tagFetishThe Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 04

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 04


This story does involve bodily functions and humiliations so those offended by these topics should read no further. All characters are 18 or over.


Linda Crawford noticed that student behavior in her classes—both the majority, which were all boys, and the one all-girls class—seemed much improved of late with all pupils very careful to avoid being seen chatting with one another during class nor doing anything else to elicit the strict punishment from their teacher for which Hamilton Hall, a prep school for university, was famous.

Linda, a charming-looking lithe blonde in her late 20s, had been the first female teacher hired by the very traditional school, which unlike most others and because all of its pupils were at least 18, eschewed the lax discipline of most U.S. schools and favored use of corporal punishment. Each master or mistress had a thin cane in their possession; other implements, such as tawses and straps, were commonly used as well.

This term, Linda had been joined by two new mistresses, Joan Wortham and Annabel Lansing. Both had experience teaching in the U.K. and thus with imposing physical punishment. Joan had been prompted by Linda to demonstrate with her to the faculty the use of a form of punishment Joan had learned about from an Indian colleague. This was called murga punishment.

When a teacher used it, he or she ordered the pupil to loop his or her arms beneath the legs (usually the thighs) and grasp each ear with the hands and pull. It was difficult for anyone to maintain the standing position for very long so the teacher usually had the pupil squat to get into position. Either way after two or three minutes, the pupil would be in severe pain and embarrassment.

Joan and Linda became the first two teachers to use this punishment regularly. It seemed easier than either caning a pupil in class or putting them on the Duty List for the Duty Master or Mistress to deal with after the school day. Linda usually increased the embarrassment factor by requiring the girl or boy to lower their panties or shorts before assuming the murga position.

Today, Joan, whose subjects were biology and chemistry, noticed a boy chatting with a girl near the back of her class. She had volunteered to conduct one of the first mixed-sex classes so it may well have been the newness of the chance to speak so closely to a member of the opposite sex that prompted these two to defy the strong rule at Hamilton Hall that forbid students from talking to one another during a class.

Joan snapped, "You two, you know who you are in the back, you are talking, so get up here to the front right now!"

Deirdre Turner and Ken Nelson shamefacedly walked to the front of the class.

"I'm so sorry, Miss Wortham," Deirdre began, "I had completely forgotten that class had begun."

Joan looked at the two of them and said only, "You know that this is totally against the rules. So both of you strip from the waist down."

Deirdre was horrified that her most intimate areas would be exposed in front of a class of boys as well as girls.. Ken was also upset but more because he felt he had gotten his new girlfriend into such awful trouble. He had seen Miss Wortham impose murga punishment and he feared for the worst.

When both were bared from their waists down, with Deirdre's plentiful dark-colored pubes on full display and Ken's rather sizeable 8-inch cock, Miss Wortham had them face the front wall so the class saw only their pale bottoms, and issued the feared order.

"You will assume the squatting murga position," she intoned. The two pleaded for something other than the painful, humiliating murga punishment.

"No," Joan answered, "you need to learn to obey the rules."

The class watched as Deirdre and Ken slowly squatted and slipped their arms under their legs and grasped their ears. They began sighing and pleading with Miss Wortham to let them out of the painful position.

Joan continued her class for a while and then told Deirdre and Ken to stand. It was clear that squatting in the murga position had made them both aware of how awful this punishmentwas.

Miss Wortham now placed two chairs on either side of her desk facing the class. She ordered both punished pupils to get on the chairs on the knees facing front. Both grimaced as their bare bottoms would be facing the class.

Once they were kneeling on the chairs, Joan reached into her desk drawer and extracted two tail-pieces and a small tube of lubricant. She donned a plastic glove and took a dab of lube and inserted a lubed gloved finger into Deirdre's cute little anal opening. The girl gasped to feel a finger in her most private orifice. Joan proceeded to do the same for Ken, who now had an erection that was stimulated by Joan's finger massaging his prostate.

Then she took the two tail-pieces which had a buttplug at the end and once inserted, an embarrassing tail sticking out. She had the two remain in that humiliating posture for ten minutes and then allowed them to stand, retrieve their underwear and skirt and trousers. They then returned to their seats.

Joan continued her class impervious to the distraction and none of the pupils dared make a sound unless called on by the petite, auburn-haired teacher, who had demonstrated she was not to be trifled with.


Later that day, Joan and Annabel visited Linda's rooms at the faculty residence wing for an after-hours drink.

"I understand you administered quite an impressive bit of murga discipline today, Joanie," Linda chuckled as she poured some white wine for her two colleagues and herself.

"Yes," Joan smiled, "I decided that it was a good way to cut out the chatter that these students seem unable to control...until I put a pair—a boy and girl—into squatting murga position."

"For how long did you make them do that?" Annabel, who was familiar with the British use of cane and tawse but not the Indian murga punishment, asked.

"Oh, I knew they'd have trouble holding it for too long so I let them stand after about three minutes," Joan answered, "but then I had them kneeling on chairs with the backsides facing the class and I inserted cute little tails in their tushees!"

"How charming, Joanie!" Linda exclaimed. "I have a feeling that Mr. Henderson will be quite amazed at how effectively you are establishing new standards for student behavior here.

"Have you had any experiences yet in administering punishment? Linda asked the red-haired statuesque Annabel.

"Yes, Linda, you busybody," Annabel grinned. "And I have a feeling you might get a kick out of this one, too, Joan. I had a round of girls asking to go to the girls' room. When I let two go and they didn't return fairly soon, I sent another to check and all three returned, laughing.

"Soon, another girl came up to my desk and barely repressed a smile when she asked for permission," Annabel went on. "I smiled in return and said that she would have to wait for a while."

"Her face blanched and she whispered to me," Annabel reported. "She said, 'Miss Lansing, I'm sorry but I really really have to go. She was now pleading in a high-pitched but quiet voice.

"I told her that the girls had been abusing this privilege and she would have to hold it," Annabel smiled to her colleagues.

"She shamefacedly returned to her seat and soon I heard a little cry and walked back there," Annabel said, "and saw her crying and a puddle beneath her seat. She had peed her panties. When I told her to stand she told me she had lost control and that she had also done a jobbie in her panties.

"I told her I was sorry for her embarrassment," Annabel went on, "and told the girl next to her to walk her to the girls room to clean herself."

"That's quite a good one," Linda commented. "You two are helping establish quite a nice image for women teachers here. I love it."

Joan now chimed in. "You know," she told her friends, "putting the tails in the bottoms of those two exposed them more because the buttplug tends to get them to spread their legs so the whole class had a nice view of Deirdre's vulva and Ken's scrotum and penis."

"I'd like to try murga again to see just how hard it is to hold the position," Linda said.

Joan and she stood and the pretty blonde teacher then squatted and put her arms under her legs and pulled on her ears.

"Very good, Linda," Joan smiled. "Now let's try to have you walk. It's easier in the flats you have on. But it will be difficult."

Linda started to try to walk and barely avoided falling over.

"Wow," she gurgled, "this is very very hard."

"Yes it is," Joan said, as she commended Linda who now had managed to take a few steps and then gasped but renewed her effort to waddle without falling over.

"Linda, you have just performed a more advanced form of murga punishment called 'murga parade'," Joan observed.

Linda stood and thanked Joan for her demonstrating the punishment with her.

"I used my variation with the tails based on what I learned from my Indian colleague," Joan told the two. "This punishment does show how severe Indian teachers have been able to be, although now murga punishment is severely restricted and barred in most places there.

"But when it was more common, my colleague told me," Joan said, "the teachers would add to the embarrassment by making the older students—18 and up—bend over in standing murga out in the sun and then they might stick things in the exposed anal openings.

"Ooh," Linda grinned, "those people do put us to shame—even the Brits—when it comes to knowing how to humiliate, I suppose."

"Yes," Annabel chimed in, "and I daresay that word will get around that it's not a good idea to come to class needing to use the toilet, either."

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