tagHumor & SatireThe Nude Gun

The Nude Gun

byMy Erotic Trail©

A steel-beam ascended, hoisted by a crane, nearing the fifteenth floor of the construction site for the future Basra Financial Institution. A project that embarked after the new democratic government took place in Iraq.

It has been under construction for eight months. Set backs were often, the Iraq desert produced massive sand storms that frequent the area, material delays, shipment delays, insurgent uprise and inefficient labor of both quality as well as quantity.

Joe Bronson stood perfectly balanced on a beam while waving to the crane operator with his hand, covered by his worn leather work glove. His absorbent white tank top shirt, an appropriate attire for working in the devastating heat, was almost completely soaked in sweat.

Motioning with slow and precise hand signals for the crane to continue, Joe orchestrated the metal monstrosity that was the size of a dinosaur to lift steel-beams in place. His white hard hat was placard with stickers from various outfits, affiliate corporations, and company logos of suppliers that he had worked with over the years.

Joe's tan muscles glimmered of sweat and sand from excessive exposure to the blistering sun, in the 'land of the ancient". Honed with time and forged with knowledge, Joe ate, slept and dreams of building sky scrapers. He builds them as a supervisor by day while he studies to complete his degree as an engineer at night.

"Hold up!" Joe relayed into his walkie talkie with one hand and his other became frozen in a clinched fist. The steel-beam hung, slightly swaying, mere inches from its placement as the crane stopped. Several men reached out and grasped the beam as Joe signaled the operator and the crane swung slightly to move the beam closer. Workers scrambled to secure it.

Joe closed his fist and keyed his mic, "Hold it!" The crane stopped and the men began working to fasten it as others unbuckled the crane's cable.

"Hey Joe!" The walkie talkie blared in Joe's hand.

"Yeah!" Joe replied.

"You might want to look toward the front gate!" The walkie talkie 'squelched' then went silent. Joe turned slightly and looked behind him. A group of men were loafing, gathered along the adjacent portion of this floor's structure.

Curiously, Joe walked and hopped several steel-beam planks till he could see what the men were viewing. Several shirtless iron workers whistled like they were at a strip club on pay day, engrossed in looking below them.

"Go baby, go!" Others yelled into cupped hands in hopes of casting their words a little farther.

Joe looked out into the city from the building's elevated perch. The battle scarred buildings surrounding this site were encircled with scaffolding. Various buildings were under repair from the shelling bombardments during the war.

As far as his eyes could see, Joe observed an ocean of rooftops, repelling heat. His vision became drawn to a large crowd that gathered at the front gate of the construction site. The chain link fence was closed and guarded by an Army vehicle with a couple of armed military soldiers that leaned on the fender well smoking cigarettes. The outside of the gate swarmed with excited natives, waving their arms and hands.

There was always a small group of men awaiting job placement outside the gate. Truth be told, Joe would put every man in town to work if he could but he needed electricians, welders, plumbers, equipment operators and any other craftsmen.

The gathering at the gate this day was ten fold larger than usual and three-times as noisy. A semicircle of excited Iraqi's formed around two people that stood directly in front of the site gate. Security men and workers alike began gathering at the inside of the gate as well.

Two women stood outside the gate's junction dancing and yelling something but Joe was too far to hear exactly what that was. The roar of the men watching sounded like a convoy of trucks rolling through, drowning out any chance of understanding what these ladies were saying. One woman held a sign up but it was too far to read.

"What's going on down there?" Joe bellowed into his walkie talkie.

"Boss! You 'might' want to come and take a look at this!" Joe's talkie relayed.

"I'll be right there!" Joe replied and headed for the temp-lift (temporary elevator). "Get to work!" He snarled at the workers standing around watching the show as he stepped from one beam to another.

A luscious lady stood holding a sign; Celebrate Nude Day. The other teased the crowd by slowly removing her clothes, pulling her shirt strap down then bending over slightly and pulling her short dress upward. Taunting the workers, spectators, soldiers, and infuriating the locals that gathered in obvious protest.

"Oh my god! Stormy?" Joe muttered in disbelief as he wedged himself through the crowd at the front gate.

"There you are! Mister... you're in big trouble." The teasing blonde said as she looked at Joe and smiled. She ran to the fence, reached through the links, grasped Joe by the tank-top shirt and pulled him till she could kiss him through a small hole in the fence's mesh. "I missed you!"

The crowd rallied 'ooohs and aaahs' while Joe and Stacey kissed several times. Stacey Bronson, known as Stormy by her friends, was an enticing blonde built with added sensuality in her soft eyes, luscious lips and vibrant curves.

"What are you doing here?" Joe said as their lips separated. Stormy still had a firm hold on Joe's shirt.

"Is that the thanks I get for traveling half way across the world to be with my husband on our anniversary? Well, I am glad to see you, too!" Stormy released her grip from Joe's tank top and began pouting. There was no denying the disappointment that hung from her lower lip.

"Open the gate!" Joe barked to the security detail that just stood there watching the show. Two men began unraveling the chain and opened the gate wide enough to walk through. Stormy, her sister Roxanne with her sign, and the taxi driver carrying their luggage entered the construction site .

The crowd outside of the site's gate roared in a displeased tone. Yelling words in their native language that seemed foreign to the American/British/Euro employees that gathered to watch the women in their dance to celebrate Nude Day.

"Come here," Joe said as Stormy walked through the gate and towards him. She motioned for the man carrying their suitcases to follow as she walked up to Joe and give him an embracing hug. Roxanne mingled with the workers and military sentries wearing a huge smile, moving with a little bit more sway in her hip's swing.

Men whistled from the skeleton structure of the building, waving hands and hard hats to get Roxanne's attention.

"The People here are like deep southern Baptist. They don't take kindly to women getting naked, much less in the street!" Joe looked back at the crowd that was gathering at the front gate. The armed guards fought to secure the chain and push back the wave of locals that pressed against the fence. "It is not a land of the free over here. In fact, in America you get a ticket for indecent exposure but here, you lose your head."

"Maybe if they would loosen up a little bit they wouldn't be so uptight!" Stormy said in a blonde way. Joe smiled, it was a characteristic that he had fallen in love with.

"Get back to work. The show is over," Joe barked to the men that stood around gazing at these two women as if they had not seen a woman's flesh in months. "Over here," Joe pointed for the man carrying their luggage to head towards Joe's porta-office. (Office/Trailer)

"Aren't ya glad to see me?" Stormy asked. Joe opened the door to his office, a blast of cool air flowed from the trailer's interior. The air-conditioner hummed loudly blowing at maximum performance while Stormy and Joe entered. Joe pointed for the luggage to be placed just inside the trailer's doorway.

"I am glad to see you, I am just a little surprised." Joe began. "What are you doing here? It isn't safe here, at all."

"Safe?" Stormy spat. "I'll tell you what is not safe Joseph Clay Bronson. Leaving your wife at home and telling her that you will be back in 4 months and not returning for over 8 months." Stormy spun on her heels after a quick inspection of her husband's office. "You know what today is?"

Joe instinctively looked at his calendar, he had nothing marked for this day. "Our anniversary?" Joe said with uncertainty, recalling Stormy's words at the gate.

"Our anniversary, dufus! I knew you would forget." Stormy pouted yet stepped ever closer to Joe with smiling eyes. The Taxi driver was paid and Joe ushered him out the door.

"Today?" Joe said slightly confused. Locking the door and stepping towards his wife.

"Yes, Today is Nude day! We met on the nude beach in Greece. We were married on Nude day two years ago in Las Vegas. How can you forget last year?" Stormy said with a huge and wicked grin. Joe shivered a smile as he recalled the events and realized his forgetfulness.

"I am a red-blooded American female with raging newly-wed hormones, Joseph," Stormy said slyly as she stepped even closer to Joe and finger toiled at his tank tops upper rim that pressed his chest hairs upward. "If you're not coming home to take care of me then I will come to you and you sir..." Stormy smiled. "Had better do your duty." She pulled him closer then leaned into him with puckered lips.

"Duty?" Joe was absorbing Stormy's words slowly as her fingers worked fast to remove Joe's shirt. Joe smiled and returned her kisses as he realized what it was his wife was wanting. Stormy pressed forward and Joe mirrored her moves as their lips met, mashed and slid across each other's, anxiously.

Their fingers trembled with excitement as they simultaneously attempted to remove the other's clothes. Panting, kissing, grasping garments and pulling them as if they would tear away.

Stormy's bra hit the floor and an unusual sound echoed. Stormy looked at Joe and Joe looked at Stormy, frozen. They both turned their heads toward the noise they had heard and there was a window with the blinds half drawn. A large audience sat as if they were at a ball game, eating and drinking while watching. There was not an obstructed view in the crowd. Joe reached over and pulled the shades down and the sound of the crowd's disappointment echoed outside.

Joe leaned into his wife Stormy, they wrapped into each other, arm and arm, melting into the floor in a passionate embrace. Stormy's hand reached between Joe's legs and found what she had traveled across the globe for, Joe's passion muscle. She gripped it lightly and pulled delicately with her long finger's eager play.

"I want to shoot your gun!" Stormy chuckled and Joe smiled.

"Knock, Knock, knock," the door sounded.

"Go away!" Joe yelled out loudly, Stormy giggled causing Joe to blurt a snicker as well.

"We have a problem!" A voice sounded from the other side of the door. Jaba, Joe's gopher, interpreter, assistant, messenger, canary and second set of eyes. A local whom picked up the English language quickly and became very useful in dealing with the local laborers.

"Deal with it Jaba! Tell Sam to deal with it." Joe blurted then leaned into Stormy in a hungry way. Stormy wrapped her legs around Joe and the two pressed into each other as if they were starved for attention.

Pulling Joe's love muscle in sensual glides, she aimed it towards her body as she maneuvered herself to place his man hood into her portal of passion. Joe removed the remainder of their clothes and excitedly began pushing forward, entering Stormy in a stormy way.

Bullets blasted the window into a trillion slivers of glass that scattered along the back wall. Rolls of blue-prints became confetti. The sound of more gunfire rang out loudly. Joe and Stormy separated as Joe dove to his feet and glanced out the shattered window.

"Oh Shit!" Joe looked at Stormy lying on the floor totally naked other than her white sheer legged-stockings then he glanced at his clothes. Reaching down he picked up his pants and began putting them on.

"What is it?" Stormy asked anxiously.

"Insurgents? Riot? I don't know for sure." Joe relayed while buttoning his pants and heading for the door. As his hand touched the doorknob he looked back at Stormy and said, "Stay here."

Joe Bronson opened the door, a spray of bullets riddled the trailer and Joe fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Stormy scrambled across the tile to Joe and pulled him to her as more bullets collided against the trailer.

"Joe?" Stormy screamed. Joe opened his eyes and reached for his shoulder. Blood seeped from the wound as Stormy looked him up and down, from head to toe, for more injuries. "Damn it!"

"I'm okay," Joe said as he held his shoulder and tried to sit up but settled for leaning against the wall. A soldier stood near the door, holding an AK-47 machine gun in his hand. More shots were fired and the man fell upon the trailer steps. His gun landed in the doorway of the trailer. The wide open door was riddled with bullet holes

"Get the gun," Joe said and without thinking Stormy scuttled across the tile floor that was covered in shattered glass. She moved toward the machine gun and picked it up. Another volley of shots were fired. Stormy, scared to death, became angry, stood up and shot the gun back towards where the shooting had come from.

The AK-47 rattled off several rounds consecutively, puffs of dust emerged in the dirt along the far fence, the locations where the bullets she had fired landed. The power of the gun seeped into Stormy as she continued to fire back, swaying back and forth ensuring that she laid lead in every direction she could.

She stepped forward and walked down the steps of the trailer, stepping over the soldier, while pulling the trigger in short spurts as if she was getting the feel for the trigger action with live rounds. Naked to the world and not a thought about it as workers struggled to remain hidden while trying to pop their heads up for a glance at the naked lady shooting the gun.

Stormy stepped slowly across the gravel drive as she fired the machine gun with grit teeth, taught muscles, bare bottomed and pointing breasts. Bullets pelted a distant wall as she shot through the chain link fence. "Mess with my man," she mumbled angrily.

"Roxanne?" Stormy yelled as realization began to set in. "Roxanne!"

"Over here!" Roxanne replied. Her head slowly rose up over the bed of a truck. She didn't have any clothes on either as she stepped from the truck's tail gate. A soldier followed as he pulled up his pants. Then a worker emerged as well. Roxanne walked barefoot, slowly and cautiously across the gravel area as Stormy walked toward her. The two women hugged with the Machine-gun between them.

A few men scrambled in the distant, across the chain link fence yelling something in their native tongue. Stormy pointed her gun that direction but did not fire. The construction site sounded cheers of victory and wolf call's whistled.

"They say, crazy words," Jaba said as he came from behind a stack of fifty-five gallon drums. "They say, Nude Gun, crazy naked American lady with gun." Jaba snickered. His eyes were soaking up the view of these two gorgeous ladies without any clothes.

"Where's your clothes?" Stormy asked Roxanne. She grinned as she pointed towards a forklift behind them, obviously the location of where Roxanne's fun began.

"Where's yours?" Roxanne snickered and Stormy pointed to the trailer.

"Joe!" Stormy blared then ran to the trailer. Joe was still propped against the wall as she darted to his side. The sound of army jeeps and trucks rumbled outside as a victory yell came from the workers.

"Reinforcements are here," Joe said softly and chuckled. Stormy put the gun down and wrapped her arms around Joe and squeezed, releasing her fears by gripping him harder and harder.

Another delay in building only turned into a blessing as Joe and Stormy sat on the balcony of their hotel suite, sipping wine and toying with each other's toes. A light banging sound rang out from the hotel's interior. The neighbors in the adjacent room were obviously banging the head board again.

"Roxanne, my god, give it a rest." Stormy snickered as she tossed her shoe through the open patio door, sailing it through the air into the hotel room and against the wall.

"Who is she doing now?" Joe chuckled while holding his bandaged shoulder, for it hurt when he laughed.

"I don't know. Probably the General by now!" Stormy said giggling. She slid to the floor next to Joe's legs. Her hand began roaming, rubbing lightly and massaging Joe's strong calves. "Happy Anniversary." Stormy said smiling as her hand found a handle on his love-pistol.

"Happy Nude Day," Joe chuckled as he looked down at himself and Stormy, neither had a stitch of clothing on between them.

"I bet they don't forget Nude Day around here for a long time," Stormy mumbled as she began to feast on the meal that she had flown half way around the world to savor.

A strong hot desert wind blew across the balcony and into the hotel room. The sign that the two girls had made: Celebrate Nude Day, lifted in the breeze taking flight. It sailed out the open patio door and into the air current, above the Iraqi city of Basra.

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