tagErotic HorrorThe Old King and the New Bride Ch. 05

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 05


Okay. I have good news and bad news. The good news it this chapter will finally take care of Leyna and Lilith and set things straight. The bad news is this is the last chapter. I'm sorry, but there's no way I can find to extend this series without making it campy and predictable. Michelle and Lucifer have gone through so much shit already, I think it's time we wrap this story up and let them be.

Also, I apologize for taking so long to write this one. Final exams wiped all of my creativity, so I had to start working from the beginning to get my mind turning again. But I managed to finish it just before the angry mob broke down the door and demanded answers.


Chapter 5: Peace at Last (Mostly)

Lucifer steps forward, dragging Leyna with him as he approaches Michael. It takes the glorious un-fallen angel a second to actually register his brother's voice. His eyes narrow in confusion, not sure what to make of the situation. He'd come here to ravage me and haul me back to the mortal world, and yet his brother, previously hidden in the shadows, is slowly creeping up on him like the predator his is.

Still frozen in place in front of Michael, I steal a glance at my husband. His warm amber eyes are focused, seeing nothing and no one but his meddling brother. His grip on Leyna's slender wrist would be enough to crack stone, yet he drags her along as if she's made of glass. I understand: if this trick is to go over well, it's best to leave the merchandise alone, lest he risk further damage to an already worthless piece.

Ugh, just kill her already...

As Michael turns to face his brother, I start to worry this plan might not end up being as triumphant as we need it to be. Both he and Leyna have tried to break up my marriage to Lucifer, although Leyna was far more successful. But even though Michael didn't do quite as much damage, he still tried to interfere with me and my husband. In my book that's a big no-no, so there's still a risk that he'll pussy out and race away.

Panicking, I reach out and grab Michael's free arm, holding onto him with everything I've got so he won't fly away. He whips his head around to glare at me, recognizing the trap. I'm terrified, but I don't let go. I've suffered through too much shit at the hands of these two vermin, and I'm not about to back down and fail my husband now.

Michael's eyes narrow at me in fury. "You! You set me up! Little bitch!" His arms pulls back and I can almost see crosshairs forming on my head.

I take a tiny step back, trying to put another inch of distance between us, but my grip stays firm. I'm queen, damn it. I may be scared, but I'll stand my ground if it means getting back at the ones who fucked with me. And Michael majorly tried to fuck with me. Just as the archangel is about to swing, Lucifer's free hand shoots out and catches his brother by the wrist. Relieved to not have my head smacked off, I peek around Michael's hulking form to see my husband.

Michael has picked a bad time to attack me. Standing so close to each other, I notice that not only is Lucifer the older sibling, he's also a good two inches taller than his brown-nosing brother. There's a fury in his eyes I've never seen before, but it's with good reason. Michael is a pain in his brother's ass, and even Lucifer can only take so much. Lashing out at his beloved queen was the straw that broke the demon's back.

Lucifer jerks Michael's hand down out of firing range, tightening his grip so I can actually hear the bones crack. Michael winces slightly, but remains glaring at his brother with all the anger he can muster. But the archangel's anger is nothing compared to my husband's. Lucifer cocks his head, a slow smile spreading across his lips as he holds his brother tight.

"Tucoric? Nama hisienthor ni sinaromac." The words flow from his mouth like silk, wrapping around my skin and making me shiver.

It's a tongue I've never heard before, much more delicate and fragile than the demonic language used here. It must be the old language he used back in Heaven; a softer, chime-like speech meant to show the gentleness and charm of Paradise.

Huh. Sounds like Elvish.

Michael's eyes widen, then narrow. "This is what you want? A lying, manipulative whore who tricks angels with sex? This is your queen?!"

Lucifer's perfect lips curl up into a soft, sinister smile. "Yes. This is my queen. A woman who cares for me, who's honest with me, who listens to me. A woman who is beautiful, charming, intelligent and strong. Who does lie – at my behest – only to assist me in my punishment of those who tried to ruin us."

Dragging Michael's arm downward, Lucifer drags Leyna out from behind him and jerks her arm forward. He presses their palms together, and a soft sizzle begins to fill the room. Both Leyna and Michael wince at the sound, then panic and start to pull apart. It's a vain attempt; their hands have been welded together, fusing them into one person.

"Yes, brother," Lucifer sneers at Michael. "This is my queen. And now, you have yours."

Still struggling to free herself, Leyna turns to me and glares with everything she's got. She screams and lunges at me, one clawed hand slashing at the air as she takes off. But Michael's solid angelic form is still rooted in place, and she's yanked back to where she was before. I can't help my smile. I've taken back everything that's mine, and she can't even muster the strength to pull away and attack me. She's stuck, trapped with an angel she despises while I watch her struggle.

Ah, karma. How I love you.

Lucifer steps back, letting the demon and the angel continue struggling to separate for a moment, a wicked smile plastered to his face. He raises his own hands, claps the twice, then waits. A heartbeat later, a blinding beam of light erupts through the roof of our room and surrounds the two struggling immortals. I lift my arm to shield my eyes from the brilliant light, but my eyes start to tear anyway. Lucifer steps beside me and spreads one of his enormous black wings. He reaches out, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me against his chest, folding his wings around me until I'm surrounded by darkness.

"Father!" he calls out. "Here is your favored son. He has a guest with him. Take good care of them!"

There's a loud explosion, then silence. Lucifer waits for a few seconds before unfurling his wing, taking the time to allow my eyes to adjust to the suddenly normal light. I pull away gently, looking around the empty room. Leyna and Michael are gone, leaving Lucifer and I completely alone.

"Where did you send them?" I ask quietly.

His cool lips brush my hair in a gentle kiss. "Home. They're both obnoxiously selfish and utterly infuriating, so I figured they'd make a great couple."

I scoff playfully and slap his arm. "You're awful."

He nuzzles my neck. "You married me."

I smile and tilt my head back so he can have more access to my neck. "How long do you think it'll take form them to go nuts?"

"If my father doesn't intervene? Maybe two days. If he does, they'll be separated and Leyna will be executed for crossing enemy lines." His hands drift up the front of my dress and cup my still-bare breasts.

"Poor baby," I purr as he starts to mold my breasts with his fingers.

His soft laughter is music to my ears, and his cold hands add fuel to my growing fire of need. Now that Leyna and Michael are gone, Lucifer and I can finally have some well-deserved alone time. And I need my alone time with my husband. After the huge mess Leyna threw me into, I'm dying for some attention and loving from my man-angel-thing.

"You know..." I draw out the words seductively. "I never got that bath I wanted."

He literally growls in my ear. "You're right. You've been stuck inside Leyna's body all day." Moving smoothly, he scoops me into his arms and turns toward the doors that lead to the bathroom. "Let's get you cleaned up."

I giggle and kick my legs up so I can nestle in his grip. Looping my arms around his neck, I press my cheek against the icy skin of his chest, taking the time to revel in my husband's touch once again. It's lovely being back in my own body with my husband's arms holding me tight. So wonderful, really, I doubt Heaven could compare with this.

He laughs softly and kicks the bathroom door open. "Good to have you back."

I moan softly and nuzzle his chest. "Good to be back."

As we enter the lavish bathroom, Lucifer gently softens his grip on me, letting me gently slide to the floor. I turn to face him, reaching up so I can pull him into a kiss. Instead, he smiles and grips my shoulders, spinning me around so I face the full, steaming tub.

"Not yet," he whispers in my ear. "Let's get you bathed first. We have the rest of the day to destroy the room."

Still slightly disappointed that I didn't get my kiss – one I think I deserve at this point – I stand quietly as he unlaces me from my dress. It comes off easily, gliding off my skin and pooling at my feet. The sudden rush of warm air makes goosebumps rise on my skin and make my nipples peak almost painfully. Icy hands press against my shoulders, urging me forward towards the bath.

"Come on, you. In."

I laugh softly. "Yes, sire."

We reach the bath quickly, although Lucifer's still pushing against my shoulders, trying to coax me in. Staring down at the steaming, crystal water, I really want to. It looks so good and inviting and perfect. But I also want Lucifer to join me. After our last adventure in this tub, bathing by myself seems lonely and painful and not nearly as fun.

Spinning around, I successfully loop my arms around my husband's neck and pull him in for a kiss. Lucifer, while take aback slightly, smiles against my lips and kisses me back. I pull him tight against me, taking a step back so that the backs of my thighs press against the warm stone of the bath. His hands go everywhere, touching every inch of my skin in a slow, loving caress. It's delicious, almost addictive.

I married this creature. Fucking score!

I pull away just long enough to catch my breath. "Join me?"

Lucifer gives me a winning smile. "You ask?"

"Good." I give my own mischievous smile.

I step back, pressing my legs hard against the smooth edge of the tub. It's enough to knock my body off balance, and the two of us collapse into the warm water below. We sink to the bottom of the tub, sending a tidal wave of water spilling onto the floor. I rise up, dragging a deep breath of cool air and laughing. Lucifer breaks the surface just inches away, sputtering and shaking his head to clear it.

I swim to the far side of the tub, tipping my head over the edge and laughing so hard my belly starts to hurt. Out of the corner of my eye I see Lucifer is giving me a mix of annoyance and devilish glee. His wings are soaked, preventing him from taking off, so he's stuck here with me until we finish. The poor thing, although I don't think he'll mind all that much.

Slowly, I regain my senses and reach out to him with my hands, begging him to come closer. He gives a wicked smile and launches himself from the other end of the tub, using his wings as breaks to slow down as he nears me. He glides toward me, stopping just inches away from my now heated skin. His wings, still soaking wet, lift and flare out over the tub, trying to dry themselves. Lucifer himself inches closer to me, stopping just short of pressing his icy body to mine.

I pout and grab his shoulders, trying to pull him closer. He resists, holding so still it's almost like he's a statue. I pull my hands away and deepen my pout. I make my eyes as big and guileless as I can, hoping to play the sweet girl image enough that he'll finally give me some relief.

"What?" I ask innocently.

His brilliant smile remains. "That was a clever trick, Michelle. Almost cruel."

I scoff playfully. "I know. I'm so mean to you, aren't I?"

I lean forward, looping my arms around his neck and hauling myself up so my breasts are at his eye level. I can see the flicker of lust pass through those gorgeous amber orbs, and I decide to take full advantage of his weakness. I run my fingers through his soft, wet hair, pulling him closer so that his face is pressed against my breasts.

"You're right. That was very cruel of me," I purr. "How can I ever make it up to you?"

He's still for a moment, his face crushed against my breasts, his breathing shallow and his eyes closed. Finally he pulls away and rises up so he can look me in the eyes. I give yet another innocent smile as he creases his brow in concentration. His warm golden eyes flick to me, and a devilish smile crosses his lips.

"That last piercing you mentioned..." he draws the words out torturously.

I stop and think for a moment, my memory slowly coming back. "On my clit? Yeah?"

His smile widens an inch. "After our bath."

I pull back an inch, biting my lip in apprehension. I know that particular part of my body very well, and I know it can't take much of anything before it starts to hurt. The idea of having a slender ring of metal jammed through it isn't very appealing, but I did tell him about it as a means to solidify our bond. I've dug my own grave for this one.

Nice one, genius. Any more brilliant ideas you want to give him?

I glance back to him. Lucifer is kneeling in the tub, staring at me with a mix of curiosity and worry. His wings have relaxed a bit, slightly folded against his back and soaking in the water. He looks honestly worried, but not surprised. I told him the first night we were married that I didn't like pain, so he knows how apprehensive I can be about things like this. Hell, it was hard enough for me to let him pierce me the first three times, so this will be extra difficult.

I take a slow breath and stare at him. "You promise to counteract the pain?"

His smile returns with a vengeance. "I promise. Your pick."

"My pick?" I arch a brow at him, another smile replacing my nervous frown. "I get to pick the way I've relieved?"

He nods, his smile still plastered to his face. I mull my options over for a moment until I settle on the thing I want the most: my curiosity of being eaten out satisfied. I've never experienced it, though I've given more than enough bj's to have earned such an honor, so I'm dying to know what all the fuss is about.

"Fine, then." I straighten my spine and stare into his hypnotic eyes. "You get to pierce my clit, and I get to have you devour me. Deal?"

His smile nearly splits his face in half. "Deal."

Good." I hold my arms out a second time. "Now come here. I've been stuck inside Leyna all day and I'm dying for you to tear me to pieces."

"My lady, I'm all yours," he croons.

He leans forward, pressing his chest against mine and forcing me back against the edge of the tub. I go willingly, almost hypnotized by the icy chill of his skin. I love it; it's cool and calming and oh-so-seductive. It's the physical version of crème Brule.

My back pressed against warm, smooth stone, I welcome his cold, loving embrace with abandon. It's wonderful to feel him against me again. His impossibly strong hands reach down and grip my hips, lifting my body off the bottom of the tub and suspending me in the water. I reach out and grip the edge of the tub for support. On land, I can flip, walk, run and kick ass. In water, I'm a rock.

Lucifer edges closer until his hips are directly under mine. He kneels in the tub and slowly brings my hips down to meet his. My ass rests on his legs while his cock presses against the cleft between my thighs. It's enough to make me shiver slightly, the anticipation inside me building into an inferno. My body is begging, nearly screaming for him; my mind is slowly losing itself. All for this fallen angel.

Dear god, what's happened to me?

Lucifer pulls my hips forward an inch, pressing his cock harder against me. I squirm and moan his name, begging him to stop his endless tortures and finally get down to business.

"I don't now, Michelle..." his voice is low, playful and sinister at once. "I'm still upset with you over that trick."

I moan desperately. "Lucifer! Please!"

"Oh. Is my poor queen getting desperate?" He laughs at my discomfort, pressing the head of his cock against my slit just to tease me. "Perhaps you should have thought about this before dragging me underwater."

At this point, my body is so fired up I'm an inch away from spontaneously combusting. His teasing isn't helping much to quench the blaze. My mind is slowly beginning to unravel, steadily sending me into a lust-fueled haze of madness. I shake my head to clear it, glaring down at my impossibly beautiful husband. I scowl at him, part annoyance, part need.

If he can play games, so can I.

"Fuck me, or no more blowjobs. Ever." I growl.

His evil smile fades, replaced by a look of pained worry. I smile inside. I've hit his weak spot. As manipulative and cruel as he is, my bj's have the power to bring him to his knees. I'm fairly sure that going one week without me sucking him off will drive him nuts.

Ha! Gotcha.

He shakes his head, scowling. "No ultimatums."

I glare at him. "Lucifer."

His eyes flick to me. "None, got it? Or no sex for you. Ever."

"Come on!" I groan, desperation starting to pool in my head.

He shakes his head. "Promise me. No ultimatums."

The lust I'd been feeling seconds ago has been replaced by a severe case of annoyance. I love my husband and I still want him, but his attitude and games are getting under my skin. I've survived a night in Leyna's skin, dealt with Lilith and her shitty attitude and managed to claw my life back. And now, I'm stuck with a painfully seductive husband who's determined to play mind games for his own enjoyment.

Honestly, I'm done for the night.

"Fine, then!" I snap.

I pull my hips back sharply, ripping them out of his grip. I glare at him and grab the sides of the tub and haul myself up. I swing my legs over the edge and hop off, landing gently on the slick tile. Cautiously, I spin around the tub and march towards the door, my body still starving but my mind completely fed up.

"Michelle!" Lucifer calls after me, confusion and pain in his voice.

I skid to a stop, glaring at him over my shoulder. "No! I've been through ten tons of shit tonight. All I wanted was a bath, some good, hot sex and a quick piercing. And you can't even manage all of that without trying to fuck with me!"

His eyes are a mix of confusion and irritation, as if I don't get his sense of humor. "I was just having a little fun."

I nearly explode. "Then have fun with yourself! I'm going to bed!"

I resume my angered marching, my mind set on leaving him in that corner so he can think about what he's done. My body is still on fire, but my emotions are far too volatile to allow for any make-up sex. If Lucifer won't give me relief, I'll head to bed and do it myself.

"Michelle! Come on!" He clambers out of the tub and starts to chase after me. "Come back."

He closes in on me just as I pass through the door to the bedroom. On fury-fueled instinct, I spin around, grab the edge of the door and slam it closed. I watch as it comes within millimeters of smacking him in the face, but I'm too pissed to care. I spin again, storming towards the bed with new determination. My body is craving release, and I'm gong to have it with or without his help.

I hear the door swing open behind me and smash against the wall. I do my best to ignore it, but a tiny spark of fear suddenly races up my spine. As angry as I am, Lucifer is an immortal with a legendary temperament. In a battle of pissed-off wills, he could crush me any day. That, and he's about fifteen times stronger than I am, so fighting back is a lost cause for me. I guess sex deprivation will have to do.

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