tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 20

The Panty Perils of Me 20


You are probably wondering what has happened to Arnold. My gangly, awkward, but very cute 19-year-old neighbor who discovered a little fetish for my panties was back at college for another year.

Now just because I haven't written about him in a while doesn't mean that he has gone unnoticed or ignored.

I made it a singular goal of mine to keep Arnold erect for the remainder of the summer that he was still home. You see I have Arnold's cell phone number and would text him anytime that I was going outside to:

Work in the garden wearing a pair of bare cheek showing denim shorts.

Pull weeds from our lawn in a string bikini-swimming suit.

Paint the railing on our back porch in a denim mini skirt that barely covered my assets and would rise up revealing my panties whenever I bent over.

Needed help bringing in the groceries while my blouse somehow was unbuttoned to my navel.

I think that you get the picture.

Arnold spent quite a bit of his summer helping me wherever and when ever I needed it and was always rewarded with a trip to my garage where I would drop my skirt or shorts to feed his panty fetish and watch him masturbate in front of me.

I can't tell you how many times Arnold hosed down the floor of the garage both literally and figuratively. I had the cleanest garage floor in the entire neighborhood.

But he was off to school and I missed him.

Arnold was no longer attending the university in our town, which was such a shame. His parents were none to happy with Arnold's preoccupations and influences acquired over the summer. You see, ever since I caught Arnold wearing a pair of my panties and then had my way with him so to speak, I have decided to foster his panty fetish.

As I heard his parents tell it at one of our neighborhood gatherings, they found some "little slut's panties" hidden away in his closet. Along with that his mother noticed Arnold doing his own laundry. Her own words were, "for God only knows what reason."

I suspect that Arnold needed his boxers washed a bit more often than his mother's singular laundry day of the week.

I actually liked being referred to as a "little slut" as they were my panties that Arnold's father found. I can only wonder where they are now and since they haven't been returned to me would surmise that they have no idea that they belonged to me or Arnold's father has his own little fetish.

Anyway as a result of the "bad influence " their son had fallen into they enrolled him into a very strict religion based university about 2 hours away. Although they had coed dorms it was limited to boys on one floor and girls on the other with a dorm monitor limiting access to floors of the opposite sex.

After all they couldn't have young men and young women cohabitating. Just think of all the panties that would go missing.

As for Arnold, I insisted that he send me a copy of his class schedule so I knew what he was doing and when. It made it quite easy for me to continue to tease him and to keep his libido active. Once a week I would send him a little care package consisting of a pair of my panties.

The package always included a little note with instructions telling him when he should be wearing them. On the recommended days I made it a point to call him just as his class was ending and to provide him with a little release from his drudgery as well as any pent up horniness.

Normally the conversation was one sided as I essentially told him what I wanted him to do.

"Hi, Arnold. Do you miss me? I miss you."

"Are you wearing anything special today? You are? Are they tiny and satiny feeling? How does your penis like being inside my panties? I thought so."

"Is the cute little head trying to poke out the top of the elastic?" (Actually Arnold's penis was like a duplicate of himself. It was long, not particularly thick, and stood straight up in the air when fully erect. The head was very prominent with a well-formed ridge that was extremely sensitive to my touch. Naughty me!)

"Well, we will need to do something about that won't we? Are you near a bathroom where I can have you do me a favor? Good."

At this point Arnold would find the closest men's room and retreat to one of the stalls.

"Are you alone? Then I want you to take your pants completely off for me so nothing covers my panties. I bet you look fabulous in bright red, yellow, lilac, etc. Now put that naughty little head of yours back inside my panties. (I knew from my garage experiences that the ridge of Arnold's penis would be facing out against the nylon fabric of my panties.)

I want you to find your delectable ridge and begin to rub it with the knuckles of your hand."

In a very short while I would hear Arnold's breathing change as he became more and more aroused.

"Does that feel good, my college man? Do you wish that I was there to watch you?" (He always responded with a moan.)

"Are you getting bigger? Is it becoming too difficult to keep yourself inside my panties?" (More moans)

"Why don't you pull yourself out and show me how you can spurt? I want you to spurt on the inside of the door of the stall. I want to hear you moan for me and say my name as you squirt."

I loved to hear him approach his orgasm and then explode. Arnold would start with "Oh, Ms. Harley, Oh, Ms. Harley, Oh god, Ms. Harley, Oh god."

With each pause I would answer, "Yes, Arnold. I am right here. Good boy. Keep stroking yourself. Show me how you can squirt."

As the pauses between his 'Oh, Ms. Harley" became non-existent, I knew that he was about to explode. And then all I heard was, "Huh, huh, huh," following what I knew to be every spasm as he unloaded his spunk splashing the door of the stall and then dripping onto the floor.

This was the sexiest part for me and often I found my hand reaching down the inside of my shorts to find a very wet and waiting little kernel begging for my touch. I never wanted Arnold to hear me masturbate so I held myself just on the edge of orgasm as I told him to get some paper towels from the bathroom dispenser and to clean up after himself. I wouldn't let him put his pants back on requiring him to clean up the stall wearing my panties and whatever shirt or t-shirt he was wearing.

I could imagine him bending over as the tight nylon of my panties stretched across his tiny bottom while he scrubbed his crème from the floor and stall door. I would stifle my own moan as I told him what a good little panty boy he was.

He would always protest that someone might enter the bathroom and see him wearing my panties. I would simply state that if he didn't do as I said then I wouldn't send him any more gifts or call.

Funny how the simple threat to withhold sex is the end of the world to a 19 year old. I knew that I could have gotten Arnold to do just about anything for me, but that wasn't the point. And besides I rather enjoy being on the other end when any instructions to perform are being handed out.

Then when he was done with his pants back on I would let him know how pleased I was and that I would be sending him another little gift real soon.

Arnold would always tell me that he had never met anyone like me and how much he liked me, etc. etc. I enjoyed hearing everything that he had to say but also needed to get off the phone so I could take care of my own needs, which I did just as soon as we said goodbye.

Once my personal playtime was over I would slip out of my moist and aromatic panties placing them into a zip lock plastic baggie and by the next day they were in a padded envelope making there way to Arnold.

He would always return my gifts recently washed and neatly folded so I didn't have to constantly be buying new panties. I would take them out of the package that they were in and hold them directly against my nose. I could still smell the faint musky odor of his spunk, which always got me dripping.

This had been going on for quite a few weeks and it was making me that much hornier. So when I saw that I had a weekend coming up to myself I decided to take the 2-hour drive to Arnold's university and pay a personal visit to my favorite panty boy.

I could easily go up there for the day and be back by late evening. It seemed perfect.

I texted Arnold telling him to be in his dorm room at the specific time that I expected to arrive promising a special surprise for him. The fact that he would guess that I was coming to see him would assure me that he would be there, so I didn't try to make him think otherwise.

Saturday morning came all wet and rainy but certainly didn't dampen any part of me other than a certain area between my legs. I put on a pair of beige thigh high stockings, my purple string bikini panties, no bra and a very form fitting purple knit dress. Slipped on my lizard skin heels and a raincoat and I was off.

The drive was pretty easy although the rain came down the entire time and seemed that it was going to stay for the entire day.

I arrived at Arnold's university around 1:00 p.m., parking in a lot just across from his dorm. Reaching for my umbrella I prepared to exit the car when a wicked little thought entered my mind. It was a given that Arnold was expecting me, and he would certainly enjoy my form fitting dress that gave little hints regarding my under attire or lack thereof.

What if I did something that he wouldn't expect, which at the same time would give me all of the feelings of anxiety and vulnerability that I have come to enjoy?

About 15 minutes later following a small wardrobe adjustment I was standing in front of the front desk of Arnold's dorm. I explained that I was Arnold's aunt and they asked me to sign in. Once done I rode the elevator to Arnold's floor receiving a good share of looks and leers from the college men occupying the elevator. Considering my wardrobe change I found myself visibly shaking within the close confines of the elevator. Finally the doors opened and I was knocking on Arnold's dorm room door.

I could hear him scramble on the other side of the door probably making sure that his room was ready for company. As the doorknob slowly turned I could feel my entire body ooze with sexual anticipation.

My heart was beating loud and fast as the door opened and Arnold's expectant face greeted mine.

I grabbed him giving him a big hug. As he hugged me back I could feel his hands slip down my lower back exploring the top of my buttocks. It all was so delicious.

"Would you take my coat?" I asked and Arnold walked around me as I undid the belt. As I opened it I could feel my entire body form goose bumps as the air-conditioned air assaulted my bare skin.

Arnold pulled my coat down and off of my shoulders, and I heard a delightful little gasp escape his lips.

My little erotic inspiration as I was about to leave the car resulted in the removal of my dress and now I was standing in Arnold's dorm room in nothing but my purple panties, stockings, and heels with all of the sounds of student activity just on the other side of the door.

He could have hung my raincoat on either one of my nipples as they were sticking straight out from my breasts fully erect.

Although my entire body was vibrating with the most delectable waves of arousal I acted as non-chalantly as I could and began to scold Arnold for keeping such a disorganized room. My other erotic inspiration was to act like Arnold's own mother and to put his room in order while wearing just my panties. How's that for an Oedipal complexity?

Arnold was completely flustered and completely turned on as he stuttered something about how someone could enter his room at any time i.e. dorm room monitors.

Arnold was attending a strict religion based university and I was certainly not the type of guest that they commonly allowed. The only reason that I was able to walk right to his door was my age and the maindesk's believe that we were related. If they only knew how we were related.

I then began to sort through his entire dorm room moving things, refolding clothes, organizing books and papers, bending, twisting, and turning so every side of me was exposed and vulnerable to Arnold's view.

God, I was excited.

The whole idea that at any moment I might be discovered wearing so very little with my only form of cover hanging neatly in Arnold's closet was making me crazy. The more I walked around pretending to sort and organize, the more aroused I became.

Arnold's extreme discomfort and contradicting erection only added to my excitement.

Can you imagine being a young college student away from home for the first time and having your next door neighbor, whom you have spied on from the time you first started having wet dreams, cleaning your dorm room in just a pair of purple string bikini panties? Just the thought of acting out such a pubescent fantasy was making me dizzy with excitement.

When I had left home this morning I had no idea how perfectly erotic this visit would turn out.

While sorting through his closet I found a small plastic bin lined with delicate tissue paper much like the kind that fine lingerie is wrapped in before leaving the store. I opened the top and discovered my panty collection. It was time to have Arnold perform for me.

It had been far too long since I had enjoyed watching him splash his joy juice across my garage floor.

I pulled out the three pairs of nylon panties that were still in his possession and handed them to him. Then I draped my almost naked body across his large overstuffed chair and instructed him to "model for me."

Off came his pants and boxers. Watching him try to fit his long extension into a pair of my size small string bikini panties was a joy to behold. Just watching him take a hold of his long erection made me giddy.

Once everything was contained I told him to show me how he masturbated whenever I called him.

I could tell that he was embarrassed but at the same time was getting very turned on by the prospect of playing with himself while I watched. Does any of this sound familiar? I think that I have had similar episodes of arousal while masturbating to an audience.

He reached with one hand down between his legs pushing his two middle fingers against his scrotum causing his erection to push forward. The stretchy nylon fabric of my panties barely contained him as the head of his penis was now along his right hip. The string side of my panties stretched tautly along the ridge of his helmet giving the entire scene a bit of a bondage feel to it. Yummy!

He then began to vibrate his knuckles directly over his prominent ridge and immediately I watched his eyes roll back into his other head.

It was about the most erotic thing that I have ever witnessed. It took every bit of my will power not to join him in satisfying myself. Instead I found myself crossing and recrossing my legs while gripping my thighs together as tightly as I could.

In very short order his erection popped out from underneath the elastic of my panties. Arnold then gripped his shaft with his free hand and began to stroke himself back and forth pushing his groin out towards me.

I was definitely in the line of fire watching the barrel of his squirt gun open and close each time he stroked it.

I motioned him towards me taking his hand off of his penis and salivated all over the head and shaft until it absolutely glistened. Then I placed his hand back on his shaft and his performance continued.

Just as he was about to explode (I could tell by the frequency of his "Oh, Ms. Harley's") there was a knock on his door.

Both of our eyes bugged out of our heads and I had one of my "dumb brunette' moments. I quickly pulled Arnold's throbbing and dripping erection into my mouth. For some unknown reason I thought that he would make less noise if he squirted into my mouth.

There was no stopping him for as soon as my lips wrapped themselves around his erection Arnold's entire body went rigid and I felt a jolt as I received a mouthful of his hot spunk.

Somehow at the same time, Arnold was able to ask, "Who is it?" to the knock on the door.

The response came, "This is Matt, your floor monitor. I just need to check on you and your guest."

Another jolt and another splash of thick juice hit the back of my throat.

"I'm a little busy right now," Arnold responded.

Another jolt as Arnold's hands wrapped themselves around the back of my head holding me firmly in place.

"Click" went the knob as it turned and I watched the door opening directly behind Arnold.

Two more spasms shook Arnold's body while he gripped my head.

"Oh!" was the exclamation from Matt's mouth as he walked in on our very private and lewd performance.

I felt a dribble of Arnold's secretion run down my chin and then between my bare breasts.

Matt wasn't about to leave or close the door. He was frozen in place staring at what to him was Arnold's aunt performing fellatio on Arnold while clothed in just her panties.

I am sure that he didn't even realize it but I noticed him rub his hand across what seemed to be a newly arrived addition to his underwear. I would guess that it was about 6 inches long.

Somehow I grabbed a pillow from the chair that I was sitting on and pushed it into Arnold's groin. I was barely able to swallow the mouthful that Arnold had deposited in my mouth without choking.

I probably should have grabbed another pillow to cover my own nakedness, but I didn't want Matt's very expressive eyes to look elsewhere.

It was intoxicating to be stared at so openly and unashamed.

My need to show off was in full force as I leaned back into the cushy chair and smiled while still wearing a white dribble of Arnold on my chin.

Arnold then turned to face Matt and as he struggled for an explanation I whispered "Shhh" to him. I knew that it would be best to allow Matt to draw his own conclusions and doubted very much that any sort of violation would be reported.

Just scroll back up this page to the part where I describe most young men's fantasies and you will understand my thinking.

Matt starred at my bare breasts, two very erect and firm nipples, my purple string bikini panties, particularly my crotch, and I just continued to smile. I doubt that he even noticed my bright red panties now situated around Arnold's thighs.

Finally after taking the time to etch the entire scene into his brain for future masturbatory reference he said, "Ok, then," turned and left.

I knew very well that within the next 30 minutes most of the dorm would be aware of Arnold's sexual prowess. After all hadn't he just seduced his dear loving aunt into stripping to just her panties and sucking his penis?

That is exactly how reputations are formed i.e. misinformation and exaggeration.

Once we were alone again I cooed to Arnold, "Oooh, You are such a naughty boy, making your auntie do such bad things." I turned my body around sticking my bottom out towards Arnold while looking over my shoulder at him saying "How could you do this to me? I feel so used."

Just like that his erection was again in full form.

I rose from the chair, pushed him back, making him lie down on the floor. I then straddled his long dong riding him like a wild mustang until I got my reward as well. Once everything between my legs was thoroughly soaked I worked my crotch up his torso and settled it right on his face.

I then began to rub myself back and forth across his chin making sure that my very sensitive kernel was making full contact.

Now it was my turn as I almost screamed, "Oh! Arnold" making sure that my orgasmic revelry was heard well down the hallway.

My repetitions of "Oh, god, Oh, god" were probably a little over done, but I wanted to assure everyone within earshot heard me orgasm.

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