it again." We did, but only once because they returned home the day after. I returned home a few weeks later.

I often think about how Stan enjoyed watching me having sex with his wife and wonder what sort of man he was. I have always hoped to find a women like Jenna...

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by Anonymous

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by nudeinthewild05/26/19

Good fun

Very plausible, and thankfully gets to the point without trying to be too clever with a whole lot of unnecessary scene setting. If I could change one thing, it would be to expand on Don giving head tomore...

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by Bobenjoys949502/01/19

5 stars

I don’t give 5 stars but I just read three of yours and gave all three 5. You are an exceptional writer. Keep it up.

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by jenzjoy12/29/18

Awesome, I say

That was really great work. Keep it up!

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by cruiser_201512/08/18


Plausible, simple and erotic. Perfect!

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by mches196512/07/18


This story has all the elements that I love in an erotic story! Bravo and I hope there will be more like it.
Sincerely a fan.

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