tagGay MaleThe Other Side of the Window Ch. 02

The Other Side of the Window Ch. 02


The things I told you in the first part were not a story, this was really how it happened. I am not a writer and don't want commentary on how to write dialogue, I told you what was said as it happened the best I can remember and will continue to do this as I relay what else happened. To try and rework it for style purposes would take it from true to fictionalized. Please bear with me.

Continued... I meant what I told him and was his any time he wanted. I met him upstairs most weekdays when he came home for lunch. I fell in love with his cock, I was happiest when sucking or riding His long fat cock.

My wife still did not want me sexually. I wanted her and begged her but she would not give in. She did not know what I was doing with the guy upstairs and I would laugh on the inside when she would taunt me about the upstairs neighbor and trying to hurt me saying I was really gay and should try to get him to show me his dick.

I was confused though. I did not find men attractive, I did not desire Them for their looks. I did love using and being used by his cock though. What was I? I lust women and get excited just looking at their faces and figures. But I love his cock. Girls love cock.Gays love cock but don't want girls. I was very confused. To add to that he started telling me that he liked that I sucked and fucked like a woman. I liked to be on my back or on top when being fucked but not so much in the doggy position.

I was not heavy, I used to work out but not in a couple of years. So my definition was softer and my pecs had gotten fleshy. He said I had better tits than his wife which only confused me more. When I was with him I was used like woman and seemed like a female (not a sissy just more like a female).

I started to feel and more feminine, though only when I was with him. I progressively started to let myself be somewhat female when going to him to justify why I wanted his cock. I started wearing some of my wife's panties before going up to him. He liked this and would fuck me even harder when I wore them. He just pushed them to the side and slid his cock in to me. He also started playing with my chest once I did that. I eventually tried on one of my wife's bras, it was tight around the band but I could push enough skin and muscle together to fill the cups.

The day I finally wore it up to see him I was wearing a white button down shirt that was slightly tight with the bra creating breasts. He saw this and went wild. He kissed me for the first time. He started sliding his tongue in my mouth and groping my chest. I suddenly felt female. I melted when he pinched my nipples through my shirt. He unbuttoned my shirt and ran his hands all over my chest caressing and pinching me while kissing me.

I was more excited than I had ever been in my life. He reached in to one cup and pushed it below my nipple and started licking and sucking and nipping it. I lost it and came in my wife's panties. He picked me up and brought me to his bed. I was laying there as he took his clothes off then knelt by my head and stuck his cock in my mouth and down my throat. He pushed both bra cups down and pinched and pulled my nipples as I blew him. In less than three minutes he came giving me the biggest load of come he ever gave me.

He tore my pants off, ripped the crotch of my panties out and slammed his still hard cock into me and fucked me as hard as he could while kissing me and then sucking my nipples. After about twenty minutes he arched backwards and let out a yell as he came deep in my ass. When I felt his balls against my ass and his cum shooting through his cock to spray into me I came like I never had before. I never wanted this to end.

After this he wanted me dress up every time we were together. The next day after our lunch time fuck we took a shower together. I was still naked when he was in the living room putting on his coveralls for work. I still wanted more so I knelt in front of him pulled out his cock a started giving him the best blow job I could. After a few minutes the door opened and his wife walked in. She looked pissed for a moment then walked by us saying I see you got the faggot downstairs to suck that thing.

I had stopped when the door opened. I just knelt there with his cock in my mouth. She came back in the room and squatted down beside me. He started pumping in and out of my mouth again. She asked me if I liked it and I nodded yes and made a mmmumm sound through a mouth full of her husband's cock. She asked if I was gay and I nodded no. She reached in and grabbed my hard-on and said that she thought I was lying. She told me she had heard my wife yelling at me one day and telling me to leave her alone that she did not want to be touched by a faggot.

She asked her husband if I was any good and he said I could actually suck the whole thing down. She said she had to see this and looked at me with a pissed off stare and told my to do my best or she was going to let my wife know what I was doing. She went on to say that if was a woman she would have killed me right there but she knew she would not lose her husband to a fairy cocksucker. I started sucking him for all I was worth trying to get him off so I could get out of there. I sucked him in long strokes in and out then back in until my nose was buried in his pubic hair again. He grabbed my head and blew an enormous load down my throat. I did not lose a drop and milked his cock to get every bit of his cum.

She sat back with a stunned look on her face and said shocked How the hell did you do that, I can't get half of it in my mouth. She asked him how long this had been going on and her told her the truth that it was a couple of months at that point. She looked at me and said since you are naked I assume you have done more than just blow him. She asked me has he put it in you yet. Being honest as he had I sheepishly said yes. She asked me if I liked being fucked by his big fat cock and I stuttered and said oh oh oh ggod yesss. She started laughing and said I truly was a little faggot.

She said that she was still getting fucked by him as much as ever. Since this has been going on that long she was sure he was not going to leave her for his fairy fuck buddy so as long as I was keeping him happy and she did not have him trying to make her suck him we could continue doing what we wanted to.

This answers some of the comments I have been given. I will tell more about what went on if you want.

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