tagGay MaleThe Other Side of the Window

The Other Side of the Window


I was in my early twenties and had been married for a couple of years. Money was tight so I supplemented my income by doing handyman work for my landlord.

We lived on the first floor of a duplex and had this couple living above us with a young daughter and an infant. This was a pretty rough couple. Our introduction to them was as we were pulling up to the house one day. We saw him open palm slap her face, splattering blood from her nose on our door and things went downhill from there.

She looked like she was one step from being a junkie. You know the type long stringy blonde hair, borderline anorexic body hardly a curve to be found and lips just a tad smaller than Mick Jagger's. He worked as an oil burner serviceman. He has a stocky working mans muscled body, stronger than guys with the cut look from spending most days a the gym.

They frequently fought and we could not help but hear every word. They often fought about sex, mostly the fact she would not give him head. In her words it was like trying to suck a beer can and he should find that somewhere else. Now they did have sex, OFTEN. We could here them in their room going at it on the bed on the floor on the dresser and she was always yelling "GIVE IT TO ME!!!"

Even before they moved in my wife had pretty much stopped having sex saying it took too long, it was messy and whatever else sprang to her mind to kill my desire or to hurt me. During this time my wife told me I should go else where for sex, that she was never going to do it again.(it was over a year between times by the time we finally did it again). I tried to talk to her and told her she was the only woman I wanted, she was the only woman that turned me on. Her reply was to say that if that was true then I must be gay and just hiding it by being with her and that is why she lost interest in sex.

We did tell each other what we might have heard from upstairs. AT some point she started saying I should go to the guy upstairs because it seemed I was so interested in seeing if his dick was as big as they were saying. I told her that she was the one who kept talking about it but she said she only said anything because she knew I wanted to know about it. I disagreed and started sleeping on the couch. At this point she daily started giving me grief like calling me fagot or telling me to admit I wanted to see the neighbors cock.

During this time I got a call from the landlord to replace some cracked glass in windows of the upstairs apartment. About 9:30 one morning I went upstairs to fix the windows. She let me in and said to lock up when I was done, she had to get the kids to the sitters because she had to work a double at the diner. He had stomped out to work at 7:30 that morning. I got to work and was just about to start the last window in the kitchen when he came in from work for lunch. He made a comment about it being about damn time the window was fixed and went into the bathroom a moment later I heard the shower start.

I finished the window and was kneeling on the floor packing my toolbox when he came back out. He was wearing only a large bath towel around his waist. He stopped about three feet away and leaned with his butt against the stove. he looked down at me as I finished up. He smirked a bit then said that he had something I wanted. I said sort of dismissively yea what? He stood straight up, pulled back part of the towel and showed me this cock that was not hard but still about 8 inches long and thick. I was stunned and before I got my wits about me he stepped forward holding his cock, grabbed my hair and put the head against my lips. As I started to back away he said I better open my mouth or he was going to kick my ass then make me do it anyways. When he yanked my hair and pulled me forward I got a sense of how strong he really was. I am far from weak but I was in no way going to get the best of him. His cock was again against my lips and growing to amazing proportions as his hot satin skinned plumb shaped head started pushing through into my mouth.

I was in shock as he entered and slid along my tongue. My mind was a mess, I was about to be orally raped, I never touched or wanted to touch another mans cock but what was about to happen was exactly what my wife taunted me with telling me this is what I wanted as she was trying to drive me away. Though she was wrong about me wanting it, here it was and suddenly I was kneeling there with his cock buried down my throat and my nose buried in his pubic hair. how could I do this? Why am I not gagging, I did not gag at all though he was all the way in. He was saying Oh my god and moaning that he had never had anyone take him all the way down. Really? How was I doing this? He started to slide in and out fucking my mouth and I just knelt there letting him fuck my mouth, not helping but not fighting either.

After awhile I felt him swell and pull out till only his head was in my mouth. He came and came shooting his salty cum into my mouth. Being big as he was I had no choice but to swallow all of it fast as I could, it would never have made it around his cock to leak from my mouth. He stroked every last drop from his cock into my mouth then stepped back and said see I told you I had what you wanted.

This is when I made several decisions at once. I said sharply to him that was not me wanting it that was him raping my face, at that point I reached out and grabbed that huge cock saying this is what it would be like if I wanted it. I pulled him forward and started making true oral love to his amazing cock. I had decided in that instant that if she insisted I wanted it I may as well go for it and that I had not been angry or hurt by him fucking my mouth so in for a dime in for a dollar. I did every thing I liked when I got head and everything I ever read or saw in a movie. I don't know why but I wanted to really give him the best blowjob anyone could. I licked the vein-rippled post and sucked the head paying attention to that sensitive spot under the head. Then I sucked him deep as I could once again his pubic hair was against my nose. That was the moment I realized I was good at this somehow I could take this cock that yes seemed almost as thick as a beer can and at least 10 inches long all the way into my mouth and throat without choking. I was actually enjoying myself and thought maybe I am really meant to do this.

I came to my senses as to where I was, still kneeling on the kitchen floor in front of the window I just fixed. I glanced out the window and saw across the 20 foot gap between buildings that the upstairs neighbor was looking intently at what was going on and she saw me looking at her. I figured that I was already caught I might as well give her a real show. I started bobbing my head up and down his monster cock coming all the way off it then all the way back down to the base.

While doing this I undid my pants and started sliding them and my underwear to my knees. Suddenly I stood up and yes I was fully almost painfully erect I stepped back the three paces to his kitchen table that was in front of the window beside the one I fixed. I laid back and told him to fuck me. He walked up to the table as I placed my ass at the edge. I put my feet on his shoulders and he lined that meat post against my virgin ass as I relaxed as much as possible as he pushed in. Now I know everyone at this point talks about the pain of anal sex but as god (and the neighbor ) is my witness I did not hurt I felt the opening just stretch then snap back tightly around his shaft as the head went through as if it were as natural as breathing. I could feel every inch as it entered me, every bump and vein. Before I knew it I felt his balls tight up against my ass. I was full of his hard man meat and he was pressing against something inside me that felt fantastic. He started to take short strokes. Again I thought how the hell am I able to do this. The only answer I could come up with was I was built to take cock, This is what I was truly meant to do so I may as well enjoy myself.

I looked out the window and the neighbor was still there her hand in her pants fingering herself like crazy. I told him to fuck me hard... with long hard strokes. He obliged me slamming into my ass with great speed and force, pulling all the way out resting against my ass then plowing all the way in to the hilt. Oh my god did it feel great I was harder than I ever had been and maybe even bigger. Suddenly I was cumming never having my cock touched but still spraying everywhere. I must have tightened even more because he moaned as his cock swelled and sank all the way into my ass and, then I felt his cock pulse and his hot cum bathe my insides. He started pumping in and out again as he started to soften then pulled out.

I looked out the window and directly at my neighbor put my finger across my lips as if to say shh then stood up on weak legs and asked him if he saw the difference between wanting it and just being used. He said yes and I could come up and suck him off any time I wanted. I said you mean you want me to leave now. He smiled and told me that I could stay. I told him I needed a shower and he got me some towels.

I got in under the spray and called to him. He came in and I told him he needed another shower. He joined me and we soaped each other up except he never touched my cock. I knelt and lovingly washed that wonderful cock. He started to swell again so I started licking and sucking. We finished the shower quickly and went to his bed where he asked if he could fuck me again. My answer was to lay back and spread my legs. He knelt between them and I guided that perfect cock to my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me once again. I told him I was his to use as he wished any time he wanted from now on. He started fucking me with these long slow strokes pulling out and resting the head against the opening of my ass till I begged him to fuck me .... fuck me hard. He started slow again and built to amazing speed as I started yelling GIVE IT TO ME!! I Finally understood that his wife could not help but scream those words just as I was now doing because nothing felt better than being fucked by this fantastic lovers incredible cock.

He had already come twice before so he was able to fuck for what seemed like forever. I came again without having my cock touched before his cock finally swelled and blew his load in me again. He collapsed against me and we actually fell asleep for almost two hours while his cock never pulled out of me.

I stayed married for a few more years. Even though I finally got to fuck my wife a few more times I spent many days (and nights) sucking and riding my neighbors amazing cock. There is so much more to tell you...... I hope to write more soon.

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by Anonymous04/13/18

Fine line

Good way to show it's different. Man took the handyman first then the handyman shows guy how it's different to want it. I need a handyman in my neighborhood to help me fix my problem. My wife loves tomore...

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by cdCindy109/25/17

loved this story

I too am married but my wife doesn't know that I'm a sissy faggot cocksucking slut bitch -- AND I LOVE IT !!! I also suck my neighbour's big cock and he fucks me regularly. However, we haven't yet donemore...

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