tagInterracial LoveThe Party Ch. 03

The Party Ch. 03


We didn't wait long in the driveway before a tall, athletic looking and well-dressed black gentleman in his mid to late thirties approached the taxi and introduced himself as our host. He told us that this would be our last opportunity to change our minds about participating in the day's activities before we entered the home. He asked again if we still agreed to obey every command from any of the Superiors from that point forward. He continued by saying If either or both of us did not agree to that simple premise, we would be given a taxi ride back to the drugstore with no hard feelings. I'm sure we both had second thoughts and some of the original misgivings were obviously still evident in both of us but we each felt that the promised adventure seemed to be worth the risk. Both Annie and I answered in unison that we agreed to our previously promised obeisance and, as soon as we had made that clear, we were led into the foyer of the estate-sized home where our hosts apparently lived. The gentleman added to his prior statement by saying that we would no longer be allowed to speak from that time forward unless we were required to speak by one of our Superiors, we were given permission to speak by our hosts or their guests or if we needed to respond to a direct question posed to either of us. He inquired if we understood the amended instruction and both Annie and I again assured him that we did.

I noticed that the taxi driver had not left the driveway, as of yet, but felt that he was simply waiting to see if we had changed our minds about attending the party or were not agreeable to any of the amended instructions just given to us by our host. Having completed this brief conversation in the protected area of the driveway, we followed the "host" into the foyer of the mansion.

Almost immediately upon our coming inside the home, the man startled me by straightaway commanding, "Terry, you will not need your clothing for the remainder of your stay here, so please take off your clothes." He said these words without hesitation as if he were asking if we had enjoyed our ride. His summarily directing me to strip caught me off guard and apparently I hesitated for a moment. We certainly had understood that we would be playing the submissive role on this Saturday but the command came so suddenly that I was somewhat stunned. We hadn't even been properly introduced and I was being treated so differently from Annie that the direction simply didn't instantly register. Also, because we were in a well- lighted room with windows that reached from floor to ceiling, the presence of the taxi driver sitting in his livery just outside the door and in my clear sight was even somewhat disconcerting.

My apparent hesitation did not go unnoticed and the gentleman reminded both Annie and me, "You are here solely for the entertainment of your hosts and our guests." Again addressing only me and ignoring Annie, he said, "Your clothing will not be required for any part of the remainder of that entertainment. We made it very clear to you that you were to be the sexual entertainment for this party. Part of that entertainment will include your being naked. I will enjoy your humiliation for starters; all of the guests will enjoy getting to know all of you both, later in the day." His voice remained calm as he made this statement yet the firmness in the voice was unmistakable.

He repeated, "Remove your clothing" and continued in a somewhat louder voice, "NOW, or exit through the door you just entered and don't bother us again."

I began to get undressed there in the foyer. The windows, as I said, remained uncovered and the room suddenly seemed to me to be illuminated as brightly as if an athletic contest were about to be held in this anteroom. I think that I might have been more comfortable if either he had at least first dimmed the lights or if the uncovered windows had not made my nakedness available to the taxi driver or, for that matter, any passerby. I thought about suggesting he augment our privacy by pulling the Victorian-style drapes that could have covered the windows but thought better of it before I jeopardized the continuation of the adventure Annie and I planned to experience. My comfort, or lack of same, didn't seem to be his primary interest, obviously, as he did neither and continued to look as he expected my compliance without further discussion. I'd even have been more comfortable if he had turned his back and given me a moment of privacy but none of those things happened. As I thought about it more, even Annie's fully-clothed presence was suddenly discomforting to me despite the crazy number of times that she had seen me naked before and during our marriage. I think that it was solely because I was the only one being compelled to strip that I was so self-conscious. Despite all of my misgivings, I began to disrobe.

While I undressed, our host turned to Annie and quietly instructed her to come nearer to him. He softly told Annie to go out to the taxi and ask the driver to come into the house. She was to tell him that our host had something the host wished to show the driver. If he consented, she was instructed to open his doors for him and offer her arm as an escort would and to accompany this unexpected guest back into the house. She was told that the taxi driver should be able to feel her breast against his elbow as an indication of his being welcomed during their short stroll from the taxi to the door of the foyer. He said he wanted Annie to show him how she would rub her "whore's tits", as he called them, against the taxi driver's willing arm and instructed her to demonstrate on his arm; Annie did as she was told. Then he told her that if the driver wanted to do it, he was going to allow the driver to be the one to remove Annie's clothes and see her naked after he came in. He added that the driver was extremely well endowed in the penis department (my recollection is our host claimed the driver was packing ten inches or more) and that, if the driver wanted to be the first to fuck Annie, the host would also let him do that. He didn't ask Annie how she felt about that revelation or whether it was a welcome thought but I knew how it affected her. Knowing her as I did, I was very aware of the flush of Annie's face and neck. She was embarrassed but she was also excited. He laughed softly and told Annie, "I'd be real nice to him if I were you. You want him to feel real welcome, if you get my drift."

As I removed my underwear, my last vestige of privacy from this man and those who were about to enter the room, I noticed that, in the driveway, the taxi driver and Annie were having their little discussion and that Annie had opened the taxi door. Soon the two of them were slowly making their way back into the foyer as they chatted, seemingly amiably, with the driver's forearm resting comfortably and obviously against my Annie's right breast. She opened the door for him and allowed the driver to enter the room before her; Annie followed him in at a respectful distance, and then again offered him her arm.

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