tagFirst TimeThe Obscene Call

The Obscene Call


It all started with an obscene phone call.

Heidi had been babysitting our five-year-old son since he was a crib-bound infant but the whole time she worked for us was an ever ascending level of torture for me as her form rapidly changed from cute unisex to eighteen-year-old mega-hottie. When she called me to tell me about the call it came as no surprise to me since the caller had just put into words all the thoughts I'd been having for years.

When she said, however, that it was the third such call that evening I could hear the tension in her voice. I could already see that my wife was well on her way to being blotto which warned me that the snide comments weren't far behind but when I told her about the calls she was sober enough to tell me to get right home. She said she'd get a ride with our neighbors. I was overjoyed to miss the end of the party since Elaine was a nasty drunk.

When I got home I made sure Heidi watched as I went room by room inspecting every closet, looking under beds and locking windows. It turned out she was hungry so I ordered a pizza. We returned to the living room and we sat on the sofa as she told me all that had gone on.

"What made me the most nervous Mr. Reynolds was the fact that he seemed to know what I looked like. He had to have been watching me waiting for the right moment to come over to attack me."

I'd assumed it was just a random caller but I started to grill her. "Did he ever call you by name?"

"No, I'm sure he'd never met me before but maybe saw me when I drove over."

"Did he say anything about your hair color, the way you're wearing it or anything about what you were wearing?"

"Not really but he knew my big boobs kind of stretched out my shirt so he must have seen something. He also could tell..."

She hid her face against my shoulder grabbing my shirt as she did so.

"He could tell what, Heidi?"

Her face remained buried as she whispered, "He could tell that I was wet; you know, down here." She put a hand between her legs. I smiled to myself since she hadn't yet realized that he'd had to have had eagle x-ray eyes to see in through the window and past the barrier of her shorts for the knowledge he claimed to have.

Just then our dinner arrived and we dug into the sausage and pepperoni masterpiece before us. The touch barrier having been broken she leaned toward me and gave me a quick peck on my jaw.

I asked, "What was that for?"

She grinned. "I just feel so much safer now and I wanted to thank you for making me feel this way."

I reached over and took the remainder of her slice from her hand and put it back in the box. "Well thank you for the effort but that wasn't a real thank you kiss. It should be more like this."

I put my arm back around her shoulders and pulled her lips to mine. In a matter of seconds my tongue had entered her mouth and began a delightful duel with hers. Heidi's arms surrounded me and my right hand slipped under her shirt massaging her back and shoulders.

As soon as I'd unfastened her bra she broke the kiss and moved her arms between us. Her eyes took ten seconds to read my face before she broke into a sly grin. She began to unbutton her shirt but paused, waiting for me to catch up.

Heidi's body was incredible. I've never asked a woman her measurements because I could normally tell at a glance, right down to cup size but Heidi's waist didn't seem to belong with her hips and ribcage. I finally asked.

I seemed to embarrass her. She answered barely above a whisper, "Thirty two D, nineteen, thirty three and you don't have to tell me I'm shaped weird, I already know it."

I ran my fingertips down her cheek. "Weird? I think extraordinary might be a more accurate term." I went back and forth suckling her nipples. "I can't think of a single man who wouldn't want to trade places with me right now because of what we're about to do."

The look on her face quickly changed from coy to apprehensive. "Really, and what are we about to do?"

My fingers started exploring her moist pussy as I kissed my way around her face. "We're about to fuck sweetheart. Oh there might be a few preliminaries but we're definitely going to fuck."

Her eyes were glued to my fingers and the sensation emanating from her pussy. Finally her lust wrested control of her mind from any thoughts of fear and apprehension and she began moaning as her thighs cut off any circulation which might have remained in my fingers. She laced her fingers in my hair and forcibly pushed my lips between her legs. As my lips met hers my tongue slid up and around her clit while my fingers were still thrust into her. Wave after wave of passion broke over her in rapid succession. She knew she wanted more but didn't know what to do next.

Heidi whimpered as my fingers and tongue quit their appointed tasks and I began kissing a line plotted from one pair of her lips to the other. As my tongue resumed jousting with hers my cock began sliding its way up and down the valley formed by her labia. On the fifth stroke the angles were just right and the head of my cock penetrated her route to Nirvana. Her expression looked momentarily shocked but just as quickly she raised her thighs, locked her ankles, grabbed my ass and like some giant dildo buried my cock into herself as deeply as it could go.

I must admit I was on my game that evening. For me to cum four times in the same session was most unusual even if the fourth time was barely a 'dribbler'. I can't even begin to guess how many times Heidi's bell rang but as we were spooning on the sofa she asked me, "Are all girls as sore as I'm going to be the morning after?"

I chuckled and responded, "Heidi nothing we did this evening can be called typical. I can't remember any girl cumming as often as you did and four times is probably a personal best for me. I can tell you one thing though."

She turned her head and kissed my nose. "What's that?"

"If you ever feel unsafe for any reason whatsoever just call me and I'll drive right back to make you feel safe."

She didn't verbally respond but wiggled her ass into me and sighed.

Two weeks went by and Elaine had to head to Toronto to pitch one of her firm's biggest clients a new software program she'd help design. She guessed that she might have to be there over the weekend and that fact caused the gears in my mind to start to mesh. I called Heidi and asked whether she was available Friday evening to sit. She said she was and told me she'd arrive around 6:30 so she could put Andy to bed before I left.

"That's fine Heidi but there's one other thing though. Elaine's away on business and I thought I'd treat myself to a boy's night out with my college roommate. I rarely get to see him because he and my wife have never gotten along so if I wind up drinking too much to drive would you be able to stay 'til morning?"

"No problem Mr. R. I'll put some overnight things in my car."

Of course there was no college roomie. I just wanted to see if I'd read Heidi right so I headed for the bar at the Ramada to listen to their jazz trio and wait for her call. I had just ordered a Macallan 18 Year Old rocks and as I waited for the drink to arrive I switched my phone from ring to vibrate so as not to disturb those in the area who were enjoying the music. I didn't have time to return the phone to my belt clip when it started vibrating in my hand. I smiled as I answered it. "Mr. Reynolds, I'm probably overreacting but I just heard a noise near the back door and I almost called you but then I remembered to were with an old friend and I didn't want to disturb you so I was going to call 911 but then if it turned out to be nothing I'd feel so embarrassed so I called you after all."

I almost broke out laughing but kept my composure as I said, "Heidi, you did the right thing calling me. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

As I walked in the front door Heidi looked behind me. "Oh, you're alone. I didn't want to mess up your evening so I thought you'd bring your friend along."

"No, I sent him home. Now let's see what we can do to make you feel safer. While I check out back why don't you fix me a drink? On the left side of the bar is a bottle of Macallan. Pour two fingers in a glass with three ice cubes. Make one for yourself if you like."

I went through the motions of checking out back and when I got back Heidi was standing at one end of the sofa with my scotch on a silver tray. She had an interesting interpretation of proper waitress attire since she'd stripped and left her clothes back on the bar. I sat on the sofa thinking how easily I could get used to being served by beautiful nude teenaged girls. I took the first sip and stood. "I'll handle the shirt, you take my pants and boxers off. Have you ever sucked a cock before?"

She answered eagerly. "Three times. With boys from my school."

"Well why don't you show me what you've learned?" She began to lower her head when the neighbor's yappy terrier started barking.

Heidi's head popped up. "That's the sound I heard out back!"

Hmmm, it could be a dog but it sounds more like a wolf." I put my hand behind her head and pushed it onto my cock. "You definitely did right by calling me."

I've always enjoyed the sight of my cock gradually disappearing into a girl's mouth but Heidi gobbled the whole thing into her throat in mere seconds.

I was in heaven. In all the years of our marriage it was hard enough to get Elaine to blow me but she never deep throated me. Heidi fulfilled my every sexual desire. Around three a.m. I awakened in an otherwise empty bed. As I sat up looking for my nymph I spotted her sitting on the carpet in my closet polishing my shoes.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "What in the world are you doing?"

She smiled up at me. "Earning some more sex."

I was instantly hard. I pulled back the sheet and pointed at my very erect cock. "Sit here and I'll give you a down payment." She clapped her hands together and sprinted to the bed.

For the next few weeks we maintained the illusion that the primary reason for my spending time with her was to protect her. In September I had to conduct a week long annual review during which I evaluated all the salesmen in one of our western districts while their district manager evaluated mine. Elaine was out of town as usual and Heidi was sitting Andy.

I had just finished with Brett Stevens, a salesman from Bozeman Montana. I had one more appointment before I could quit for the day. I asked Brett, "So do you have any plans for the evening? Need any advice about what our fair city has to offer?"

"Thanks but I think I'm going to low key it this evening. I still feel a little jetlagged so I thought I'd shower and change, get a bite and see if the hotel concierge can fix me up with some of your local talent."

I looked at my watch and figured it would be about an hour and a half before Heidi called. A thought occurred to me. "I can take care of that last part if you like Brett."

A surprised look graced his face. "Oh really?"

"She's eighteen, blonde, slim but supporting a pair of DDs, $350 for an hour and $500 for two. I'd suggest the two. Only thing is she's babysitting so you'd have to go to her."

Brett smiled as he reached for his wallet.

When Heidi called later I was still in the middle of my meeting. I excused myself and walked away from the desk. I heard, "I'm nervous now."

"Sweetheart I'm still in a meeting at work but if you're really nervous I'll call a fellow I know and I'm sure he'll be able to make you feel safe until I can get there."

After she said "Okay and thank you so much." As I broke the connection it occurred to me, not for the first time, that for this to work it was time for Heidi to leave the nest. I'd better see to getting her her own place.

Nine fifteen and Brett's two hours were almost up so I headed home. I met Brett at the front door as I was about to put my key in the lock. He broke into a huge grin as he grabbed and shook my hand. "Wow! This might be the best recommendation I've ever gotten. I asked Heidi if I could see her again Friday evening but she said I should speak with you."

"Why don't we speak tomorrow? I've got her calendar in the office." He nodded and headed for his rental car.

I made myself a drink and plopped down on the sofa. I called out to the house in general, "I'm home."

I heard Andy call out from upstairs, "Daddy's home!" In short order I began to hear the measured footfalls as hand-in-hand he and Heidi descended the stairs.

Heidi made him pause at the foot of the stairs. "Let me get those last two buttons on your shirt, big guy." She raised her eyes toward me. "We just got up from a rather late afternoon nap."

Heidi served hamburgers and broccoli for dinner. She and Andy had apparently worked out a deal that to get a bite of burger he had to eat one of broccoli. At one point he forgot and ate two consecutive bites of his burger when Heidi, without looking up, simply said "Two bite rule!"

Andy's mock slapped his own head and simply said, "Sorry, I forgot." He promptly ate three forkfuls of the vegetable. After dinner Andy went into the living room to pick a movie to watch. Andy asked if we could watch something called "Bad Grandpa".

"What's it rated?"


Heidi turned toward me. "Have you seen it?" I told her that I hadn't whereupon she called back to Andy, "Neither your Dad nor I have seen it so I'll add it to the list. That makes number four!"


Heidi explained to me, "I didn't think you'd mind but I instituted a movie policy of no R rated movies unless one of us had seen and approved it for him. There's a pad in the china cabinet of those movies pending our approval. I also told him we couldn't spend our lives watching movies so the list is full when it reaches five films. There are a lot of R rated films out there which are great for any age viewer as long as the viewer doesn't have a broom up her ass."

I shook my head. "You're amazing!" She filled and started the dishwasher so I asked, "How did things go this afternoon?"

She sat at the kitchen table across from me. "You mean with Brett?" She laughed. "Lotsa enthusiasm but I think I know more about sex than he does." She took my hand. "He sure can't eat pussy like you can." She squeezed the hand. "He wants to see me again and he kept offering me money as if I were a whore... am I a whore Andy?"

I sipped my scotch, "A lot of people would probably call you that but I don't think of you that way." I thought for a second, "Actually, maybe I do think you're a whore but... not in a bad way. Maybe that word itself gets a bad reputation. What's so bad about enjoying sex?" I held out my arms and she came onto my lap. "Do you want to be my little whore?"

She kissed me before answering, "From the first day when you taught me the proper way to kiss 'thank you' I've always thought of myself as being your whore. I'm scared of anyone using my behind but if you asked to fuck my ass I'd for sure say yes."

"Do you want me to schedule Brett again for this Friday?"

She kissed me again, "Not the proper question. The question should be do you want me to fuck Brett on Friday? After all I'm your little whore!

But won't Elaine be back by Friday?"

"Yes she will but I've been thinking for a while about your needing your own place. Think you might want to move away from home?"

"Would I ever! But I don't have that kind of money."

"I've got a house on Bayside Drive that I normally keep rented but I didn't re-rent it right away because I wanted to get it painted. Well, it's painted now so I was thinking that if you moved in there several of our problems would quickly be solved. All I need do is schedule a few more Bretts for you and you'd be earning enough for me I wouldn't need to charge rent.

Another thing, you should probably think about girls you know who could become babysitters working for you."

She smiled, "Do you mean babysitters babysitters or babysitters whores?"

"I'm sure that you'll make a fine recruiter no matter what skillset each girl possesses but I'd probably give preference to applicants with multiple talents wouldn't you?"

Heidi leaned back to make sure Andy Jr. was still busy with the TV before pulling down her top and rubbing her nipple across my lips. She said, "Okay, got it: a girl who's just good at sucking and fucking is less desirable than one who's also good with your son. Can we go look at the house right now?"

"I guess we could but what's the rush?"

Heidi had already stowed her tits back in her top and was running a brush through her hair as she sprinted to the living room. I heard the volume on the TV disappear as she said, "Hey Andy, want to go for a ride and see Heidi's new house?"

In less than three minutes we were all in the car and pulling from the driveway. Heidi said, "Turn right. We've got to make a stop on Fox Run."

She directed me to turn into the driveway of a pleasant colonial while she was non-stop texting. The front door burst open and a cute redhead with an ass to die for bounced down the steps and into my back seat. Heidi did the introductions, "Kate Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Reynolds Kate, Kate Andy, Andy Kate."

"How do you do sir and hey buddy." Andy, normally shy with strangers, crawled into her lap. "Noo guy, I don't think you should be here not buckled up." Andy threw his arms around her and buried his face between her tits. No fool my son!

I pulled over and faced him over the seatback. "Andy you know the rules; you're always supposed to be buckled up if the car is moving. Maybe though, just this once, if Kate says it's okay, you can ride in Kate's lap if she can get the seatbelt around the two of you."

I said to Heidi, "It's not very far and it's all secondary roads." I lowered my voice, "Besides, how could I say no when he got his lips between her tits in under a minute!" She punched me in the shoulder.

All buckled in wearing her new chest plate, Kate asked, "Sup bitch?"

All Heidi said was, "Want to show you something."

I pulled into the driveway of the waterfront Tudor. We all got out and as I began the room by room tour of the interior Heidi happened to look out one of the windows toward the back yard. She turned toward the rest of us but aimed her words toward Kate. "Pool, Hot Tub, dock, boat..." With Andy following close behind the two girls ran out into the yard. I vaguely remembered my days at that age but had forgotten the compulsive need to run everywhere.

When I joined them by the dock Heidi had already launched into her sales pitch. "...and we've always said we wanted to be roomies and live off campus, right? So tonight I was sitting for Andy and when Mr. R mentioned wanting to rent this place I had to come see it.

Wouldn't it be great for us?"

Kate sat on one of the stone benches. "Let's see... one, we're still in High School. Two, we can't afford a place like this. Three, we'd have my parents dropping in all the time.

Should I keep going?"

Heidi started, "You're right about your parents. You'd just have enforce a strict rule about no unannounced dropping in, I'm sure I could get you a job so you could afford the rent and I was planning on pitching my folks on it being a trial run for living away from home only without the pressures of studying and classes.

I'll bet that between the two of us we can scrounge enough furniture to keep the echoes at a minimum."

Kate was pensive for a while. "Okay I'm in but this place still seems like an awful lot of babysitting!"

"You let me worry about the money. Besides, if you run short in the beginning I'm sure Mr. R will be able to come up with some chores for you to do to help you out.

Hey! It's almost Andy's bedtime. Let's go back and after we get him to bed we can talk some more."

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