tagFetishThe Panty Club Ch. 01

The Panty Club Ch. 01


Amber watched as Teri and Abby walked off together. How completely childish, she thought to herself, pondering the exchange.

"It's a club sorry Ams and we're not in charge so we can't bring you in," Abby had said.

"What sort of club?" she'd asked.

"We're not allowed to say," Teri had told her. At least they had looked genuinely apologetic about it as they'd denied her. But the little smile and slight skip that they had in their step when they left gave up that they were obviously excited about whatever they were doing.

Amber briefly considered trying to follow them, but decided that she'd just get on and try not to let it bother her too much.

"Can't we ask Amber to join?" Teri said later as she sat on the bed with Abby and Anne.

"I told you," Anne replied patiently, "I don't want anyone under 18 in my club. And besides, do you really think she'd be interested? I mean has she ever shown any interest in girls?"

"Well, I guess not really, but I still think she'd be cool with it," answered Abby.

"Ha, you just want to get into her pants," laughed Anne.

"Isn't that the whole point?" All three girls laughed at that.

"Well its her birthday next week, so maybe you'll reconsider if I can demonstrate that she's up for it?" Abby said to Anne hopefully.

"As long as you don't outright tell her about my club," Anne replied.


A week later, it was Amber's birthday. She was excited. 18 at last. She could legally drink now and vote and generally be accepted as an adult. She was especially looking forward to tonight when Teri and Abby were going to take her out to the pub for drinks and a dance. It wasn't like it was the first time, but it would be the first time that she was legally allowed to.

After school, she raced home to change, putting on her sexiest underwear, a black lace-fronted thong with matching balconette bra. She checked herself out in the mirror, satisfied with what she saw. Her legs were long and thin, toned from all the running that she did, but without being overtly muscular. Her hips were curved just enough to giver her a well defined womanly shape up to her slim waist. And the bra held her b-cup breasts perfectly.

Now for the hair. Amber brushed her long blonde hair repeatedly. She put it up three different ways, but couldn't quite get anything the way she wanted it to and so conceded and allowed her gently curled locks to hang loose down to her shoulders in waves.

Amber rummaged through her drawers and pulled out a short plaid skirt. She considered putting on a white blouse with it for a laugh, but decided that she didn't need THAT much attention tonight and put on a pink strapless top to go with it.

Black strappy shoes completed the outfit and then she had to sit and wait for Teri and Abby.

After an imagined eon, the doorbell rang and Amber raced to answer the door. Teri and Abby rushed in, engulfing her in hugs and thrusting presents at her as they barged their way through to the living room, dragging the over-whelmed Amber with them.

"Nice outfit, Ams, you look hot," Teri said to her as she ripped the paper from her present.

"Thanks, Teri," Amber replied, casting her eye over what her friend was wearing. She had on a pair of tight jeans and a white tank top that clung to her breasts like gladwrap. Teri had huge breasts, d cups and she loved to show them off almost as much as boys liked looking at them. "Its almost embarrassing how willing she was to flash people with them," Amber thought to herself. Teri's hair was brown, but cut short in a bob, framing her thin face.

Amber didn't mind though, other than the fact that because one of them did it the guys always seemed to think that the rest of the girls with her would do it as well. Neither Abby nor Amber obliged.

Thinking about Teri's tits led Amber to glance over at Abby and check her as well. Her brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail that hung to her shoulders, startling green eyes that caught Amber's gaze as she looked. Amber felt a flush in her face, embarrassed as if she'd been caught perving, even though she hadn't been! Abby smiled at her, her full, pouty lips parting to reveal glistening, even white teeth. She quickly returned her gaze to the present.

As they stood up, Amber took another look at Abby. She too was wearing jeans, though with a red strapless top that clung to her as much as Amber and Teri's tops clung to them. Abby's breasts were c-cups. Amber knew her friends sizes from the times that they'd been shopping together and as far as Amber was concerned, Abby's breasts were perfect.

They sat perfectly on her chest, above a taught and trim waist, with perfectly proportioned nipples and no matter how often she complained that they were too far apart, Amber wouldn't agree with her. Though she was surprised at just how much detail she remembered about them given she'd never made a particular effort to check them out or anything. After all, she'd only ever seen them when they'd changed at the pool. She wasn't a lesbian or anything!

Just as they were about to leave the house, Abby said to Amber, "What underwear are you wearing?"

"What?!" she asked, caught off guard by the question.

"Knickers, panties, you know, what have you got on?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because its your 18th and you might get lucky, so you have to make sure you have hot underwear on," laughed Abby. Teri rolled her eyes, but grinned at Abby's questioning of Amber.

Amber laughed along and said, "I've got a black g on and a matching bra. Sexy enough for you?"

"I dunno, give us a look," Abby said.

"No way," laughed Amber, "you can take my word for it."

"Oh I'll just find out later then," Abby said with a wink. Teri pushed her out the door and the three girls headed off, piling into a cab to head into the city.

A couple of hours and a good number of drinks later, the girls were tearing it up on the dance floor, having fended off a number of advances and enjoyed the attentions of a couple of others.

"I need to pee," Amber said to Abby, taking her by the hand to lead her from the dance floor. Abby glanced enquiringly at Teri, who waved her off, continuing to dance with the latest guy that had managed to be captured in her orbit.

There was only one cubicle free when the girls made it into the bathroom and the lock on the door was busted. Abby said that she'd stand guard, laughing as Amber hustled into the cubicle.

Abby gave her about 5 seconds and then pushed the door open, popping her head around to peek. Amber had just lifted her skirt and was about to pull her panties down when she realised what Abby was doing.

"Hey!" she said.

"Told you I'd find out," laughed Abby, "And for the record, good choice." She laughed again then and pulled the door closed.

Finished in the bathroom, the two girls made their way back to the dance floor, finding Teri amongst a small crowd of boys.

"What do you bet she showed them her tits?" Abby laughed to Amber.

"Nahh, there's not enough of them yet for her to do that," Amber replied.

"I bet I can get a few more of them around," Abby grinned and pushed into the center with Amber close behind.

"You seem to have bit of a crowd worked up over here," Abby said to Teri over the noise.

"uhuh!" Teri grinned back.

"You been flashing your tits again?" Abby asked.

"Weeeeell, not flashing, but I may have exposed my bra a bit," Teri laughed.

"Amber doesn't think that you have enough boys here to start flashing yet," Abby teased, looking across at Amber who laughed at the two of them.

"That and I haven't had quite enough to drink to start that craziness," Teri replied.

"Well in that case, let's get a drink!"

Amber wasn't sure what Abby had been intending in order to get more of a crowd there, but whatever it was went by the by as they went to the bar.

Abby ordered shooters for them all and they tossed them down. 3 rounds later and Teri declared, "Now it might be time for some flashing!" They all laughed together as they made their way onto the dance floor.

They were quickly joined by a number of eager men, all spending a lot of time looking at the girl's breasts and seeming to miss their faces.

"Up here," Teri laughed at one of them, drawing his gaze from her large breasts up to meet her eyes. He at least had the decency to apologise and blush at being caught. Then she pulled him close and started to grind up against him. They guy joined in enthusiastically until Teri pushed him back a bit and said loudly to Abby, "Hey girls, this boy is done!" and pointed at his crotch.

Abby and Amber looked and grinned. The poor guy's boner was clearly evident in his jeans and he turned as if to leave in embarrassment as a few of the people around him laughed.

"At least it's a worthwhile size!" she called after him as he turned to go. It was enough to restore his pride and though he didn't come back to Teri, he stayed in the vicinity.

"Wanna make em wild?" Abby asked.

"What do you mean?" Amber asked.

"This," replied Abby as she moved in behind Teri and started to move with her. Teri played along and the two of them were soon entwined and dancing sexily amongst a growing quantum of attention from the guys around them.

Amber just watched, feeling a little awkward as the two girls strutted their stuff, wondering if she could ever be so brazen and outrageous, drunk or not. Then Abby moved away from Teri and held her hand out to Amber, inviting her to join in.

Amber was caught, she didn't really want to. The crowd of guys very obviously wanted her to, and Teri seemed to want her to as well, but Amber just wasn't that good at playing up to this sort of stuff.

Abby seized her hand and pulled her close, starting to grind and move against her. "Relax and have fun!" Abby said to her, grinning as she parted her legs and ground her pussy down over Amber's thigh.

Amber moved a little and then just closed her eyes and pretended it was some hot guy that she was rubbing against, feeling the beat of the music. It obviously worked from the noise the guys around them made. Then Amber felt someone slide up behind her. At first she thought it was a guy, but then she realised that the crush against her back was Teri's tits. The guys yelled even louder when Teri joined in and sandwiched Amber between them.

Then Amber felt herself turned so that she was facing Teri and Abby was behind her. Amber was just starting to wonder how she might get out when Abby's hands slid up her sides and grabbed her breasts! The guys screamed again and Amber was relieved when there was a shift in the music. It gave them just enough pause that she was able to slip out. There were some boos and obvious disappointment at the separation and it was at that point that Teri turned to them and pulled her bra and top up over her tits, allowing them to spill free. There was a clamour of noise and Teri quickly turned so that they all got a good look at her huge breasts with the large nipples, which were currently erect.

Escaping the rabble that they had attracted intact was a challenge, but they managed and then the girls were enjoying a quiet drink out of the limelight. Amber was sitting sipping hers quietly, strange thoughts spinning through her mind. She had been surprised when Abby had grabbed her tits, though assumed it was all part of an act to stir up the boys around them. What surprised her more though was the way that her body had reacted to the close touch of the two girls. It had reacted in a very definite and positive way. Thinking about it caused her to squeeze her legs together, feeling the very physical result of her reaction between her legs.

The rest of the night passed without significant incident, though with a flurry of drinks (most of which they didn't have to pay for) and the girls caught a cab back to Amber's place.

"Hey Ams, do you mind if I crash at your place for the night? It'll save me the rest of the cab fare," Abby asked as they rode home in the cab.

"Fine by me, what about you Teri, you want to crash too?" Amber asked.

"Sure, why not, we can all have a sleep over just like when we were 13 she laughed."

The cab dropped them off at Amber's house and after a bit of mucking around with bedding and pillows, they all crashed out on the floor, Teri reflecting for the three of them on their grinding dance and all the boys that they'd watched.

The following morning, the girls woke, had some breakfast to the surprise of Amber's parents, who hadn't realised that they were all there, then piled in and out of the shower before getting ready for Amber to drop them off home in her car.

As she was dressing, Abby turned to Amber and said, "Hey Ams, can I borrow a pair of your panties so that I can wear something fresh?"

"Sure thing, help yourself," Amber said, indicating her underwear drawer.

Abby quickly moved over and started going through the drawer, holding up various items of underwear and commenting on them as she found them.

"Geez Abs, I didn't expect you to have to do a stock take," laughed Amber.

"Oooh, I like those!" Teri exclaimed as Abby held up a pair of sheer, black laced boy leg panties.

"Wear them home then!" Abby said, tossing them to Teri, "You don't mind, do you Ams?"

"Of course not," Amber replied, laughing at her friends. Teri stood up and removed the black cotton panties that she'd worn the night before. Amber was surprised to catch herself staring at Teri's bald pussy as she slid the clean pair of underwear on. Fortunately, no one else caught her staring.

"Ahh, this is the one for me," Abby said, drawing their attention back to her as she lifted a hot pink thong from the drawer. She slipped off the red thong that she'd been wearing and again Amber found herself staring, surprised to note that Abby, too, was completely devoid of pubic hair.

As Amber drove the two girls to their respective homes, she found that she kept thinking back to two things; the fact that both girls were currently wearing her underwear and the fact that they were both hairless within them. And, she was surprised to admit to herself after dropping Teri off, there was something about both of those facts that actually excited her.

The girls all met up at school and during their morning break, Abby said to Amber, "I remembered your underwear, I'll give it back to you this afternoon.

"So did I," Teri informed her. Then, just before the break ended, Abby lifted her skirt and flashed Amber, showing that not only had she remembered the thong, but that she was wearing it under her uniform. Then Teri did the same thing.

"And just how are you going to give them back to me if you're wearing them? I thought you might have washed them first!" Amber said, surprised.

"Don't worry, we'll manage was all Abby would tell her before they went off to separate classes.

"Come with me Amber," Abby said to her later in the day, between classes. Amber followed her down the hall and around the corner to the girls' toilets. Inside, she found Teri waiting for them, sitting on the ledge adjacent the hand basin.

"Ok, time to give you your panties back," Abby announced when the door had closed behind them. She lifted her skirt up and started to slide the panties down her legs.

Amber watched, amazed as she realised that the panties that were being removed were the sheer black boy leg ones that Teri had worn home the day before and more importantly, had been wearing this morning when they'd flashed her!

She was just about to speak and say something when Teri hopped off of the counter and started to slide down the pink thong that Abby had been wearing earlier in the day.

"Oh my god, did you two swap panties?" Amber exclaimed.

"Oh yes," Abby and Teri said, each holding a pair out for Amber. Amber took them from the two girls as she tried to come to terms with what might be going on here.

"Why?" Amber asked.

"For fun," Teri told her. "You should try it."

Amber didn't know what to say. She hadn't really thought much past the point that they'd worn her panties to school when they were supposed to be giving them back and had assumed that she'd get them back another day, not at school. Not used.

"Yeah, come on Am's put one of those pair on and I'll wear whatever your wearing now," Abby encouraged her.

"You're serious?" Amber said, still trying to process what was happening.

"Hell yeah," Abby laughed. Amber was surprised once again to find that her body was reacting to a situation that her mind had started to reject.

"Come on Ams," Teri pleaded, pressuring her further.

"God, I can't believe I'm doing this," Amber said and she caved in and pulled up her skirt to reveal a pair of yellow cotton briefs. Abby clapped her hands as she slid them down her legs and worked them over her school shoes. Then she took them from Amber and inspected them.

"looks like someone was getting a little excited," she said.

"ooh, show me,' Teri said, taking a peek herself before Abby put them on over her shoes and pulled them up her leg. Amber blushed, confused somewhat by the crotch inspection part of this.

"Which pair are you going to wear Amber?" Teri asked. "Because I have to wear which ever you don't, I didn't bring any spares."

Amber decided to put on the boy-leg pair, as she wasn't a big fan of thongs under her school dress. She handed the pink thong back to Teri, who put it back on and settled it over her pussy again.

"Time to get back to class we've already been too long!" Abby said, checking her watch. "We'll catch up with you at the end of the day Ams!" The three girls all fled the toilets and headed off to their next class.

After school, the girls caught up with one another again and Teri and Abby both promised that they'd bring Amber's underwear back the following day.

"Tell me Ams, does it turn you on knowing that we've both worn you knickers?" Abby asked her.

Amber blushed. She could feel the heat rise in her face as she wondered what she should say in answering.

"Its ok, that's why we do it you know, because it turns us on," Teri said to her as she too awaited Amber's answer.

"Well, now that you mention it, it does a bit," Amber conceded.

"Will you swap with us again tomorrow?" Abby asked. Amber wasn't sure what to say. Part of her said go for it, but she just wasn't quite sure about it.

"I dunno, maybe," she said.

"That's cool. Anyway, meet us in the toilets at recess and we'll see how you feel about it then,." Teri offered.

"Ok, I might," Amber smiled. They all headed off to their homes. When she got back to her bedroom, Amber lifted her skirt to look at the panties, knowing that both Teri and Abby had been wearing them. She pulled them down her legs, noting that there was a trail of womanly pleasure in the crotch. Thinking about it made her horny and her fingers strayed to her pussy, running briefly through her pubic hair and down to her lips, where she could feel her pleasure.

She pulled her panties off and lay down on her bed, her fingers trailing wetly between her pussy lips, feeling the moisture that accumulated there, dragging it up and over her clit. Her mind projected images of her friends' pussies, both devoid of hair and Amber wondered briefly what it would be like to shave herself clean. Then she thought about the fact that tomorrow Teri and Abby wanted her to swap panties with them again and she rubbed her clit hard.

Forgetting everything, she simply worked her fingers around and over her clit, feeling her stomach tightening as her body climbed towards climax. Again and again she dragged her fingers over her clit, her other hand separating her labia to provide adequate access. Then she came, her body convulsing with pleasure and she lay back upon her bed, again considering whether she would participate tomorrow or not.

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