tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 21

The Panty Perils of Me 21


I have had the professor on my mind non-stop for the past three weeks. I think that I might be obsessed with him a little. I don't care. There is an aura about him that makes my knees weak and my crotch moist every time I just hear his name. I still had Sunday to myself and after my inexcusable performance yesterday with Arnold I needed to see him.

I went into my bedroom and changed into something that I knew he would like.

I put on an all white ensemble that consisted of a white lace demi cup bra that pushed my breasts up putting my tiny nipples on display barely hidden behind a layer of sheer lace, a tiny white bikini panty with cute little bows on each hip, a white cotton mini skirt, and a matching white cotton jacket that barely reached the top of my mini skirt. As my last touch of white I put on white circle earrings. And just to break the monotony of white I wore my tan summer heels.

I knew that the professor (I guess at this point I can use his given name. It is Edward) would appreciate my choice of attire. The choice of what normally is considered a chaste and pure color on such a sexually charged woman as myself could only serve to inspire his imagination as well as to test my willingness to accede to whatever he might ask me to do.

I wanted his assistance in determining who I really was.

I felt that his background in psychology and sexual fantasies and fetishes could help me resolve my overwhelming issues surrounding my need to act out sexually.

I simply vibrated thinking about what he might dream up for me and found it quite difficult to not run down the block to his house. I wanted to wait until early afternoon but it was excruciating to be ready and willing with another 2 hours to wait.

I paced back and forth through my empty house.

I probably should have spent my time worrying about what my family might have heard or knew about my recent adventures, but I was too excited to think about anything other than my afternoon with Edward.

Finally the time arrived to leave and I nervously began my trek towards his house.

It had been too long since I had last enjoyed his firm hand across my almost bare bottom or looked into his eyes as he told me to undress to just my bra and panties.

The effect that this older man has on me is addictive and every part of my body was responding to it as I made my way to his front porch.

As I stood in front of his screen door my hand was shaking too much to even ring the doorbell, so I forced myself to take a number of deep breaths to relax. Almost immediately after I pushed the button to ring the bell I was greeted by the sound of his firm but pleasant voice telling me to "Come in." My shaking came back in full force as I pulled the handle on the screen door and entered his living room.

He was sitting in his overstuffed deep mahogany colored leather chair and the sight of him almost made my knees buckle.

Edward was wearing a light blue dress shirt untucked at the waist along with a beautiful pair of camel colored cotton slacks. His feet were bare giving him the perfect mixture of casual and formal.

I didn't realize how much I had missed him until I saw his deep-set hazel eyes turn towards me looking at me and through me at the same time. I watched the corner of his lips rise in a faint smile as his eyes explored every inch of me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

It felt like a very pleasant heat ray was exploring my body and immediately my tiny nipples popped into full erection. At the same time a very seductive pulsing was beginning right between my legs.

He told me to sit down and motioned to the couch directly opposite him. Even if I had wanted to decline I couldn't have as I was completely hypnotized by him. As I walked to the couch and sat down I continued to watch him watch me. I loved how his face showed the joy that he experienced just by looking at me. It was like the ultimate aphrodisiac.

As I sat down on the couch I saw his eyes wander to just below my waist and immediately knew that my white cotton mini skirt had provided him a glimpse of my upper thighs as well as possibly more.

What was so magical about my feelings towards him is that I wanted him to see me i.e. as much more of me as he wanted to.

To see the pleasure in his eyes as I basically performed for him filled me with the desire to do more. I was his, body and soul, whether I wanted to admit it or not.

He asked me to tell him what had been happening in my life since we last met and I shared with him everything about my time with Mr. Whitmore, my experience in the parking garage, my evening with the Amazons, my dinner date with Reggie, the previous day with Arnold and my impromptu unveiling, ending my soliloquy with all of the chance meetings with our mutual neighbor, Chatty Kathy

It felt so free for me to be able to tell him everything about these experiences including my feelings of humiliation that would turn to raw excitement and pleasure and then end in utter despair.

I did notice that my mention of Kathy brought a slight rise of his eyebrow and wondered what that meant.

He sat and listened to everything I had to say while time-to-time asking me to elaborate on details that he knew I was trying to conceal from him out of embarrassment.

When I was done, it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders and that I had done nothing wrong other than to experience life as it should be experienced.

During the entire time that I was talking, I became more and more animated as I basically relived each experience as I told it to Edward. By the end I found my skirt well up my thighs as I had moved my body forward to the edge of the couch as well as opened my legs slightly allowing Edward to see my choice of white panties.

When I realized my new positioning and how Edward had still listened to every word that I had said along with providing his own input and interpretation to my feelings without becoming distracted by the view up my skirt, I felt myself pretty much melt in the realization that this older and very intelligent man was my ideal.

He had already confessed that he loved to look at me particularly in my undies, but it didn't distract him from treating me like an equally intelligent and special woman. I wasn't just a toy for him to take pleasure from, although I am not sure whether that would have made any difference.

As I relaxed in the aftermath of pouring my soul out to him, he looked at me directly in the eyes saying, "Remember when I told you that from time to time I would ask you to do me a favor?" I simply nodded my head but felt all those special places in my body come alive.

"I want you to slip out of your skirt and jacket; get two large glasses of ice along with the pitcher of ice tea that is cooling in the refrigerator, and join me on the back porch."

Now our neighborhood consists of mostly two story homes built in the forties that might be referred to as bungalows. A short driveway separates the houses with a single car garage located to the side and just behind each house. What makes our area unique is how all of our backyards basically converge to form one large common area. Many of my neighbors have either back porches or decks that allow them to basically watch the other neighbors whose back yard faces theirs. Many of the yards have gardens and our entire neighborhood has mature trees that border the street. It really is quite beautiful particularly in early fall.

I hesitated knowing full well that his back porch faced the back yard of Chatty Kathy's house and provided very little cover for an undressed woman. I was perfectly willing, in fact, wanted to parade around inside for him wearing just my bra and panties, but the thought of being outside in full view of my nemesis' house overwhelmed me.

I hesitantly took a hold of the elastic waistband of my white cotton skirt and pulled it away from my waist. Right at this moment Edward turned away from me and went outside to sit on his back porch.

I was crushed to realize that he didn't want to watch me undress and at the same time knew that he was fully aware that his seemingly lack of interest would only make me more determined. He knew exactly how to play to my many weaknesses and desires for approval.

I should have hated him for this, but instead it only made me desire him that much more.

O, complications, thy name is elizabeth.

I slid my skirt down my bare legs and stepped out of it leaving me in just my white bikini panties and jacket. I then went into the kitchen taking two tall drink glasses from the cabinet arranging them on a serving tray. Taking the ice tea pitcher out of the frig, I filled the two glasses and prepared myself to walk out onto the back porch.

I got to the door and just couldn't do as Edward had requested.

I put the tray down and scanned the entire area to see whether anyone was outside. Although I didn't see anyone I whispered through the door to the professor, "Can I at least keep my jacket on?"

His reply indicated that he was willing to accommodate my request, at least for the time being.

I again looked through the screen of the back porch and with trembling arms that threatened to spill my tray of glasses used my hip to push the backdoor open and walk outside.

Edward wasted no time at all looking me over and I could tell that he clearly enjoyed my choice of panties. As I stretched myself across his upper body to place his glass of ice tea on the tray opposite him, he brought his hand slowly up the back of my legs until it reached my barely covered bottom.

He took a hold of one of my cheeks giving it a squeeze.

My entire body felt like it was on fire.

Once I had placed both glasses down along with the tray, he motioned for me to undo my jacket telling me to hold it open for him so he could get a proper look at me. I can't explain the hold that he has on me, as my earlier hesitation was gone. Without thinking twice, I unbuttoned the two buttons that held my jacket closed. As I held the jacket open revealing my lace covered sheer bra cups I was delighted by the look of satisfaction in his eyes.

I loved how he looked at me.

He then told me to sit down on his right side and to hold my jacket completely open so he could "see everything that he wanted to see" while we engaged in further conversation.

My extreme nervousness to be so exposed in the middle of my own neighborhood returned in full force. Whenever I would allow my jacket to slide shut Edward would immediately remind me to hold it open.

The conflict of anxiety about being seen particularly by my nosey neighbor, my desire to fulfill Edward's wishes, along with knowing that I was clearly demonstrating my dedication to him for anyone and everyone to see, had my entire body perspiring and on the edge.

Then my worst fears came to fruition as Chatty Kathy appeared in her back yard and upon spying Edward along with some woman wearing what looked like a white bikini-swimming suit, headed right towards us.

My immediate reaction was to quickly close my jacket and to head for the back door, but Edward grabbed my hand and firmly told me to sit back down.

I did as I was told.

Once I was again seated he again motioned for me to open my jacket. Kathy was only about 20 feet away as I unwrapped myself revealing two distinct and very erect nipples poking out from under the sheer lace of my bra.

My God, my forced exposure was exciting me; just like it had every time before this. Somehow he knew that my physical response would be the same even if Kathy were the audience.

In fact, it was even more thrilling for me to be so exposed in front of the neighborhood gossip. I was literally vibrating from head to toe.

I could feel moisture building between my legs, as Kathy was now close enough to recognize me.

I stared at her right in the eyes as if sitting half naked on the back porch with the professor was a natural occurrence.

She stumbled on her first words but managed to say hi to both of us while trying not to stare at my lack of clothing.

Edward in his educated manner explained to her that it had been such a beautiful afternoon that he had asked me to walk down and join him for a glass of ice tea. Nothing was said about my lack of clothing.

He then asked Kathy to join us and told me to fill another glass.

Kathy is actually quite a good-looking woman with dark brown hair that just reaches her shoulders matching her deep brown eyes. She parts it on the side with a sweeping bang covering her forehead. Her face is angular with a distinct jaw line almost like a model's. She is tall, standing about 5'7" with a very athletic build. I heard that she was a swimmer in college and can easily believe it.

What makes her a bit difficult to tolerate is her prim and proper nature that begins with her choice of attire. You would swear that she had stepped out of a Brook's Brothers catalog.

By the way I do love Brook's Brothers sense of style and tradition. It has a very sexy edge to it when coupled with barely there lingerie.

Today she was wearing a crisp light blue short sleeve blouse buttoned almost to her neck, neatly tucked into a pair of blue and white striped seersucker shorts. Her shorts were indicative of her as they certainly were not too short nor were they too long, but reached just down to the bottom of her thighs.

In a way it was a shame as she had incredibly well proportioned legs and would have looked fabulous in short shorts.

To complete her outfit, she was wearing a royal blue pair of espadrilles.

She is always very judgmental and I could only imagine what she was thinking as she sat down to join Edward and me.

As she sat down in the third chair provided her I walked past her still holding my jacket open and as their was little space between her and the railing I faced my panty covered crotch directly into her face as I excused myself and shimmied by her.

I swear that I could feel the heat of her stare directly on my lower lips, but easily dismissed it as her distaste for me.

Once inside I immediately removed my jacket thinking, "who cares anymore?" My other self was returning in full force.

I then filled another glass of ice tea and brought it out to Kathy along with the pitcher for refills.

The conversation sort of meandered all around while Kathy continued to stare at me. It was easy to tell that she had no idea what to make of my brazen deference to her presence.

She obviously enjoyed Edward as he represented her ideal of an intelligent and well-educated man, but I am sure that she couldn't find any possible reason for me to be sitting there in just my bra and panties that would fit in her perception of the professor.

After about 30 minutes of mundane chit chat, I was struck with a thought that was so outlandish, I couldn't ignore it.

With Kathy working on her second glass of ice tea, I stood up facing the professor and asked, "Would you spank me?" After all wasn't that the real reason that I had almost run down the sidewalk to Edward's house today.

Even Edward's reaction was a sight to behold as he and Kathy were startled upon hearing my request.

I stretched my body across his lap with my legs dangling in front of Kathy's knees. She was too mesmerized to move now having a front row seat to Edward's and my little secret.

Edward's penis was fully erect and pushing against the side of my hip.

I knew that from sitting for as long as I had wearing just my panties, my bare cheeks would be hardly covered at all giving both him as well as Kathy a very provocative view of my backside.

Thankfully Edward didn't hesitate, as the thought of just lying there with my bottom sticking up in the air would have been quite embarrassing.

"Smack" was the resounding report echoing off the enclosed porch walls as his hand met the exposed flesh of my buttocks.

I writhed in delectable pain emitting a loud, "Uh" allowing the stinging pain to flow through me. Another resounding smack shook my bottom and one of my legs found its way onto Kathy's lap.

She took a hold of it and I could feel her arms shaking with anticipation and excitement as the professor applied another firm smack to my bottom.

Kathy then took a hold of my other leg bringing it up onto her lap and held them in place as Edward's hand continued to rain down on my reddening cheeks.

Kathy was enjoying this, which only added to my own excitement.

After 12 or more smacks, Edward asked Kathy whether she would like to try. I heard her voice shake as if on the verge of orgasm as she gushed out, "Yes."

Although her slaps never matched Edward's the entire idea that Chatty Kathy was punishing me took me over the edge and within her first 6 slaps I was orgasming on the professor's as well as her lap.

It was the ultimate release to my pent up shame and suppressed guilt that had accumulated over the past few weeks.

Sweet oblivion took over my consciousness and I succumbed to a feeling of pure bliss accepting myself as I was and as I would continue to be.

Kathy emitted little moans of delight as she watched me slowly return to the present following my series of orgasms.

As I climbed off of their laps my still erect nipples had freed themselves from the demicups of my bra. That along with my soaked crotch was a clear indication to anyone regarding my predilection for being spanked. Until this day I had no idea how much more intense all of the sensations would be with someone else watching and then participating.

I turned to look at Kathy and easily could tell by the red flush in her cheeks along with her heavy breathing that she had undoubtedly orgasmed right along with me.

Once she collected herself and rose to leave, she turned to us asking in a very shy and meek voice, "Could we do this again sometime?"

I didn't want to sound too enthusiastic, but couldn't stop myself as I said, "Absolutely."

Edward and I spend the rest of our time together discussing what had just happened with our nosey neighbor. I could tell that he had suspected Kathy had some hidden desires simply from how she would react to me every time she saw me arriving home in some manner of undress.

I on the other hand had no idea, but was quite delighted to have her participate in my punishments and possibly join our select group.

Then as the sun was setting and the neighborhood was growing quiet for the evening I knelt down in front of Edward unzipping his pants and freeing the erection that had been poking me in the side during my spanking finding it still at full mast.

I reveled in the knowledge that I was the cause of his physical prowess and couldn't wait to see him squirt.

Now that I was lower than the porch railing I became much more daring slipping out of my bra and placing it on my vacant chair. I took Edward's penis by the shaft and began to rub the little indenture located just to the bottom of his well-formed mushroom head across my very erect nipple.

From time to time I would slip him into my mouth to make his hardened flesh all slick and slippery before renewing the teasing with my nipple. It wasn't long before little drops of goo were forming opaque strings between my little nubs and the head of his penis.

Edward had shifted downward in his chair bringing his hips forward and his crotch up languishing in my sexual play. I watched as his head lay back on the top of the chair and with his eyes closed he let out the most intoxicating moans of raw pleasure.

Somehow I knew when he was about to spew his load of crème and would stop what I was doing and apply a death like grip to the very bottom of his shaft to alleviate the sensations. Once his breathing returned to a pre-orgasmic rhythm, I would start all over again.

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