tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 19

The Panty Perils of Me 19


Is it inherent in some men to want to show off the woman that they are with? Do they receive a certain kind of egotistical pleasure in not only being seen with a certain kind of woman, but also, enjoy having them being seen by others? Do they get aroused when a woman accedes to their wishes, whatever they might be?

During our last special training session shortly after I had rubbed Reggie's erection with my very wet panty covered crotch by sitting directly on him while he performed bench presses, he had asked me to go out with him. Back in Panty Peril 10 as my payment for his training advice, I had devised my special way of spotting for Reggie, when he did bench presses, although it was always his exercise shorts that received the spotting or more specifically soaking.

We picked a day and time as well as a place for us to meet.

Our late summer evenings have recently had a hint of fall in the air, which prompted me to put on a pair of white stockings along with my beige lace garter belt with royal blue straps. I much prefer bare legs in the summer, however if the nighttime temperatures weren't going to cooperate, it didn't make any sense for me to be cold.

I wore my silk beige string bikini panties and triangle bra, as I loved the feel of silk on my bare skin as well as the unconstructed bra. It felt more like I was wearing a very sexy swimming suit as opposed to my undies.

Over my intimates I put on my cotton khaki colored shirtdress with the buttons that button from my neck to my knees despite the many predicaments that this dress has caused me in the past. Would the simple choice of this dress again find me exposed and vulnerable? Hey, I was going to be with the strength training coach for the university. What could possibly happen?

Over my dress I wore a very light tan linen jacket. And the piece de resistance' to my coordinated ensemble was my pair of brown lizard skin heels.

I was feeling pretty good about myself as I got into my car and headed to the University where we had agreed to meet. I parked the car in one of the lots on the University and then took the short walk to the rendezvous point.

It was a perfect kind of evening with no humidity and just the right kind of coolness in the air that has always provided me such an intoxicating feeling when caressing my bare skin. Even in spite of my multiple layers I could feel the cool night air through the buttonholes of my dress raising goose bumps on my upper thighs and between my legs.

Reggie looked quite good in his deep chocolate colored tight fitting polo and midnight blue pants. They perfectly showed off his fabulous physique and I found myself staring more than once at him. It also made me wonder whether men spend any time choosing what undies to wear like us women do. The image of Reggie wearing a pair of teeny bikini briefs barely covering his thick throbbing penis made me weak in the knees and started a lower faucet to leak.

It was difficult for me to concentrate on what Reggie was saying to me as my imagination sorted through a series of colored briefs, one more daring after the other.

I had to shake myself out of my fantasies or I would soak through my panties before we even arrived at the restaurant.

Reggie suggested a local restaurant that was in a short walking distance often frequented by students and the younger professors. I found his suggestion rather curious only because we would be around people that he knew. I wanted to be somewhere where I could explore his choice of underclothing.

We entered the restaurant and were seated by a very nice looking young woman that undoubtedly was a student of the university. Another nice looking young man handed us menus and took our drink orders. Reggie stayed with water and I decided to have a glass of wine, despite the fact that it often made me horny. "Too late for that anyway," I thought to myself.

The restaurant had an old English pub type of interior with wooden beam ceilings, heavy looking wooden tables and chairs along with booths set against the wall with large dining room style tables in front of the wooden bench style seats. The walls were a beige type of plaster purposely made to look rudimentary as opposed to a smooth and finished look. The lighting was soft coming from overhead chandeliers that resembled old gaslight style street lamps. It had a quiet and secluded sort of feel to it despite the number of people seated inside.

It made me feel rather special to be a part of the academic crowd seated inside with the strength trainer for the U as my date. It reminded me of times before I was married when I would put on something special underneath my dress hoping that I would be told to unveil myself before the night was over.

As these memories traveled through my mind it suddenly occurred to me that I have had this desire to be put on display for most of my adult life. And despite any embarrassment or humiliation that it might entail I enjoyed having to strip in public places where others might see me.

How could I have suppressed these old memories and desires for so long? And why were they all of a sudden controlling my every waking moment?

I was starting to understand why I felt such an overwhelming desire to act out. At least for me it seems that whatever I suppress comes back in a vengeance.

As my thoughts completely distracted me from anything that was happening around me a young couple stopped at out table to say "Hi" to Reggie. He said that he had heard that Reggie was looking to start his own business as a personal trainer during the off-season and that he and his wife might be interested. As he finished his comment Reggie introduced me along with saying that I was one of his prize clients. He continued to rave about me, which made me very self conscious as well as a bit proud of the shape that Reggie had gotten me into particularly at age 40.

While I was basking in his compliments, I heard Reggie say, "Show them your legs, Elizabeth." I was a bit taken aback by his casual manner, as I hadn't expected to be put on display as a part of our dinner. Isn't it funny how I had just been thinking about this exact situation when this couple arrived at our table?

I pulled my dress up to my thighs, which didn't require much as the simple act of sitting down had done most of the work for me. The young couple both looked at my stocking covered legs and complimented Reggie more than myself at how toned they looked.

Reggie pushed a little further saying, "Come on, Elizabeth, don't be so shy. Unbutton your dress and show them your thighs."

I didn't know exactly what else to do but to comply with his request. After all, he was bragging about me, wasn't he?

So I unbuttoned my three lowest buttons forgetting the fact that I had already left two buttons unbuttoned when I left the house to join Reggie. My shirtdress naturally opened itself. The two sides of the fabric slid down the sides of my legs opening my dress to reveal my crème colored stocking tops attached to my royal blue garter straps and my ivory colored silk encased crotch. The young man's eyes immediately honed in on the very center of the top of my thighs and I could feel that telltale tingling feeling beginning to invade my erogenous zone. I could tell immediately by the combination of her embarrassment and his leering that I had uncovered much more than I had intended.

Damn, my overwhelming need to please and submit to almost any person's wishes.

I tried to quickly cover my mistake by pulling the edges of my dress back together, but Reggie intervened by telling me to "leave my dress alone." I again allowed the edges of my dress to unfold giving the young couple a full view of my lingerie.

I saw the young man give Reggie a wink as they left, but never thought anything of it.

I would like to say that once they had passed on their comments to Reggie's handiwork and left that my embarrassment and humiliation was over, however it was just the beginning. As the evening progressed and I tried to enjoy our dinner together, one person after the other would stop by our table to say, "Hi" to Reggie as well as to comment on his desire to become a personal trainer. Each time I was told to turn my lower body out away from the sanctuary of the tablecloth to endure the stares of these strangers as I showed them my silk panties, garter straps and stocking tops.

Each time a new person arrived at our table I could feel the stirrings of a raw sexual energy invading my lower torso knowing that I would be showing them a view that not so long ago was reserved for just my husband.

My how things have changed in just a few short months.

When dinner was finally over and I reached down to rebutton my dress in order to go, Reggie again admonished me to "leave it alone." All eyes were on me as I was paraded past the other diners with the bottom of my shirtdress flapping open all of the way to my crotch every time I took a step forward.

It was precisely at this juncture that I noticed a very prominent and erect formation pushing against the fabric of Reggie's pants. He was enjoying my exposure and accompanying humiliation much more than I realized. He was sexually aroused by his control over me.

Once we were outside I decided to end the evening early and told him that I should be going. Despite my own arousal over my forced exposure, I didn't want it to go any further; or so I thought.

Reggie responded much like he had when I had earlier tried to rebutton my dress informing me that our date wasn't over yet and he had plans for me.

The words, "plans for me" lit a small fire right between my legs.

He then led me across the campus taking a path that he knew would result in us meeting more of his friends and acquaintances. Each time we met someone new, I was told to pull my dress open to "show them the results of my training."

However this time Reggie desired more of me to be exposed telling me to unbutton more buttons.

With each button that I undid, he would say, "One more." Soon I was unbuttoned to just below my breastbone leaving everything revealed from the bottom of my bra to my toes.

Following his instructions, I was now required to pull the hanging fabric of my dress away from my body giving each and every potential client a full view of me from just under my breasts to my lizard skin heels.

A delectable vibration began to inhabit my lower lips as time and again I was told to expose myself to complete strangers.

And each time I held my dress open; Reggie's erection became more and more obvious.

When it seemed that my willingness to comply with Reggie's wishes had been tested to the limit a new twist was added. Now I was told to pull my dress above my waist holding the loose folds in my hands and turning my body away from the latest voyeur to let them see my "gluts". In essence I was now giving Reggie's cohorts an unobstructed view of my panty-covered bottom, while Reggie encouraged them to "Give 'em a squeeze. She won't mind."

At this point I again felt tiny water works starting to form inside the crotch of my panties.

A few of the men were a bit more aggressive with their "squeeze" slipping their hand up between legs while groping my inner thigh and rubbing me along my crotch. My eyes would roll back into my head and I forced myself to suppress the little moan that tried to escape my clenched lips as I was groped and fondled.

My lower lips were becoming very swollen and I could feel my little nub starting to push itself out from its moist aperture.

I know that I shouldn't feel these things when forced to expose myself but I can't help it. I like to be looked at and treated as a live pin up. It excites me to know that I am desired by others. I like the idea that when other men look at me they get an erection.

This is what fills me with loathing and requires me to want to be punished for my exhibitionistic tendencies. A good hard spanking cleanses me of my perceived sins and allows me to continue to subject myself to forced exposures and public stripping.

I realize that I am a complicated mess, however it certainly makes for a good story. J

Finally our little promenade through campus brought us to the gymnasium. I don't know what I expected next but certainly not this.

With Reggie's erection inflating the entire front of his pants, he told me to completely remove my dress and garter belt.

We were standing just on the outside of the exercise room doors where I could hear the weights clanking together telling me that we were not alone.

I slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons slipping my dress from over my shoulders and handing it to Reggie in complete supplication to his wishes. There was no thought at all about my vulnerability or the potential for humiliation as I unclasped my garter belt from my stockings and unhooked the back.

With the continued echo of the weight machines just on the other side of the doors I stripped to just my bra, panties, and stockings looking into Reggie's eyes wondering what was next for me.

The feeling of anxiety and panic raced through every nerve ending. My thoughts of being led through the universities weight room in just my bra and panties caused delectable twinges and twitches between my legs. My lower lips were vibrating in anticipation of my imminent exposure.

It was similar to the most exquisite form of foreplay standing almost naked hearing the grunts of male bodies and the clanking of weights on the other side of the door.

Reggie pushed the door open and with his hand on my lower back led me into a room filled with various weight machines, benches, bar bells, and stacks of free weights. Every young male's head turned towards us as we made our way to the center of the room.

Despite the warm air circulating inside the room, I was trembling like a newborn fawn being led to the wolves. My nipples throbbed as they pooped to attention clearly visible through the silk layer of fabric of my bra.

Reggie introduced me and then used me as his living and scantily clad model for everyone to ogle and leer at while he explained his ability to transform bodies to lean muscle and fitness.

My sense of self was gone as I allowed Reggie to twist me and turn me in every direction allowing all of the students present to see me from every angle and position.

I hated how excited and aroused it made me as I watched this group of young males stare at my exposure.

Reggie squeezed and groped most of my exposed flesh as a demonstration of my fit and toned body, which only exasperated my excitement.

I was enjoying the feeling of vulnerability that accompanied my exposure, and it was filling my mind with erotic fantasies.

The entire time all I could think about was what it would be like to have all of these young men masturbate in front of me. To see all of them explode simultaneously in a single fireworks display of white crème.

Then my mind shifted to my original thought of seeing Reggie in just his undies and I wanted to be alone with him..........now!

Finally my erotic ordeal was over and we found ourselves back outdoors in a more secluded part of campus.

My entire body was vibrating with sexual tension as every pore oozed of raw passion. It could have been 20 degrees below zero outside and I think that I would have been toasty warm particularly between my legs. I was beyond any sort of reason or thought focusing on the single purpose of seeing Reggie explode into the night air.

I knew that my exposure along with Reggie's command over me excited him. He couldn't deny it, as it still was quite evident by the thick protrusion of hardened flesh pushing directly against the zipper of his pants.

My other self took over by taking a hold of his belt and pulling him towards me. "You liked that, didn't you? I purred to him. He replied, "Why don't you find out for yourself." So I did.

I unzipped his pants reaching inside the opening with my hand to feel his very thick and throbbing tube barely covered by what seemed to be a string bikini style brief very similar to a body builder's posing briefs.

I loved the feel of slippery nylon as I wrapped my hand around his pole and slid it down along the warm shaft.

Reggie led out a little moan.

Now knowing that he was wearing a tiny bikini brief brought my earlier fantasies to the forefront making me want to experience the whole visual of his barely covered erection, so I undid his belt, the two buttons of his pants, and pulled them down his legs.

This beautiful proportioned ebony skinned man was wearing the tiniest light blue nylon bikini briefs with a large circumcised penis head sticking out from underneath the elastic.

I was ecstatic to find that my erotic imagination had become real.

I couldn't help myself as I literally tore off his pants and polo exposing most every part of him for my greedy hands to explore. I wanted him to be as undressed as I was. The combination of his muscular body and thick penis barely covered by a pale blue bikini brief was glorious to behold. I was so close to orgasm and I hadn't even been touched.

I put one hand on his enormous chest playing with his nipple while my other hand rubbed his penis through the slippery nylon fabric of his briefs. I pressed my bare skin against him rubbing the tip of his penis against my bare stomach.

The heat of his erection against my bare flesh created the perfect contrast to the cool evening air. I was in heaven and I am sure Reggie wasn't that far behind me.

Each day after my workout I would straddle his waist while he performed bench presses sliding my slick nylon covered crotch along his thick member until he filled his exercise shorts with spunk. This time I encouraged him to hump my bare stomach while I teased his fully formed helmet with my belly button.

I loved the feel of his firm flesh pushing frantically against my bare stomach as Reggie neared orgasm. I kept my hand wrapped around his erection as he pushed his groin into me and pulled it away. It was easy to sense how it might feel to be impaled on this man's member as he ground himself into my warm skin.

With each push forward the elastic of his briefs would slip further down his shaft until most of him was exposed and rubbing against my tummy.

Every little twinge and shudder of his erection could be felt against my bare skin.

Soon I was pushing back into him as forcibly as he was pushing into me. I wanted him to squirt, to feel his hot sticky goo splash across my stomach, dripping down to pool inside my navel and then soaking the top of my panties.

It wasn't long before Reggie had both hands firmly gripping my buttocks while grinding his thick member into my belly.

The first spurt of his hot crème erupted between our pressed flesh covering our stomachs all of the way to our chins in glorious white goo. I loved the feel of his thick ejaculate as it coated my bare skin.

With each subsequent spurt Reggie's entire body would shudder and he would grip my bottom even tighter. I was on the edge of my own orgasm when his spasms became less frequent and his liquid emissions had almost ceased.

While he was still gripping my behind allowing the last droplets to ooze out onto my skin, I slipped my hand down between my legs and with a single touch of my protruding kernel, I induced my own orgasm.

The intensity was incredible as I convulsed over and over again while enclosed inside the grip of Reggie's muscular arms.

Finally as all of our mutual shudders, spasms, and convulsions had ceased we pulled ourselves away from each other.

We looked like the aftermath of the "money shot" from a porno film. I slipped Reggie's flaccid but still thick member back inside his bikini briefs, scooped up our clothes and allowed him to lead me back towards the workout facility. We snuck into the locker room of the team's exercise facility using Reggie's key.

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