tagLoving WivesThe Other Man Ch. 02

The Other Man Ch. 02


Readers are encouraged to read the original "The Other Man" before reading this story. If you don't like stories that involve infidelity please don't read this. Feedback appreciated, moralistic rants ignored.

It had been several months and with the passage of time any expectations of ever seeing Sharon again begin to fade but the fond memories of burying my cock in her sweet pussy and nuzzling those gorgeous breasts hadn't faded at all. Her great figure and sweet naïve presence had been a real treat. Nothing like being approached by a hot young woman who basically asks you to fuck her as entertainment for her husband - and then delivers the goods.

I had just got in from the gym and grabbed the ringing phone.

The voice said "This is Joel."

As I hesitated trying to place the voice and name, he added, "The husband of Sharon, the woman you slept with in Atlanta last year."

I quickly recalled and corrected him, "I didn't sleep with her, I just gave you a lesson in how to suck and fuck your wife." I followed by noting that he had not gotten back to me about my prior plan to host Sharon's birthday party in Vegas.

Joel said that they had been interested but couldn't work it out around the kids' schedules and had misplaced my phone number.

Joel apologized and continued, "Sharon and I were wondering if you might be interested in exploring getting together again? The kids will be spending a month of the summer at their grandparent's farm so we were thinking about a little time off for ourselves and maybe meeting somewhere if you are interested?"

If I was interested! Who wouldn't be interested in having a guy's beautiful sexy wife willing to spread her legs for you with only one string attached - her husband got to watch.

I told Joel I could be interested but I didn't want to make commitments unless they were sure. I had lost a deposit on a time share reservation when I offered to host Sharon's birthday party and then cancelled and I didn't want to rearrange my schedule unless they were both committed. If they were willing to let me call the shots - I was interested. If they wanted to get together and see how they felt - then they should find someone in their hometown.

I said, "You know I won't do anything to hurt Sharon and I will make it fun for both of you – but I'm not interested unless you both pre commit. Pick a week in May and I will call both of you to get your answer next week."

After I hung up I was a little concerned that my direct tone might have turned Joel off but I needed to regain control of the relationship. I was more than happy to help Joel and Sharon fulfill their fantasies but only if I got to as well.

A week later I called and got both Joel and Sharon on the phone. It was good to hear Sharon's voice again and we visited about life in general for several minutes before I asked them if they had decided to get together again.

Sharon said, "We would like to but ..."

I cut her off mid sentence and said there were no "buts," either they wanted to get together knowing I would guarantee a safe and fun experience, or they didn't.

Sharon started again, "but we insist on covering your lost deposit. We are both very excited about getting together again." "We were thinking about the third week in May, our anniversary week."

For the next twenty minutes we visited as I got on line and checked out my calendar and the timeshare availability in Vegas. They had never been to Vegas and were excited about seeing the city.

Before we were done we had reserved a timeshare for a week in May and began talking about the city. I told them to make their travel arrangements and I'd plan some fun adventures.

For the next several days I was daydreaming about what I wanted to do with Sharon. Nothing like planning a vacation with only one goal – have great sex. Every fantasy I had ever had passed through my mind – the challenge was to select some that I could carry out and that wouldn't send Joel and Sharon packing.

The scheduled week was still 3 months away which gave me time to enjoy the anticipation. I picked out a couple of hot outfits to send to Sharon and confirmed that they had got their tickets. As it turned out, I wouldn't be able to join them until Thursday giving them four days alone to see the city before I arrived. I decided not to say anything to them about my plans or ask then anything about their desires – I thought it might be best if they didn't have time to think about it too much and form opinions or reject an idea. Part of the excitement would be the surprise.

The third week in May finally arrived. My plans were all set and Joel and Sharon had arrived and confirmed by phone that they were having a great time seeing the city. My flight was getting in late Wednesday. It was nearly midnight when I got to the timeshare and checked in. Joel and Sharon came up from the casino to welcome me.

After polite greetings and a nice hug from Sharon – she looked fantastic, beautiful smile, nice tan and great figure in a flirty sundress – I said I wanted to go down to the hot tub to relax then get some sleep as I'd gotten up 20 hours earlier in the eastern time zone. But I wanted Sharon to join me in the bikini I had sent her.

The three of us headed to the hot tub with glasses and a bottle of wine. The hot tub was nicely landscaped with low lighting. One other couple was already there so we joined them in the large tub. Sharon removed her cover up to reveal her thong bikini bottom that highlighted her gorgeous ass. The small rose colored top struggled to contain her tits. And she quickly got in the tub being self conscious of her skimpy suit in front of the other couple. The other couple seemed intrigued as they watched Sharon and I openly flirt after Sharon was introduced as Joel's wife. We were soon making out like teenagers as Joel sat by watching. After several minutes he turned to the couple and matter-of-factly said that I was helping them celebrate their anniversary. About the same time I unhooked Sharon's top and it floated to the surface. The pace of our groping and kissing increased but the bubbling water masked all but our kissing.

Sharon was very participatory, both responding to the kissing and fondling and reciprocating. Joel slid next to her and in a few minutes we had worked her bottoms off and placed them on the deck. Sharon added my swim trunks to the pile next. Just as I was lifting Sharon and setting her on my lap with my cock sinking in to her hot hole, the other couple excused themselves wishing us a happy anniversary. The protruding nipples visible through the woman's top and the bulge in the guy's shorts indicated they were enjoying our show. Sharon could only muster jumbled sounds as she sunk to full depth on my cock. I had been waiting for months to park in her pussy and I knew I wouldn't last long. With my hands on her ass cheeks I rocked and bounced Sharon slowly for a few minutes. We were both extremely aroused – I grunted as my cock unloaded deep in her cunt and she trembled and gasped as she came.

We hugged each other as we recovered, then we retrieved our swim suits and the three of us headed to the suite. Back in the room I kissed Sharon good night and told her she could sleep with Joel tonight but to get a good rest for tomorrow because I had plans.

We got up about noon and I told Sharon to spend a few hours sunning at the pool in her tiny bikini. She protested it was too skimpy for wearing around crowds in daylight and I told her I was sure no one would complain and she should get comfortable with showing off her body. I had planned some casino time and finalizing arrangements for the evening.

Later that afternoon I told Joel and Sharon we were going to diner and the Cirque Du Soleil show, Zumanity, the one with nude acrobats, to start the evening. I looked through her clothes and told Sharon what I wanted her to wear. A short satiny black slit skirt, a very sheer white blouse I had bought her, white thigh high stockings, and a lacy white bra and thong panty set. Sharon said the blouse was too sheer and designed to be worn with a camisole. I smiled and said, "I know, but we're in Vegas."

As Sharon walked out of her bathroom both Joel and I voiced our approval. She looked stunning. Her shoulder length blond hair was soft and sexy, her makeup nicely done and her outfit showed her shapely legs, hips and bust to advantage. Her lacy demi bra was clearly visible through the sheer blouse and gave an enticing naughty look. When she walked the slit in her skirt revealed the lacy stocking tops and the heels and stockings accented her legs to their greatest advantage. The button up blouse revealed her cleavage and a necklace and earrings competed for attention with her natural beauty. As I took in her beauty Joel beamed with pride. The three of us left the room and headed to dinner and the theater.

We had a delicious meal and I made sure that Sharon had a couple of drinks to relax. I asked her about her day at the pool in her tiny bikini and she reluctantly admitted that she was getting more comfortable in the revealing clothes especially with so many other attractive scantily clad women around. She admitted she liked the attention she could attract and liked the way Joel got turned on when anyone looked at her.

The show was fantastic and sexy and we all enjoyed it. I excused myself at intermission to make a few calls and buy some drinks. During the second half I teased Sharon and Joel about some of the positions of the acrobats on stage that I thought we could try out later on Sharon. I taunted Sharon by teasing that my attention would soon be shifting from the nude bodies on stage to her hot body. Her coy smile communicated both her apprehension and her anticipation. Joel reveled in his role of voyeur with his anticipation growing.

As the show ended we made our way to the lobby where I told Sharon and Joel I had arranged a Limo for myself and Sharon and a car and driver for Joel. They both looked puzzled as I told them we were going to drive up the foothills and enjoy the night skyline of Vegas. I didn't give them time to ask questions or hesitate and got Joel in his car and gave the driver instructions to follow the limo. Next I gave final instructions to the driver then helped Sharon into the Limo.

As soon as Sharon was seated and her eyes adjusted to the low light she realized we were not alone. Two men were seated opposite us with their eyes intently studying Sharon. Sharon squirmed in her seat, quickly crossing her legs from nervousness or modesty and turned to me for an explanation. I handed her a drink and told her these guys were friends of mine who flew in from Dallas for the weekend. They quickly introduced themselves and noted how glad to meet her they were. Sharon started to ask what they were in town for but before she could finish the sentence I quieted her by kissing her. After a long kiss she gulped her drink then asked if Joel knew. I took her empty glass and kissed her again and told her Joel didn't know yet but that we would let him know.

I began unbuttoning her blouse and told her to relax and enjoy that everything would be fine. The two guys, Burt, a 6 foot three inch college football coach, and Evan, a tall Irish corporate lawyer, were just starring. Evan finally said, "She is beautiful, you weren't exaggerating."

I soon had Sharon's blouse undone and gently removed it. Sharon was nervous but compliant as I slid the blouse off her arms. While the shear blouse hid very little, with it removed the white lace demi bra highlighted her beautiful boobs. The guys stared as Sharon nervously avoided direct eye contact. I handed the blouse to Burt and told him that at the next stop light I wanted him to get out of the car and take the blouse to the man in the back seat of the car that was following us.

"Hand it to Sharon's husband, Joel and let him know that it was hot in the limo and his wife didn't need it any more, then come back." I said.

Sharon giggled as she realized how anxious Joel would be knowing there was another man in the car with her and that obviously she had removed her blouse. I told the driver the plan through the intercom and he coordinated with the trailing car. Burt carried out the plan to perfection and came back laughing his head off telling of Joel's stunned silence as he handed him the blouse. We quickly decided to repeat the routine this time with Evan delivering Sharon's skirt. I quickly went to work unhooking Sharon's skirt and helped her kneel to slide it off. With the skirt gone Sharon was kneeling on the plush carpeting in the middle of the limo as our eyes feasted on her silky white thong panties and stockings.

The driver said there was a stop light a mile ahead so Evan prepared to deliver the skirt and I fixed Sharon another drink. We were on the edge of town when we stopped and Evan ceremoniously delivered the skirt to Joel. Evan told Joel that he and Burt were friends of mine and not to worry as "Sharon was in good hands."

With Evan back in the limo we continued toward the foothills surrounding Las Vegas. I opened the sunroof and turned my attention back to Sharon. Sharon sat next to me and then Evan took the seat next to her. I leaned and begin kissing her on the neck and placed my hand on her hips. Burt kneeled in front of her and gently took Sharon's foot and unhooked her high heel then massaged her foot. As I turned Sharon so I could kiss her lips Evan reached behind her and unhooked her bra strap.

Sharon seemed to melt into our kiss. Any hesitancy or reluctance disappeared as the physical sensations took over. Evan worked her shoulder straps down and when I broke my kiss to breath he removed the bra freeing Sharon's beautiful breasts. The tan lines highlighted her shapely breasts. Sharon had those extremely suckable slightly swollen looking areolas and her nipples were perfectly shaped. Ever the joker, Burt took the bra and read the tag, saying he thought she looked great bulging out of her 36C cups. He asked the driver to honk the horn then threw the bra out the sunroof so it flew back toward the trailing car.

As Sharon was imagining Joel's reaction, Evan's hands had moved to gently cup her breast. Burt began to undo his belt and shirt buttons. Burt's cock was straining against his jockey shorts as he removed his slacks and shirt. Sharon watched quietly until I told her to help Burt remove his shorts. Burt stood with his head and shoulders extending out the sunroof. Sharon was on her knees and moved toward him and grabbed his waist band.

As she pulled down his shorts his hard cock popped free just inches from Sharon's face. She was eye to eye with a substantial 7 inch package, a little longer and thicker than both Joel and I. Sharon grabbed his cock and fondled it as if inspecting produce at the market.

I called Joel on my cell phone on speaker mode and asked him how he was doing. He asked if Sharon as Ok and I told him she looks just great to us. The fact that he laughed at my double-entendre assured me he wasn't mad. He accused me of being cruel for not letting him watch. I told him there would be plenty of time for that. He told Sharon he loved her and asked how she was.

Sharon said, "If you're fine - I'm fine. I have my hands full right now and I think I'm going to be too busy to visit for a while.

Burt was now as hard as steel and Sharon caressed Burt's cock. Evan and I removed our clothes and I encouraged Sharon to enjoy Burt's cock. Carefully she took him into her mouth, gradually taking more in and steadying herself with one hand around the base of his cock and the other fondling his balls. Burt was groaning with pleasure as Sharon got into a rhythm. I moved behind her and put my fingers in her waist band and pulled down her panties as she worked on Burt. Without interrupting her efforts I repositioned her so that I could reach between her legs.

I was slowly fondling her moist slit with my fingers as I gently found her sensitive clit. Evan was nude by now as well and had one hand caressing Sharon's right boob.

I couldn't wait any longer and positioned myself so that my cock was on Sharon's pussy lips from behind. She was hot and wet and I easily slid in her pussy. Her warm tight tunnel felt fantastic. I was soon thrusting into her slamming my groin into her ass. As I slammed into her ass her mouth was pushed deeper around Burt's cock. With several inches of thick cock in her mouth, Sharon was whimpering and gasping for breath between thrusts. Evan was rock hard from watching the show and had taken Sharon's right hand and placed it on his cock as he fondled her breast.

We continued this pace for several minutes before Burt grunted and started to cum in Sharon's mouth. She kept stroking as he pumped his load deep in the back of her mouth. I only lasted a few strokes more and erupted deep in Sharon's heavenly pussy with a half dozen final thrusts each one depositing a stream deep in Sharon's cunt.

The driver parked at a scenic viewing area while we recovered from our orgasms. Sharon collapsed on the seat and was finishing her drink but Evan was still sitting there with a rock hard erection waiting for attention. I suggested that Evan should take Sharon outside in the beautiful moonlight and fuck her on the hood of the Limo so Joel and the drivers could enjoy the show. Sharon stood to look out the sunroof to see the view of the city and look for the other car. While she stood Evan couldn't resist any longer and grabbed her ass cheeks with one hand and with his lips and other hand went to work kissing her stomach and fondling her pubic mound with his fingers. He soon had fingers in her slit and his other hand teasing her anus. She was squirming and whimpering as Evan's fingers found the most sensitive areas. The other car has positioned so that its headlights were focused on the limo and they know doubt were anxious watching Sharon's bare breasted torso squirming and knowing her naked bottom half was in a vehicle filled with three horny men. After several minutes of practiced masturbation by Evan, Sharon trembled in orgasm and collapsed back onto the car.

Having got Sharon off Evan was eager to satisfy himself. He stepped from the Limo and gently lifted Sharon from the vehicle and carried her several steps – both of them stark naked – and carefully placed her on the edge of the hood of the other car and maneuvered between her legs. He quickly sank his anxious cock to full dept in her wet pussy. Sharon willingly accepted his cock and hugged him pulling their bodies closer together.

The thrusting started and gradually started the car rocking. Sharon eventually lay back on the hood of the car and wrapped her legs around Evan as he continued thrusting. Her body moved with his and her breasts started bouncing to the motions until Evan cupped them with his hands and kneaded the shapely orbs. Sharon and Evan were both nearing orgasm a few short feet away from where the driver and Joel were sitting in the car. Evan couldn't take any more stimulus and came, pumping is load deep in Sharon. As he shrunk out of Sharon, Burt moved to take his place. His larger cock, having first been satisfied by Sharon's mouth, was now sinking into her womb. Burt was both larger and more aggressive and soon has Sharon and the car she was laying on rocking to the rhythm of his thrusts. Sharon was squealing and moaning in orgasm but Burt continued to pound away giving her no rest for several minutes. With a loud grunt Burt finally came.

By now I was dressed and able to help Sharon up. I escorted her naked body to the car door and let her in to sit next to Joel. I gave her a passionate kiss and told Joel we were done with her until tomorrow.

By the time the Limo had dropped off Burt and Evan at their rooms and taken me to the timeshare, Joel and Sharon had gone to bed.

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