tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Obedient Secretary

The Obedient Secretary


This story is an experiment in writing using only dialogue. It is like a play with the stage directions being left to the reader's imagination. What do you think?


"I am happy to meet you, Mr. Johnson, and I thank you for coming to discuss our possible business relationship. Please come into my office and make yourself comfortable. I am sorry you had to wait so long in our reception area."

"Believe me, that was no problem. Your receptionist is quite attractive."

"Yes, we get very few complaints from our male clients about having to wait for a while with Sonia."

"Hello, Mr. Johnson. I am Martha, the other half of this partnership. I will be doing the public relations part of the job if you decide to retain us."

"Pleased to meet you, Martha. I see there is no shortage of attractive women in this office."

"Why Mr. Johnson, you certainly know how to flatter a woman. But I think you would prefer Sonia. She is younger and prettier. And also she tends to be much more obedient than I."

"Obedient? That's an unusual trait in a woman, especially in a beautiful woman. I am curious why you would use that word to describe her. "

"Martha dear, tell Mr. Johnson why Sonia is so obedient. "

"Well, you see Mr. Johnson, Sonia has made some serious mistakes in her life, and it would be virtually impossible for her to get another job. In fact, she is at serious risk of going to prison. My husband and I give her work and a kind of security. In return, she does whatever we say. Being humiliated in this way is a price she is willing to pay for her past sins."

"Interesting. Do you also tell her how to dress? Her clothes are certainly revealing. I don't see how she gets into a skirt that tight. "

"You noticed, uh. We both enjoy the female figure, especially one as good as Sonia's. Martha picks out the clothes for her to wear here at the office. We let her change into her regular clothes when she goes home. "

"If I sign this contract with you, I am sure I will have to come to your office frequently. "

"Yes indeed. Martha, I think Sonia should be assigned to work with Mr. Johnson if we are fortunate enough to get the contract. In fact, he should get to know her now. Would you please ask Sonia to come into the office? "

"Of course. I'll be right back with her. "

"Before they come, I want to ask you something, Mr. Johnson. "

"Yes, what is it? "

"We sometimes test Sonia's obedience in front of our clients. It is more humiliating for her and a bigger test if there is a stranger present. Our tests tend to be sexual in nature. Would you object? "

"I find the situation most intriguing. What would I have to do? "

"Just observe. But you can also say and do whatever you want. "

"No problem."

"One other thing, Sonia may cry and appeal to your sympathies. You will have to resist her tender pleas and remember that she has created this situation for herself. She is free to quit her job and leave whenever she wants, as I constantly remind her. "

"Again, no problem. I can be very hard-hearted when it comes to people failing to live up to the consequences of their actions. I suspect that your Sonia has used her beauty and sexuality to her benefit in the past, and it is only right that her punishment for whatever sins she has committed should be sexual in nature.

"My attitude exactly! I can see we are going to get along well. I hear them coming now. "

"Mr. Johnson, I would like you to meet Sonia, our receptionist and private secretary."

"A pleasure to meet you, Sonia."

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Johnson."

"Sonia, Mr. Johnson has admired your choice in clothing. Well, actually it's my choice of your clothing. Perhaps you could model it for him by letting him see you from all angles. "

"Now no need to blush, Sonia, I am not going to take pictures. I just appreciate a beautiful and sexy woman in clothes that show off her figure. And that short, tight skirt, and that low cut, loose blouse certainly do that for you. "

"Martha, I think you should pose Sonia for Mr. Johnson."

"Of course. Sonia come stand in front of Mr. Johnson. That's right. Now turn around and without bending your knees pick up that pencil on the floor. "

"Oh, I can't do that. This skirt that you bought me is much too tight. "

"Nonsense. I happen to know that the fabric stretches. And you will pay for that little bit of defiance!"

"Oh. I'm sorry. I just was worried about the skirt. Of course I will bend over as you instructed me. How's this? "

"What do you think, Mr. Johnson? "

"Very nice. The fabric does seem to stretch to conform to her body in that position."

"Maybe you would like to examine the fit. Sonia, stay there while Mr. Johnson checks you."

"Ummm. Yes indeed. I can find no gaps between the skirt and her tight little ass."

"Sonia, wiggle your ass a bit for our friend. That's it."

"Very firm indeed. A man could do a lot of things with an ass like this."

"Perhaps you would like to pull her skirt up to see it better."

"Nooo. Please, don't do this."

"Hold still, Sonia. You have just earned yourself a good spanking. If Mr. Johnson won't do it, I will."

"My what nice panties. So small and so thin. The view really is much better without the skirt."

"Why don't you sit in this chair, Mr. Johnson, so that we can drape Sonia across your lap for her spanking."

"My pleasure."

"Ohhhh. What are you doing? You are pulling down my panties!"

"Feel how nice and round she is, Mr. Johnson. Martha and I really like the way her small ass protrudes like a half dome. You can cup the whole thing in your two hands. Try it."


"Martha, please get those panties completely off of her. We may want to make her spread her legs so Mr. Johnson can spank her wherever he wants."

"Of course. Now Sonia stop kicking your legs. If you don't behave I am going to have to get the little whip."

"No, please. OK, I'll do what you want."

"Good. Now open your legs a little. That's it. Let me see here. Ha, just as I thought. Our Sonia is wet in anticipation. Give me your hand, Mr. Johnson, and I'll show you."

"Ohhhhh. Why are you doing this to me? Ahhhhhhh."

"Very wet indeed. And the spanking hasn't even started."

"Martha and I have found that Sonia is one of those women who are excited by pain and humiliation. She may cry and protest, but she cannot help being aroused. Give her five hard slaps to get her started."

"Like this? One...two...three..."

"Oh, oh...that really stings...please, no more...I don't deserve this..."



"Good work, Mr. Johnson. I am glad you didn't hold back. Now check her again."

"Keep your legs apart my dear so I can get a good reading on your condition. Let's see here. Ah yes...nice and wet...and open too..."


"It hardly seems like punishment when she seems to be enjoying it so much."

"I agree. Martha, please bring the little whip so Mr. Johnson can punish Sonia properly."

"Noooo...I did like you said...you promised..."

"Be quiet, Sonia. Nobody promised anything. I am going to ask Mr. Johnson to use the little whip, first on your ass, and then on your tits. I know how you react to that."

"No, please not that! Mr. Johnson, I'll do anything you want, but my breasts are too sensitive to be whipped. The last time they hurt for days."

"You'll do anything? Well now, you will probably do even more to get me to stop." "Here is the whip, Mr. Johnson. Notice how soft the three leather thongs are. And they are only ten inches long, so you can control where they strike very precisely. We use it often on different parts of Sonia's body to enforce our discipline."

"I like it. And the handle has a nice shape too. I can imagine things you could do with that."

"Be my guest. Sonia deserves the complete treatment."

"Let's see now. If I flick these thongs, just so..."


"That's it, Mr. Johnson. Whip her on the red spots your hand has already made on her ass."

"Like this?"

"Awwwww...please not there again..."

"Ok, Miss Sonia. As you wish. I will move down to the backs of your thighs. See how you like this..."

"Nooooo...that really hurts...awwwwww."

"Martha, Sonia is squirming too much. It is hard for our guest to direct the whip properly. Perhaps you would be so good as to hold her legs."

"Of course, my dear. How's this?'

"I would spread them a little more. Mr. Johnson might want to pick another target."

"Yes indeed. I do see a tempting target between her spread legs. Perhaps just a few little flicks of the thongs...right there..."

"Ohhhh, my God...not there...ohhhhhhhh...please..."

"Now Sonia, it wasn't all that bad. I will rub it and make it better."


"I have never felt a woman so wet. It's like sliding my fingers through melted butter."

"It's time to move on to her tits, Mr. Johnson. But first would you please insert this little plug in her ass? It is a remote controlled vibrator, and you will see how we can use it later for some interesting effects."

"Certainly. I will put my slippery finger in first to make it easier for her. Relax your muscles Sonia."

"Ohhhh...I can't...I won't..."

"Martha, please use this long ruler on Sonia's thighs to make her behave."

"Awwwwww...that's enough...it really stings...I'm trying to relax...ohhhh..."

"Good Sonia. I am in up to my knuckle. Now I'll just replace my finger with this little device...there, it's done."

"Good work, Mr. Johnson. Now let's get her off of your lap and make her sit on the edge of the desk. That way she'll be at just the right height for you to be able to properly punish her tits."

"OK, Sonia, up you go. Back up to the desk...that's it. No, don't pull your skirt down. I want to see those long bare legs hanging down. Good."

"Martha, I think you should go behind the desk and hold Sonia's arms while Mr. Johnson uses the whip on her tits. That way you can make her push her chest out and prevent her from turning away."

"My pleasure. Like this?"

"Ohhhh...noooo...you're hurting my arms...please stop...please..."

"Remember Mr. Johnson, I told you she might cry and plead. Now whenever you're ready, you can unbutton her blouse and proceed."

"Only a couple of buttons...there we are...and how convenient that the bra attaches in the front...just a little twist..."


"My, my, what nice firm tits. There's no sag in spite of their size. And I have always liked women with large areolas and nipples."

"Those nipples will get larger as you punish them."

"Yes, I can feel them growing as I squeeze her."


"Now, a little flick with the leather..."


"Such a baby. I think I will see if I can make the tips of the thongs just graze those stiff nipples..."

"Oh god...that feels...it hurts, but do it more..."

"Like this?"


"What did I tell you Mr. Johnson? She is so turned on at this point. Look at her hips squirming on the desk. Someone is going to have to fuck her."

"I think I can handle that. Let's make her straddle my lap and see how good she is. If she does a good job, I am ready to sign that contract."

"Did you hear that, Sonia? You better give Mr. Johnson the best fuck of his life. Martha would you please prepare Mr. Johnson for Sonia?"

"Yes indeed. Sit here, Mr. Johnson. Good, now let me help you with your zipper. That's it...now I'll just reach in and ...OH MY...that's quite a johnson, Mr. Johnson."

"Ohhh my god...it's so big..."

"Sonia, first get rid of all those clothes except the high heels. And do it slowly so Mr. Johnson can appreciate your fine body."

"Very nice, Sonia. I think I got even bigger. Now come here and sit on my lap facing me. That's it...nice...I love the feel of these tits...maybe a little twist here, and a little pinch there..."


"You're moving so much and so slippery I can't seem to get in the right place..."

"Martha, help guide Mr. Johnson into the right place."

"Here, Mr. Johnson, I'll just take hold of you like this and point it right here... now Sonia, push your hips forward...there we are..."


"Yessss, soo good..."

"Look how she squirms and twists on him, Martha. That has got to feel good."

"Use your muscle to squeeze him, Sonia. Just like I taught you."

"Ohhhh...my god...I've never felt anything like this..."

"You think this is something. Wait until I activate this little plug in her ass."

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