tagFetishThe Operative: File 03

The Operative: File 03


Chapter 3: Field Mission
I hate field missions.

For one thing, there's the clothing. I can't dress as devastatingly when I'm not in the Compound. Men trail me like lost puppies, women make attempts on my life, and officials have the embarrassing habit of arresting me just to see how my tits look with my hands cuffed behind my back. I also hate the lack of comfort zone. In my interrogation room, I control everything from the temperature to how many pheromones are in the environment. In the field, anything can happen. I could die.

Lastly, Control always gives me the most lurid pass-phrases they can, just so they can beat off in the archives later to the sight of a hot woman with J-cup tits saying some dirty sentence. Horny bastards.

For this mission, I strapped those aforementioned tits into a supportive and conservative bra, added some lace panties, a buttoned-blouse (which was seriously threatened by the payload beneath) and a sensible skirt. Nice platform boots completed the look. "Ugh." I said to my mirror; I could tell even it was disappointed.

* * *

The Dossier was straightforward enough. I looked it over on the flight, sipping champagne and casually moaning my way through a little orgasm, courtesy of my favorite steward. When I fly first class, I don't settle for peanuts. I was to rescue Agent Sean Verant. Normally this task would have fallen to a combat or tacticians master, but according to our source --oh excuse me--

"Hey Muscles, focus on my clit more or I'm going to have to fire you mid-flight and given a parachute for a pink-slip... ahhhhh that's better...."

Now where was I? Oh yes, if I was able to spirit Sean away from his captors, then I'd have the difficult decision of figuring out what he'd let slip, and whether or not to execute the inexperienced dumbass.

I bit my lip through one last orgasm, and then let the flight attendant up for air. I must have dozed off, because I didn't open my lids again till we touched down in Cancun.

* * *

The hotel was a grand place. 15 stories of presidential suites with a huge bar and restaurant in the basement.

It was here that I spotted my contact, an old perv with Control who had staked out a booth in a deserted corner of the place.

"Excuse me sir..." I launched into the coded pass-phrase that was going to get me the mission info and score the cryptographers some boners. "Would you happen to have a condom?" I asked as I sat down.

"No miss. They don't make them in my size."

"God. Could we skip the phrases just once? This is so unprofessional."

"I don't know you." He answered firmly. I rolled my eyes and gave him the finger as I let the rest of the pointless drivel flow from me.

"Well my boyfriend must not be as well hung as you then."

"Not many are." He purred.

"Then I guess I'll be your slut instead." I whimpered, resisting the urge to just punch him in the balls and demand information.

"Ah good. You're really The Operative." He beamed.

"Just give me the parameters you sad sack of senility."

"All right. The kid got captured by the Delta Initiative. Our initial strike against their holding facility was semi-successful and they were forced to move him to a secure location."

"And where was that?"

"This hotel."


"He's upstairs. Top floor. There are a good number of guards and at least one Agent."

"Well I'm off to it then." I stood so swiftly my top nearly popped from the bounce.

"Wait, take this." He said, handing me what appeared to be a 4 inch purple vibrator.

"Oooooo. I didn't realize the boys in tech had finished my little toy. Tell them I owe 'em some sloppy head."

"They'll hold you to it."

"I'd like to see them try." I cackled as I made my way up the stairs.

* * *

The hallway was indeed filled with guards, some more obvious than others, all dressed as bellhops. I had no trouble sneaking past the rovers, but when I reached room 15-C there were two who could not be ducked standing right in front of the door. I stepped around the corner, hands up.

"Evening boys."

"move along, ma'am."


"The Fuck?"

"There are spies..." I began as I arched my back, letting a blouse-button burst. "Who are far more skilled than I and they would sneak by you. Or still others who can fight and would take you out..." Their hands trembled, making for guns.

"There are even seductresses, who might be able to flash a little leg before subduing you with gadget or another. But I am none of these things. I'm just an Operative who is exactly as good a fuck as I appear that I would be."

Their hands hesitated.

"And you're going to let me walk right into that room, because the ball-draining acts of wanton carnality you will receive for letting me are worth whatever punishment you might get. Savvy?"

"Yeah, we'll bite... but there are 48 other guards. What will you do?"

"Them." I answered matter-of-factly. Then I added, "There's a ballroom two stories down. Tell them to meet me there on your radios."

"K." One guard blinked in disbelief.

"Ballroom." Snickered his partner. "Get it?" Eyes rolled as we made for what was about to be the scene of a cum-storm.

* * *

So there I was, standing out in the crowd of bellhops, assessing each one as a separate opponent, dong my best to gauge their ages, kinks, muscle-tone, height, weight, and prowess.

"First a little demonstration, just so you know what you're up against." I said, sashaying up to the most awkward, nerdy-looking of them. His breath stuttered as I ground my tits against him and whispered in his ear. I can't tell you the sentence because it needs to remain secret lest it lose its power, but as I huskily delivered the 37th and final word he made a strangled noise that was accompanied by an audible squirting sound.

He clutched his pants where they'd been stained with his vastly premature ejaculation, then crumpled to the ground, massaging his balls that no doubt hurt from shooting so hard and so suddenly. Some of the boys would be coming back for seconds tonight, but I could tell he was not going to be one of them.

49 more to go.

I launched forwards and down, grabbing a man's belt with one hand and his pants with the other. As I rode the latter towards the floor I snapped the former out like a whip, wrapping up a bellhop's neck and yanking him face-first into my upturned rear.

The obedient captive took the hint and ripped my panties off beneath my skirt, sinking his tongue inside my pussy as I slipped the first throbbing member into my mouth.

I sucked the cock deep, inhaling it right to a pair of hairy balls, which I swirled my tongue around. There was a gasp of appreciation from the audience at the sight of my talented tongue tasting testicles, and the odd sound of 4 dozen flies unzipping at once filled the room.

I took a sudden cumshot in the throat and swallowed hastily as I rolled over, scissoring my legs around the head that was so diligently servicing my sex. I yanked his belt-leash up, kissing to the taste of my own deliciousness as I slapped his ass into gear, enjoying his appetizer of average cock.

Pants dropped around me as he gave a good twenty thrusts, finally unleashing a torrent to the whim of my voracious, wet nether maw. As the mob closed on me, I planted a hand and flipped back over it onto my feet.

The Capoira-like move allowed me to employ my firm, domed ass to its full potential, slamming a stud against the wall with a shocked grunt. As I seized a nice seven-and-a-half-incher in both hands, I leaned slightly to one side so my mouth could consume a somewhat smaller cock, easily the whole shaft and both balls, tenting my lower lip with potent obscenity.

The cock I'd been pounding in two-fisted strokes went off, splattering my dangling tits in hot ball-chowder, just as my throat got filled as well. As my head snapped back, my pussy shot down, finally enveloping the nice-sized cock I'd pinned to the wall.

As the studs I'd beaten and sucked off fell back to see if they could get it up for more, the circle closed around me again. I couldn't let that happen if I was going to maintain control over this herd of bulls.

Leaning back hard on the big dick still in me, I planted my feet and dove forwards, his dick imitating a champagne bottle both in the POP of my tight love-tunnel departing, and the spray of white froth that followed.

I came up from the roll on one knee, instantly grabbing two dicks and jamming them between my tits, then I pinned my huge mams into place with my elbows as I snagged another two cocks, stuffing one than the other beneath the weight of each big boob.

The four men had only a moment to appreciate the complexity of this arrangement before I masterfully mashed my perfect pumpkins into a quadro-cocked titfuck, coaxing the juice from their balls almost simultaneously.

Their spunk-cannons erupted in a messy spray, out-of-control-hoses slathering my face and torso in a mask and blouse of gushing gunk.

No time to wipe the thick rivulets from my face, I stood and twirled, messy droplets of sweat and cum showering off of me in a whirlwind of jizz.

Greedily I tugged cocks to my mouth, cleavage, pussy and palms, letting myself bend over so all five new studs could have access. I sued the two cocks in my hands as batons, conducting the rhythm of a sudden powerfucking, the two meaty organs sawing into me from either side as the guy between my tits got a little rough, tugging my nipples and slapping my rack around between pumps.

Readying myself to finish the group I let myself enjoy a little orgasm before twisting my whole body, pivoting on one foot while the other leg swung around in a near-split. The motion popped the dicks between both sets of lips free, my final oral suck and kegal setting them both off; they shot wads so forcefully up and down my body the two streams of cum connected in a messy burst, my tits catching some of the huge load.

In my twisting, rolling dismount, the stud between my tits sudden money shot got up my nose and in my hair. I barely had time to cough it out before was cramming the jocks I'd been jacking into my now vacant mouth and snatch.

As I bobbed my head and pelvis on the pair of dicks, I sighed up my next targets. I was starting to get a little weary from the sheer volume of orgasms I was dolling out. Luckily I felt a warm flood between my legs and swallowed a couple mouthfuls just in time to line up a complicated attack.

I straightened up and leapt into the arms of a taller, buffer stud and wrapped my legs around his waist. Angling my hips I impaled my little puss on what must have been a little over 9 inches of delight.

Holding this position I leaned back in a bridge, sinking an upside down cock into my throat as two studs straddled my bent upper-torso to fuck in opposite directions through my massive cleavage. Another two studs filled my hands I only suffered a brief moment when I felt something teasing at my ass. Luckily this intruder was most poorly endowed, and I could relax. Then, to my shock, a cock founds it's way between my feet where they were wrapped around the buff-boy's back and I was fucking seven at once.

There was so much sensation I could no longer distinguish any of my actions; I merely "doing" this hoard and that was that.

Exhausted as I was, there were still at least 23 studs left to coax a load from. Clenching muscles that even I didn't know I had, I arched my back even more in climax, causing loads to pour into me, and on me. The big stud I'd been using as a platform unceremoniously dropped me hard, forcing me to roll fast and sweep my legs to avoid being pounced on.

My whole body was well-lubed in sweat and cream now, so it took little time to bring off another four by simply gathering them around and vigorously undulating in a stripper's spin, buffeting their tightly pressed bodies with thighs, ass, pussy, breasts and hands. They shot salvos hard, somehow making a mess of my mess, droplets of rich pearl ran down as balls convulsed around me in the aftermath.

I stood fast and grabbed a shorter guy by the cock; pulling him to me I could fuck him standing up without need to even stand on tiptoes. This gave me a chance to angle back slightly and heartily throat a cock while my hands two-fisted another. I sucked, jacked, and fucked all three, alternating which action each stud got to enjoy until I finished all three in my mouth at once, lips stretched as seed dribbled from them.

Cum sprayed liberally from my nose as I choked man-marinade down. The next group would have to be ten at once or I'd never make it to the end.

I stuffed throbbing, thrusting dicks everywhere I could. Two fought for room in my throat, another stretched my ass with nasty girth. My elbows pinned my tits, allowing for two in my deep cleavage while another again found their way under the swell of each breast. My fists pumped frantically on another two, and a nice fat ten-inch finally claimed the super-orgasmic depths of size-loving sex.

This clusterfuck carried on for ten, twenty minutes before one set of bloated balls after another finally sprayed, spewed, dumped, shot, unloaded, unleashed, unclogged, jizzed, spunked, and relinquished their respective torrents.

I was dizzy now, unsure how well I would hold out against the other 10 studs that still remained, not to mention the 15 or so who had gotten it back up. This could finally be me biting off more than I could chew, suck, or swallow.

I was still blinking through a sheen of nut sauce when a big guy grabbed me and slammed me up against the nearest wall. Moments later I was being fucked off my feet by thrusts coming fast and hard, bouncing my tits around as stud-after-stud formed a line behind him.

The first let touch ground long enough only to shove me down hard and fire his cum into my mouth.

The second spun me around and bent me over, tucking into my ass like an unstuffed thanksgiving turkey. My head hit the wall with each thrust until nad-nectar pour from between my cheeks.

I barely had time to spin before stud number three hooked my thigh in an elbow and fucked me sideways, pile-driving me for fifty fast fuck-thrusts, eventually blowing an arch of hot white across my back.

I tried to catch my breath from the masterful screwing, only to have my head pulled back and the largest pair of balls I'd ever seen dropped onto my face.

"SUCK 'EM!" A deep voice commanded, as the sweaty sack smeared all over my lips and cheeks. That the men were now giving me orders was worrisome.

I fought to please the big rocks, letting my lips cradle the heavy weight of each and my tongue trace the deep ridges. When I finally managed to stuff one of the fist-sized orbs into my maw, I felt it tighten and the stud gave a roar as his bulky 8 incher above spat out a huge torrent, raining down his shaft onto my cream-glazed visage.

A fifth guard instantly replaced him, grabbing my ankles and lifting with a twist, contorting me into a fuckable pretzel, his thrusts coming in the form of hard squats with his full weight behind them. Each luscious pound in this tricky position drove his average sized dick to dunk deep into beyond average capability. I confess I came twice before he did.

I was still panting in recovery from those climaxes when studs six and seven lifted me as one, making a pleasure-throne of their bodies for me before gliding in a pair of cocks. The one in front stroked deep, easily ten inches of turgid meat, while something even bigger sawed into my ass.

It was painful yes, but had a most agreeable way of serving my pussy up for the other cock, shuddering gasps poured from me non-stop the whole time.

The eighth had a fetish I could never forgive in a true lover. He coiled my blonde locks around his little erect rod and pulled the hair slightly as he pumped himself off with it, eventually matting my head with his sperm.

The ninth was first a tease and then an asshole, licking my pussy to an expert near-climax only to suddenly withdraw and laugh at me as he jacked a thick glob onto my tits. Those poor girls were beginning to feel spongy.

The final jerk (why were the worst ones all in line together?) tried hard to get me to choke or gag on his piece, thrusting violently down my throat with inconsiderately ill-timed plunges, balls mashing against my chin. When he finally came it was a copious facial, blinding me with pear prick-paint yet again.

The fifty were done and I was relieved.

Oh shit! The Refractors!

Hands were all over me and I lost track of time as I was passed around and fiercely fucked by every one of the studs that was man enough to get it up a second or third time.

I nearly lost consciousness, as the ordeal seemed to take hours, regardless of what time might have actually passed.

When it was over, the men had collapsed in a variety of horny heaps, leaving me to stand and observe the cum-coated room.

One last cock stood erect in defiance of my dominance. I place my foot on it, heels rolling the balls and grinned as it shot a dying wad. My foot arched on the pile of sexually vanquished mooks, I posed a moment before taking leave of the fifty out-fucked guards.

Spare clothes! I crashed a bathroom to wash off, then listened at doors until I could clearly hear a couple in the throes of passion.

I let myself in and gathered up an ill-fitting tee shirt and pants. As I left, I heard a male voice.

"Who the hell is Nnnnngghh!??!"

Then a female.

"Goddamnit did you just cum? I wasn't even close yet you bastard!"

Then it was onto the room.

* * *

"Everyone breaks somehow Mr. Verant. It could be your nipples that do it. Or maybe you can't stand having your balls tortured. Perhaps if your wife or girlfriend is reduced to a sobbing puddle of orgasms right in front of you, that is what will make you talk. I don't know, and I don't really care; sexual pain is the most effective torture method there is. Why not spare yourself all of that and just tell me what I want to know."

I should have stayed hidden. I should have just kept to myself, tucked around the corner, waiting for an opportune moment to strike, swiftly and silently.

But in some strange way, pride in my work overcame my professionalism and I had to come forward to speak.

"You're wrong. Sexual pleasure is a far more useful tool. Desire and anticipation can be stretched out into infinity. Pain is limited and so are you."

He turned to face me. His face was glacial, cruel, beautiful, and marred by a jagged scar down his right cheek. Grey eyes transfixed me.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm.... an operative."

"Ah, you are The Operative if I'm not mistaken. I like you, am a specialist. You may call me The Specialist."

We sized each other up a moment, his eyes crawling over my hips, lips, tits and ass. Even the dowdy clothing I'd stolen in my incredible figure was obvious. In turn, I looked over his Adonis body, lean and muscled, his hair long and platinum-white, abs so firm I could see them through the dress shirt he wore.

My lustful gaze was interrupted as he suddenly cast his arm downward, a pair of ivory shaped whips dropping from his sleeves; he uncurled them with a flick of his wrists.

They were somewhere between bullwhip and cat-whip sized, and he cracked one out, forcing me to jump to the side. Throwing his whole arm into the motion, he shot out the other, wrapping my body up and pulling me to him.

"I'd say you aren't as tough as you look," He chuckled, "but you don't really look tough... positively supple in fact."

Emphasizing this, he tugged the whip, bringing my soft body against his firm one.

Even as I work out my little vibe beneath the leather bond, my eyes widened in surprise.

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