tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe One True Queen Ch. 04

The One True Queen Ch. 04


Over a week later, Michael and the others that had been infected prepared to head off for the film festival in London, Emilia had already gone off ahead of time to ensure they all got in, her plan was to infect anyone that could stop her servants from entering, as they would all be needed for the main event of the evening. They finished prepping themselves in formal attire, Michael and Simon wore jet black tuxedos, both of them were well kept and clean shaven, almost like Men in black agents.

Abi and Lauren wore similar evening dresses, one a dark blue and the other a shimmering green, the dresses clung to their bodies, showing off their features well. Katie and Ellen wore long flowing dresses, elegant and airy, floating neatly as they moved. Ellen's dress was a soft orange colour, whilst Katie adorned a deep purple colour instead.

They departed a very extravagant looking house, some miles from the hideout and even further from London itself. Walking down a long paved driveway they approached a large black Range Rover, with Michael jumping into the drivers seat and the others climbing in, they soon set off for London, the time to solidify Emilia's power had come.


At the Film Festival in London, Emilia emerged from her Bentley and made her way over to the side entrance of the main building, she tried opening the door but it was locked. Emilia places her hand over the lock and focused for a moment, the lock clicked and she opened the door without trouble. She dashed inside, watching carefully to make sure she wasn't spotted.

Once inside she looked around, searching for some kind of staff room or crew area, somewhere almost everyone running the event was bound to be at some point. Emilia eventually found a crew tent and various other areas tucked away behind the stage, well out of sight. She heard voices coming from the large gazebo ahead, peering through one of the side walls she saw a number of staff gathered inside, about 15 of them, discussing the schedule for the event.

Emilia snuck round the side and stood in the entrance to the tent, it took a minute or two for anyone to realize she was there "Oh, Miss Clarke... I didn't know you were... Sorry, can I help you?" Said Aaron, quite confused by Emilia's sudden appearance, finding it strange that she was even in this part of the building.

"She actually, I'm looking for a some, Volunteers. I have a few guests to bring in tonight, but I can't have anyone knowing they're here..." Said Emilia calmly, walking to the middle of the tent and giving everyone a glance, ensuring no one departed.

"Oh um, there's nothing I can do about that unfortunately Miss Clarke..." Said Aaron skeptically, watching as Emilia stopped in amongst them all.

"I know that, but you're all going to help me anyway" Said Emilia happily, raising her arms slightly and closing her eyes as she began to unleash her Porridge. Everyone watched in disbelief and disgust as suddenly Porridge began oozing out the top of her jeans, but despite wanting to get the hell out of there, none of them could move, as if caught in a trance, hypnotized by an invisible field of energy Emilia was emitting, also stopping them trying to call out for help.

The Porridge gathered on her thighs for a few moments, building up until it leapt from her body in large long slimy tentacles, quickly latching onto various people close by. It then began sliding its way inside their trousers, starting to fill over half of the people in the tent with her Porridge. Emilia moaned euphorically, tensing slightly as multiple people, both men and women fell under her control "Fighting it, only makes it worse" she groaned, she could feel a few trying to resist being infected, but she quickly subdued them.

Emilia could feel her power growing, her body filled with intense energy. Once several had been infected, her Porridge retreated briefly before latching onto anyone who was left, filling all of them with a thin lining of warm Porridge, only a few centimeters thick, enough to seize total and permanent control of them. Emilia giggled joyfully, feeling her Porridge thicken and move inside her jeans, growing faster than ever before.

Those now being infected groaned and grunted, soon gasping with elation as they fell under Emilia's devine power. Once finished, the last of the Porridge still on Emilia's thighs retreated back into her jeans, rejoining the rest of her Component.

It took a few long moments before Emilia gathered herself and turned her attention back to the plan "Right, so... There'll be six people arriving at the side door over the north end of the building, round the corner from the main entrance. You'll know it's them when they arrive. Get them inside, keep them out of the way until I'm on the stage... Got it?" Said Emilia, sticking up her thumbs, she smiled happily as she looked around at everyone, her new group of servants.

Most of them nodded in acceptance, Aaron knelt before her and bowed his head respectfully "Yes Mistress, we shall do as you command"

Emilia took a deep and refreshing breath as she turned and left the tent, now it was time to get changed and arrive out front as if she had only just got there. She went back the way she came and returned to the side entrance, sliding out watching no one saw her and dashing back to her car. The Bentley roared into life as she reversed out and drove off, heading back to a five star Hotel she said she would be picked up from by a Chofer and some other people she knew.

Various people she had starred with in movies and Tv shows would also be at the event, a few being in the car coming to collect her. Once she parked up and entered the hotel she headed to her room to change.

Emilia approached her room and slotted the keycard into the door lock, pushing the door open and disappearing inside. She sighed with relief, muttering to herself as she dropped onto the large comfy double bed, laying down she pulled out her phone, viewing her messages as a text came through from Nathalie "Just so you know we're about 45 minutes away! See you soon! Xxx" it read.

Emilia panicked for a moment, thinking she didn't have much time to get ready, when suddenly she realised that she could change clothes with the click of her fingers now, she smiled and lay back down on the bed, blissfully happy with all the power she had, and excited by how much more she was soon to have. She rubbed her thighs gently, moaning slightly as she felt the vast wealth of Porridge trapped inside her perfectly fitting jeans.

Suddenly feeling quite horny, she slid her hand down into the front of her jeans, reaching into the thick runny Porridge as she began to toy with her cunt playfully, moaning softly as she rubbed it. Letting her mind wonder, she began to think about that night she spent with Michael, just after Ellen and Lauren had been infected, thinking back to how it all felt, all the glorious sensations that pulsed through her body.

Soon she thought about how feeding on Simon felt, draining his muscles and fat to improve her own body, she mixed that with her memory of Michael. Dreaming of all the naughty things they did, picturing herself grabbing hold of his throat and squeezing tightly, just enough so he struggled to breathe. He glowed a misty white colour as Emilia began to feed, absorbing the mist and starting to drain his strength, and height, also taking whatever fat he had to increase the size of her breasts.

She moaned loudly as he withered away before her eyes, her tits tingled strangely as they began to grow, stretching her top to its limits as they grew by over a full size and a half. Emilia could feel her feet now slowly sliding over the end of the bed.

As she lay there on the bed dreaming of this, she rubbed her slit enthusiastically, nearing herself closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy, she wailed orgasmicly as she clawed at the bed sheets with her other hand.

Back in her dream, Michael had become weak, frail and short as Emilia continued to grow. As the white mist began to fade, nearing Michael closer to death, Emilia began to climax, starting to cum as she finished stealing his life and energies, crippling his body. Once Michael passed, she let go of him, shuffling off the bed and standing up to inspect her new assets. She had grown from 5ft 2, to over 5ft 9. Her bust had gone from a 32C to a 34DD, and her hips, legs arse and waist had all grown to adjust to her new height, so they looked just as plump and curvaceous as when she was shorter.

Just as she had finished feeding on Michael in her dream, she had also reached her climax in real life, straining as she released her load into her jeans, causing it to mix with her warm Porridge. Emilia lay there for a while, getting her breathe back and removing her hand from her jeans, quickly scrapping off any Porridge that was on her hand back into her jeans.

She lay there thinking, longing to do what she had just dreamed of, but not to Michael, as he was far too valuable to her, he would be no use to her dead or weak. He was her personal plaything, one she didn't intend to lose.

Shortly before the Chofer was set to arrive, Emilia climbed off the bed and stood in the middle of the room in front of a full length mirror, she thought for a moment before clicking her fingers sharply. Suddenly her clothes transformed into a stunning red dress, a long flowing ensemble of shimmering fabric, showing off the curvature of her posterior and the front of her smooth legs, snugly fitting her body as it went up, displaying her plump cleavage neatly. Emilia gazed at herself proudly, amazed at her transformation after becoming a Slaver.

Emilia looked at her hands, clicking her fingers again, her nails suddenly became painted to match her dress, and lipstick on her full lips to follow, now adorned with an average level of makeup to suit her current appearance.

Several minutes later she left the building and stood waiting outside for the Chofer, she was equipped with a long black overcoat to keep her warm and protect her dress.

The Chofer finally arrived in a large black limo rolling to a halt just in front of Emilia. She walked around to the other side of the car and jumped in, greeting everyone as she got inside. Once Emilia sat down the driver set off, along for the ride were 8 others, all of which Emilia had worked with, Nathalie, Rose, Kit, Sophie, Maisie, Isaac, Jason and Lena. None of them had any idea what was going to happen.

"Hi everyone! How we doing?!" Said Emilia excitedly, everyone was so happy to see her bright shining smile. They all talked eagerly for a while as they headed to the event, but when the opportunity presented itself, Emilia took a chance. As they stopped at a set of traffic lights, Emilia discreetly unleashed her Porridge, letting it flow down her legs freely.

Emilia braced herself as her Porridge leapt from her legs and over to whomever was closest, quickly spreading round until it was touching everyone, then it began. Porridge cascaded from her legs, rushing up into everyone's trousers, no one realized until it was too late, when suddenly they all gasped and strained painfully as Emilia infected them. She moaned blissfully as her power grew stronger, and her Porridge grew bigger. Emilia grabbed Rose's leg as she gasped with ecstasy, squeezing it tightly when suddenly she felt her leg grow slightly, as the Porridge settled inside her knickers.

Once they were all infected, Emilia focused on making sure Nathalie, Rose and Sophie were extra filled, as they were her favorites, they would serve her closely. Thankfully as the driver cabin was closed off, the Chofer was completely unaware what had just happened. Emilia day there gasping and moaning softly as any Porridge outside her dress returned to her knickers, after she recovered she neatened herself up "Right! So glad to bring you all under my wing, finally! Tonight is going to be a very special and memorable night... I'll need you all to be part of it. Once I'm up on the stage, then we're set, you'll know when I give the word, then we infect everyone attending the event, spare no one, the more people there are the better the result!" Said Emilia confidently, she kept her hand of Rose's leg, feeling her Porridge settle inside her best friends knickers gradually.

"I'm guessing the others will show to make sure no one tries to get out during your time on stage?" Asked Isaac, he glanced down at his slightly thicker legs, dazed by the sensation of it as it moved inside his trousers.

"Yes, if anyone walks away uninfected, I could risk being discovered. I'm not ready for a reveal, I don't have enough power yet" replied Emilia, as she did she monitored their mental states closely, checking to be absolutely sure they had all been infected properly "Once I've got everyone at this festival, I hope to be powerful enough that my Porridge will be so infectious, it can pull anyone under my control with the smallest touch. The slightest drop could infect hundreds, simultaneously"

After Emilia was certain they were all under her power, she turned the conversation back to what it was before, they continued updating each other on recent events since they last met. Laughing and joking as they travelled, they enjoyed being back in each other's company. Several minutes later they all began to see flashes of light getting brighter outside the car, this was the numerous paparazzi and media reporters gathered outside the building to interview the celebrities as they entered, Emilia laid back smiling, psyching herself up to appear in front of the media as her new self, one day hoping she wouldn't have to keep her power a secret, longing for the day she could say to the world "I'm a Slaver, the first and only real Slaver on the planet" she said to herself.

It was a short wait as other celebrities departed their cars up ahead, striding down the walkway and posing for photos and signing autographs as they went. Many were well known faces, actors, actresses, film directors and producers, big names walking the carpet to the film festival, others who were simply rich people interested in getting up close to the ones with fame. Most of them were being blinded by the cameras, but continued on without looking bothered, the paparazzi however didn't care, as long as they got the money making shots they came for.

Once Emilia's Chofer pulled up, he jumped out to open the nearest door, allowing them to depart and approach the walkway, off to the sides behind fences crowds of fans screamed excitedly, seeing Emilia and her fellow cast members climbing from the car and waving, many cried Emilia's name, begging her to come over and say hi to them.

Emilia pointed over to one of the crowds, turning to a few of her cast members and asking if they wanted to go over. As she headed over the crowded cheered and cried excitedly, she was joined by Rose, Sophie, Maisie and Isaac. They went over to greet the hyped crowds of fans, having photos with them and signing autographs.

After appeasing the crowds, Emilia and the others headed back to the walkway, there the paparazzi continued their frenzy of photographs, shouting for the attention of certain people as they came down the walkway towards the entrance. As Emilia posed, she was approached by a reporter who threw a mic in front of her "Emilia! Emilia Clarke, how are you??" Said the reporter.

"Hi Hello! I'm great thanks" replied Emilia

"Emilia, just so you know, you look stunning, what's your secret to such beauty?!" Asked the Reporter eagerly.

Emilia paused for a moment before responding, realising she couldn't say a thing yet "Uh, lots of hair, and make-up people! Yeah!" She laughed.

The reporter laughed as well "Well you always look amazing, they must be doing a great job! So, welcome to the film festival, what part are you looking forward to the most??"

"Aww thank you! Um I'm really looking forward to seeing what my friends are starring in, especially Jason and Sophie, I've heard some good things!" Replied Emilia

"of course of course! We are too! Is there anything you can tell us about what they're in??"

"No no, no no, spoilers! I don't know much, but I'd have to kill you if I told you... That goes for Game of Thrones too, can't say anything! But what I can say, that tonight, is gonna be big, huge! Don't worry about anyone else, eyes on me people, all eyes on me tonight!" Laughed Emilia, dropping hints about what was to come, even though the media wouldn't be live inside the event.

"Ah, not even a little spoiler?? A little sneak peak?" Asked the reporter eagerly.

"No! Sworn to secrecy... HBO snipers could take me out at any moment!" Emilia giggled, Rose and Nathalie approached from the side, urging Emilia to head on inside with them. The reporter said hello to them just before Emilia headed away, after quickly posing for the paparazzi together they went inside and tried to locate their seats.

Once inside they gathered together and sat down, after a few minutes they began to spot other people they knew, so to pass the time they got back up to chat.

Back outside, Michael and the others turned into the back street outside the building, Katie quickly jumped out the car and approached the back door alone, she knocked and waited. A few moments later the door swung open, one of the infected staff members, Gillian, greeted Katie briefly "Guests of Emilia Clarke, we're here for the main event" Said Katie

"The Queen will be most pleased to receive you, please come in" Said Gillian, gesturing inside. Katie glanced back to the car and waved the rest over, giving them the go ahead. Michael, Simon, Ellen, Abi and Lauren jumped out the car and quickly headed inside where they would wait backstage until Emilia was ready.

Once inside, Michael and the others were escorted to the staff area, they say down and talked for a while whilst they waited.

Back in the main hall, everyone took their seats and watched as the presenters walked onto stage and welcomed everyone, they announced what the plan for the evening was, without further ague they allowed the show to continue.

A large screen built into the back of the stage came to life, it displayed a show intro before diving into a number of upcoming movies and various behind the scenes clips with people who starred in them, then after the clips the directors of said movies would come up to the stage and say a few words about it, congratulating those they worked with as well.

Before long one of the movies Emilia was starring in appeared on screen, it's directors came out onto stage and gesturing at Emilia to join them.

Emilia rose from her seat and headed for the stage, as she approached she glanced at one of the infected staff members, nodding discreetly as she passed him, Emilia's silky red dress shimmered gracefully as she moved. The staff member nodded back and quickly slipped back behind stage to get the others ready.

Emilia joined her directors on stage just as Michael and the others got themselves into position, taking their places by each door that lead into the main hall, various other infected staff members joined them, discreetly placing themselves throughout the room to ensure no one would be missed.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Emilia Clarke!" They announced, everyone began to clap cheerfully as she came up to the mic and waited for the clapping to subside.

"Hi everyone! I'm so glad to be here, the work we've all done is amazing, really proud of all those I've worked with!" As she spoke, her full eyebrows fluttered and flowed gracefully "So, I'm here to introduce the first exclusive preview of the Final ever Star Wars movie. I've been told by certain sources that this IS the final instalment of the franchise, don't ask me why, but yeah. Um, so I won't say much more, I'll let the clip do the talking... As you might have guessed, I'm starring in it, hence why they chose me to present this" Emilia took a deep breath, preparing to unleash as much of her Porridge as possible.

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