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The Other Man


The Other Man

Part I, An Introduction

You know how some women almost always ask about the previous person you were with before. It's a mystery why females are like that, but it's almost inevitable to happen. Embarrassedly enough, I am one of those girls but not for the reasons you might think.

Ever since I can remember, the images that have excited me and made that little part of me tingle below were not of your typical well-endowed man stroking his rock-hard cock in his dimly lit faux bedroom. They were of the voluptuous young vixen found in the centerfolds between the staples, looking rather innocent, but ready to go with the first sensuous lick she might encounter in the ensuing moments. I can remember being shown picture after picture from these magazines when I was younger by my older cousin who thought she was taunting and teasing me at the time. What she didn't know is that I would sneak back up to her room when she left the house and actually look at them out of my own curiosity and deep-seeded pleasure. On several occasions, I recall being totally alone in the house with only these magazines and my own wondering fingers to keep me company, entertaining myself to the point of total exhaustion.

I never acted on these strange impulses with actual partners. Rather I would from time to time, go into the bookstores as a teenage girl and stand right along side these sometimes discreet older men gawking at the pages of women in the faint, matted booklets. Almost upon seeing the first girl or even before that, the anticipation of what I was about to find, I would feel the dampness begin to flow. Sometimes it would continue to soak through to my jeans, depending upon how much time I was allowed to view these alluring pictures of these young beautiful women and at that time, their exposed natural bounty.

Now before you misunderstand the situation, let me state for the record, I am not gay in the sense this story is beginning to allude to. But I do happen to think that women have an extraordinarily beautiful shape to them that men could never possess. The shape and size of a woman's breast, the color and sensitivity of her nipples and how slender her body is in proportion to the rest of her is something I heavily admire. And with just the right combination of body and possible personality, the thought of being with such a woman for an isolated period of time would almost be too much for someone like me to handle, especially if given the perfect situation. But again, I could never totally give men up for any one woman. I love the feeling too much of sliding up and down a man's engorged cock while watching him squirm with that exciting pleasure that only a good, wet, hard ride could provide. It has often been said that the power to send a man over the edge into an orgasm is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I would have to agree, it is powerful and such a turn on to watch, even if you're not the main reason for it, it's still amazing…

As I mentioned earlier, I had never acted on these lingering thoughts before and my past sexual experiences were with typical boys and men throughout my life. But one night something unusual happened and I got a chance to explore my oldest desire with the strangest of bedfellows.

Part II, The Descent

Both my husband and I are on our second marriage. And we have an extremely non-conventional relationship with his ex-wife. We have tried very hard to maintain a welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved. I would even venture to call her and I somewhat friends, as she and I talk more to each other about their kid than she does with him. So it was not unusual for me to be at her house delivering some kid clothes for the next day.

"Hey," I said as she opened the front door of her townhouse and greeted me.

"Hey, thanks for dropping the stuff off," she responded, as I walked to the kitchen table to lay the bundle of clothes down. "It's suppose to be really chilly in the morning, then taper off, but I appreciate you bringing it over tonight." I noticed she was wearing a long tee-shirt nightgown and no bra, probably getting ready for bed because it was late. I could faintly see her semi-erect nipple through the shirt and for a minute I had one of my old passing thoughts.

"It's no problem," I told her walking toward the door again. Because of the unusually warm temperature that night, I wasn't wearing too much either but an old tattered gray t-shirt and a pair of old cotton shorts. I didn't bother with a bra either because it was just supposed to be a ten-minute jaunt over and back. We only live minutes from each other, so these trips were typically quick and painless.

"Can you wait a minute, I've got some papers I need for him to see from school. I forgot to leave them the other day, if you can give them to him. You might want to look at them too. They involve all of us," she explained.

"Sure." I took them and made my way to her couch, as she motioned me to sit down for a moment. As I was mulling over the content, I could feel her brief stare and then she looked away shyly, as if counting the dust particles in the air. Samantha, I've come to find out, is somewhat of a demure person. Expressive when she's comfortable, but it always took a few minutes for her to warm to a person again. I, on the other hand am very open and straight forward, especially when it comes to strangers. With her, I was more reserved for obvious reasons. Our personalities were polar opposite, but it worked for us.

I sighed and lay back on her couch after reading, exhausted from the day. I caught a small chill from the cool air blowing directly on me from a vent above my head. It made my nipples stiffen and rub against my shirt uncomfortably. I don't remember if it was a conscious move or not, but I tugged at my breast and cupped it in my hand while scratching at it. This made the fullness of my C-cup visible to anyone happening to look. She offered me something to drink, but I needed to get back before too long. There was something on her mind, but I misread it being about the papers.

"You alright?" I turned my head to ask after a small awkward silence.

"Yes," she quietly said. The further stillness was uncomfortable for another moment. And that's when it began to get a little bizarre. There must have always been a bit of sexual tension between the two of us because it wasn't exactly a new feeling for me. She and he had divorced because she professed that she was gay and to him, that meant the end of things for them. Ironically though, he began seeing me with full knowledge of my liking and for lack of a better term, taste for women and their beauty. We had talked about women and their wonderful attributes in detail before being together. He and I were best friends when they were married. He said talking to me was like talking to one of the guys, which always made me feel good. Go figure. Anyway, things slowly progressed from there with tortoise speed and by the time I realized what was actually happening, I was sucked into the strangest situation.

She moved her hand over my hand and lifted it up to her shirt. I could feel her semi-erect nipple and the roundness of her breast underneath the material. A sudden rush of excitement filled my mind and the wetness began almost immediately, seeping right through to my shorts. I've always thought she was attractive in a small mousy way. She was slender and from what I could tell and gathered from conversations with my husband, had nice sized breasts for her build. She was an inch taller than my five foot four frame, but her nipples were apparently smaller than my full sized ones according to him, but nice all the same.

"You know, this is a little weird," I muttered, as I began to cup her in my petite palm.

"Yes," was all I heard, as her conversation streamed away from any lucid thought I might have heard. She then tenderly reached underneath my shirt that was gapping open slightly and cupped my bare breast. She found my erect nipple hardening to the point of rigidness and gasped gently while staring down at my chest. I moaned a little, at the touch of her hand against the side of my breast, then felt her fingers squeeze and rub around it softly.

"Could this be happening? Oh my God, this was a little unreal. Not with my husband's ex-wife. This stuff didn't really…?" any thought processes halted, as my eyes and head involuntarily rolled back. My legs spread apart just a tiny bit, simultaneously like they always did when someone would play with my tits and it was at that moment that I knew what was going to happen was actually happening. My shaven pussy was now throbbing with anticipation. I could feel my clitoris becoming engorged and knew it must be protruding outside my swelling walls. Inside I was begging for her to touch it quickly, but we weren't there yet. There was still more to explore before going there.

I slowly reached for my shirt and peeled it off, throwing it unto the back of the couch. My breasts heaved with the motion and again the cool air took advantage of my exposed nipples and made them rock hard against her fingers. I began lifting off her nightshirt and was surprised to see, besides being braless, she wasn't wearing any underwear either. Conversely, my underwear was so sopping wet that I was sure I had a small puddle below me; I could feel and smell the dampness of it.

My hands wondered around her exposed C-cups and I finally saw the beautiful pink tips he had described to me so many times before. They were full and beginning to stand straight out as the air reached them. My soft caresses became more forceful. I bent over to lick one of them gently with the tip of my tongue. I couldn't help it. It puckered at my touch and I had never had that feeling before, but it was so overpoweringly sensual, I was hooked. I could see the goose bumps on her areola begin to rise.

She shuttered as I continued to cup her and fondled the other side of her effortlessly with my hand. It seemed so natural to do. Sucking on her tits a little harder, I felt her small hand reach around the inside of my leg under my shorts. Aching to be stroked there, if only for her to find the wetness she had caused, I awaited her touch. My pussy was wrenching until I felt her fingers slide beneath my underwear and glided over my lips, to find the tip of my clit.

"On my God," was all I could think, as her fingers grazed along my swelled walls and around and overtop my clit.

If she had had a free hand and would have fingered me while touching me there, I would have cum immediately, but her one hand was still feeling around my breast, squeezing and cupping it gently but firmly.

I lifted my head away from her breast and instinctively she lowered her head to my lap. I spread my legs apart even more, exposing the drenched underwear to her face. She lifted my panties up from my tender moist skin again to expose my throbbing walls to her awaiting mouth.

"Wait," I muttered and stood up and began to pull my shorts and underwear down. They fell to the ground quickly, as they were saturated with the heavy wetness.

I fell onto the couch naked with my legs spread apart, exposing liquid trails sliding down the insides of my tan toned thighs. The room wasn't lit very well, but it must have been quite a site to see the wetness stream down my legs. She quickly found her way between them with her fingers and tongue again, but this time, with both hands.

All I could do was lay there, legs spread apart and enjoy her mouth going to work as she tongued and massaged my inflamed pussy and swollen raised clit. Her fingers spread me apart so much that there was hardly any where she wasn't touching with either her tongue or wandering fingers. I bucked her face slightly, as she rubbed two fingers around the ridge of my pussy hole and her tongue flicked lightly on my clit, which sent my head spinning even more. Then I reached around her and felt her breasts heave heavily back and forth with the motion of her licking me. Her nipples felt so wonderfully stiff that I rubbed and squeezed them again and made her moan out loud.

That seemed to inflame her even more, as she began to finger me with the two fingers while continuing to suck and flit at my clitoris. My body shook under her control and moments later, her pinky found its way down to my ass and I could feel her rub around the rim. My bucking became uncontrollable and my body convulsed with such a powerful orgasm, that I was sure I had caused a bruise on her soaked face. She continued to lick me, as wave after wave overtook me, sending me over the edge countless seconds afterwards. I sat there, my pussy throbbing between my legs, in sheer ecstasy.

"My turn," I said catching my breath seconds later, as I pushed her onto her back on the couch. Her pussy, also smoothly shaven, stared up at me, so invitingly swollen at first site. I could see tiny streaks of juice sliding down the inside of her leg and smell the sweet odor coming from between them. It was a wonderful scent and I didn't waste anytime, as she lay there legs spread open for me. My fingers began to feel around and I gently parted her engorged walls to expose her sensitive nub standing straight up. I had never seen one up close like this before, but instinctively, I knew what to do. I know what I love from a man and that's exactly what I started to do with her.

I lightly licked around her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned out loud and bucked, as I continued to flick down her canal, not giving her the satisfaction yet of sucking full on her clit. I slid my fingers down closer to her wet hole, while still keeping her lips spread, I played a little with her clitoris head with my thumb. Her hole was tight, but my fingers found their way, sliding easily down inside.

"Right there, ummmm," she gasped and twisted a little.

That sent her squirming even more and the moaning turned louder with each flick. My fingers slid inside her hole deeper and I felt around the inside of her trying to find more sensitive spots. My tongue, still gently licking between her clit and hole, was still teasing at her. The tip of it was so close to her clit, but I would only lick the top of it and then return to the inside of her walls.

"Hmmmm, uhhhh…" she moaned. "God….," she shuttered again.

I decided I wanted to finger fuck her even harder, so I finally gave in. My fingers began to slide deeper inside of her and this time, I moved in on her clit with my entire mouth, sucking and licking. Her inflamed body bounced around and I could hear again, the muffled screams and moans coming from her. She bucked so violently, as I rubbed and fingered her harder, but somehow, it didn't hurt. Her pussy swelled so much that in the middle of it, I could finally feel that part that rises on me when I'm about to cum. I concentrated on that part of her and it sent her into vicious wonderful spasms.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum," she squealed.

I stroked her some more and felt a rush of wetness come from her hole and drench my mouth and hands. It felt so good. I could feel her pussy throbbing around my face, as I continued to suck and finger her. Everything smelled of sex and her juices, it was absolutely mind-blowing. I continued until I felt her throbbing pussy slow down to an almost normal rhythm.

(So this is how you guys feel after eating us out.)

Moments later, as we both lay on her couch breathless and spent, I told her I had to get home. I had used my shirt to wipe my mouth off. That was a mistake. A thought occurred to me and I began to get really concerned to the point of being almost in a panic.

"How the hell am I gonna explain this?" I said.

"You should wash your hands before you go, at least," she suggested quietly. I got up and went over to her kitchen sink to scrub, but alas, I could still smell it.

"Got time for a shower?" she asked.

"I don't think so, but thanks," my mind was searching for excuses. I headed for the door again but this time, walked out. I heard it shut behind me quietly.

Getting into the car, all I could think about was how I was going to explain to him having sex… with her. And my equal, if not, larger dilemma, how was I going to explain to him that I wanted even more

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by Darla700010/13/17

Just perfect !

This story tells so wonderfully what it's like to unexpectantly experience the total joy of lesbian love and to know that you will have to have it all your life.

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