tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Nude Locker Room Interviews

The Nude Locker Room Interviews


A few years ago I was on a basketball scholarship at Mountainview State College. The beginning of my senior season was pretty much like any other. I had been the starting point guard for the previous two seasons and by now, had become one of the stars of the team. This year we had a new coach who non-chalantly informed us that he would allow interviews from sports journalism students after practices and games.

So while in the locker room after our latest practice, two female students joined us after about 15 minutes. We had already finished showering and most of us were fully dressed. I was still in my towel sitting on a bench, checking my emails on my phone. The two girls awkwardly wandered around attempting to get their interviews, nervously asking questions and scribbling down notes on their pads. One of the reporters was a petite, light skinned, African American girl. She looked young, and her inexperience showed as she sometimes hid behind her friend. Her partner was a little more confident. She was dark skinned and voluptuous, but seemed very professional for her first time. She also wielded a handheld audio recorder and seemed to already be getting the hang doing the interviews. Both of the girls, although different body types, were very attractive.

After a couple minutes, the locker room gradually emptied, leaving only a couple players left. The outgoing, dark skinned girl whispered something to her partner and pointed in my direction. She nodded and obediently walked over to me. As she approached she said, "Hi, my name is Tiffany. I'm here for my sports journalism class. We're just practicing doing interviews. Is it ok if I ask you a few questions?" I nodded. Her innocence put me at ease and I wanted to help her out, seeing she was a little nervous having never been in a men's locker room before.

"Can you tell me your name?"


"Oh, you play point guard, right? Ok. Well... so what are your goals for this season?"

She continued to ask the standard questions. I gave her the standard answers with a smile. My calm and cool demeanor seemed to help put her at ease a little. Tiffany began to feel comfortable. As for me, I've found these interviews to be rather boring and repetitive. I looked over and the other girl had finished her interviews and the last of the other players was leaving.

While Tiffany and I continued talking, I stood up and opened my locker, beginning to unpack my clothes – keeping my towel on. Immediately Tiffany began scribbling nervously and stopped asking questions. A blush came over her face. I glanced down and realized why she had suddenly become so shy. I wasn't a particularly big guy at 5 feet 10 inches tall with a slender but athletic build. But Tiffany could see that under my towel, I was very well endowed. The towel allowed my natural form to come through, hinting at the cock which hung nearly halfway down my thigh. Her friend seemed to also notice from across the room. I'm not sure what came over me, but feeling the sense of excitement caused by Tiffany's reaction, I unwrapped my towel and dropped it on the floor, pretending to be unloading my clothes from my locker. By now, the girls could see that the thickness matched the length. I was careful to keep my cool and maintain eye contact and a professional tone. After all, I wanted her to think I was still focused on the interview.

While standing there naked among the two clothed female reporters, I calmly asked, "Is there anything else you need for the interview?" Meanwhile, Tiffany's friend slowly walked towards us. I was careful not to look directly at her but I could sense that her friend's eyes were directly locked onto my cock. Tiffany was flustered, but her friend came to the rescue just in time. "Hi, my name is Kima", she blurted as she reached out to shake my hand, careful to look me in the face as she addressed me.

"Nice to meet you".

Kima had a few questions of her own, and I was happy to play along. They didn't want to appear unprofessional, and I didn't want to appear like I enjoyed the attention and reaction I was getting. I was a little excited, and although my dick was growing, I managed not to get hard. During the questioning, the girls would scribble on their pads and I could tell that as they looked down at their notepads, they couldn't help but steal a glance or two at my body as well.

After putting my clothes on, the girls walked with me for a minute out of the athletic complex. After we parted ways, I tried to listen in on their conversation. They were obviously whispering excitedly to each other and giggling although I couldn't understand what they were saying.

From time to time I would run into Tiffany or Kima while walking around on campus, or on my way to class and would be sure to say hi. Tiffany always seemed very shy, but Kima was always a lot more confident and flirtatious.

For the rest of our practices, Tiffany and Kima didn't make another appearance in the locker room. So I figured they wouldn't be coming back. However, after our first home game, while taking a post game shower I could faintly hear the voices of two girls around the corner in the locker room. I knew they were back again, this time, not for practice, but for some post game sound bytes. I made sure to take extra long in the shower, so the rest of the players would be mostly gone by the time I'd finish. A couple times, a remember sneaking over to the corner and taking a peak to see if the girls were still around and if the other players had left. Some of the other players were obviously exhibitionists, too. But the girls seemed to be enjoying it.

Once things had quieted down and the girls were finished with their interviews so that the team was leaving, I walked out of the shower area completely naked into the locker room, pretending at first that I didn't know they were there. I also made sure to let my big dick swing wildly as I walked in. Any well endowed guy would do the same thing. The girls immediately noticed and smiled, but tried to suppress their smiles, leaving only faint smirks.

Kima was the first to approach. "Hey, Rashad. Great game and congratulations on the win. Got a minute for a question or two?"

"Why not? By the way, I'm sorry for my appearance", I said as I looked down at myself calling attention to my nakedness, "I just got out of the shower". Of course, they knew I wasn't sorry. But I had my poker face on.

"No need to apologize. So how do you feel after game one?"

"I feel real confident."

"I can see it in your... face", Kima replied, trying not to break character.

"Thanks, well, you know, it's easy to feel confident when you win", I laughed.

Tiffany stood a few feet away watching quietly.

Kima began scrambling around in her bag, pulling out her cell phone. "I'm so sorry. You know, that audio recorder I brought last time. I totally forgot it. Mind if I record with my phone?" She made an effort to sound overly apologetic. I played along.

"That's cool"

Kima didn't do a good job of hiding the fact that she was recording video with her phone. While asking questions, she kept 'accidentally' lowering her phone so that it pointed directly at my cock. I didn't mind. I was in no hurry to put my clothes back on. It was like a staring contest to see who would back down first. I stood there defiant, almost challenging them to look. I darted my eyes over to Tiffany and caught her in the act. She was looking 'downstairs' and didn't even know that I noticed.

After a minute, since there was nobody else around, I decided it was time to up the ante. I began to look over the two coeds' bodies. Tiffany was small and slender, but athletic. Her legs looked toned and appeared long even though she was so petite. Her breasts were small but proportionate for her size, but firm as they bulged slightly out from under her low cut shirt. Kima had more of an hourglass shape. Her dark, chocolate skin was mostly covered by her tight red sweater and jeans. But it was obvious, she had beautiful, natural and generous tits, a small waistline and a curvy ass, although not overly so. The silhouette of her nipples protruded slightly, even through the sweater. I could only imagine how big, and hard they would swell without the sweater on.

The interview continued and I struggled to maintain my cool. By now, my cock was beginning to throb and grow even bigger. It was also beginning to rise. The staring contest continued and I wondered who would back down first. I thought about throwing my shorts and pants on, but in the excitement of the situation, continued to stand my ground. After another minute or so, my cock was completely hard and standing on end. Tiffany had become red in the face. Kima smiled, aimed her phone at my cock for an extra long second, no longer trying to hide what she was doing, before turning it off.

"Well, that's it for my interview, Rashad." Looking over to Tiffany she asked, "Are you satisfied, too?"

Tiffany just nodded and smirked, embarrassed.

Kima continued, "Now that we're done, can I ask a question, you know, off the record?"

"Cool." I remained standing my ground, my dick hard as a rock.

"Do you mind if I, uh, you know...", Kima struggled to find the words, "... touch you?"

I just nodded and smiled. Kima looked over to her partner and commanded Tiffany in a forceful whisper to make sure nobody was waiting outside. Tiffany hurried over to the door and back. She let out a giggle and gave the signal that nobody was around. She approached much closer than she dared to stand before.

Kima authoritatively grabbed my dick in her hand and began to explore and stroke. Tiffany looked on jealously. "Holy shit, you got a big dick!", Kima blurted with a laugh. She continued for a few seconds to squeeze, stroke and feel my anatomy in her warm hands. Noticing that Tiffany felt left out, Kima signaled to Tiffany to join in. Tiffany was a little cautious at first, but reached out her hand obediently and began to touch me. With one hand she stroked my chest and arms and eventually, with the other, she awkwardly made her way down to my cock. "I don't really have any experience touching a penis like this", she explained apologetically. I reassured her that she didn't have to apologize.

Kima, on the other hand, seemed like a pro. She tensely asked Tiffany, "You're sure nobody's out there?"

Tiffany darted over to the door once again, peeked out the window and came back with a shrug. "Nobody's around!"

Kima began to strip. First pulling off her jeans and then her sweater. Her tit's bulged underneath her bra. Then frenetically, she snapped her bra off throwing it on the heap of clothes on the floor, revealing breasts that were much larger than they even appeared with her sweater or bra on. They momentarily bounced and jiggled uncontrollably as she continued to undress. Her nipples were dark, long and erect, with wide, brown and bumpy areolas.

"What are you doing???" Tiffany whispered fiercely. "What if somebody walks in?"

"Don't worry about it." Kima laughed under her breath. "If somebody comes in, so what?"

Kima was now hurriedly tearing off her underwear. Her pussy was clean shaven. She had ample, soft outer lips. Without much hesitation, she lunged down on me and started sucking me off. I was still impressed with how deep she could suck. Kima, paused for a moment and waved to Tiffany, ordering her to come over. As Kima continued to suck, Tiffany began removing her clothes as I helped her. "I can't believe we're actually doing this!", Tiffany whispered as if there was someone within listening distance.

Eventually we were able to get Tiffany's bra off, revealing whitish, firm breasts with small, dark, perky nipples. Her body was light skinned, slender and toned, which athletic thighs, arms and a defined abdomen. She cautiously pulled down her panties, taking care to listen for anybody walking in. Her pussy lips were clean shaven, but just above her lips, she was natural, leaving a thick, triangle shaped bush of black pubic hair. She stopped, not knowing what to do next. So I lowered myself, seated on the bench, which encouraging Kima to continue pleasuring my dick. I reached over, grabbed Tiffany around her lower back and pulled her closer, leaning back so that her pussy was at eye level. My leaning back also caused my dick to stand straight up and the girls could get a full view of what it looked like completely erect.

Meanwhile, I carefully positioned Tiffany so that her pussy was closer to my face. I could feel that she almost wanted to struggle and move away, but she submitted and pull in. At this point I slowly, but deeply inhaled the scent of her bush, my nose lightly and gently making contact with her pubic hair. After a minute I noticed the small glistening of juice seeping out from her taught pussy lips. "You're pussy smells so good. Does it taste as good as it smells?"

I glanced upward just long enough to see her reaction, and once I got the expression of her approval, I slowly began to taste her pussy, first staying on the outside for a minute before spreading open her labia and licking and sucking her clit. I could tell she was enjoying it because by now, Tiffany was beginning to softly moan.

Meanwhile, Kima was getting wet, herself and the scent of pussy was so heavy in the air, it was difficult to tell which girl it was coming from. Kima, got up and positioned herself over me and began to lower herself onto my cock. At first she inserted it gradually, unsure of how much she could fit inside her. Gently pumping it in and out, she finally found her answer. "Goddamn, you got a big dick!". With her strong thighs, she was able to pump my cock comfortably. Kima let out a groan. Her tits swung and bounced wildly even though she was only making small movements with her body.

At this point I was now focused mainly on Kima and took the opportunity to squeeze and caress her huge, teardrop shaped tits. Kima began to focus on Tiffany and began rubbing Tiffany's pussy, before sucking on her clit and fingering her vagina. After a minute, Tiffany 's legs began to shake and she let out a series of deep groans – either unaware of how loud they were, or no longer caring that somebody might hear us outside. After she was done coming, she snapped out of her trance and started throwing her clothes back on while running to the door and peeking outside. Feeling relieved, she came back. "Hurry up you guys!"

I leaned forward, forcing Kima to angle herself back on the bench. She held herself up slightly so that she could get a view down below. Her pussy was soaked and the thrusting of my cock inside her made a loud squishing noise every time it went in and out. She kept mouthing the words, "Fuck me!". Meanwhile, her tits, which now hung over the side of her chest, swung about in rhythm. I could tell in her voice that she was about to come. When she did, she closed her eyes, bit her lip and moaned loudly enough to echo in the concrete locker room. With the thick smell of pussy in the air, and Kima's moaning, I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my dick out and unloaded a huge amount of come all over her body and tits in several long squirts. Tiffany stared in amazement, not having seen something like that before. Kima continued to moan, but more quietly.

Almost immediately, coach stormed in. "What was that!", he said out loud.

The girls looked terrified. Nobody said anything. It dawned on coach what had happened. Shaking his head he mumbled, "Alright, shit, I don't want to know!" and began to walk out. But when he got to the door, I caught him looking back at us. We made eye contact, and embarrassed as I was, I was relieved to see coach give a wink and a smile.

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