tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 03

The Panty Perils of Me 03


Well it didn't take long for me to find out who was spying on my performance for the professor as a day later I received a very provocative email.

It informed me that my lewd show in the park was going to find its way on the Internet if I didn't agree to go to a party with the sender and had attached pictures taken of myself with my dress held wide open standing in front of the professor. It certainly didn't provide much room for interpretation other than I was becoming the neighborhood slut.

At the same time it didn't provide me any further clue as to who was spying on me as I had my hand down the front of my panties playing a very erotic song of release on my female piano key.

I was told to wear something nice with a blazer and to walk down to the park where I would be picked up at 8:00 p.m. Friday night.

When is this ever going to end and what is it with the park???

Friday night came and I made up an excuse that I had a PTA meeting to attend, but should be home by 10:00 unless we got to sitting around and talking like we often do. I put on a nice white blouse with red pin stripes along with a pair of dressy white pants and heels. I topped the outfit off with a new rose-colored suede blazer. My outfit was very typical for what I would normally wear to a PTA meeting and thus caused none of my family members reason to doubt the veracity of my excuse.

I drove the car out of the driveway only to park it in the parking lot of the park just a few blocks away hoping that my family would stay in and not happen to spot it requiring some sort of explanation that I was most certainly not ready to provide.

I sat there nervously looking at the time on the dash clock wondering what the night had in store for me.

I would like to say that I was dreading another few hours of forced performances, however that very sensitive area between a woman's legs well up into her crotch was humming with a most intoxicating rhythm.

A car pulled alongside of mine about 10 minutes after I had arrived. I looked in shock at the occupant, as it was the son of one of our neighbors who was now in college but still living at home.

Arnold is the type of young man that doesn't give off any particular reason for a woman to notice him, although he certainly had my attention right now.

He always seemed to be spying on me anytime that I was outside particularly in the summer months as I have a tendency to show much more skin, although that hasn't quite been the case lately.

I actually enjoyed his shy little glances. My sense of self and sexuality had waned as I approached 40 years of age and it was a real boost to my ego to have a 20 year old college student constantly looking at me as I did my gardening in a halter top and jean mini skirt.

So it didn't come as a complete surprise that he was one of the voyeurs from the park.

I still don't know who was watching me masturbate.

Arnold was very shy and a bit nerdy which made his little foray into blackmail seem a bit unusual.

Arnold motioned for me to get in his car, which I did.

Before I had a chance to admonish him for the little game he was trying to play, he quickly explained to me that he had been invited to a party held by one of the most prestigious fraternities at his college, and how much he wanted to get invited to join. He knew that his only chance was to bring a date that would turn everyone's head and when he saw me at the park the other day he was convinced that I had to be that date.

All in all it seemed kind of cute that he wanted me to impress a group of 20 year olds.

Arnold said all of this without taking a single breath, as it seemed that if he didn't get it all out at once, I would disappear.

I calmed him down and reminded him that I was 20 years older than him.

He told me how he had always felt left behind and wanted to be a part of something that could change people's perception of him, particularly the young women in his school.

As he shared all of his insecurities and dreams with me, I was flooded with memories of my own college days and of my own feelings of wanting to belong instead of always being on the outside looking in.

I could readily identify with Arnold's feelings and found myself no longer angry with him, but wanting to help.

I think that my motherly instincts were coming forward, although considering what occurred the rest of the night, it was much more complicated than that.

I asked him to explain again to me the theme of the party i.e. Playa's and Ho's, which essentially was an excuse for the men to be fully dressed while the women, were scantily clad. How novel for a fraternity party!

I explained to Arnold that having a 40 year old date might have him stand out for a while, however to really make him noticed, we should deviate from the theme of the party slightly.

"What if you dressed as a very successful and wealthy businessman and I dressed like a very expensive escort?" I asked.

I could tell that he didn't quite understand me, so I took over the situation.

"I want you to take me to your house and get one of your father's pin stripe suits, a dress shirt, shoes, and a tie that comes as close to matching my blazer as you can."

Thank goodness no one was home as Arnold ran upstairs to transform himself.

Arnold and his father were pretty much the same size and having been out socially with his parents, I knew that his father had a very nice and expensive wardrobe. I guess a successful lawyer can afford impressive wardrobes.

While Arnold was upstairs, I removed my blouse and bra, putting my blazer back on, which when buttoned showed my barely there cleavage, but kept my nipples covered as long as I didn't bent over too far. Although I am not that big on top, my breasts are quite perky; and having a large group of young men know that I was just a blazer away from being topless, should compensate for size.

I admired myself in a mirror on the wall while at the same time wondering what the f*** was I thinking.

The humming that had begun while I was waiting in the car, was intensifying.

Arnold came downstairs in a gorgeous gray pin stripe suit with a white and navy striped shirt and a colored silk tie that gave me quite a start, as it perfectly matched the color of my nylon bikini panties as opposed to my blazer.

I actually flushed in embarrassment as if he had seen me get dressed and purposely chose the color.

His hair was slicked back and his tall, lanky frame encased in such expensive attire made him quite sexy.

"OMG" I thought to myself as we headed to the door.

I can't really explain my next move, but on the way out of the door of his house I noticed a leash and collar lying on a chair by the door, which undoubtedly was used by his father and him to walk their black labrador, Charlie.

I scooped up the leash and collar and we headed back to Arnold's car.

Once we were again seated in his car, he turned to me and noticed for the first time, my lack of blouse and bra.

I loved how his eyes got wide as he stammered something about how great I looked.

I advised him to keep his eyes on the road, but reveled in the fact that he looked as much at me on our drive to campus as he did at our direction of travel just barely avoiding the running of more than one red light.

I felt that my initial impressions of Arnold were starting to change. I was beginning to really like him. Of course his adoration of me didn't hurt at all.

Once we arrived at the fraternity house, we got out of the car, and I attached the dog collar around my neck and handed Arnold the leash.

"What do you want me to do with this?" he stammered.

"I want you to hold it all night and act like you own me." I replied with my most captivating grin.

Arnold tentatively took the leash and I had him lead me up the walk to the front door of the fraternity house.

It was right at this point that all of my insecurities came rushing through me like a runaway train. My entire body shook with uncontrollable tremors of panic setting in. I felt that I couldn't breath; and my fight or flight reflex kicked in. In this case it was to run as far and as fast as my high heels could carry me particularly since I don't fight.

Arnold immediately sensed that something was wrong. The fact that I was sweating from head to cleavage might have been a clue.

"Are you OK, Ms. Harley?" he asked with an adorable look of concern on his face.

That simple question and his adorable look brought me back and I remembered why I had resolved myself to help him along with the fact that I was no longer a 18 year old girl going to my first college party.

I reminded myself that I was 40 years old and no longer would let a group of college pretenders make me feel insecure.

I turned to Arnold and said, "If you see me reacting like this again, I want you to give the leash a good pull. Do you understand?"

Arnold nodded as we now stood outside the front door.

As I gathered myself he rang the door and a young man in an outrageous pure white suit and matching fedora opened the door.

The look on his face when he saw Arnold was one of disappointment and disdain, which was easy for me to recognize as I had been the receiver of those same looks when I was in college. However when he saw the leash extending from Arnold's hand along with the attachment to the leash i.e. me, his look turned to one of complete surprise and delight.

Right at this point I knew that I had made the right decision to accompany Arnold as well as to change our look.

I spent the evening being the perfect submissive as I collected drinks and food for Arnold as well as anyone else he asked me to serve.

I knew full well that my bending and twisting constantly opened my blazer to unobstructed views of my bare breasts and very erect nipples and didn't care.

I was lost in the make believe as I constantly stood against Arnold and cooed into his ear giving him little pecks on the cheek.

I was the perfect submissive.

In return, Arnold completely came out of his shell and showed a side of him that was funny, entertaining, and delightful.

He was easily accepted by everyone as their brains tried to wrap themselves around the fact that he was with a 40 year old Mom wearing nothing but an open blazer for a top and a dog collar and leash around her neck.

Personally I loved the ability to be something that I had always fantasized about among a group of people that didn't know me from Eve. I had become Arnold's consort.

And as the evening progressed and I had a few drinks to loosen my inhibitions, I fell into my role perfectly.

I had progressed to putting Arnold's hand on my bottom allowing him to feel the outline of my tiny panties through the thin material of my white pants, while I in turn would suggestively rub the front of his gray tailored suit pants professing my desire to be alone with him whenever some young coed or fraternity stud happened by.

Poor Arnold was becoming a mass of hormones with an erection that had become very obvious to anyone looking at his crotch, and I loved it.

Towards the end of the evening a young woman walked into the party unescorted and changed everything for me. She had jet-black hair with thick black mascara around her eyes with very visible tattoos and piercings. She arrived wearing a black fishnet body suit and very fetishlike high heeled black boots. Underneath was nothing but a black thong. Her nipples were pierced as well as her ears, eyebrows, tongue and who knows what else.

She was easily 5'8" and with the boots towered above most of the girls as well as many of the boys with a perfect everything for a body.

My stomach lurched as she represented everything that I had ever wanted to be. She was my fantasy alter ego with her devil may care attitude and extreme confidence in herself. She walked through the fraternity house as if she owned it, helped herself to a drink and some food and surveyed the room.

Obviously she didn't belong and at the same time was the center of attention.

As her eyes locked on mine and she walked towards me, I could feel my nerves take over. I can't quite explain the feeling other than what a person might feel when a famous actor or rock star approaches them, although she was neither.

"You look as out of place here as I am," She said matter of factly.

"Love the outfit," she continued as she stared at my very visible cleavage.

All I could do was stand there and smile with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and all of the saliva gone.

"My name is Jackie. We should get together for coffee some time. Arnold knows how to find me."

All of her words stuck together in my mind and I continued to stare with my stupid smile.

She then turned on her heels and walked out the door as everyone including me watched her incredible butt and legs disappear into the night.

As I gathered myself I knew that I had to be as daring as her not only for Arnold, but for myself.

I whispered to Arnold to play along and purposely spilled my drink on the President of the fraternity. I acted mortified by my clumsiness and begged Arnold not to punish me.

Poor Arnold had no idea how to react, but thankfully acted very displeased.

I took a hold of the side zipper of my white linen pants and pulled it down while at the same time undoing the clasp holding the waist closed.

From that point it was quite easy to let them simply float down my legs resting like a white cloud of material around my ankles.

The simple act of letting my pants drop to the floor was accompanied by a feeling that I was becoming quite familiar with: a mixture of extreme anticipation, excitement, and embarrassment knowing that I was about to show off most of my body to a room full of 20 something's. I flushed with a heat generated more from my act of abandonment and total submissiveness than any embarrassment.

The heat that I was experiencing was now centered right between my legs and I could sense my lower lips starting to swell. The earlier humming sensation intensified.

Everyone's eyes popped as I lifted each leg and walked out of my puddled pants.

In the back my blazer was barely long enough to be a micro mini dress, although in the front my lilac panties were clearly visible for all to see.

In the way back of my mind I was screaming to myself, "What the hell are you doing?" But I was determined to play out my role and get Arnold invited to join this fraternity.

I truly wanted to believe that this was my single reason for being so risqué, but my body's reaction leant itself to a much more hidden reason.

I enjoyed the feeling of helplessness along with the need to respond to another man's command for me to strip.

Arnold hadn't issued any such commands, but my physical response was as if he had.

The flock of goosebumps forming on my bare legs and cheeks told me that I was almost naked and my juices began to flow.

My next moves were without any thought or pre meditation.

I unclasped the leash from my collar and handed it to Arnold. I then walked over to a side table bending myself completely over it while turning my head to Arnold asking, "Will five lashes be enough, Sir?"

Arnold completely flushed and an audible silence filled the large living room. My blazer had ridden well up my back completely revealing my lilac panties, which left quite a bit of cheek available for the leash.

I quivered from head to toe as I stretched myself across the table with my legs wide apart and my nylon covered bottom facing Arnold.

Arnold hesitantly took his arm back and applied the leather strap directly across both of my cheeks.

My back arched as my head threw back not realizing the swat of the leather would sting so much.

I bit my lip hard to not cry out and at the same time groaned, "One, Sir."

I quick glance around the room clearly confirmed the success of my intentions, however I wished that I had said "Two" instead of "Five".

Another swat lit a fire on my exposed skin and I griped the table more firmly with both hands. I could feel my flesh heat up from the strap. What was more surprising was that it wasn't the only part of my lower anatomy that was heating up.

It hurt. It stung. I wanted to scream in pain. Yet the pain was exquisite.

As the burning sensation reached my brain to induce a physical reaction to the pain, my mind filled with thoughts of being a naughty woman that needed to be punished.

Hadn't I spent the last few weeks parading around publicly in my panties? Is this how respectful women behave?

The combination of pain and unexpected pleasure surprised me and I felt my face flush for the umpteenth time.

At this point everyone at the party announced "Two" with full enthusiasm for the decadent scene unveiling before them.

There shouts somewhat brought me out of my dreamlike state, however as number three creased my squeezed bottom my excitement only increased.

By five my bottom was literally on fire, and I was close to an orgasm, but I continued to play my role taking the leash from Arnold's hand and reclasping it to my collar to my collar with such a trembling throughout my limbs that I may have been mistaken for someone with a nervous condition. Only my nervous condition was centered around my libido.

Arnold kindly picked up my abandoned slacks and handed them to me, but I gave him a little shake of my head to let him know that I should remain pantless. I could no longer tell where my assumed role ended and my hidden desires for dominance took over.

Right at this time I noticed one Mr. Randolf staring at me with a lifted smart phone having just taken my picture. He had applied for a position with my company and I was directly responsible for him not getting the job. Pardon my language, but he was a prick. He was the kind of young man who thought that he was everything to a young woman or in my case a middle-aged woman.

His constant stream of double entendre's and sexual innuendo made me sick to my stomach. I shared my feelings about him and he was not hired.

He was now working for his father in law in a meaningless position and felt that I was to blame.

His presence quickly brought me back to reality and I quickly turned to Arnold telling him that it was time to leave. For his own reasons he was in complete agreement and we exited the front door as the fraternity President walked us to the car. Arnold was verbally given his invitation to pledge and I was given one more long look from the President.

Arnold thanked him and we climbed into the car with me still only wearing my blazer, lavender panties, and heels.

Arnold apologized over and over for hitting me as well as thanked me profusely for what I had done for him.

Although what completely won me over was when he said that the fraternity was not for him and that he would prefer joining a scholastic based one instead.

I was really coming to like my college neighbor.

On the ride home, exhaustion set in and I essentially passed out with my head on his lap vaguely realizing the reaction his male anatomy was having to the near presence of my mouth to his hormone charged groin.

I had taken my blazer completely off and was using it as a makeshift blanket, which gave Arnold an unobstructed view of me from the hips on down.

My head was placed directly on his very firm erection and I had no intention of moving it.

I enjoyed the fact that he was physically excited in my presence and it kept the humming sensation that I had felt all night from subsiding.

When he shook me back awake in the parking lot, I wasn't quite sure if the large spot of liquid that was soaking through his red pants was a result of my drooling or his, although the nature of the earthy aroma emanating from the spot gave me a pretty good idea that it mostly belonged to him.

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